January 22nd, 2007

WAG Watch: Team Bows vs Team Better Half

Image: ITV.

The above may look like the 80s Hair Brigade Comeback Special in Atlantic City, but it certainly is not.

We mentioned WAGs Boutique before, when the A-list WAGs shattered our hopes and dreams by dropping out. Left with a motley crew of semi-fabulousness and unknown randoms with big boobs, the competition is hotting up. We think.

We’re predicting this will be so bad it’s brilliant. We’re predicting that we will publicly mock, but privately be glued to the chesterfield eating bon bons with the phone on divert as we route for Team Better Half (see below).

Let’s get into the gories, shall we?

WAGs Boutique will air Tuesday nights at 9, starting on January 30, ITV2 in the UK.

Team #1 consists of Madeleine Bowden (Justin Hoyte, Arsenal), Michaela Henderson-Thynne (Stewart Downing, Middlesbrough), Julie Phillips (Kevin Phillips, West Bromich Albion), Krystell Sidwell (Mrs Steven Sidwell, Reading)and Nicola T (Miss Bobby Zamora, West Ham).

Their shop is called Bows, and is on 33 Marshall Street.

Team #2 has chosen the name Better Half for their shop – also on Marshall Street.

Heading up the team is Elle Isaac (Paul Ifill, Crystal Palace), Charlotte Mears (Jermain Defoe, Spurs), Cassie Sumner (Michael Essien, Chelsea), Jadene Bircham (Marc Bircham, QPR), Heather Swan (Michael Chopra, Cardiff)

For those in London who like to stalk, the shops will be open to the general public from 1st Feb, Thurs-Sunday. Go on, you know you want to. Even if it’s just to try on a bunch of outfits whilst yakking away on your mobile, letting your rat-dog run around chewing on the carpet and then leaving without buying anything.

And let us not forgot the best bit: Better Half WAGs Myspace page.

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