May 11th, 2010

WAG Wear: A Lesson in Fashion v. Style

Images via Click Liverpool and

We’re all for taking inspiration from the catwalk and otherwise, but it looks like Alex Gerrard has gone for a literal interpretation of this Sandro t-shirt and jacket combo shown by

We say: “personal style” is something that evolves and changes over time. And although following fashion trends is a necessary requirement to happiness and good booties, you never want to let others do the thinking for you.

Which bucket do you think Alex falls into?

Personal Q: Do you follow the trends or stick with your tried and trues? If you’re wearing polyester flares whilst reading, you are exempt from answering. Enjoy your lava lamp and we’ll catch up later.

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16 Responses to “WAG Wear: A Lesson in Fashion v. Style”

  1. solida says:

    i love you so so much Alex. with that beautiful face and gorgeous body, you can get anywhere in the world. you did manage into Steven's world that easy while other women try so hard but end up with nothing.

    anyway, i love your style most of the time. this time, you look a little bit awkward. still, i love you and i wish you and Steven all the happiness in your lives.

    love you!!!!! :)

  2. C16 says:

    I don’t like her “style”.

  3. Redstar says:

    Is anyone really suprised that she doesn’t think up her own compination of outfits??? This is Alex, she’s a label whore. But then again i’d be one too if i had her money. If you don’t have style you can always copy it as long as it looks good who cares.

  4. klyn312 says:

    With her -scratch that- Stevie's money, she should be a kid in a candy store with clothing, not a walking mannequin… I mean, if it's that difficult for you to think creatively Alex darling, call me, I have a degree in Merch management, I'd gladly be your stylist…

    The key is classic pieces with bold pops of trend… easy peasy Alex, I said Pops, not a whole outfit of something that will be yesterdays news….

    • klyn312 says:

      LOL, what if this tee/jacket combo was like one of those horrid, cheap, vest/blouse combos that are connected?

  5. Missy Manchester says:

    Will someone PLEASE donate a new purse to Alex? I am so tired of seeing that Chanel bag. (And while we’re at it…Posh needs to mix it up a bit in the handbag dept. too. I’ve seen that Birkin bag wayyy too much.)

    I can understand liking the style of a bag…but buy it in different colours at least! You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out.

    Now…back to Failex Gerrard…she has proven time and time again that she would be better off if someone else did the thinking for her. (Someone else should also write her magazine column for her too.) I’m glad she stole that tacky style choice off a mannequin. Can you imagine what would happen if she actually put one together herself?? (I’m thinking Lady Gaga shoulder pads on a skin-toned skimpy dress…no bra…frosty striped hair and black vinyl boots. No wait. She DID wear that didn’t she???

  6. Liz says:

    It's one thing to use the pictures if you have a difficult item to coordinate with; then the stylist's choices are really helpful. But this? Come on. It's a T SHIRT! How can she be unable to make her own ensemble when it's just a T-Shirt, leggings, and jacket? Does she has someone to help her into the clothes too, or is she actually capable of that?

  7. Merel says:

    Alex is a try-hard in the fashion department. She tries too much to look trendy.

  8. melissa says:

    Occassionally (aka ONCE) Ive ripped an outfit straight of the mannequin at a store… however, I like to take certain trendy pieces (ex. skinny jeans) and pair them with my own concert tee or something. However, I might be skinny jeans and flats one day, and basketball shorts with a tank the next. i wear what I feel comfy in on the day.

    For the most part, I like Alex’s style whether it’s her own or not. She either really misses the mark, or really hits it. I find there’s not a whole lot of inbetween with her.

  9. Anastasia says:

    I agree with everyone that said she tries too hard. It is sometimes painstakingly obvious that she doesn't have her own fashion sense. Style isn't just about following trends, but making them your own. Also, just because something is trendy, doesn't mean it works for you. She, and other people (not just WAGS), need to learn that trendy =/= right.

  10. Thea says:

    I think we just need to enjoy Alex's bizzarre fashion whilst we can. Got a feeling that soon we will be focusing on other aspects of her life! Remember injunctions get overturned!

  11. apple says:

    I often (read: sometimes) like Alex's style – but this was horrible, but then again it wasnt her style now was it.. she got the copy-cat thing down tho.. and on me, I wear what I damn well want :p I know what I can pull off and what I can not so it really depends on day, personal feelings and where I am to be what I end up pulling off..

  12. Ella says:

    the whole outfit blows, just looks like she's trying way too hard. as for me, i prefer classics but with a modern twist. I'm past jumping on every trend that comes out.

  13. rubyqueen says:

    that's a really naff outfit.!!!i do not like ripped jeans or white blazer's.yuck.!!! and as for my personal style.??i stick with what suits me and what i feel comfortable in.not ultra trendy.

  14. carly says:

    Yikes, that is really embarrassing Alex.

    The personal touch of the torn leggings is making me giggle.