June 12th, 2007

WAG Watch: Alex Curran and Lilly-Ella

Less than a week to go before Alex Curran and Steven Gerrard tie the knot in a WAGtastic wedding of epic proportions.

Frankly, we’re having trouble sleeping at night from the excitement.

Will Alex wear Dior? She’s flown out to Paris for a number of fittings… 

Will the wedding cake be taller than Stevie G?  Highly likely.

Is Lilly-Ella so damn cute in this photo we want to go and do charity work whilst wearing white romper suits and carrying vegan-friendly handbags?  Oh, good God yes.


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21 Responses to “WAG Watch: Alex Curran and Lilly-Ella”

  1. grgvspyf says:

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  2. megan says:

    Alex is real pretty and i admire her and her husband there a real gr8 cuple and deserve each other lilly and lexie are reall cute xx <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  3. bla says:

    lily ella is sooo not cute or stylish
    but lexie is both
    and so is alex
    gemma owen and luna lampard
    are well more stylish
    and cute

  4. liverpoolchick says:

    lilly-ella and lexie are gorgeous, i just want to feed them milk and cookies and squeeze their cheeks making highly patronizing noises!!! But then again just look at their dad it’s easy to see where the looks came from but oddly i dont quite have the desire to squeeze his cheeks,rather the desire to……..

  5. Ghetto Rebz says:

    Wot is wrong with Alex Curran’s face!  It looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!!!!!! But, her and Steve#s daughter Lilly-Ella is sooooo cute!! She looks nothing like Alex, thank god! Hopefully Lexie looks like Steven aswell and not like her ugly mother Alex!

  6. Cate says:

    CONSPIRACY! Probably why there’s no wedding pictures of her. HAH!

    *is depraved*

  7. lisa says:

    its not that kid they reckon wasnt his its the other one

  8. eleanor says:

    alex looks so simple and humble in her dress. i like her and i just love their daughters soo much.

  9. Cate says:

    Oh is that what you young’ns are callin’ it.

    She looks like a milk maid.

  10. Becca x says:

    Ok.. So This May Not Be The Best Dress In The World But I Think She Pulls It Off.. x
    Stop Abusin Her.. Yur Just Jealous XP
    And Illiteracy?
    Its Called Text Talk! x
    Love Becc

  11. Sandra says:

    I looove her dress, that’s soo much fashion

  12. April says:

    My IQ dropped reading that first post.

    Alex. If my first reaction to your outfit is “Ew, oh God”, then we have a problem. Please, get Stevie to dress you next time, mmkay? Thanks.

  13. Danii says:

    That seriously looks just like my granny’s nightdress. Seriously!
    Alex; when they say pink dresses are hot shit this season, this isn’t what they’re referring to.
    Cute kid, though!

  14. Amanda says:

    Thank god she doesn’t have his forehead wrinkle, though.  Cute on him, disturbing on a small girl.

  15. jen says:

    You know, I was really hoping the rumors that the kids weren’t his were true, but she really does look like Steven.

  16. uneditedmara says:

    I truly hope that this is the duster of calm before the storm. I’d like a replay of that aubergine mess, please.

  17. lilly ella is just soooo cute as is ikkle lexie 2 lilly luks like mummy n lexie is like daddy there weddin will b spectacular she will luk great n steven will luk so damn sexi bt alex deserves him shes a great role model n she seems so down 2 earth n admits shes nt reali a celeb n stevens gf (wife 2 be) bt shes fab luv em both gurrd luk

  18. kickette says:

    LOL @ Cate. “To, like, function. In society.“ Brilliant.

  19. Anna says:

    Thank you Cate for saying that so I don’t have to. I skipped past that post when I read ‘ikkle’ – c’mon people, get real.

    What in the lord’s name is Alex wearing. Is this like a build up of ugly so that when we see her in her wedding dress it’s extra nice? Do not want.

  20. Cate says:

    Here’s what I don’t get. You have to speak English. To, like, function. In society. Why is there such a radical change once connected to the internet? It’s more work to switch between literacy and illiteracy in my opinion.

    That said, Alex looks like she got hit in the face with a bag of ugly in this photo. Alex, sweety. You look like you:

    A) Just crawled out of bed.

    B) Just got done milking the cows.

    C) Have no taste.