February 1st, 2007

WAG watch: buh bye Dani

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Danielle Lloyd, it sucks to be you right now, girlfriend.

It’s reported that after the wrap party for the fiasco that was Celebrity Big Brother, Danielle collapsed. Was this because of the booze? Her brain’s inability to walk, breathe and hurl insults at the same time? Was it the booze?

We’re going for all of the above.

But one of Danielle’s friends says, nuh-uh. Dani girl went down because “she was overwhelmed by all the photographers outside.“

But let us not mock the young, cute and dumb. For too much longer.

Reports also say that Danielle was telling the other party guests that her and Teddy are still involved.

Meanwhile, Teddy is hangin’ at the Funky Buddha with his boys (can you still have “boys” if you’re 40?) trying to hit on a cute brunette and nibbling on her neck. He was also buying

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