August 20th, 2007

WAG Watch: Charlotte Meares’ Travel Advice


Let no one say the WAGs of this world are not gainfully employed. 

Charlotte Meares, soon-to-be wifey of Jermain Defoe, has been hired by the Foreign Office in the UK to write a travel guide for the wives and girlfriends of football players. 

It is actually displayed on an official government website.

Gems of advice include checking in advance to see whether the location you are traveling to has a hair salon, in case of a hair extension or nail emergency. 

Hang on, we are having palpitations by the pure beauty of this literature and need to calm ourselves.

Other fabu bits of infotainment:

“An absolute must is travel insurance – one tumble off a bar table in your Jimmy Choos without insurance could cost you £20,000 worth of shopping money on your hospital bill! And whether you’ve got five Louis Vuitton cases full of designer gear or a beaten up bag full of Primark, you’ll want to know that if anything gets lost or stolen you will be covered.”

“Try and stay in pairs or 3’s at the end of the night, even if your mate meets a hunk and yours looks like a skunk, stay together and say you’ve got a headache.”

Think we’ve found our new favourite WAG, not to mention the next nominee for the Booker.

Link: Know Before You Go – Foreign and Commonweath Office Advice
Link: Travel Advice for Wannabe WAGs

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28 Responses to “WAG Watch: Charlotte Meares’ Travel Advice”

  1. delaco32 says:

    i enjoy your article. great job. <a rel="follow" href="">keep it simple

  2. John says:

    Good post. Might be useful for people who plans for travel and not sure of the important things to take care.

  3. Steve says:

    “hired by the Foreign Office in the UK to write a travel guide for the wives and girlfriends of football players” I couldn’t believe this is real!! Well at least she got some social works to do though.

  4. Melissa says:

    UK Foreign Office, are you crazy? The people who proposed this stupid idea should be fired! Now, it becomes totally a JOKE! Charlotte Meares is not a WAG any more. She’s just Defoe’s ex! Victoria may be a better choice. At least she won’t divorce herself from Beckham whatever he’s done. Clever!

  5. hdtv antenna says:

    I was always told to stay away from purchasing travel insurance…this is not true?

  6. rap beats says:

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  9. baGGirl says:

    Thanks very much for your sharing. It is really very helpful when we travel abroad. In my opinion, you must have a very nice time during your vocation because you are really a very considerate guy.

  10. Cuba says:

    I wonder if they would even consider Cuba. They will have to come a bit down to earth before.

  11. johnbaem says:

    Can she really guide WAGS doing the travel or helping them choose the best outfits? Hohoho… <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="LOL" style="border:0;" />

  12. Travel Blog says:

    Great advice from Charlotte Meares..<img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  13. I admire the football player’s wives because they don’t really spend so much time next to them and I imagine it isn’t that easy.

  14. John says:

    Real good post yar. Helpful when people are unaware about these important things.

  15. viator tours says:

    What the…! I think being a gf of a football player is an advantage too, right?
    -viator tours

  16. Robin says:

    Becca – the capital of the US is Washington DC. Stay in school and learn as much as you can!

  17. Becca x says:

    After Reading Your Comment About The Capital of The Us I Am Really Embarassed To Admit That I Dont Know That Either red face .. And Some Of The Questions In The Quiz That They Were Asking The WAGs I Also Didnt Know… But I Am Only 13 So I Have Time To Learn red face I Feel Really Stupid

  18. aja says:

    someone in the foreign office should lose his or her job.  wouldn’t this be better suited to a tabloid mag?

  19. Becca x says:

    I Read About His In The Paper.. I Dont Think Its A Bad Idea Really… Some People Might Need Some Advice!!

  20. Helena says:

    Oh Gawd..this could be the thin edge of the wedge.
    I suppose the Department of Environment will next ask Alex Curran to help promote the WAGS guide to loft and cavity insulation for footie wives mock tudor mansions! 

    I hope the government is not wasting my taxes on hiring WAGS to help state the bleedin’ obvious!!

    <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="cheese" style="border:0;" />

  21. tammyv says:

    No it is true and it is a CLASSIC!  GO Crazy English government

  22. ivanka says:

    for real!!!!!!!!!!!! this not a hoax, right?? hahahhhhhhhhaahhahahaha.the world just keeps getting better, i guess. hahahaha

  23. carly says:

    I want to puke…

  24. Robin says:

    She has fluff for brains. Seriously. Wasn’t she the one who thought that the capital of the US was NY? I’m pretty sure she was. Nothing between those ears but air and candy floss.

  25. louisquatorze says:

    Damn. I think I forgot to check before I booked my hostel in Vienna…perchance they can point me towards a place to get emergency extensions?

  26. Becca x says:

    Charlotte .. Yeah I Agree Coz Normal People Shop In Primark Just Coz Thy Go Round Wearing Chanel Or Whatever… We Dont All Have A Footballers Pay Cheque Yano!!

  27. Charlotte;; says:

    I Really Like Charlotte Mears .. And I Think Its A Good Idea.
    But That Primark Bit Sounds A Bit Stuck Up raspberry

    Much Love