October 29th, 2006

WAG watch: Daria Zhukova

It’s nice when true love stands the test of time, ain’t it?

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and bit-on-the-side Daria Zhukova are splitsville.

Russian newspapers are reporting that “Dasha” has been crying to her friends and telling them that her glory days as Mistress To All That Is Filthy Stinking Rich are over.

It will be interesting to see if wife Irina will back off with her alleged divorce plans – Roms is denying the claims that she’s been visiting lawyers.

We’re much more interested in placing bets on who socialite Dasha ends up with next. Our money is on someone rich.

Or old and rich.

But definitely rich.

We mentioned the richness, yes?

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One Response to “WAG watch: Daria Zhukova”

  1. Never try to predict what rich people will do because they have that much money they can do anything from divorce to flying to the moon for a honeymoon so my advice is to let them be miserable with their fortune.