March 20th, 2007

WAG Watch: Elen Rives Shops, Still Pregnant


Photos: Big and Rex.

Kickettes, a question.  If you were rolling through the streets at this stage of pregnancy, would you have the strength to get off the sofa, let alone hit Kings Road for a shopping spree?

Hmm, well, perhaps we would drag our behinds out of the private car, buy half a dozen pairs of shoes and then make the driver come in and help us carry them all out to the car.

Because 1. he’s a driver, which is synonymous with servant; 2. We’re pregnant.  And we have many shoes.  So help us carry the shopping and then drive us to our hair appointment. We still have two and a half months to go -  let’s try and stay mates.

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3 Responses to “WAG Watch: Elen Rives Shops, Still Pregnant”

  1. Give her a Nobel Prize for shopping when pregnant… c’mon let’s be serious for a little bit… she is doing something normal.

  2. Anna says:

    I really hate her. She is not even married to Frank and she wastes his money like it’s her own. I think that her nature is sucks….:S
    Frank deserves someone batter than her…but they have 2 children, damn :(

  3. uche says: