February 12th, 2008

WAG Watch: Noemie Lenoir in NYC

image courtesy of Splash News/KEYSTONE Press

Here’s the beautiful Noemie Lenoir, (Claude Makélélé’s better half), spotted outside the Marc Jacob’s party at the Mercer in Manhattan.

Stirrup-footed tights, Kickettes. They have arrived and they are circulating in the general public.

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20 Responses to “WAG Watch: Noemie Lenoir in NYC”

  1. e says:

    Sarabee i think that’s a bit harsh, yeah i agree stirrups not a good look, but as for Alex G having thunder thighs….come off it!!!

  2. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/surprise.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="surprised" style="border:0;" />
    Thanks Tammyv, I am now scarred for life!!!


  3. Are you not just a little be tired of leggings?


  4. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  I will not be wearing these stupid things, what happened to tights just being tights??!

    I agree that Noemie is the best looking WAG around tho, she is gorgeous.  Not sure what she is doing with the midget Makelele!!

  5. tammyv says:

    by far the hottest WAG, ever.. although she is not a traditional WAG. She is her own woman!

  6. The Fourth Official says:

    Elegant and beautiful.  Radiant smile. 

    The tights? <shudder>

  7. carly says:

    I actually bought some leggings that looked like tights, similar to those. I wanted leggings but I got tights without a foot. :(

    She’s great!

  8. Lisa says:

    I love the stirrup tights and her outfit.  She looks amazing, leave her alone.  I live in Korea and the stirrup tights are all the rage.  They really know how to rock them here and I think that if you gave them a chance you may well like them…

  9. Rusty says:

    OMF, stirrup pants are back? Why have the late 80s returned with such a vengeance?! Ick!

  10. aja says:

    lol, i have the same question, becca.  she’s gorgeous.  i’d also have to ask why bad movies happen to pretty people.  i saw rush hour a few months ago – it was pretty horrid.  but she looked great in it, even in the bald scenes, she was fierce.

    the stirrup tights…eh, i wore those in middle school, and i remember them not being particularly comfortable or flattering then.

  11. Becca x says:

    Why Do Bad Clothes Happen To Pretty People?

  12. cassie says:

    love her…she’s famous in her own right and that makes her a notch above most WAGs.  she seems down to earth and naturally beautiful without trying.  i don’t care for the outfit but if anyone can come close to pulling that business off it’s her.

  13. TammyV says:

    MrsXabi – google “John Terry” Makelele and beer can, that should help explain it.  Lamps has also made reference to said supersizedness of Maka

  14. sarabee says:

    Am i alone in thinking she looks absolutely fantastic?
    Outfit included? The stirrups have been around for a while,well in Blighty anyway,and not so long ago Alex C/G tried to pull em off with pair of YSL tributes and thunderthighs. Noemie is so relaxed and comfortable with her own being that i think she can pull anything off. She wears the clothes….unlike some i can think of where the clothes are wearing them. Oh..and i love her natural smile. Such a change from the sneers and the smirks from a lot of the WAGS.

  15. Emma says:

    She is gorgeous.

    Shame about the tights.

  16. c9 says:

    Aloha all, just back from an awesome american football game, but now to the business at hand….

    Noemie, what can I say, she is just stunning. Of course the ensemble is something to be desired but what the hell. You go girl with your bad self wink

  17. Sarah x says:

    I Remember When I Was About 5 And All The Kids At School And Some Of The Teachers Were All Wearing Trousers With A Foot Like Them Tights Have, I Would Never Wear Them, It Scarred Me For Life, Therefore, I Will Not Be Buying a Pair smile

  18. brandy says:

    Has her hair grown back yet?! Big NO on the stirrups….

  19. Robin says:

    Waist up? Gorgeous radiant and what a smile. Waist down? Ugh. Those things need to go back into the early 80’s discount bin from which they crawled.

  20. Cate says:

    So not feelin’ that outfit.

    It really, like, is beyond mediocre.