June 12th, 2007

WAG Watch: VB Does Baseball

Oh, the things one does in the name of publicity.

Although initial reports said that Victoria had nixed her reality TV program in the States, it appears she’s had a rethink, and is back on Western shores filming tired ass looking scenes for the show, now rumoured to be just a one hour special, rather than a series.

Gossip has it that David is p.i.s.s.e.d. that Victoria is still hitting the coast and riding out the PR train.  Does anyone else remember the good old days when she was content to be David’s wife, accepting her position in life as the former Spice Girl who existed solely through her hot husband’s achievements?  Oh, women of the world, when will you learn to stop seeking your own career and just live off your husband’s cash?  Silly, silly emancipation.

At the Dodgers stadium, Victoria was filmed by her crew prepping to throw out the first pitch for the Mets v Dodgers game. 

UPDATE: Speaking of publicity whoring, VB had lunch with gossip blogger Perez Hilton in LA at Cafe Marco.  What on earth do they have to discuss? Perhaps the fact that Perez says things about her like, “The dress is in keeping with her hooker chic look, but the hair is starting to bore us.“ and our personal favourite: “Perez may have no spine (and no shame), but you have no talent.“ Brilliant.  Check out the pap caught video at TMZ

Link: Posh’s Latest Bid

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5 Responses to “WAG Watch: VB Does Baseball”

  1. pretty boy aka princ says:

    damn babi girl u like so damn good


    sexy as u wanna be

  3. Bratilda says:

    I think she is beautiful. I aspire to be just like her. Now if only i can find a millionaire football star of my own.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’ve never liked VB and now she sets standard for Eating Disorders etc, She Dresses Trashy, Karl Largerfeld told her she was ‘it’. The Woman is an Arsehole, No wonder her husband has affairs in the past! And Who wears wedges to pitch on a feild?! She looks a Tit. I must say though this new ‘diet’(she was overheard saying she felt too bloated to try on clothes at Chanel) she’s on as quoted in this weeks Look magazine is great, supposedly new it’s a detox I’ve been doing since 2002 that you do to drop a few lb’s before a special occasion, not a perm thing like she is.

  5. Anna says:

    No matter how publicity whore-ish she gets, I don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to truly hate this bitch. She was my favourite spice after all…that still counts for something.