May 28th, 2008

WAG Watch: Whatsherface on MSN


For the Kickettes emailing us like mad over the news in the tabloids that whatsherface is stating an engagement situation with Cristiano:

We can confirm that Nereida Gallardo has definitely been online chatting regularly about Cristiano and their relationship on MSN.

These photos are from a recent session where she was telling chat friends that she and Cristiano are engaged and are trying for a baby.

She also says that he is not going to Real Madrid – she “doesn’t want him going there”. 

One reader told us Nereida is “on MSN anytime she is not with him [Cristiano], telling anyone who will listen anything they want to know about him.“

imageOther random bits of info:

-Nereida logs into Spanish message boards using the creative moniker of “Cristina”.

-A blurry mobile video taken on the low of Nereida chatting avail to see here.

-More pics of Nereida in full hooch mode avail here.

-Information from a sell-out ex that Nereida is “wild” in the sack avail here. (NSFW)

-Our advice on what to do after reading this post: take a hot cleansing shower.

Btw, our magic eight ball says that all signs point to hell no on C-Ron being engaged, and we’re waiting to see a ring and some form of official document signed by witnesses before we believe otherwise.

A final note to whatsherface: when you are in an actual relationship with a baller, there is a certain amount of decorum one must call upon. Certainly, we would want to place a full page advertisement in the Sunday papers to let the world know of our increasing wealth and about all the sex ‘n such, but we would never actually do that. We would just brag in private to our mates whilst loading up the new Merc with shopping bags. We suggest you do the same. This is tack on a grand scale.

Thanks to A and E!

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115 Responses to “WAG Watch: Whatsherface on MSN”

  1. Malin ("MrsFern says:

    What a class act. Ick. How do you get rid of her?

  2. Aishah says:

    hey… u guyz MIGHT know me from before (my lil' Fernando Torres and Stevie G and Lamps campaign on the Finest Five 2.0 post). ummm sofia… u spelt "beautician" very wrong!!!

  3. Becca x says:

    Haha, Who Does That? We All Know Shes With Cristiano, No Need To Brag. Skank.

  4. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    Well said sarabee! Cristiano must be brain dead to keep her after this!

  5. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    I have just realised in that last photo of her on webcam on msn she looks bald!

  6. EliMay says:

    I can’t stand seeing this any longer, he deserves far better (I cant believe I just said that =P). I just read the News Of The World thng, and my heart weeps for the guy. Cris, for heavens sake dump her! I’m not even going to begin to coment on Whatsherface coz I’llprobably be here all day =]

  7. chelseababe says:

    I can’t believe that she would actually do that! talk about desperate…cant he dump her already so that we can all get on with our lives??

  8. sarabee says:

    Urrgh..just read the full NOTW story, she's such a money-whore. And I dont even like C Ron. But I hope he takes his sex blinkers off soon and sees through this piece of trash, Im sick of the sight of her.

  9. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    Well girlies…all C-Ron needs to do now is log on to Kickette and read this to realise what a skanky ho bag he is with and that there are plenty more lovely kickette girls out there who would gladly date him!

  10. Emma says:

    WHAT!! Cris, GET RID! She’s obviously desperate, silly and down right crazy for spending her time on MSN and not with him! And if he gets engaged to this bag I am officially taking down my poster of him in my room. Does he understand how much pain this will cause me? No probably not, but he’ll just have to ditch this desperado.

  11. julie says:

    Seriously, this man can do soooo much better. I'm not hating, but surely there are lots of classy, smart girls out there that he can find to marry. This brawd has pictures of herself kissing other girls, while showing off her fake titties, other pics show her spreading her legs for the camera and this is the woman that Cris wants as the mother of his children? I love Cris to death, in fact i'm obsessed with him but… Maybe he's the one with no class

  12. lose that girl says:

    I can't believe that she's tainting our team shirt! We called it *ages* ago (but, of course!), but all signs keep pointing to gold-digger. Seriously…who goes on MSN and blabs the intimate details of your relationship??? If Cris thinks this is proper relationship behaviour, then he deserves her. I shudder to think of the two of them engaged with a bambino on the way.

  13. Gretchen Weiners says:

    You know, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but now she is just a trashy, gold-digging WAG. I hope C-Ron dumps her after this!

  14. lose that girl says:

    I can’t believe that she’s tainting our team shirt! We called it *ages* ago (but, of course!), but all signs keep pointing to gold-digger. Seriously…who goes on MSN and blabs the intimate details of your relationship??? If Cris thinks this is proper relationship behaviour, then he deserves her. I shudder to think of the two of them engaged with a bambino on the way.

  15. MiSh..HaRgReAvEs--x says:

    i go to carrington (man utds training ground) alot and i gt ronaldo's autograph and gues hu was in the car wit him that slut neirieda and he had a lil pic ov her in is car i was lyk omg cn u nt c wt she is doin

  16. nyx9 says:

    She's an exibitionist!

  17. AJ says:

    An afterthought, this pic was taken in Moscow…she was wearing the same jeans and shoes in Barcelona three weeks earlier. The purse? The same one she has been carrying for months. Does she not know the rules of a WAG? Wear and retire it.

  18. zeniii says:

    this canntt be true .. in ronnys book just last year he said he had a dream that he had a child and was married and thought it was a nightmare unbelievable … if you love c-ron and are on facebook join my group !

  19. erin says:

    she isnt even that pretty. if i were him and she was telling all this stuff about our relationship, i would be pissed.

  20. DiorHeels says:

    Oh god what part of this HAVEN’T I read already?! She is stupid.

  21. AJ says:

    TFO and LTG, I feel your ire on her wearing a Man Utd shirt. That was the first thing that got under my skin. It's such a desperate, poser thing to do. Had she even heard of Manchester, let alone United, before she started banging Crissy? Think not. Stop tainting our club with your skank!

  22. Cesc's lil bird says:

    She's just an attention-seeking… person (I'm trying not to be mean). She's just looking for media attention. I think C-Ron will realise that she's using him and he'll dump her. The baby thing sounds about right though – in his book he did mention that he wants children really badly (like NOW)but he only wants to get married when he's like 30-something.

  23. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    OK that girl needs a punch in the face! Cristiano would enevr get engaged at 23 nevermind to a moose like her! Pack your bags hunny…you could be sent packing very shortly after these shenanigans

  24. nina says:

    hi everybody! i really would like to watch the video but can't find it,i try that link but the nereida video is not there, so if someone help me i will apreciate, cause i'm spanish and i want to hear what she is saying. thank you

  25. sarabee says:

    Surely she means SHE is trying for the meal ticket….

  26. sarabee says:

    Surely she means SHE is trying for the meal ticket….

  27. Annie Cooper says:

    Just wondering? Where are Cristiano's friends and family? I mean, no personal attack against them but obivously they are seeing what the rest of the world is seeing. Maybe everyone's dismisssing it as gossip but after the MSN conversations & the countless photos, there are tons of evidence proving something is not right here and her motives are definitely not for love. He might be "blinded by love" but I think the people close to him really need to help him out here b4 something really bad happens and he gets hurt.

  28. c9 says:

    Lost for words and can hardly move nor speak. TFO- Do you have those dates everyone gave you on when they were going to split up. Keep those handy, I feel judgment day around the corner. Won't comment on the skank. I'm so disgusted, mortified and sick to my stomach with everything she is!

  29. RonRonRonLoveRon says:

    I Really Do Hate This Skank Bitch Whore Tart Slapper Cow Prostitute. How Dare She Say All These LIES, Like Ronaldo Would Marry Her Ever. And A Baby, Shes Got A Dick So I Do Not Know How That Will Happen. If I Ever See Her, I Will Literally Take This Bitch Down And KILL Her.

  30. sofia says:

    i think that ronaldo has most adorable smile and hair i love him 2 bits i cant stop thinking of u 24/7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if u love him 2 bits please reply

  31. AJ says:

    Skank. She really is a whoreslut. And not even that cute. WTF?

  32. Malin ("MrsFernandoTorres", if I may) says:

    What a class act. Ick. How do you get rid of her?

  33. sarabee says:

    Urrgh..just read the full NOTW story, she’s such a money-whore. And I dont even like C Ron. But I hope he takes his sex blinkers off soon and sees through this piece of trash, Im sick of the sight of her.

  34. justlikexabi says:

    I don’t like C Ron but now I feel sorry for him

  35. Aoife says:

    OMG! She’s a fecking eejit! Look at her in her United shirt – we get it, you’re dating him. (Although looks quite pretty with her hair tied back in those two pics) I see she didn’t like the bob and is sporting crap extensions. As if C Ron would be engaged. AS IF!!! Tssssh Whatsherface, you are tack to the extreme!

  36. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Wow, you know, I kind of feel sorry for Cristiano (shocker there) because I think he sincerely likes her and I think all she's after is a name, like Moongirl said. I'm not by ANY means a Cristiano fan, but thats just kind of low of her saying that he can't transfer somewhere because SHE doesn't want him going there. Never mind the effect the team might have on the player. She doesn't want him going there. It kind of makes me nauseous. She seems really immature too, which is I think anyone in the social position Cristiano is needs. Blah. I'm gonna quit now before I become too attached to Cristiano.

  37. Natalie says:

    does any one actually have pictures or her msn addi if you do can you please send them to me thank you <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  38. Sandriinha says:

    My msn is <span id='eeEncEmail_LpOwasTi3o'></span>
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  39. elizabeth says:

    I think she is another one in the big list of cristino,ohh please cristiano to marry her thats the foolest thing that i have heard in my life!!and she’s a bitch and ugly a a goldigger. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="big surprise" style="border:0;" />

  40. Teresa says:

    can anyone tell me nereidas msn!!!!!!!pls thanks for all the help!

  41. leo_xoxo says:

    Well! i guess she is one ugly slut I am not a big fan of cristiano either, but still this girl is absolutely not perfect for him…but you know what guys? I guess cristiano just wants these kinda girls only for sex nothing more than that….

  42. LOL.
    this iccle thing is well funny.
    u all sayin she ugly. obviously not if she’s with him.
    he obviously likes her if he’s with her so get over yourself. he likes HER!
    do you not think that he’d be upset about the things you are writing about his girlfriend if he seen this ?
    and if she said that ye then its up to cristiano ronaldo to talk to her and settle it. not YOU!

  43. dianna says:

    anyone wanna chat about football can add me


  44. dianna says:

    wow, I ‘can’t believe que she would say that maybe the fan was getting annoying or something I really doubt cristiano would like this!!! I think when he finds out he’s going to be disappointed in her, i mean he even said that he was a quiet man, but whatever I hope there happy together thats the most that matters and if he’s happy with her LET IT BE even though it’s sad but what can we do; he is deserves to be happy just like everyone does,  lets face it, goodluck Cristiano hope you are happy which I know you are smile

  45. lamiss says:

    hi!! nereida is beautiful and i would like to talk with her on msn but i haven’t got her msn :(
    so if you have her msn, can you give me please? thank you and bye! sorry if i don’t write very good but i’m french! thank you and bye!
    my msn: <span id='eeEncEmail_yHCVsPMQXN'></span>
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  46. Vinandi says:

    Ladies ladies

    don’t be hating of this poor delousional creature!! She may be skanky- but she is obviously well suited with Ronaldo who is admittedly very hot!!! but still a skanky whore/prossie loving footballer!! it seems there as bad as each other!  count how many salcaious stories you’ver heard about him! he is clearly sex obsessed and likes trashy girls!

  47. Zatil says:

    @ DC – I really hope so. Can’t wait to hear about the breakup ;P

  48. Lady says:

    Tragic!  blank stare

  49. bobby_digital says:

    cristiano needs to check his broad. she gettin into that creepy girlfriend territory where she speaks on your behalf without actually asking you what you think first. and the msn thing is another dead give away, time to abandon ship! im sure she is an animal in the sack and boy would i like to find out… but chris you gotta let her go, she’s a bird let her fly.

  50. DC says:

    that’s a bit pathetic.

    maybe she is just trying to get more attention because Cristiano and her already broke up and no one knows?

    i don’t know but that just looks so desperate.

  51. Zatil says:

    WTF? Cristiano’s getting engaged and trying to have a baby with that bag of STD?
    I doubt it. There’s no way someone like Cris is settling down…

    “One reader told us Nereida is "on MSN anytime she is not with him [Cristiano], telling anyone who will listen anything they want to know about him."

    That sounds really pathetic. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />

  52. Rhea says:

    She is such a freak. C-Ron has to dump her or otherwise he is completely stupid. I can’t believe she would be so desperate. I have not seen such a desperate WAG in my entire life!

  53. low says:

    this is so low that i cannot believe it. people are always going on about her dancing/modeling but imho, this is a real scandal. all of that other nonsense pales in comparison to this.
    well, CR did choose this her. wow!

  54. joke says:

    oh come on, this has to be a joke?  no one could be that much of a blah-blah mouth. or shall i say, stupid.

  55. Theresa says:

    Cristiano engaged and trying for a baby! NO WAY! Come on this boy is out to just to have fun considering hes string of model ex-girlfriends and hookers. This woman knows she has a limited time as hes girl for the moment and is milking her spotlight for all its worth. I doubt they will even stil l be together by the end of the year

  56. katy says:

    he is stupid, so he deserve that kind of wman…omg
    she is U.G.L.Y.
    i believe she lies…don’t know

  57. gabbsvalle586 says:

    haha! stupid hoe! who the hell does she thinks she is? she's not even pretty! we all know shes with crissie because she wants fame… aka ATTENTION WHORE!

  58. Huyton Princess says:

    She is a desperately pathetic skank ho and I can't stand her. The sooner this charade with Cristiano is over, the better. This tramp is well past her expiration date.

  59. QB says:

    Omg , she is so dumb ,CR seems like a private person , she needs to shut her mouth and let the press do the bragging for her and dont talk to estrangers in MSN because they are goin to sell the storie

  60. cheska_so_fierce says:

    as much as i'd frankly love to ______ cris, he fits with these skanks he hangs out with. he's a young footy player with a fake tan, waxed eyebrows, taste for tacky clothes, and is a prostitute-lovin' orgy amateur.

  61. MrsMichaelOwen says:

    Telling anyone who will listen? Attention Seeking golddigger. How long they been together? ENGAGED? Already?

  62. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    Well put Mrs XA! And those cheap, rancid and frankly frightening pictures of her licking some other desperate trannie in the loos of a club are just another reason for Cris to give her the football boot and tell her to ploitely F*** OFF!(Sorry Kickette…this calls for drastic measures!)

  63. manufan7cr says:

    she's wearing a manchester united shirt? are you serious?! the only thing she knows about football is that her boyfriend plays it. if i were cristiano i would dump her for spreading all this stuff all over the internet. im starting to miss gemma atkinson. at least she didnt spread marriage and baby rumors all over the internet to people she doesnt even know.

  64. Meriam says:

    Oh I'm engaged to a footballer who thinks I'm AMAZING in bed because I paid this friend of mine to pretend he was my ex and tell everyone I was. Well, I didn't really pay him as such but you know, I have methods of persuading people…. Oh and also he isn't EVER going to move to Spain – I mean, why would he go there when I told him not to? I like the fuss over WAGs here in England. And I like the fact that I'm always in the papers. Oh, AND her skinnies fit really badly. AND she's wearing a Man Utd shirt – she is total vermin. And I doubt Ronaldo would be getting married already, let alone be trying for a baby with a whore.

  65. natalie says:

    what makes her think that she is the women to curb c-rons ways and turn him into the perfect father? she needs to take a serious look at his past

  66. Paris says:

    Wow she is so desperate for attention he needs to ditch her now.

  67. c9 says:

    I would have preferred Merche as well over this thing . Gosh why did I come back here? (uses super speed powers and bolts out of thread!)

  68. Dame of Extra Time says:

    And can you believe her in that shirt? Bitch has some balls, I'll say. — This Is Extra Time

  69. Moongirl says:

    I think telling people on MSN about their relationship is a big indicator on the type of person she is! Maybe im being stupid but if I was having a relationship with a famous footballer whose every move was photographed and written about I would want to keep as much of our life private as I could! I just get the impression that shes far more interested in C Ron the status symbol than Cristiano the person!

  70. ana says:

    Hello, ladies! What are we discussing here? Ok, FACT: CR is drop-dead gorgeous. Case closed. OPINION: I don??t like Nereida G. She is not ugly, her body is fine (just not exactly skinny type). The thing I don??t like about her ??? she looks used, she looks older than him. Their couple reminds me of Demi Moore + Ashton Kutcher, ???cept Demi is old and looking fabulous for her age and NG is young but looking like she??s been around half a century. Very sad for a young girl like her. Possibly she is just not photogenic, but whatever. The MAIN THING is why we expect CR to do better? Maybe she??s got what he needs. Maybe she blows his mind or whatever. He is a very emotional guy and maybe that??s the card she is playing with him and doing it well. Maybe he really doesn??t want a decent girl and wants exactly the girl like her who would just blow his mind. He goes for someone who is bluntly about sex. And whatever she looks, she is one smart ho cause she obviously know exactly what to do to keep him by her side FOR NOW

  71. Natalie says:

    Hi! :) No comments! But I have got smth to ask you: Do you know when is Nereida Gallardo chatting? or When is She going to do it again? It would help me. Couse I've got questions I'd like to ask her about Ronaldo and their relationships. Is this true, I meen that she chatts sometime? Can you help me with that, PLEASE. :) Thank you.

  72. Natalie says:

    Hi! I do have smth to ask: When can I chatt with Nereida? Is it available for me? What's the address of her chatt? Thank you.

  73. sonia says:

    i work at the butitions and i saw ronaldoo i got soo exited he came 2the butitions 2 wax his legs

  74. Sofia says:

    ronaldo..WHY???????she aint worthy of you..dont marry her!MARRY ME???come to my house and ask me.i live at: 12 Waverley Avenue Wembley Greater London HA9 UK I'LL BE WAITING!!!I LOVE U 4EVA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX TC

  75. Tatiana says:

    why does she wanna go out wuth him she is so ugly compared 2 him he is soooooo good looking he is sooo sexy and hass niceee abs and a wow body 6 packk!!!!!!!!!!!!i die for them 24/7!!! her hair is so crumbly..i would not want to be ronaldo and having to wake up to that evryday!! why didnt he choose me???im much betterr!!!

  76. Kika says:

    she talked with me too.. i saw her 4 a webcam but i was i loyal friend…i never showed the pictures of her…many people have a bad intention….no te preocupes morena…eres guapa inteligente y yo aprecio ke hallas compartido conmigo tu felicidad.

  77. Juls says:

    Bri, you took the words right out of my mouth. Everything you said makes perfect sense. And it's not because we're jealous that she's bagged him (ok maybe just a little) but because i think he could find someone a hundred times better than this slag, with more class and preferably where he's the only one who's seen her tits! i can't believe he'd like pictures of the mother of his kids floating around wearing nothing kissing other girls in bathrooms, i mean seriously. He could have any girl he wants and he settles for this? i'm gobsmacked.

  78. Bri says:

    I don't get what he sees in this walking flaw. The girl is not attractive at all, shes not ugly but shes not pretty. Luckily for her cristiano has terrible taste in women. And she does everything he claims he DOESN'T want his girl doing, being a slut,using him for his fame and money( she has claimed she wants to marry a footballer and she stalks clubs for footballers),and talking about their relationship with strangers (she one upped him by not only talking about their relationship, but posting pics too! and going on web cam). I can't believe he hasn't picked up on all this yet. If he hates when girls do this, why is he still with her? I could understand if she was really hot, but she really isn't pretty at all. I just don't get what he sees in this mess of a woman besides, bad skin, bad teeth, buck teeth, nappy hair, a forehead you could land a 747 on, and a vajay thats as wide as a manhole cover. She is making a fool out of him. I feel bad for him, its so embarrassing to be with someone like her, and it's sad that he is allowing himself to be played. I wish someone who knows him would wake his a** up so he can get rid of this hoe. His other girls were scrutinized for things but she takes the cake, posing with her breasts out in a bathroom? gross. she was a stripper, and the nude pics of her are tacky and trashy. The nicest thing about her body are her implants and it doesn't say much about a person when the best thing about them is something they had to pay for. Wake up Cris! You wanna spend money on this chick? Buy her a plane ticket home!

  79. ohgoodness.... says:

    Has anyone read this week's latest issue of HELLO mag…MY GOD does this publication not have editors???? There is a feature called: "WO-MAN UNITED" …Neridia is listed as part of the"dream team" !!! HAHAHA, they also proceed to make tons of errors ….Ronaldo is NOT a Brazilian national, they are obviously geographically challenged. Last I heard Portugal is not located in South American…But the real zinger is when they describe Neridia as "a nurse whom is also a part time student and Model"…We have seen that hotmess on camera… Hopefully, the next issue of Hello will print a retraction and and an apology….

  80. luke says:

    anyone know her msn lol

  81. k2k2milan says:

    oh, i forget to say: No, they CAN'T be engaged!

  82. k2k2milan says:

    Wow. …….. ……… ……….. I REALLY hope that Cristiano hasn't fallen for her after being with her for as long as he has, which is much longer than other chicks. Just for the sake of Ronaldo- man, please leave her! I don't even care who you get with next! She's in it for the $$, fame and status. Meanwhile, Ronaldo blows kisses at her when he scores for god's sake!

  83. HoneyBee says:


  84. Portia says:

    three words: tacky ass hoe. Someone please get this girl a life outside of shagging and bragging. Thaaanks.

  85. Kiki says:

    OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! This is getting better every day…not! Have you girls seen the kind of "LESBIAN" pics of Nereida on THE SUN?? Only one word for that…DISGUSTING! Would u do that on a club's bathroom? With your FRIENDS??

  86. pris says:

    let me be the first to say it, then: if she's the reason he's staying in manchester, then i hope she sticks around for a while. i don't want him pissing off to real madrid either.

  87. sarah x says:

    he cant be engaged.. i refuse to believe it :O

  88. HoneyBee says:

    Whenever I see her I hear Destiny's child-NASTY GIRL playing in the background.Her face is ugly-but nothing compared to ugliness within.YUCK C9-I gave her the best odds.Damn I hope I was wrong.My cousin(male)and I talked about football(and WAG'S) and he can't believe that he is dating this ugly whore-none of my cousin's friends can't either.So it's not just us women who think that he has lost his mind(or maybe he never had it).Oh,I long for good days when Gemma was in his life!

  89. Kiki says:

    OMFG…can you guys imagine if she gets pregnant? I would die… Reeeaaly sad now….my heart aches… C9: I'm disgusted as well…But we have to be strong girl!

  90. Kiki says:

    Ohhh! I forgot! Her hair is looking HORRIBLEEEE!! So dry….incredibly awful!

  91. Michaela says:

    She's repulsive, did you check out the old pensioner she shagged to get into a few pathetic parties in tha NOTW article … she's sick and pathetic. Ronaldo's more stupid for staying with her … I'm losing all respect for him.

  92. Signora Maldini says:

    This chick is psychologically disturbed. And I mean that. There is something very very wrong with the way her brain is working. Or more to the point, not working. I don't think it matters much though, the death warrant on this "relationship" was signed as soon as they first met. He got what he wanted, she got her few minutes of fame and she'll be kicked out on her a** in no time.

  93. Kelly says:

    i'm not sure what's weirder – whoreida going on the internet to chat with strangers or strangers going on the internet to chat with whoreida?

  94. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:


  95. carly says:

    Ok, this is officially freaking me out!! I don't care who Ronaldo dates, but this can't be happening during the Euro!!! This is bad, bad, bad!

  96. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    OK, after reading all this stuff surely he is going to chuck her?? Why would anyone want to stay with such a cheap whore?? She may be great in bed, but so are millions of other girls. Get some self respect Cris and kick this ho to the curb.

  97. Avenath says:

    OMG!…how can she even stoop THIS low??…oh wait, it is whatsherface we're talking about here…i wonder if that's Cristiano's jersey she has on…for all you know, it might be a customized "Cristina" one…tsk tsk…

  98. Lains says:

    I say we send a Kickette army to WAG-nap her. She has just got to go.

  99. Nelly says:

    Well, my fellow Kickettes-you all have taken the words right out of my mouth…No more left for me to say except that if this is true, I hope Cristiano is taking it well and that this does not affect his game in Euro O8.

  100. Brandy says:

    She looks so old and used to be only 24! She looks “pretty” in those MSN stills though. He just needs to get his fill of sex from her and move on! Like her ex did… I mean is this really the girl you marry?! I don’t understand why his mom is all excited about her. I mean it’s not like she gets the mind-blowing sex, so what is it then? I hate to say it ladies, I see a bubba on the way soon and then she will be somehow always be in the picture :( tear.

  101. Anja says:

    Incredible, she hit a new low. But then again, I think they deserve each other.

  102. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:


  103. carly says:

    Ok, this is officially freaking me out!! I don’t care who Ronaldo dates, but this can’t be happening during the Euro!!! This is bad, bad, bad!

  104. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    OK, after reading all this stuff surely he is going to chuck her?? Why would anyone want to stay with such a cheap whore?? She may be great in bed, but so are millions of other girls. Get some self respect Cris and kick this ho to the curb.

  105. Katie-Patie says:

    LMFAO – I love that she got dumped. She was all ready to embark on a life of money and fame – Looks like shes back to flappin her boobs in seedy spansish sheds again. WHOOPS!

  106. catrina says:

    heyaa i hate ronaldos girlfreind she is a fat elephant i HATE her sooooo much

  107. lamiss says:

    hi!! nereida is beautiful and i would like to talk with her on msn but i haven’t hoy her msn :( so if you have her msn, can you give me please? thank you and bye! sorry if i don’t write very good but i’m french! thank you and bye! my msn:

  108. jelly says:

    I think this girl is insecure. It is clear to see. Her behaviour is that of an insecure girl. She is looking for acceptance from a lot of people. I pity her…I really do. Maybe Cristiano is attracted to those who cannot help themselves? He gets to be the ‘hero’ or knight in shining armour. Men…such wonderful yet baffling creatures. As a man utd fan I don’t mind that she is wearing the shirt…as long as she wears it with pride. As for friends, with friends like hers who needs enemies. They sold her out big time.

  109. RedGirl (Mrs. Casillas) says:

    Engaged?! Trying for a baby?! Muahahahaha this woman is ridiculous.

  110. viva_ron7 says:

    how the hell you can stolen this pics from the other forum and the video as well?? you’re really can’t do anything by oneself?? and half ot this you’re wrote is lie… shame on you!

  111. Kiki says:

    Oh my good Lord! Are those the only pants she has? Oh no!she also has that awful white one! she’s so fucking retarded! Saying these things to everyone…sure Cr loved that….NOT! BABY?? I hope Cr doesn’t come up with these amazing news! I’d kill him! There’s a magazine in Portugal sayinng that Whoreida got back to Spain about amonth ago…and that she’s aready back at the parties! and hat their relatiosip is about to end… Well…who knows…

  112. Carly says:

    UGHHHH I HATE HER SO MUCH! I’m sorry but she REALLY bugs me, I hope he ditches her, and does it soon. She’s just in it for the fame the stupid cow ughhhh! If he ever actually does marry her I will CRY, and I don’t even fancy him or anything!!

  113. The Fourth Official says:

    Nothing offends me more about this woman than the sight of her in my team’s shirt.

    And do I detect the odour of desperation in this whole webcam thing? Fresh Legs Blog

  114. Deidre says:

    she is a total trash *shakes with disgust* BTW i just saw her pics from some club’s bathroom partly naked and liking (sic!) one of her girlfriends. I wish i could erase it from my memory. That would ‘prove’ what she said about being bisexual(i guess on her myspce profile which somehow just dissapeared…)