September 14th, 2010

Wagabee Denied: Iker Casillas Issues A Statement

See this ‘bish, please’ face? This is what you get if you take Iker’s name in vain.

Let this be a warning to the media and those who reside in the Iker Casillas Fangirl Network (of which we are proud sponsors), the Saint will not have you besmirch his holy name.

An Argentinian lady by the name of Luciana Salazar recently was name-dropped in fairly standard “party girls with footy boys” style by the Argentinan paper, Clarin. They’ve claimed that the Spanish boys had a night out on the town after their game in Buenos Aries accompanied by several ladies, and that Iker and Luciana spent the night together.

FYI, Ms Salazar is no stranger to footballer hookup scandals, and has previously been linked with both Gonzalo Higuain and Messi.

But it would seem there are no sordid tales of love, lust and three-fingered glove hand-holding, because Iker quickly issued an official smack down on the story, saying, he’s never had a conversation with Luciana, has never actually met her and doesn’t even know who the hell she is. Couldn’t spot her in a line up of Wagabees if he tried. He’s also planning on suing.

FYI 2. The straight out denial accompanied with lawsuit part tends to mean the footballer means sirius bizniz.

Lesson learned. T’would seem Iker no likey tall tales about his personal life, but he clearly does not want any doubt of the location (and ownership) of his loins for his beloved Pastasauce. Bless.

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77 Responses to “Wagabee Denied: Iker Casillas Issues A Statement”

  1. Happy birthday my brother, Feliz Compleanios

  2. julia says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Luciana Salazar and her managers were the ones that made up those rumours to promote her so that she would be in the news and people would want to interview her and later she would pretend she didn't knew about those rumours and pretend she's a victim.
    The rumours that linked her with Messi and Higuain worked because it helped her get in the newspapers around the world and same thing with this rumour liking her with Iker. And let's all be honest, would you guys even hear about this women if it wasn't for those news linking her with famous international footballers?
    I really doubt she even knows Messi, Higuain and Iker in person. She doesn't seem to be the type of any of them because she looks like an old prostitute.
    She's just trying to ride on their fame. But this time around she was stupid because if she wanted to make her rumour sound more believable she should have chosen anyone EXCEPT Iker. Everyone around the world knows Iker is a nice guy and would never link himself with a low-class women like this Luciana Salazar. So everyone knows this rumour is bullshit.

    This rumour about Iker and this Luciana Salazar is as bullshit, untrue, fake as a rumour about Kaká being member of Satan church or a rumour about Kaká cheating his wife. LOL

    Iker and Kaká are the only footballers in the world that seem to be REALLY trustworthy, loyal and respectful.

    So my advice to WAG-wannabes: If you want to create believable stories, don't involve Iker or Kaká's name on it because nobody will believe you. ;)

    • Dru_kickette says:

      I'll add Nando, Michael Owen, Zizou (yes, I know, he had a nasty temper on the field but I can't ever imagine him cheating on his wife) and Pepe Reina to that list of trustworthies- they exude family-man qualities all over and seem to absolutely adore their wives. Come to think of it, many of the Spanish NT are married or in long-term relationships or total good-boys (David Silva, Jesus Navas), Iker, the Ramos and Puyol are probably among the exceptions in that they're serial daters (but no less decent for it, they don't call him San Iker for nothing).____And sadly, I find it entirely too easy to believe that the lies about Iker were in fact made up just so she could deny it.

  3. Ktee says:

    Wow, what a lucky lady Sarah is!
    And yes, wagabees, never, ever mess with San Iker. He can bitchface you all the way to court.

  4. Eebza says:

    this Luciana woman sounds very lame…

    i mean if you're gonna make up stories, at least be realistic about it…

    San Iker… pssh… as if.

    next time, mention someone like Ramos… at least then it's believable.

  5. Mrs. Navas says:

    awwww. i’m so proud of him!!!!!! he knows where his priorities and younger brother belongs!! unlike certain peeps

  6. Zahara (Spain NT, Barca lover) says:

    good for you, iker
    i cannot be prouder :)
    sue the pants off that woman!

  7. Estefi says:

    Luciana Salazar is a b*tch, everyone in Argentina knows that.She’s been linked to THOUSANDS of men (and I’m not exxagerating).She’s not an actress,she’s not a singer, she’s not even a serious model (she only poses naked for some men magazines), so the only way for her to gain fame is through these scandals. So for me it’s no surprise. I didn’t buy it.

  8. Steph says:

    haha, nice Iker! :D As for her, god, she looks completely disgusting. Ugh.

  9. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    Hail, San Iker! There goes our plans of seriously wanting to become Mrs Iker Casillas…. Hahaha ;-)

  10. Céline says:

    GONZALOOO?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :S WTF hahah lmaooo he doesnt seem to be that kinda guy :'(

  11. JulieFromParis says:

    oh F****. Bad news for all madridistas round here, it’s our debut in UCL tonight and The Ramos is out due to injury……… I cant believe it, get well soon Sergio, team’s just not the same without U :(

  12. Rory88 says:

    Well, you know… He kisses his girlfriend Sara Carbonero live after winning a worldcup,come on, they're always together.. I think that it's not true and that Luciana Salazar is such a crafty lady! She likes too much to be linked with footballers!

  13. Blackwood says:

    She actually denied ever meeting him and is planning on suing the Spanish newspaper that coined her "a prostitute", which I think is fair. It's one thing to be a party girl and do whatever you want with your private life, but being accused of prostitution is a very different matter. She's also talked about having a boyfriend or some kind of partner, so I doubt she's amused with this story. I don't particularly like her, but I think it's just a tradition in the Argentinian media to link her to any famous man (singer, footballer, etc.) that visits the country, to the point it becomes quite ridiculous.

  14. loveu2much says:

    all i can say is WOW

    • loveu2much says:

      and that sara is one of the luckiest women in the world for not only having hot stuff like iker but also that he obviously loves her

  15. 1) All hail saint iker! Its been way too long since we’ve seen him on our hallowed pages
    2) He does a mean bitch face
    3) Although this statement has been disproved by many it has previously been applied to; Iker does not seem the type for random party girl hookups (and anyway ol’ pastasauce may have him on too tight a leash for him to even consider any of that)

  16. Violet says:

    I don’t care what he gets all tied up in, WHY IS IKER SO DELICIOUSLY IRRESISTABLE??

  17. Colleen says:

    I’m so happy he completely denied that.
    I cannot stand that girl. She’s so gross.

  18. [...] informa que un periódico argentino reclama que el capitán de fútbol español Iker Ca…. ¿Sabes qué? No confíes en alguien cuyos pechos son más grandes que el tamaño DD. Y sólo confia en 40% de las con DD, el 50% de las con D y el 55% de todas las demás (u hombres para el caso). La modelo le gusta estar asociada con futbolistas como Gonzalo Higuaín. También le gusta tener inyecciones de labios. No tengo nada en contra de los implantes de mamas / tetas falsas. Tengo algo en contra de las cosas que me hacen vomitar. Y el pensamiento de que Iker, que sólo está conocido por quedar – y no follar sin pensar – con mujeres naturales, es un pecado! Y no creo automáticamente que ella ha estado con Higuaín tampoco, a pesar de que podría haber tenido la repentina urgencia de regresar a su infancia y amamantar alguna vez. En cuanto a Iker, no está tomando este recostado. Abogados àl rescatar a Iker! fútbol y otros deportes, habla perra [...]

    • Inés says:

      puede ser que hayan mentido con lo de Iker y Luli, pero….Clarín FTW!

      Fuera Kirchner!

    • Leya says:

      No puedo hablar Español muy bien, pero después de leer esto unas pocas veces (y quitando el polvo de la parte de mi cerebro en lo que se queda mi conocimiento de la lengua) esta respuesta es muy comica y perfecta!

      Estoy de acuerdo! Siempre han mujeres locas quien mienten y dicen que estaban con los futbolistas. Me molesta mucho. Especialmente esto. ¿¿¡¡IKER!!?? ¡¡Ella está loca!! ¡Es casi como decir Kaká!! (Casi, jaja) Estoy seguro que la mayoría de las personas no lo creyeron cuando oyeron.

      Lo siento mucho por mi gramática, pero me gusta mucho tu respuesta y yo quería contestar en español.

      Jaja, me acabo de dar cuenta que hay una versíon de esta respuesta en inglés abajo.

  19. well well well says:


    Nothing else happened today? That’s hardly newsworthy. Besides, it is so clear that this is a fake claim by one of the wannabe Wags. Could have been more sophisticated with the story.

  20. [...] reports that an idiotic yet well-known Argentine newspaper claims that Spanish football…. Guess what? Don’t trust anyone whose boobs are bigger than DD’s. And only trust 40% of those with DD’s, 50% of those with D’s and 55% of all other women (or men for that matter). The model likes to be associated with footballers like Gonzalo Higuaín. She also likes to have lip injections. I have nothing against breast implants/fake boobs. I have something against things that cause me to throw up. And the thought that Iker, who has only been known to date – and not indiscriminately fuck – natural women, is a sin! And I don’t automatically believe she’s been with Higuaín either, though he could have had the sudden urge to regress into his infant self and suckle sometime. As for Iker, he’s not taking this lying down. Lawyers to Iker’s rescue! bitch talk, soccer & sports [...]

    • Inés says:

      are you Argentinian? you sound very Kirchnerista!

    • JaneSpotting says:

      Excuse me? I have a rack, and thus am not to be trusted?

      Dear Mr.Mysogynist commenter, never trust women with a certain cup size? Go back under the rock you clawed out from. If you are a woman, pity oh what a pity

  21. Leá says:

    This is one of the few men that I would believe to tell the truth about cheating. If Iker was caught in a room full of hookers and had wads of hundreds in his hands and he told me he wasn’t cheating I would believe him. He just seems very trustworthy, and I’m glad that he’s taking steps to let people know that he values his character and will not let anyone slander it.

  22. Dru says:

    UGH, tabloids making up rubbish again, Iker wouldn’t be wrong to sue if he wanted to (of course, for an actual cheater, I wouldn’t feel so supportive- looking at you, Wazza). I’ve adored Iker for almost a decade, but frankly, Sara Pastasauce can have him, I don’t mind.

    That said, Iker’s bitchface is still nothing on Nando’s (ironic, considering it’s Nando who has the babyface)- maybe Nando and Daveeed Villa could give Iker some lessons next time the national team are at practice?

    • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

      Agreed! Did you see Villa during the time the docs were treating Pique? He was bitchfacing anyone from Hercules who got near his pal. Found that kind of cute. Oh and sorry off topic but that toungue thing he did after he scored today was very interesting to me. If interest check it out on this page…

      • Dru says:

        Oooh, much appreciation for the tongue thing- thanks!

        • Pique_Xavi says:

          No problem I didn't find Villa to be the type of guy who could get my attention because he reminds of my ex's best friend. They look so much alike its scary. However that tongue thing was niiice to see. I look forward to see more of that whether it be for Barcelona or Spain, lol.

    • eatmyboost says:

      Nando and Iker both have babyfaces (with both of them having their big eyes, little noses and little mouths close together) but Iker seems to want to look older – he recently said "People tell me I look more manly with the beard".

      I'm delighted he's talking about taking legal action against this rubbish :)

  23. Gerard Nando y Cesc says:

    haha, Iker's face is so funny in this pic!!!!!!!!!! but i do feel bad for the girl that people are spreading rumors about her going out with so many footballers. is Iker still dating Sara Pastasauce though?

    • Kc95 says:

      Yeah, he's still dating 'Sauce.

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      I feel you for being a girl you feel bad, but she's deff. not a girl and she herself "spreads" these type of rumors when she talks about her intimate moments whether they are true or not only the people involved know for sure but once she drops names of course people will li$ten.

  24. ikerisacheater says:

    iker is a cheater its not the first time hes cheated on sara i know stories!

    • Winnie says:

      i don't care if iker is a cheater. what he does with sara is none of my business eiter.

      it also doesn't matter because luciana has been named dropped concerning messi and higuain. she's a pathetic whore.

    • xoWinnie says:

      *nods with blank stare*


  25. RedGirl (Mrs. Casillas) says:

    very nice Íker!!!!! *feels all proud of San Íker* =P

  26. missbubbles says:

    i dont even like sara but i would personally help her brake his arms and legs if he was to do shit like this…LOL

  27. Zinny says:

    You know what, Iker is a really respectable guy, much like Kaka. As much as I have dirty fantasies about him, I really respect the guy and I am shameful of my disgusting thoughts. =) He is truly San Iker.

  28. lalaland says:

    i bow down to this man!

  29. Ana;) says:

    An official smackdown!! That's what I like to see!

    It's better to shut it down before there are more false rumours and everything spirals out of control.

    Well done Iker!

    • Anja says:

      I agree!! He seems very no-nonsense, which is a turn on.

      • Zanzy says:

        hahaha!!totally agree with u on dat one anja!… I really do wish the English lads could learn a thing or two from their Spanish hermanos though.

  30. 4 thumbs up for u my Saint Iker^^
    u have d exact decision…
    but, loin of his love Pastasauce made me envy….hhmmmm….>_<

    i heart u IKER^^

  31. gin_in_teacups says:

    That’s right. Iker don’t take no sh*t!

    Even though I don’t have the warm and fuzzies for him, I still love him as a player and have a lot of respect for him as a person. He’s one of the few footballers I really can’t imagine getting involved in this kind of douchebaggery. I’m honestly offended on his and Sara’s behalf.

  32. Aika says:

    All hail San Iker!

  33. docinho388 says:


    Iker es un lord

  34. Kylie says:

    Oh damn. Lawsuit?! Iker ain’t playing around here, people. Maybe if more footballers would take this stuff seriously, the wagabees would see how psychotic their behavior is….ehh, probably not.

  35. jellenp says:

    I love how the sun radiates around his face. So appropriate.

  36. JulieFromParis says:

    haha. I didn't know that The Casillas could bitchface like that :)

  37. aps says:

    Good job Iker. Let that chick know she can’t just go about calling people’s names in her lies. These wannabees are getting WAY too bold.

  38. MadridistaJenn says:

    Of all the people to include in a trashy story like that….Iker, really? San Iker?

    They deserve to be sued because allegations (true or not) can be detrimental to a career, as well as personal relationships.

  39. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    Well this is kind of gross on so many levels. First and foremost, I don't usually take a man's side because lets face it, they tend to do things and actually believe that word won't get out, it doesn't even matter if they are ballers or not (yes women do this too its sad & gross). There are so many gossip papers, shows, even during world news that take time to announce the lastest hookups/breakups and when something like this happens and turns out to be false they try to fix it but most than often doesn't fix anything.

    Saying that, I feel that Iker is the victim here. I don't feel sorry for this "lady" one bit because as someone has said the press always talks bad about her about things not being true. But why exactly have they targeted her? She must of said something or done something to have led people to believe all these stories though I'm sure in some places is more fun and effective $$$ to believe them. If he is suing that means there isn't proof she can provide or witnesses otherwise he would "handle the matter privately". I don't know the legal system of neither Argentina nor Spain but I imagine like everything proof is always needed. The sad thing is that reputations get damaged and some like for her will get, again, benefited $$$ by all the press she will get and more than likely paid interviews to discuss the issue. Oh, I don't know Iker so I can't really say if he would or could ever do this but seems like most people here have talked about his heart being broken once before so if anything, I think he would be the one who could be cheated on if it were to happen. Just my opinion.

    • Dru says:

      I don't usually take the guy's side in this either, but good job to Iker on the fast and firm denial.

      I agree with what you said, Iker does seem a little emo in relationships (way more into his women than they are into him), it's hard to believe he'd cheat. He's not Rooney/Crouch!

    • Inés says:

      it seems you don't know that Luli denied this story firmly!

      she is a bit of a whore, I know, but this time, she's completely innocent!

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        I’d be interesting if she denied this before or after the talk about getting sued because I’m sure she heard about it before the press or anyone else did. Its easier to have a change of heart once you’re about lose credibility (if there’s any left) and money than gaining it doesn’t it? But this is exactly why having a good reputation is a good thing because when something like this happens your past “adventures” come back to haunt you. And I’m not saying women should be saints or anything close but just know to keep you mouth close about your personal relationships with men or at least the intimate side of it.

        • Inés says:

          yes, but the thing is that she spents a lot of time denying stories that the media invents! it's awful!

  40. C16 says:

    You go Iker!!!!

    That chick is so nasty! I've also heard that she's been with a bunch of singers and actors.

  41. Inés says:

    I blame on the Argentinian media, that is always telling bulls*** stories!

    Luli Salazar have had to deal with these things many times!

  42. beri says:

    Well done Iker! I wish more footballers would do stuff like that more often.

    • Jamtart Heart says:

      I agree completely. Half the problem crops up when the players are advised not to defend themselves because ‘no one will believe them anyway’–it makes it worse for everyone, and gives some women the idea that tattling to the tabloids is a legitimate career option.

      Good for Iker, for sticking up for his good name.

  43. MrsVilla-to-be says:

    San Iker lo mejor! There`s always some idiot who tries to win 15 minutes of fame by making up dirty things about respectable and successful men, especially sportsmen. Dear Iker, I`m on your side all the way, although I`m not exactly Sara Pastasauce`s number one fan. Sue that lying gold digger!!!

  44. suzie says:

    Nice to see it's not just the English press that make stuff up.But well done for the swift and decisive denial from Iker.