August 26th, 2010

WAGs In Mags: Ilary, Irina, Abigail & Noemie

Francesco Totti’s lady love Ilary Blasi in Vanity Fair. And ours too, if we’re honest. Images via

You’ve only really made it as a WAG when you’ve hit the cover of a glossy.

Whether your boy is a non-league no mark or Ballon D’or Booty, serious kudos is to be gained from throwing down some good lookin’ shapes in a studio. We should know, we’ve been practicing for years.

And so, we find ourselves veering uncontrollably between proud tears and petulant outbursts as we check out Cristiano Ronaldo’s squeeze Irina Shayak smouldering in GQ and Noemie Lenoir (Claude Makelele, sort of) for Love Magazine and Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch, sort of) vamping it up in Vogue Russia.

Ladies, we salute you. You’re so damn pose-worthy and we approve.

But a note of caution, Kickettes. WAGdom might appear to be the glamorous life we are all dreaming of leading but weirdly only one of these ladies is currently able to make the most of her moment. Whether their men are paying for company (Abi Clancy), babies (Irina), or sadly, medical treatment (Noemie Lenoir), life with a footballer isn’t necessarily everything it’s cracked up to be.

As for you, Ilary Blasi, you’ve single-handedly rendered Italian Vanity Fair unreadable with your hotness and marital stability. We should hate you. But dammit, woman, we just want to be you.

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37 Responses to “WAGs In Mags: Ilary, Irina, Abigail & Noemie”

  1. xoWinnie says:

    alright, i have a total girl-crush on Abbey.

    i have since i saw her in Britain's Next Top Model.

    she's gorgeous, and i aspire for that body, and dare i say, i am close to achieving it :)

  2. nia says:

    Ahh, Irina!I am a girl, but she is sooooo adorable :*


  3. aps says:

    They all look beautiful except Irina. I think her body is hot but her face not so much. She always looks sleepy/drunk to me.

  4. ASM says:

    i’m so sick of nude-posing wags everywhere..yeah,they’re gorgeous(i’m not even jealous)but can they find another ‘thing’ to do other than being overly-exposed like that??UGH..

    • aps says:

      They are models and that's apart of what they do. U sound bitter…and jealous.

    • D0li says:

      I disagree with abs, there's alot more to being a model than exposing your body like that. Might sound stupid, but many of the high fashion models have deals with designers, and look empowered in magazine covers. These ladies might consider themselves models but they aren't at all!! They are the girls who consider themselves models but are hired for nudity shots only. And no I am not jealous of them at all!

      Look at Victoria Beckham! She's always amazing in magazine adds and never has to reduce herslef to stripping down for every shoot.

  5. RedAne says:

    Ilary was, is and always will be my fave WAG!!!
    Not only coz she’s drop dead gorgeous but also coz she’s married to my fave footballer of all times and also coz she’s the mamma of two bubbas that make my lady parts burst into flames every time i see them!!!!
    That first pic is lovely!!!! And I do have a poodle bag that looks just like the stuffed animal she’s holding… hahaha… i’ve had it since i was a bubba!!

    • Mackie says:

      Me too, RedAne. I love FT and want to hate Ilary but I can’t. As long as she takes good care of him (and hell, since I can’t have him…) its all good.

    • redscott says:

      I lack the lady parts to be inflamed by her bubbas, but Ilary really is amazingly attractive. I think Italian women hold a bit of an edge in WAGdom, and I have a particularly pathetic mad crush on Michela Quattrociocche, Alberto Aquilani's girlfriend. La sigh!

    • xisca says:

      they are not married.

  6. didn't know says:

    I didn’t know ballers don’t date black women.
    Drogba does and Vieira. Haven’t done any research on other ballers though.
    The white woman as the ultimate status symbol or why don’t they date?
    Why go for Ilary if you could have Alek Wek?
    Ah, I forgot, Alek is really smart and confident. Not in an all too pleasing and cheap way. Must be a put off to intimidated ballers, no?
    Then again, if you fall in love, you just do.

    • Cammie says:

      Most of the black footballers have white gf/wives…I guess nothing means success but a white gf to them….Whatever

    • meh says:

      SO true, i just cant be bothered with it anymore, shame to those ballers who are black and NEVER date black women, im not saying it bad to be with other races but its bad to ignore a race of women altogether.

    • D0li says:

      Here is where my sociology degree finally comes in handy!

      Becuase white is often seen as beautiful in most (not all) cases, when a successful minority starts looking for a mate, they usually go with white. And as you can see they are aiming high… It is a shame becasue as much as we'd like to think that there is racial equality in society there really isn't.

      Then again, there is the chance that they just prefer to date white women.. or they are just attracte to their personalities.

      I am more attracted to hispanic and white men more than black men (I'm black) and there are white men who are more attracted to hispanic or black or asian women more than white women. You can never really tell if it's just personal preferance or social influence, but as long as they are happy then so should we.

      And as the person stated before, those men prefer trashy women so i'm not to upset that they date white women only.

      Correct me if i'm wrong but I think Cristiano Ronaldo dated a black woman once..

  7. GracieB says:

    Hmmmm…."Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Irina Shayk admits: 'I'm not a soccer fan'….but I sure do like to sleep with him or them"…(this part seems like it's missing so I thought to put some creative input for Irina). You never know, she migh win Ms. Universe next year.

  8. Zinny says:

    I think Irina is beautiful and Noemie is extremely gorgeous as well!

  9. rubyqueen says:

    irina is soooooooooooooo scorching hot the camera is on fire.:D and abbie my god work it girl.:) smoking hot..

  10. Rossanera says:

    I had no idea about Noemie. Poor girl. Let’s hope she gets better soon.

  11. just saying says:

    Noemie is such a pretty woman. Hope she got herself together again. Would be such a loss to the fashion world if she didn’t. Good luck to her.

  12. Leya says:

    Oh these women all look super-fab, I love it…

    …and I’m jealous…

    Better hit the gym.

  13. Maribel says:

    Ilary is too perfect. Actually Abbey and Noemie are too. (Looks-wise anyway). Irina is beautiful. She and Cris are both dirty-hot, so they are well matched. :)

  14. Steph says:

    She looks gorgeous! That first pic is really cute. :)

  15. AngelDust says:

    Haha! I am the first to comment!

    Anyway, am I the only one that thinks that Irina Shayk is a perfect match for Cristiano Ronaldo? They both look like they would sleep with anything that moves!

    • Cammie says:

      Both Irina Skank and Cris are both Shallow, Irina told the NY Post, she thanks God her parents made her beautiful, and frankly Iam tired of seeing her posing nude/almost nude.. No Gisele career for her.

      Noemie looks good…Love her

      • JV says:

        LOL! I don’t know that much about Irina, but I think you’d have to be pretty shallow to be able to remain in a relationship with CR for as long as they’ve been together (nearly a year, right?).

        • AngelDust says:

          Definitely…you are soooo right.

          Frankly I think they are just together because they're both just (as Maribel says)so damn dirty-hot.

          I think any normal girl would break up with him after the whole baby thing…

        • aps says:

          They've been together for a couple of months. Not a year.

    • Gilly B says:

      ha ha @ AngeDust- love it!!

  16. didn't know says:

    la la, I'm not sure if the following lines will give you some comfort, but I honestly hope they will:

    I'm white … and don't have a chance either to date my absolute favorite player Thierry Henry. :-)

    So please pass on the tissues for a good cry!

  17. xoWinnie says:

    true as that is, would you REALLY wanna date any of the men you've just named? i mean…realllyyyy? o.O

    although being a black girl, i do understand where you're coming from. i honestly have given up on black men for the most part. most guys who court me happen to be white and hispanic. which i don't mind, i love Latin men :) my current boyfriend is white. i accept it for what it is, and take it with a grain of salt. they live their lives, and mine isn't going to stop because most black men don't want to date me.

    their loss, right? ;)

  18. Leya says:

    she’s pretty much the closest any footballer’s wife will come to it, so we’ll take it, haha!