March 7th, 2012

WAGs In Paris: Abbey Crouch & Irina Shayk

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Paris Fashion Week was a wrap today, but not before two WAGs left a tiny mark on the festivities.

Abbey Crouch was on hand Wednesday morning to watch the Louis Vuitton train (literally…there was a train) steam into Fall 2012.

Mrs. C. wore a complete look from Vuitton’s frothy pastel Spring 2012 collection like the fuzzy Liverpudlian angel she is. Nothing’s been said on whether Abbey scored a coveted FROW (that’s front row) seat next to the likes of Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo or not, but she likely wasn’t in the standing room only section wearing an outfit like that.

red light district kanye west sports illustrated gq c ronaldo eyebrows


Irina Shayk took a rare turn down the catwalk for none other than Kanye West in the evening, and since Irina doesn’t do catwalk very often, we have a feeling she was personally requested by Mr. West himself. Sharing a runway with old steadies¬†Anja Rubik and Carmen Kass is pretty maje, but we don’t expect to see her walking for top designers very often. Girlfriend was made for swimsuits, lingerie and the occasional surprising editorial.

Also, this was probably the most clothing she’s been in since 1990. So that’s something.

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60 Responses to “WAGs In Paris: Abbey Crouch & Irina Shayk”

  1. Dee says:

    I was a fan of Irinas since before she started dating Ronaldo and even I can admit her new fashion fame is solely because of her relationship with Cristiano. Before CR, the biggest things she did was Armani Exchange and Sports Illustrated. She was in SI for 3 years and no one really paid much attention to her. She is a beautiful girl but whenever I see her in high fashion spreads (ie: wearing CLOTHING lol) it doesnt suit her. She kind of has awkward poses and a hard face. The only face she does really well is the sexy face combined with lingerie and swimsuits. In that way, I dont view Cris as being much different from other footballers who marry lingerie models, only that his gf is a little more famous because of SI. Like I said, Im a fan of hers and I admit this! Just because youre a fan of Irinas doesnt mean she is the greatest model ever. Shes not even close.

  2. Anon 2 says:

    I don’t get why whether she’s a real model or supermodel or whatever makes a difference. She’s still making money, still getting jobs for modelling. I genuinely don’t understand the point. What exactly is saying she’s not like other supermodels going to disprove about her? Just unnecessary cattiness…

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    Irina may not be the biggest supermodel, but who cares? She's beautiful and doing a good career comparing all those other wags who don't even have jobs.
    I love to see her in the catwalk and it's not strange for me that she's modelling for Kanye West, he mentioned her name on the song "Christian Dior denim flow". Listen to it and you'll see.

    Im not going to say you're fat losers and that offensive crap I see in other comments, but you do seem jealous. We have to respect Irina doing a catwalk because she has a good curvy body, in opposite to those skinny girls we see all the time in catwalks being an awful example for young girls.

  4. Inveja_Mata says:

    Cristiano has the craziest fangirls, poor guy. I hope he manages to live his life the way he wants without loosing 2 minutes with these lunatics and that is family and friends are safe from desperate stalkers.

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Irina is a supermodel? so what Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Bar Raffaelli, Ana Hikmamm, etc … Are they?
    I do not discuss what you guys say only what I see, these super models are essentially important for fashion even without parade or just use something out in the gossip magazine they already wreak havoc and create trends!
    Irina is very pretty but we all know (I'm talking about the public that is not linked to fashion like 80% or more of the world population) was because of her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, it may prove to be a Super Top Model, but not yet! OK!

  6. elsa says:

    High fashion to me is magazine as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Glamour, Elle, V magazine, Woman magazine etc. So If it's about that, Irina covered Bazaar twice and did an editorial for another Bazaar , she covered Elle tiwce and did an editorial for Elle italy, covered Glamour, did an editorial for Vogue and V magazine. She also covered Amica, a fashion magazine and Woman magazine twice. So to me it isn't rare to see her doing high fashion and she isnt in the " game " for a long time, its been 5years since she has good jobs.

    • maita says:

      Okay so add those up and then compare to all the glamour work she does, which is a lot. By percentage, you'll end up with the word "occasional."

      • elsa says:

        If you called " glamour work " posing for GQ for example or FHM, she did 3 GQ covers and another for FHM and Esquire. So a total of 5 covers. That's what I call " occasional ". High fashion work 2ELLE, 2 Harper's Bazaar 1 Glamour 1 Tatler, 1 Amica editorial for Vogue, V, Bazaar, Vanity fair etc. Women magazines ( Cosmopolitan, 2Woman, Jalouse, Marie Claire etc ). Or maybe I'm wrong but I don't see what else you call " glamour work ".

        • maita says:

          Sorry, I guess I need to clarify that despite the recent evolution of its definition, glamour modeling isn't strictly just the stuff you see in FHM and GQ. Please refer to your co-fan Laura's comment somewhere on this thread for her comprehensive list that includes not just Irina's GQs and Esquires, but all of her Cosmos and Marie Claires et al, as well. So compare your list to that, ok?

          • crissy88 says:

            This thread has gotten out of hand! But I get it, sometimes its fun to feed trolls. By the way, editorial whatever or not Irina looks like crap in that picture. Kanye, bless his egotastic heart, has horrible taste in fashion.

          • criss88 says:

            Why are the Irina fangirls listing every single bloody thing she's ever done? I could write her wikipedia page just by looking at these comments. Chill out girl/s.

        • kris says:

          Yes but in most of this magazine she wears bikini or is barley covered, she don't do fashion pics

    • Ioe says:

      Irina fans, as impressed as we are with your intense devotion and googling skills, please let this one go already! Until she shows up in a 10-page spread in Vogue US or books a Chanel show at Paris fashion week, it'll be impossible to convince us that she's high fashion editorial material. Let's just agree to disagree, ok?

      • ELSA says:

        I'm impress to see how much imagination you have. Waw, you go girl ! I'm not a fan of Irina Shayk and I don't take google for sources. Your comment is ridiculous. Who need to be convinced ? You talked about high fashion editorial material, that's what I was talking about. If for you Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Amica, V, Glamour, Tatler etc aren't high fashion, then alright. Thats it

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          Question: would she have gotten these covers/editorials without dating CR?

      • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

        Chanel is Chanel!!! That's just it. Not everybody is able to book that. The day she does I will be convince too. Period!

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      90% of Irina's shots are in her underwear/naked/swimsuit. Even when she did Armani Exchange (not the true Armani) she was naked. She only got these "high fashion" photos because of CR. The majority of these mags mention CR on the cover. Also, these are not US. Let me know when she does a mag cover in a country that doesn't worship/love/he plays in, CR.

      And what Vogue cover did she do?

      The only GQ cover she did that didn't mention CR was SA. People who think she dot all this "by herself" need to get their heads checked.

    • Bea says:

      i would gladly introduce you to much more worthy fandoms tbqh.

  7. gigi says:

    If you measure the pinnacle of Irina's success by whom she marries, well, that's just sad. Happy International Women's Day.

  8. aislingbarca says:

    You are contradicting yourself you idiot. You can't say it's women's day and call a bunch of women fat losers. You sound like such a weirdo 'You can't wait still she is Cristiano wife' .Is that all you have going on in your life you cant wait for a footballer to marry a underwear model get a bloody grip.

  9. xoWinnie says:

    "she's not a real supermodel" lol, so? supermodels are a thing of the past. models will never be household names again like Naomi, Tyra, Cindy, Elle, etc were. people need to stop throwing that word around like it's still relevant.

  10. DebS says:

    What on earth were they thinking with Irina's eye makeup?! They make the poor girl look likes she's been in the rain and her makeup ran.

    As for Abbey's outfit, don't like it AT ALL.

  11. Leticia says:

    shanina shaik did 10 fashion shows in NY fashion week only, she was booked for four shows in London, four in Milan, and six in Paris, and she’s only 21, Irina in her entire career only did 11 shows….

  12. Helen says:

    A lot of haters for this girl I don't get it. A lot of people thought she wont be with Ronaldo more than a couple of months, its been 2 years ! She will never be like Karlie Klauss Joan Smalls or Anne V for example but she does her thing and it isnt bad at all. She already get 4 covers in 2012 she did a new campaign for Avon etc not too bad. It's life I mean, not every football player are like Lionel Messi but they aren't bad because they aren't the best. I think she has a good career and she is in a good moment. I think why this girl, for some people, no matter what she does it's always bad or not good enough.

    • Sarah says:

      "Not every football player are like Lionel Messi but they aren't bad because they aren't the best." What. The. Hell. does that have to do with anything?

      • Anon2 says:

        What she’s saying is that not every model will reach the level of heidi klum, gisele bundchen just like not every footballer will reach Messi’s level but that doesn’t make them bad at what they do.

      • Sierra says:

        "Not every football player are like Lionel Messi but they aren't bad because they aren't the best."

        I think Helen was making a comparison. Just like every footballer cannot play as great as Lionel Messi, not every model will be the next Anne V, Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell but that doesn't mean they are not good at what they do :)

  13. FloraJane says:

    I think Abbey looks beautiful. I don't really even like the coat, but somehow she makes it look good. A beautiful blonde in a beautiful outfit in a beautiful hotel in Paris. Color me green.

  14. Loninha - Brasil says:

    I do not know who is thinner and looks damn skinny female slaves of fashion statement!

  15. Laura says:

    Czech ; Esquire – March 2012
    France: 'Paris Capital' – 2009
    Germany: 'Annabelle' – May 2005
    Greece: 'Jalouse' – February 2006
    Italy: 'Jack' – March 2011; 'Amica' – November 2011
    Mexico: 'GQ' – May 2011; 'Harper's Bazaar' – July 2011; 'Esquire' – February 2012
    Russia: 'Tatler' – February 2011
    Saudi Arabia: 'Harper's Bazaar' – March 2012
    South Africa: 'GQ' – August 2010; 'FHM' – March 2012
    Spain: 'Woman' – July 2005; 'Woman' – June 2009; 'Elle' – November 2010; 'GQ' – December 2010; 'Glamour' – January 2011; 'DT' – February 2011; 'Ragazza' – May 2011; 'Cosmopolitan' – June 2011; 'Yo Dona' – July 2011; 'Elle' – December 2011; 'Marie Claire' – March 2012; 'Man' – March 2012
    Switzerland: 'Bolero' – June 2005
    Turkey: 'Esquire' – March 2012
    UK: 'Esquire' – February 2012
    US: 'Ocean Drive' – July/August 2010; 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' – 2011

    I didn't even count editorials ( Vogue Latin America, Bazaar, Elle italy, Marie Claire etc )
    So if this is " occasional editorial " Alright then…

    • anon says:

      lol don't pretend she's at US Vogue level mmkay?

      • Laura says:

        Girl, I don't pretend anything, don't " imagine " things or read again. I only wrote facts. The article said she " occasionaly " does editorial. I said if all of this is occasionaly, alright. That's it. It is okay for you now you now or you still don't understand ?

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      97% of those are because or CR and half (if not more) of them reference CR on the front page with her.

      Shouldn't supermodels have more covers in the US then 2? Just saying.

      • Laura says:

        97% ? That's coming from where ? Did you do some statistics ? ahaha…Anne V is a supermodel but she doesn't have a lot of covers in the US, neither than girls like Miranda Kerr. So tell me there aren't supermodels ?
        By the way, who said Irina Shayk is a supermodel…

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          Anything from May (or whatever month they started dating) 2010 on is ALL because of CR.

          Anne V is barley a supermodel IMO. I don't even call her that. Miranda Kerr is for sure.

          • Laura says:

            Are you kidding me ? Anne V has more Vogue covers than Miranda AND has done more runways AND she is younger so if Anne V is not a supermodel Miranda isn't near it. If everything is because of Ronaldo why all these models he dated didnt get these kind of cover ?

            • LizzyHS90 says:

              All these models? What others ones has he dated?

              I just think Miranda above Anne V because I know her and knew about her for years. I only heard about Anne V last year. I think Anne V is better then Irina by far!

          • Inveja_Mata says:

            Girl, you need help. Seriously.

          • aislingbarca says:

            I agree, I never heard of her before Ronaldo.

            • LizzyHS90 says:

              No one did. Her "fans" and herself act like she got all this on her own and I just laugh.

    • gigi says:

      I just assumed that "occasional editorial" was referencing high fashion editorials. We all know Irina's main gig is being a cover girl/high-end "glamour model" so of course she's got tons of magazine coverage, but she's never really broken into the high fashion editorial market–I don't think a glamour layout can really be considered a fashion editorial. Notice how almost all the mags you listed are targeted at two specific demographics, neither of them the fashionista crowd.

      This exclusion from high fashion seems to be the case for most of the VS/underwear models. I think it's because they're considered too "voluptuous" (haha) or sexy, or as the Versace guy who was on ANTM said, too "80s."

    • Amy says:

      You can put up as many as you want. She is a High end Glamour model thats it. She does not model clothes she spend's all her time in her underwear. I don't get why you are getting so touchy about it anyway. Are you her number one fan or somthing ???

  16. aislingbarca says:

    The fur and Material Kanye uses in his fashion line is callled Astrakhan it is from an unborn lamb the mother is killed and the lamb is ripped from the womb it is the most cruel way to kill an animal, he also used real crocodile skin. I didn't like Irina before this and I really don't like her now for people to wear this clothing is Disgusting. It doesn't matter how much money they have it can't buy class. I know I sound like a right moan but I think its totally out of order to kill living things in such an inhuman way for fashion.

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      When I heard all that I was disgusted. Irina doesn't care, she was asked "if you love animals why do you wear fur" and she gave the stupidest answer!

    • kel says:

      She was in an Italian magazine posing with a tiger cub and was asked something about wearing real fur. She said there was nothing wrong with it and people were hypocrites for being against it when they use animals for other things, or something along those lines.

    • Amy says:

      , I was really disgusted. I googled it and found this website. I might sound navie but I really did'nt think people could be this horrible. And as for Irina calling people hypocrites for being against it makes her sound like a right stupid idiot. Most of the animals used for fur are endangered species in a few years they might not be around because of these people's greed .She actually did'nt bother me till now the girl is just pure trash.…

  17. Danielle says:

    Abbey looks like her coat was attacked by chickens.Kanye West is hardly a famous designer and judging by that outfit no chance of him ever becoming one not to mention that the biggest fan of his shoes and outfits is Kim Kartrashian- enough said.And occasional surprising editorials Irina does are in Spain-hm I wonder why.Probably for the same reason she gets most jobs these days-because she is Ronaldo's girlfriend.Apparently Ronaldo's mother and Irina aren't getting along that well these days-apparently she has seen to many of Irina's nude &scantily dressed pictures.

  18. mata says:

    It may be the most clothing Irina has worn since 1990 but it still has a see-through top with a visable nipple. Not exactly a street clothing. Unless of course you're a street-walker.

    As for Abbey, honey when your clothes get that tatty and frayed it's o.k to chuck them in the bin, honestly.

  19. AC_USA says:

    Is it just me or can you all not decide which one looks more ridiculus??? Deal lord people will wear anything these days!!! :)

  20. Jayy says:

    Dear lord…look at those coats. I swear thats a crime against fashion! Has anyone noticed that Abi ALWAYS does that gormless, 'I know I'm hot but I dont want to acknowledge it' face?
    Atleast add a few more expressions to your portfolio woman. She needs a few lessons off Derek Zoolander.

  21. Laura says:

    You guys said ” occasionaly editorial ” If occasionaly is being on the cover of Harpers bazaar twice plus one editorial, an editorial for Vogue Mexico, the cover of Glamour, Elle twice, Marie Clair, GQ, Amica, Yo Dona, Cosmopolitan, Women magazine. If occasionaly is like 10 covers or more last year and I’m not even counting editorials.

    • Brklyn1 says:

      That is occasional. She isn’t a runway/ high fashion model. She is more in the league of lingerie models which is something completely different. She would never be hired for the likes of Lanvin or McQueen because she doesn’t fit into that.

  22. gigi says:

    Well I guess that's one way to recycle the locks trimmed off of shihtzus. Arguably the ugliest coat I have seen this year. As for Irina, I swear I almost didn't recognize her with so much clothing on.

  23. Liz says:

    "since Irina doesn’t do catwalk very often, we have a feeling she was personally requested by Mr. West himself"

    Your feeling would be very She doesn't do catwalk often because no one ever books her. simple as that. lol

    Kanye probably remembered her the power video and booked her again. So funny you guys are trying to act like kanye had to put in a personal request like she's a highly sought after model. hahahahaha just stop it.

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      Isn't she the biggest supermodel in the world? Why isn't she getting Chanel, Dior, etc runway shows? Oh that's right, she isn't a real supermodel.

      Of all the Fashion Weeks this year she did one runway (this one). While another model named Shanina Shaik (pronounced the same) did 10 runway shows this year for Fashion Week and is a VS model.

      • Leticia says:

        Correction, Shanina Shaik did 10 runway shows in NY fashion week, she opened for jason wu btw, she did four shows in the London FW, 3 shows in Milan and 6 in Paris, she’s 21 from Australia, asupermodelon the rise !!!