November 10th, 2010

WAG’s Night Out: Pride of Britain Awards

A cornucopia of WAGs hotfooted it down to the Pride of Britain Awards in London Monday night, and as usual, provided much entertainment with their sartorial selections.

Since we’ve nothing better to do, we’ve decided to use a traffic light rating system for stylishness. What? This is the norm round these parts, ‘kay?

Christine Bleakley (above), was in attendance  with boyfriend Frank Lampard. However, Frank decided to abstain from red carpet frolicking, and had a low key in his entrance and exit to the event, not stopping much to pose for photogs.

Perhaps Christine should have done the same?

The dress is quite simply dreadful; one armed sequined trash bags are not the most flattering of evening wear, and the shape does nothing for her.

The sleeve cuts off at the wrong point, the length of the dress is off, and everything needs to be much more fitted in order to do Ms. Bleakley justice.

Our reactions: a very strong –  Oh honey, no. A definite traffic light RED. Do not accelerate any further and in fact, exit your vehicle. Stat.

Louise Redknapp (who attended with hubby Jamie) wore a bright Mulberry dress and YSL heels.

While we applaud the choice of colour, we can’t help but think that Louise looks a little, comme ci comme ca, in this.  However, after flicking through hundreds of images from the night, and witnessing first hand the horror-dressing from countless X-Factor wannabes and Girls Aloud members, we’ll give this a passing grade, and give props where props are due for wearing a pattern, rather than safe black.

Louise is on AMBER. Not perfect, but she should remain in park until the intersection is clear.

Pregnancy is certainly agreeing with Abbey Clancy, who looks fabulous on the red carpet, and sporting something very different from her usual sex-kitten look. We love the tuxedo jacket paired with the long dress (and her gorgeous leopard print Loubs). We also love that the dress shows off the perfect amount of leg, turning this from frumpy to fresh.

We are well impressed, and rate this an all systems go GREEN. You look lovely Abbey. Please speed away from the rest of the riff raff in a hot drop top convertible.

Coleen Rooney also strutted her stuff down the red carpet in a recession friendly Littlewoods dress (which can be yours for only £89). She paired it with leopard Louboutin platforms and clutch and we think she looks great. Her dress fits her well, and looks much more expensive than a high street creation. Plus her hair is adorable.

Style snaps for Ms. Rooney.  A definite traffic light GREEN for her ensemble. Drive on over to the pick up window and collect your Big Mac with a large coke.

Who gets your vote for best dressed on the night, Kickettes?

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24 Responses to “WAG’s Night Out: Pride of Britain Awards”

  1. MissEstonia says:

    I REALLY like Coleen's entire look, and the hair is so cute! I think Louise looks cute as well, I think the sleeves of the dress look a bit weird but she always looks lovely.

    I think they just got awful photos of Abbey and Christine, although I have to agree, Christine's dress doesn't look very good on her. I don't like Abbey's dress either, the slit up the thigh is just…ehh. But she looks so radiant and happy!

  2. Lena says:

    I actually think Coleens dress makes her boobs look saggy and the shoes. ugh. the platforms are too chunky and it reflects against the horrific hemline. Her legs look like tree trunks in it. The hem should be below the knee and a slightly less clunky shoe. Also, she's got a great figure but the dress so low cut makes her look really old. Her boobs shouldn't hang that low!

  3. falas8as says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Um, sorry but is it just me that doesn't like any of those dresses? Coleen's dress looks awkward with misplaces straps. Abbey's would have looks pretty nice except for her awful stance.

  5. GracieB says:

    they all need help…a call to Rachel Zoe should do it!

  6. rubyqueen says:

    i love christine's dress is gorgeous but it just looks ill fitted and wrong on her.louise very cute, abbie is a style queen and a goddess as usual.and the cheap chavvy mess that is coleen should be forgotten about asap.:)

  7. FloraJane says:

    Yes, RED light for Bleakley. Ugh. What else is there to say? Louise looks…nice, like always. Nothing to rave about here, so yes to the AMBER. I'm going with RED for Coleen, too, though. Other than the colour of the dress, she looks like she's dressed for Spring. If she'd worn black tights like Louise did, it would have worked. But I still don't like the matchy-matchy with her nails and accessories. Abbey- flipping GREEN all the way. She is simply stunning.

  8. Angela says:

    I have to disagree with Kickette on this one for Coleen. That dress looks like it's made for teens to maybe 21. I do not like her poof at all, and that's too much animal print. It's either one or the other when it comes to leopard print, not both. And then the brocade print of the actual dress? Terrible.

    • Whitney says:

      I agree. It looks like she shopped in the teeny bop section! She looks a little tired too. She looks older than she is also. I guess that's what a cheating man will do to a girl.

  9. Kylie says:

    What?! Colleen looks the worst. Jacquard+leopard print+cutesy bow headband?

    Abbey's outfit is the best, plus she is absolutely glowing. The print of Louise's dress is scary, but how thrifty of her to transition a spring floral dress to fall by pairing it with black tights. Christine needs a tailor STAT!

  10. Missy Manchester says:

    Christine Blechly (yuck to the dress, hair, smile and pose)

    Louise Redschnapps (flirty dress weighed down by heavy/opaque tights)

    Coleen Safari (great dress…shame about the leopard-print shoes/purse)

    Abbey Clinched It (would have liked to have seen a splash of colour though)

  11. Angel says:

    I think Abbey's dress is exactly the same as Cheryl's dress on the night…which is a Helmut Lang…just that Abbey wore it with a jacket…

  12. McRed says:

    Hopefully Colleen and Abby will be inspired by the Pride of Britain awards to get some pride and ditch their nasty ho hiring other halves.

  13. Not only does Christine get a red light, she deserves to get jacked and her car left a smouldering heap in Kevin Nolan's driveway. Ugggggh.

    Col and Louise are nice. Like a limegreen Volkswagen Beatle with a fake flower in the bud base. You go, "Oh, that's cute," and then forget about it by the next light.

    But Abbey looks AMAZING. Vrroooooooom, vrrrooooom . . . . "We goin' ridin' on the freeway of love. . . . take a ride in my machiiiiiine. . . . ."

  14. chrisscoff says:

    they all look hideous!

  15. lilygold says:

    In my opinion:
    Abbey looks great,really stylish.
    Horse Teeth Bleakley- Good Lord what was she thinking when she looked in the mirror and what did Frank say !!
    Coleen- Okay-ish
    Louise- Is she wearing Christmas wrapping paper ?

  16. LosAngeleno says:

    Abbey looks incredible! So classy and chic and different. I love to see one of these ladies in something other than a tight minidress with a plunging neckline. Now if only she could lose that horrible accessory known as Peter Crouch. (Colleen get a silver for cuteness!)

  17. Thea says:

    Christine dress is a Project D creation designed by danni minogue and looked great on her and Amanda Holden – shame Bleakley looks a right state in it.
    DOWN WITH X -FACTOR and Cheryl

  18. Blair says:

    Actually, I think that's Frank behind Christine signing autographs for the kiddies. But obviously I can't be sure of this.

  19. aps says: