March 3rd, 2010

WAG World: Gossip Round Up

Luis Figo’s wife, Helena Svedin is shilling something for Philips. Anti-counterfeit Cash Scanner? Mouse hairdryer? Electric Figofied Chest-Hair Softener? No clue.

Having spent the last few weeks knee deep in scandalous stories about footballers & their myriad indiscretions (hell on the Louboutins, as you can imagine), its’s a relief to be able to bring you a post full of merriment and good cheer.


Okay, some good cheer. And possibly a little snark. Just a wee bit. Hope you don’t mind.

First up, it’s congrats to Danielle Lloyd & Jamie O’Hara, who announced today they are pregnant. We had several discussions last month at Kickette HQ about our suspicions. Sadly, we didn’t make them public and now can’t say “nyah, nyah told you so.” That makes us sad.

Slightly closer to delivering her baby is Carly Cole. We wanted to show you this so you could appreciate both how lovely Carly looks and observe how unnecessarily mean The Sun’s headline is. What. Ever.

In a similar cheery vein, Sylvie Van Der Vaart has signed up to present the German version of Dancing With The Stars. We’ve been perusing Sylvie’s ‘official’ Twitter page of late and are divided on whether this is really her. Your thoughts?

Alex Gerrard has had a busy week, offering her support to Cheryl, Ashley and homeless charity Shelter. If you want, you can join in our game of putting those three causes in the order of how much we care about them. One of them loses. Every single time.

Staying with Ash & Chez, news reaches us that the custody battle over the small, furry friends has reached stalemate. We suggest that Cheryl goes for full custody as Ashley (see pic) already has one of his very own.

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9 Responses to “WAG World: Gossip Round Up”

  1. Missy Manchester says:

    Obviously the Sun panders to a predominantly male audience…because that headline was ridiculously boorish.

  2. tammyv says:

    Let me say… F-You to the bastards at the Sun. That was uncalled for! Carly looks adorable

    And Sylvie rivals Noemie and Elen as my favorite wags

  3. Merel says:

    Ofcourse i’s Sylvie’s real twitter. The Dutch RTL confirmed, she’s been posting privat pictures and tweets with Caroline.

    Congrats to Danielle and Jamie. They’re moving fast.

  4. How did I not know that Sylvie tweets! Awesome! *clicks follow*

    Awwwww, Carly. Poor Joe. Nasty from the Sun. >:[

  5. Merel says:

    Btw, Sylvie is going to compete against other contenders. Not presenting.

  6. Redgirl says:

    You couldn’t make it up: this is classic Wag-ishness from Alex Curran’s ‘column’.

    It’s really sad when any couple go their separate ways….
    So back to shopping!

  7. Aisha says:

    I love Sylvie! Carly has awful fashion sense, I have better fashion sense, and my Dad doesn't get that weekly wage in a year! Give Posh a break!

  8. Ella says:

    Carly actually looks very good there and The Sun's headline is truly ridiculous and uncalled for.