October 24th, 2007

WAGs As Role Models: Yay or Nay?

We know, this sounds insane, but hang on.

The argument has it that many of the players’ wives and girlfriends are actually much better educated than their other halves and were quite studious pre-baller jackpot.

For example, Melanie Slade (Theo Walcott) has three A-levels;
Coleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney) has 10 GCSC’s with A grades;
Charlotte Mears (Jermaine Defoe) has 3 A-levels;
Lisa Roughead (Michael Carrick) has a business degree;
and Michaela Henderson-Tynne (Stewart Downing’s ex) is currently working on her law degree. 

The idea is that these women have a potential career to fall back on should things not work out in their relationships.  We say, don’t be fooled by the experts, the WAGs already have careers: shopping 10 hours a day is a very worthy and challenging job, as is drinking champagne and Vodka-Red Bulls until you fall over.  Honorable, valuable work, damn it.

What do you think, Kickettes? WAGs as good role models and a reason to stay in school? Ridiculous or realistic – or both?

Link: Expert Tells Children To Look Up To Footballers’ Wives

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14 Responses to “WAGs As Role Models: Yay or Nay?”

  1. Emma says:

    And Peter Crouch’s future wife has 8 A*s at GCSE, 5 As at AS and is predicted 4 As at A2.


  2. hilda says:

    oh, and i forgot to say, how could WAGS and role models be mentioned in the same sentence. why would girls wanna look up to all these WAGS – and paris hilton even – when they are more worthy people in the world to look up to.

  3. hilda says:

    hey i like this site alot. the articles are so funny and it’s the first uk footballing site i’m on that people are willing to pick on the WAGS in a funny, witty sort of way. and it’s nice to know not everyone likes them too. way to go =)

  4. lisa says:

    oh lord i didnt see mel at the start an thought u meant alex curran for some reason (just read the perfume thread/) an i near fainted – charity work, gapyr, uni hahaaaaa

    lucky i re-read it

  5. chelsea says:

    mel is a very good role model, back in the summer is asked her for some advice on college and she was more than willing to help me decide to go to the same college as she went to and i have to say it was probably the best advice i’ve been given because i love it there.
    also she is going to uni after her gap year which she has spent doing charity work so far, so yeah some wags are good role models

  6. bianca says:

    well i think there’s a difference between having a good education and being a good role model…academic achievement is not a reflection on what kind of person they are/what values they stand for…also i think people are traditionally jealous of WAGs and aren’t going to start looking up to them just because some of them have a quality education!

  7. brandy says:

    I don’t even understand how “WAGs” and “Role Models” were even paired in the same thought, let alone the same sentence.

  8. tammyv says:

    I can see the arguement and I do think that Melanie is a great rolemodel for girls with her commitment to schooling and her challenging charity work (mountain climbing) as well as a few of the others…

    But Coleen? Not so sure, she has been smart enough to brand herself independantly of the Roo but she is only famous because of him. It is a strange catch-22

  9. aja says:

    ok, so, i’m american and i don’t get the education system in the uk. (um, what is the difference between an a-level and a gcsc? is there one?)  so…i’m assuming i’m supposed to be impressed by their educational attainment.  but i’m just not.  i went to a top ten ranked university here in the us…and many of my classmates were dumber than boxes of rocks.  grades and degrees don’t mean smarts.  i say, look up to someone who has achieved something other than being famous for sleeping with a footballer.  and like carly says, i’m more apt to look up to a great footballer for determination to achieve and skill than to his wag who’s job (no matter what her report card says) is simply to spend his money…

  10. Lisa says:

    Then again, they have managed to get set for life…….  rolleyes

  11. carly says:

    I’d rather look up to a footballer with no education and no skills other than their feet, than look up to WAGs.
    If nothing else, they’re men and sometimes good looking wink


    We think that its a good idea too look up too wags coz there cleverer than most people think.

  13. Lisa says:

    In AC’s case, doing nails

  14. cassy says:

    i think it’s hard to point fingers at them when you see young girls looking up to paris hilton and the like who are in the same roll of being famous for a name or association with someone famous.  honestly, i think young girls should look up to someone who has accomplished something other than spending thousands in designer shops.  to be fair though, there are plenty of women married to wealthy men who do have degrees but choose to stay at home with the kids.  if you have the money to not work and shop all day, then so be it.  i for one am engaged to a well-off man and i have a master’s degree from a top 20 school in the states and have decided to get a job at a small shop until i have children, i don’t think there is anything wrong with that.