October 10th, 2006

walcott shows the oldies how it’s done

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The embryonic Theo Walcott done good during the England v Germany Under 21s game, scoring twice – in what many are saying were very Thierry Henry style goals. (But without the sexy accent or the good looks.)

As was the subject of much discussion this summer, bubba Walcott was brought along for the ride to the World Cup by then England coach Sven Goran Eriksson.

So what’s the deal here? If he’s old enough to play in the big man England squad, why does he also get to play in the little man England squad too?

It’s like professional athletes competing in the Olympics, or Victoria Beckham eating food. It just doesn’t seem right.

Actually, being 17 and earning the levels of wonga Walcott is earning could also fall into the “doesn’t seem right” category. Such is the wonder of the beautiful game.

So, yeah.

We have no real point here: it’s a slow gossip day, we’re feeling old and poor and we felt the need to say something about it.

Link: Walcott Backing Inclusion

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