September 27th, 2012

Way To Not Redeem Yourself, Oktoberfest 2012

real madrid WAG german model next top modelkhedira girlfriend real madrid WAG

Image: Wackerbauer.

germany national team real madridWe asked for Mario Gomez – not a massive pair of boobs.

Kickettes, since when did Lena’s body fully realise its voluminous self? Is her suddenly ample chest a figment of our imaginations, the fault of her dress or have Miss Gercke’s girls always been that bountiful and tautly compact?

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26 Responses to “Way To Not Redeem Yourself, Oktoberfest 2012”

  1. Sarah, Madrid says:

    as usual my focus goes to Sami, explain the socks and shoes with the outfit SAMI! explain yourself now

  2. Malenka says:

    I guess that's sort of the point of wearing a dirndl dress – upsizing your cleavage

  3. Loninha - Brasil says:

    This festival is looking more like costume party than a party of German tradition, unfortunately turned Oktorbefest party of the rich and famous, Lena is dressed as an ordinary girl!
    I have on my Tumblr photos of Mario Gomez, he was there on Saturday, as always perfect my future husband!

  4. Nikee says:

    i guess as an austrian i'm a little to critical about the "dirndl" dresses the wag's are wearing but wtf. this is not the way a good "dirndl" should look like. i love the way she has her hair and also the jewls really fit but the dress…nothing to do with traditional octoberfest style

    • Mirella says:

      You're so right.
      I'm austrian as well and I'm really not against people from all over the world wearing our traditional clothes. However "Tracht", "Dirndl" and "Lederhosen" are traditionally meant to look festive, elegant and countrified. They are not costumes, especially not meant as some kind of lingerie. If you can't respect that, then please visit Oktoberfest in jeans or common dresses.

      Sorry, had to say it, I usually like her and there are no implants, I'm sure. Everyone can get this effect in a really tight "Dirndl" that is to cord at the chest.

  5. Kristina says:

    Mario! Where are you? I can't see you, those boobs are in the way!

  6. gin_in_teacups says:

    I think Lena looks great! She's so pretty that maybe I'm distracted by my girlie crush, but as far as dirndls go she's rocking this. Good for Sami for landing her. And good for her for landing Sami.

  7. tammyv says:

    The bikini shots are not small just badly showcased. The dress is the display window at Barney's on black Friday

    • tammyv says:

      Additionally, I might need therapy over the below the knee situation on both of them… It is a gaggle of WTF?

  8. Jayy says:

    I think its the dress – its pushing her lady lumps up!

  9. linvinnaar says:

    I spotted her boobs first before I saw the pretzel. Can't blame me now can you?

  10. German_Girl says:

    I saw those pictures earlier on today, and my first thought was that Lena had breast implants. I hope not – maybe it's just an industrial strength wonderbra??!

    I second the shout out for Mario Gomez. You can never have enough Mario. :D

    As for the Oktoberfest – I went on a school trip years ago (I know!) and it's every bit as awesome as they say. :)