December 19th, 2011

Wayne Rooney vs. Frankie Cocozza: Say What?!

Original Image: Dave Hogan/Getty Images.

If you give Photoshop-enabled laptops to the Mayhem & Fruit Beverage Suite bishes, this is what you can expect to happen. We’ve learned this now and are trying to retrieve the computers, although judging by the state of the intern who returned empty handed from the Suite a few moments ago, our journey will be a long, hard one.

To be fair though, this hideous chimera of Wayne Rooney and X-Factor UK reject Frankie Cocozza is just about weird and unpleasant enough to match the Twitter row the two became embroiled in at the weekend.

For reasons we cannot yet fathom, the ‘bad boy’ of British TV hell kicked off proceedings with a tweet implying Mr Rooney may have odour issues. Unsurprisingly, Wazza wasn’t hugely impressed with this slur on his sweet (we’re sure) smelling pits and pretended to only vaguely recollect who Cocozza was.

Presumably this is a problem Frankie runs into on a regular basis, and noted that to be not only recognised but indeed ‘merked’ by the England striker was a big deal. For Wayne it was obviously less so, and he didn’t bother to respond to Frankie’s cheery ‘good luck in the Euros’ tweet.

Still, we appreciate the effort they both went to. How else were we ever going to get an opportunity to see what Wazza would look like with a nice big bouff?

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16 Responses to “Wayne Rooney vs. Frankie Cocozza: Say What?!”

  1. xbabyshakesx says:

    THE HAIR!!!!!!!! its amazing!!!!!!! hahahha XD

  2. Anastasia says:

    lol for some reason, Rooney with that hairstyle reminds me of Colleens mum.

  3. footballandme says:

    That's the English thing we have with football and their lives. Can we control them? No. Do we expect it to be the same in other countries? No but that's just us.

    Lack of taste? It's her child, it's her twitter. She isn't doing anything that everyone else does on Facebook or Myspace etc with their photos of their children or their parties etc. How does it have a lack of taste to give an interview to a magazine? Royalty have done it (Zara Phillips) so does she 'lack taste'? It's an interview, not a playboy publication at the end of the day. Well people obviously care as she still has it.

    So what if she is still with him! SHE LOVES HIM! She's been with him since she was 16, it's hard to walk away from someone that you've know most of your life. How is it being a famewhore?! Would you rather she be miserable and lonely and a single parent then or happy and in love with Wayne and Kai?

    I know she was more famous then David in the beginning, I'm on about now. Do you seriously think that if she wasn't married to him or any other famous person that we'd still hear about her 24/7? We'd hear about her but not all the time. It's one thing being famous but another thing being relevant, something that Victoria and David have been since the 90's and will continue to be as long as they are together. I notice your not calling Victoria a 'famewhore' for sticking with David he he apparently cheated on her with R Loos.

    Rooney will NEVER have a squeaky clean image, that's a certainty but it's him and we've grown accustomed to it. He's 25, your not going to change him now and I don't see why he should. He's happy, she's happy, their family together is happy. Everything else that goes on doesn't and shouldn't concern us.

    • MilaR says:

      the thing is I dont think she is happy,or they. shes trying hard to make it seem like she is but i dont think she is, cuz she know he is going to cheat again(no one will be surprised). so thats why nobody gives a rats left butt chick about them. people just get annoyed because they tried to be celebrties as in fact they are now. but i think is the way they were first acting like everything was perfect and all. now that backfired on her face, because being a ´celebrity´ you are always on the publics eye. and for her its was a lot of people inclusiv me that thinks just because you marry someone thats some what famous doesnt give you the right to have a reallty show(or documentry whatever that was???!)

      And I think footballers should be JUST FOOTBALLERS NOT TRY TO BE CELEBRITES!!!

      • Anastasia says:

        Let's face it, Colleen has nothing to fall back on, if it wasn't for Rooney she'd be a shop girl, she's not dumb, she'll stick with him no matter how many times he cheats on her. How else is she going to afford going to Dubai and the Caribbean every month?

    • Anastasia says:

      She loves him? Puhleeze she loves the money and fame that comes with being Rooney's wife. Come on, how can anyone love a man that cheats on them when they are PREGNANT!!!

  4. Agnes Wonka says:

    I love Wazza, mostly because he didn't lost his "boy from the hood" temperament :)

    • con2e says:

      "boy from the hood temperament?" Is that what you call his latest ban from kicking out at opponents and his generally aggro behavior? Take off your rose colored glasses woman! The next thing you'll be saying is that's he's an attractive man, lol. We'll know you're certifiable if you say that!

  5. Lucy says:

    I love Rooney but he should stop replying to people who attack him no matter if is this guy or P. Morgan, but I cannot be really that surprised cause Coleen reacts the same way :|

    • footballandme says:

      Would you not reply to someone who is being horrible or talking horrible about you? Obviously you would so I dont see why Rooney or Coleen or anyone for that matter should have to accept it.

      • Lucy says:

        Michael Owen gets worst replies and he didn´t comment about that, if you are on twitter you know you are exposed to this kind of comments, and I´m not justifying this x factor guy actions but you have to be mature enough to just ignore the trolls

        • footballandme says:

          Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney are two completely different people with totally different temperaments. Some people are able to take criticism on the chin and others feel the need to stick up for themselves. It's not even maturity, nor is it Twitter as a social media outlet it's about sticking up for yourself. Once again why should you allow low-lives to say horrible stuff about you regardless of how your get perceived.

          And nobody fame whore? Seriously why all the hate?! Okay we know her because of Wayne but at least she is making her own money even if she has help along the way!

          People idolise the likes of Victoria Beckham, Irina Shayk etc for 'having a real job' before their husbands/boyfriends but if it wasn't for their partners they'd have drifted into obscurity. Victoria wouldn't have a fashion label or be a constant figure in the British and American press but the Spice Girls hype would have died down if she'd have married a brick layer from Essex and Irina wouldn't be a household model around the World in places like the UK and Europe because we'd have no idea who she was.

          Calling someone what you did is totally mean and horrible about a woman who has done nothing personally to YOU yet get slandered for no reason.

          Sorry about the rant but it gets on my nerves.

          • Lucy says:

            well I have never understand England´s obsession with wag culture I haven´t seen that in other european countries like Germany or France for example, and it´s a total lack of taste what Coleen does: puting you kids pictures on twitter, giving "exclusive" interviews to magazines like hello or ok, "writing" a column that nobody cares about, staying with a man that cheated on you twice with hookers (if that is not being a famewhore so what it is??) and this also implies to Victoria Beckham, who I really love and by the way she was more famous than David BEFORE they were dating, and coming back to Rooney I´m sorry but attacking other people on the internet is not going to help you to create a good image f yourself anyway

            • MilaR says:

              Preach girl:) thats the truth thats why people dont like Coleen and still love Victoria(the queen V) and come on Irena maybe wasnt famuos but atleast she had a job before and is good at what she do.

              Aint a Hater of Coleen, but sometimes I wonder what shes smoking on?!!

              • Anastasia says:

                Poor Colleen even with all that money, she's still homely looking, plus she has to go to bed with Rooney every night. No wonder she looks old beyond her years, oh ya all that tanning in the sun doesn't help either.

          • Bianca says:

            loool Irina is not a household model. She's just not as irrelevant as she would be without Cristiano. I have nothing personal or hateful against her, its just a fact.