September 5th, 2006

wayne rooney can read!

Thought he could only score goals, swear like a scurvy-infected sailor and sleep with 80-year-old prostitutes on his downtime? You thought wrong, dear friends.

With the recent release of his autobiography, “My Story So Far”, Mr. Rooney is now an accomplished author.

(Take that all you useless talented non-prostitute-visiting writers trying to get a book deal!)

With the help of ghostwriter (okay, the real author), Hunter Davies, this is the first book in a five book deal for Rooney.

It’s good to know there’s a career option open for him if the whole footy thing doesn’t pan out. 

Not everyone is behind the new scribe: Rooney’s former manager David Moyes (Everton) has threatened to sue over some of the things Rooney says in the book, in particular, that he “forced” Rooney out of the club.

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