February 6th, 2007

Wedding Bells: Gary & Emma

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imageGary Neville and Emma Hadfield will be getting married at Manchester Cathedral this summer.

On the 16th of June.

The. same. date. as. Steven. Gerrard’s. wedding. To. Alex. Curran.

Interesting, yes?

We’re thinking the guest list will be clashing like the lining in a bad designer handbag knock off, but we’re excited about the drama potential.

Gary plays for Man U, and is a very close friend of David Beckham, who has admitted he has few close mates. 

Random fact: at the 2006 World Cup, Gary refused to share a room with Becks because of his obsessive compulsive disorder. Becks has to unpack everything and line it all up neatly, whereas Gary could give a rats arse about that kind of thing.  Plus ,David goes to bed late (around 1am) and Gary goes to bed early (10pm). 

Don’t ask us how we know such things, we just know.

We’re sure David will be invited to be a best man for the Neville/Hadfield nuptials (Gary was his best man in ‘99 when he tied the knot), but sources are saying Victoria will want to hit the WAG fest that will be the Gerrard/Curran wedding.  It looks like they’ll be booking a helicopter so they can hit both parties. 

Link: On Me Wed Son

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