May 15th, 2007

Wedding Bells: Joe Cole and Carly Zucker

image: WENN


We hate her dress sense, but appreciate her low profile and cute bf, so full congratulations to Carly Zucker, now engaged to Chelsea’s Joe Cole.

Joe proposed to Carly at their mansion in Surrey on Friday, and they celebrated Sunday in London.

Let’s break down the deets, shall we?

Estimated Ring Value: £50,000

Length of relationship: Two years

Amount of belly tops worn by Carly in those two years: several thousand

Engagement: after a meal at the Ivy in London, but before playing Oasis on the stereo in celebration. We have to say the Oasis thing would almost make us give back the ring. Almost.

First to hear the news: the two bulldogs the couple share. We’d like to know who reported that inane, trite bit of information in the name of looking “cute” to the tabloids.

Length of engagement: said to be at least six months, with the wedding happening at the end of next year’s season.

Afters: At Brinkley’s bar in Chelsea, where Carly shed a few tears over the realisation at never having to work again, and being married to Joe C for the rest of her life. Celebrations then moved on to Paper in Regent Street where they hooked up with Jermain Defoe who had been having his own engagement party in Hatfield but obviously got bored and decided to hit the town instead.

Excitement level: We’re at zzzz, but may elevate the status of this news to a mildly interested when Carly starts wedding dress shopping.

Link: Ace Joe Pops The Question


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15 Responses to “Wedding Bells: Joe Cole and Carly Zucker”

  1. 1Y0-327 says:

    E20-520 Both of them are looking fantastically good. They look to be “made for each other”. PW0-200

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  3. seo services says:

    Joe Cole is a Legend.Joe Cole has something a young Michael Owen possessed, the ability to run at players! he is what Micahel Owen should be now!

  4. That is lovely! I reall ylike the one with the 2 pink diamond stones on either side.

    This site has some nice jewllery, quite fancy the diamond earrings too!!

  5. jo carnegie says:

    You can get a smaller one, or have less bling down th esides aparantley.

    I like the one in the rite hand corner at the bottom.

  6. Natasha Smith says:

    Oh my god….that is proper bling!!! I quite like it. Wonder if they would do a cheaper version? On this site they are offering a free ring sizer so always good when trying to drop a few hints to the boyf!!!

  7. jo carnegie says:

    sorry, forgot the picture doh!

  8. jo carnegie says:

    Apparently the lucky cow’s ring is like the one on the right…

  9. Natasha Smith says:

    Wish I had a bod like hers!! she’s actually meant to be a nice bird. A

  10. Liza says:

    poor Joey.

  11. Becca And Charlotte says:

    Why Is He With Her?
    And Why Does She Wear Those Crop Tops.. There’s No Need And There Disgraceful!!
    Shes Not Even Pretty, He Can Do Alot Better… And Buying Her A

  12. Jax says:

    Her eyes are too far apart. From the front, she looks like a shark.

  13. Cate says:

    As ashamed as I am to say it? No. But that’s what warped body image will do for you.

  14. Anna says:

    too skinny? yes or no?