September 19th, 2011

Weekend Results: Bringing Sexy Back

Nothing like a nice strong, muscular back to focus the mind on a Monday morning, is there, Kickettes? Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Stunning strikes, howling misses, gargantuan victories and inexplicable defeats litter the results this week. But you don’t care about that. You care about the nekkid and the short-tents.

We have those too.


One of these men redeemed himself by scoring, then missed an open goal. The other has a remarkable protruberance in his shorts. Image: AP Photo/Daylife.

Arsenal’s season drifted from awful to absolutely hideous this weekend, with a 4-3 defeat at Blackburn Rovers featuring two Gunners’ own goals and a howling miss from Per Mertesacker – one of the few players Arsene Wenger did purchase in the transfer window. But at least he managed to stay on the pitch. Liverpool newbie Charlie Adam was one of two Reds players sent off in the club’s 4-0 defeat away at Spurs, Martin Skrtl being the other.

Manchester City’s perfect record was snapped in two by a hearty Fulham side who came from 2-0 down to snatch a draw – two Sergio Aguero goals cancelled out by one each from Bobby Zamora and Danny Murphy. They’re now in second behind Manchester United, who beat Chelsea 3-1 in a barnstorming game that saw Fernando Torres score a great goal and miss an open one, Wayne Rooney pulling a ‘John Terry’ in the penalty area and Javier Hernandez just about surviving a potential leg breaking tackle by Ashley Cole.

We’re sure he didn’t mean it, though.


La Liga

Ooh. Biblical. Image: David Ramos/Getty Images/Daylife.

Barcelona hit eight past a helpless Osasuna side - simultaneously reasserting their dominance in global football and scaring the crap out of all the teams who have to face them in the next few weeks. Interestingly, their next game is against Valencia, who occupy Barca’s usual position at the top of the league after their 1-0 win over Sporting Gijon and extending their perfect record. Real Betis are right behind them after beating Athletic Bilbao in a 3-2 thriller that saw both teams finish with ten men. Pretty impressive from a promoted side, no?

Less impressive was Real Madrid’s 1-0 defeat to Levante, which saw Cristiano Ronaldo starting on the bench and Sami Khedira sent off, much to Mou’s chagrin. Madrid are sixth – one point behind Barcelona and Sevilla, who beat Real Sociedad 1-0.


Serie A

Someone’s been eating their Weetabix, no? Image: Getty Images/Zimbio.

Edinson Cavani scored a hat-trick in Napoli’s shock 3-1 victory over AC Milan that took his team to the top of the Serie A table. Alberto Aquliani scored early for the Rossoneri, but Cavani equalised moments later and then popped two more in for good measure, leaving Milan winless this season and in seventeenth position. Oof.

Fortunately for them, neighbours Inter failed to beat Roma and get their first win. The 0-0 draw did no-one any favours, with Roma in fifteenth and Inter in twelfth. Taking advantage of this shocking state of affairs are Juventus, who beat Siena 1-0, Udinese who beat Fiorentina 2-0 and Cagliari who beat new boys Novara by the same margin. They are second, third and fourth respectively.



While we appreciate your gesture, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, we think your technique needs a little work. Image: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images/Daylife.

Bayern Munich are sitting pretty at the top of the Bundesliga table after a comfortable 2-0 win over Schalke yesterday, while last year’s champions Borussia Dortmund languish in eleventh after capitulating 2-1 to Hannover. Lukas Poldolski (today’s lead and our favourite naked back of the day so far) scored two in Cologne’s 4-1 battering of Bayer Leverkusen who finished the game with ten men.

Last season’s hanger’s-on Borussia Monchengladbach are flying high in third, having beaten hapless Hamburg 1-0. For their sins (namely losing five out of a possible six games), they are bottom with one point and if they’re not careful, will end up being a Kickette ‘favourite fail’ team, like Arles-Avignon last season.

They got relegated, y’know.


Ligue 1

Eden Hazard’s foolproof method for stopping Joe Cole is exceuted moments too late for it to be effective against the nippy winger. Image: AP Photo/Michel Spingler/Daylife.

Last year’s runners’ up Marseille are today bottom of the Ligue 1 table after losing 2-0 to Lyon and failing to win any of their other games so far this season. Irritatingly, the three points that they handed their opponents put them in pole, with Montpellier breathing down their necks in second after a 2-2 stumble at Brest. Toulouse are third after a stunning comeback against Bordeaux, who were home and hosed at half time with a comfortable 2-0 lead.

However, three second half goals and a red card for Girondin’s keeper Cédric Carrasso gave Toulouse the win and third place. Bordeaux are now thirteenth.


Cross about the Cheech and Cole collision? Incensed over Arsenal’s defeat? Or still so mesmerised by the contents of Ramires’ shorts that your scroll button has seemingly ‘malfunctioned’?

You can tell us.

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103 Responses to “Weekend Results: Bringing Sexy Back”

  1. Arabella says:

    Chelsea vs Man u: honest to god the Ashley Cole is a fuckn pig man…the tackle of his was so for a red card..
    and ever since Fernando Torres got married and starting having kids is soccer career started tanking…its pathetic to watch him play like that this has to be the worst investment Chelsea has ever done…he is a striker he should be scoring goals like crazy…but NO he misses them when its just him and the goal…

  2. Yas says:

    Love your summaries, Kickette! I'm now informed about all the leagues without having to visit each individual website :)

    Keep it up!

  3. IrishBlue says:

    Sitting in an Irish pub in Barcelona surrounded by roaring Man United fans was not my idea of a relaxing day on holiday, it was pure torture! One result is not going to decide our fate this season, it was the best Chelsea has played in ages anyway.

    The scoreline maybe flattered United a teeny bit……or am I just in denial? I dunno. I just feel bad for poor Nando, yes the miss was bad but he scored our only goal, he really doesn't need more criticisim.

    Went to the Barca match, amazing experience! Osasuna were absolutely dreadful but it was brill seeing Messi and Co in action. Except Pique? Where was Pique? I wanted to see some Pique?

  4. BlackRose says:

    Cesc and Messi are officially engaged. The chemistry and compatibility when they're both playing is just unbelievable. I'm so happy I had trust in what Fàbregas could contribute, because he's actually giving is so much more than any of us had anticipated…

  5. DebS says:

    Did anyone else see David Silva's face when he found out he was the one being subbed out? It was priceless. He was having a brilliant game so I do understand his confusion. I just thought Mancini was trying to go more defensive to hold the lead. It obviously didn't work. I just love Silva. He is fabulous and he links up so well with El Kun.

  6. EspePique says:

    A couple of months ago I said that to go to Barcelona was the dumbest thing Cesc could do. I guess I was wrong. He is awesome on the field, he scores, and fits in Barcelona. And he is also very sexy in his Barca shirt.

    • DebS says:

      I was glad he was able to get back to Barca because you could tell he was homesick and really wanted to go back there. But I too never thought Cesc would fit in so splendidly. I realize that he's used to playing with some of the guys from the National team but he even seems to be fitting in well with the other guys too.

    • Ciotog says:

      I can't even watch Barca at the moment- it's just too soon :-( !! Although I think he left his sexy at Arsenal- the hair needs to be cut!!

  7. anna says:

    JESUS! is that Kaka? he looks so dark. Irony.

  8. jelena says:

    ramires is standing next to nando, what do you expect. hell, i would've had a buldge!

  9. Hannah says:

    You guys didn't post anything about Maarten Stekelenburg,he suffered head and neck trauma when Lucio kicked him in the head during the Roma-Inter Milan game.

    • DebS says:

      OMG I saw that! When he was carried off on the stretcher and wasn't moving that didn't look good at all! Has there been an update?

      • mamaly says:

        He is oke now, but that was a real shocker.
        Two other Dutch goallies were injured in the same way this weekend,
        There is some talk about making a helmet mandetory, but nobody likes that idea.
        But Petr Cech is right to protect himself.
        You've only got 1 brain.

  10. Fatima says:

    what happened with torres was that he went to celebrate before he even scored which meant he hit the ball wrong…LOL was hilarious from a man utd fans pov but felt so sorry for him and rooneys missed penalty was just as hilarious…he even saw the funny side after he tweeted about it!!

  11. Marie says:

    Barca: Just immaculate!
    Xavi: Best player ever, he controls everything, the moment he was taken off you could see the difference. One player i would give anything to watch!
    Cesc: Darling, so many experts predicted so many scenarios upon your return but not one of them could have guessed you would turn into a goal-scoring machine!
    Man Utd vs Chelsea: Definitely the game thats gona be remembered for the goals NOT scored!

  12. Hot4Spurs says:

    Very good win for Spurs! I still love you Skrtel and will keep you on my list of doables. Now I'm just afraid that Man City will try and get Adebayor back. They don't even need him! Redknapp needs to have the money ready to just go ahead and buy him in January!

    • DebS says:

      Was happy for Manulito although I still miss him at Madrid. Cris & his goal celebrations were hilarious!

  13. Lucy says:

    Ashley Cole is such a dirty player! he has always been!

  14. jelena says:

    ramires is standing next to nando, what do you expect? Hell, i would’ve had a buldge.

  15. April says:

    Oh Nando… you could tell he knew from the moment he kicked the ball toward the empty goal that he knew it was going to miss (he was already bending over with clenched fists). I felt his pain on that one. But hopefully he keeps up the good work he did this weekend and this becomes just a funny story of the goal that never was (the best all have them).

    Now, Ashley's tackle was certainly careless and reckless, but there are still shots of Chicharito screaming in the air and holding his leg before the scissor of it even happened. Now, I sure don't hope he is hurt, but I also hope it wasn't a display of drama too. Looks to be a bad tackle worth the card, but hardly the leg breaker it is being made to be by everyone. And I am no A. Cole apologist… he is really a rascal at times.

    Now for something good… Nando's goal was a delicious little number :) And has anyone else noticed his hair got a shade or two lighter? He seems to be recalling that (terrible) hair color and style of Euro Cup '08. Maybe he has a game-time superstition after all!

    • Tanya says:

      It's all in the hair.

      • April says:

        Quick! Someone get those shorn locks from 2008 and glue them back on his head before Rooney gets to them!

    • DebS says:

      I noticed the hair too. I really like it and it seems to be working for him on the pitch too. I wonder if that has anything to do with his decision to grow it out and highlight it?

    • April says:

      Looking at the game again (thanks FSC), I realize it is more than a couple shades lighter. He is full on blonde. It isn't the platinum frosty color he used to go for, but it is sort of in between brass blonde (aka terrible) and strawberry blonde. It's kinda weird, and I kinda like it. Go figure, because I found him devastatingly sexy as a brunette and the more natural brown, but if hair color and length makes him devastatingly effective in front of goal, then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make! Heck, he can bring back the mullethawk if it works!

  16. xoWinnie says:

    anyways, this was a horrible weekend for me as far as results go,
    thank god it's the beginning of the season or i'd be sh1tting bricks.
    but i agree with everyone who's said that what happened to Real proves
    that there IS competition in La Liga. i'm sick of the "two horse race" comments
    from Liga bashers, aka bitter EPL lovers
    yes, Real and Barcelona are clearly the cream of the crop,
    but that doesn't mean no one else can compete.

    • BlackRose says:

      Agreed. I think Valencia are strong, and so is Atlético de Madrid. I'm also hoping for Athletic and Villarreal to improve, and Betis seem to be doing rather well, so it could be a very nice season.

      Besides, the very much disputed Real vs. Barça rivalry and their hugeness is a bonus, not something that goes against La Liga. In my opinion, the EPL (which I love), Serie A, etc… would kill to get those 2 squads, or just 1 of them.

  17. Figgy says:

    Corr blimey, what a game between United & Chelsea! Must have been great for the neutral, not so great for me & my health tho!
    It was a game of everything.. Great goal by Nani, Wazza pulled a JT, misses galore by both teams. But the nasty tackle by Cole kinda killed it for me – bless Little Pea's socks, hope it isnt too serious.
    Overall sunday was a very exciting day in the Premier League, goals galore!

    • DebS says:

      I'm pretty much a neutral and it was a fabulous game. Nani's goal was outstanding, David DeGea had a good game, I thought, and the missed goals were definitely a highlight. I didn't think Mata played as well when Frankie was out there but seemed to do better when he was subbed out. Not sure why that is but maybe with more playing time together, it will sort itself out.

  18. Goonerette says:

    Arsenal vs Blackburn was soo humiliating !! 2 own goals !!!! There's something missing in our defence (Verminator), but injuries are no excuses !! It's been the worst start to the season and hopefully we can recover from it

  19. Agnes Wonka says:

    I have an adviced for all of you kickettes: don't cook while watching a match like Man.Utd – Chelsea! My sauce almost got burnt!
    But it was a very exciting match indeed. Both team played really well, showing the high quality of the EPL!

    Oppossite to this, La Liga was just disgusting! but really, Valencia deserves to be first, they're playing really well!

    • Raven says:

      So I take it that you don't give much for the bravery of Levante? Or the fighters in Sevilla? I know that you are trying very hard not to say anything nice about Barca, but there is a lot of good football going on in Spain. The only thing disgusting in this weekends edition of La Liga was Di Marias (and of course Pepe's) behavior, and Mou blaming everything on Khedira. And of course he blamed the ref's, but that goes without saying.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Lol! So, everything wrong with liga happens to be in real Madrid, we get it, we are destroying Spanish football, yes sorry!

        • Raven says:

          No that's not what I meant. Well, if they keep this up it may be the ruin of RM's reputation. But I was questioning the statement that "La Liga was disgusting". I don't think it was.

          • Lily says:

            Im pretty sure if RM's actions are ruining RM's reputation or making La Liga Disgusting so is Barca's Busquets for his own team :)

          • Sarah,Madrid says:

            Mourinho has been in Epl, calico before, he didn't ruin any league reputation, I kind find it Funny ( although me as Madrid fan I hate di Maria for whatever did was disgusting as many Madrid fans too) is ruining sliga reputation, what about busquets? Since he is doing it on European level,no? What about tv rights, no liga fixtures, sevilla president calling it shitty liga because he is not getting enough money…etc!
            Anyway I dont want snap at you, but I am tired of being critiicized because I remember when we won 6-0 in the beginning of the season we were ruining competition, then when we lost yesterday Mourinho is ruining it, or angel! I find it sickening, we always are the ruining something apparently. Btw, it is not like levante players were staying in their feet slot, or didn't provoke our players at all! We should done better, but they did…I don't blame them, it is part of the game anyway, we should control our actions since we are real Madrid after all..

            • Agnes Wonka says:

              don't get angry, love. remember something: this site is full of Barça fans! so they blame Mourinho even for Hurricane Irene!

            • Raven says:

              You seem to forget how much Barca are criticized. Always. I think it comes with being the best. And that goes for RM too. I never said that Mou is ruining La liga's reputation. But I think he is ruining RM.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Sorry, I noticed that after a while, I still don't believe that Mourinho is capable of changing a whole team reputation building for almost a century now, people knows this is Mourinho and always been Mourinho.
                I am not in peace for most of actions or talks, esp recently you feel mou is going through a werid unfocused phase apparently!! but he is here to do something, mean while he is my coach and I will show him the support. I will not change until we win something major because I just want us to have a coach for 2 years in row at least and based on his football results he deserves to stay.

              • xoWinnie says:

                Mourinho is not ruining Real. they are playing miles better with him now than they were just a few seasons ago. he may not be doing much for their reputation at the moment, but the results speak for themselves. we won the copa del rey under him, went farther in the champion's league than we have in years, and have just overall played as more of a cohesive unit lately. more importantly, the players respect him. which is better than the internal coach-player drama of the Schuster era, etc. the team has improved drastically under his leadership. that cannot be denied just because he rubs some people the wrong way.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  Some periods of real Madrid, i think one of them is pellerigni, players wouldn't listen to their coach because they know he is changale, but they are not! Or they are paid more than him, Now, every player in Madrid is changanle but Mourinho…he brings control to the locker room like no-one else do!
                  For me, his positives is more than his negatives….we needed coaches like him for long now.

                  • Kristina says:

                    I do respect you Sarah, don't think otherwise. I may not like Jose or some of the RM players, but I understand your sentiments and I respect you. One thing about Jose, he doesn't make it easy for the followers of his team :)

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      Tell me about it! I respect you too, I like sensible fans it is fun to talk with :) , I want support him because of how strong he made our team, how much he is admired by his players and you feel that he is fighting for our club, he is actually very passionate when it comes to his fans too, seems like a nice person praised by a lot of professionals in this sport but in the same time I don't like a lot of things he says or does! is definitely a headache lol

      • Kristina says:

        I found Mou's blaming of Khedira a bit uncharacteristic. Isn't he famous for taking the heat off his players? Not throwing them into the fire?

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Mourinho blamed everyone in the conference, he said I blame Khedira for being ' trapped' in provocation( lame!), then the usual referee comment ( who wasn't that good to be honest, effecting both teams), then he blamed players and himself, but again let's just cut part of his quote..
          Mourinho should stop ranting, it is getting annoying and embarrassing, but he blamed everyone jn this game including himself…

          • Agnes Wonka says:

            I feel Mou is gettting tired of the unfair refs and everything. I understand him

            • Raven says:

              Hahahaha! Di Maria escaped a red card and the ref's are partial against RM? This is hilarious!

            • Gladys says:

              Chelsea had some pretty unfair ref calls yesterday (sorry Manchester fans) and Villas-Boas kept his mouth shut like the class act he is. Bad calls happen, and RM has been, at times, both the victim and beneficiary of them (e.g. Getafe last week).

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                This is Mourinho, he always talk even last week he spoke after referee decision against his team, I don't like it, since I don't like blaming referees at all, game is win by goals and result, referees something can be unfair true, they do!They are human or make mistakes….
                But, Many coachs speak about referee including Mourinho, it is football..

                • Gladys says:

                  I know what you mean but he's getting so over the top. He has to pick his battles otherwise no one's going to believe anything he says. And I honestly can't imagine that the players like his complaining but maybe they're just used to it by now.

                  • Sarah, Madrid says:

                    Players such as iker, Ramos, said it many time before we are willing to die for me, players in peace in everything he does apparently, they all sing praises for Mou!.
                    Mourinho is Mourinho! I don't think he is changing any time soon….

              • Agnes Wonka says:

                Mourinho and Villas-Boas can express themselves whenever they want.

                • Raven says:

                  Believe me, I'm all for the freedom of speech. But you should be prepared to take the consequenses for what comes out of your mouth. I know Mou doesn't give a rats ass about what people think of him, but for me and for a lot of other people this is starting to reflect badly on RM. Mou has shown that he can be out of control. So, his players gets out of control.

              • xoWinnie says:

                just because you've benefited from bad calls doesn't mean you should ignore when they go against you. i wouldn't be mad if Getafe had complained about unfair decisions going against them. lastly, it's unfair to compare ANYONE to Mou, because most coaches will end up looking like saints. surely it's been established by now that he's his own person and isn't going to change.

  20. Kristina says:

    There was a lot of exciting football being played this weekend. The Man U – Chelsea game was fantastic. But I feel so bad for Torres. Even though his was a great goal!

    Sevilla had a great game. I see them in a top position this year (well I hope they will end up there anyway). I missed my man Caceres though.

    8 – 0. That shouldn't be a football score. I'm not complaining though. The goals were fabulous. But Osasuna is a great club and I feel bad for any team to be crushed like that.

    And don't take this like I am anti-RM this time, but I have to give it to Levante. They fought brave and hard for what must be one of their greatest achievements ever.

  21. Bri says:

    This weekend was just further evidence that Leo is pure magic. ^_^

    • Pam says:

      Leo plays football with childlike enthusiasm. In the words of Arsene Wenger, he plays playstation football! The result is for us fan to enjoy!

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      Yeah, but what about Argentina NT? he plays like if he wasn't pro! it's very unfair….

      • Pam says:

        If you watched Argentina's games carefully, you will see that Leo plays well for them too. It is just that he doesn't get the same help he does with his club side. In case you forgot, football is a team game and one player cannot win the game if he doesn't get help, no matter how talented he is!

        • Kristina says:

          Hear, hear! Leo carried Argentina the last two games. There's more to him than just scoring.

          • Agnes Wonka says:

            well…Argentinian people don't think like that!

            • Pam says:

              Well, then, that is a problem with Argentinians, not Leo!

              • Agnes Wonka says:

                if fans are dissapointed with his performance, it's his problem!

                • Pam says:

                  I respectfully disagree with you.

                  He didn't win World Player of the year for two years running and the inaugural Euro footballer because Argentina fans are disappointed with him! He won them because he is a terrific player! So it is NOT his problem, period! His performance is just fine, thank you very much!

                  Argentina should play without him if they are that unappreciative of his talent. I doubt they will do any better. Why? Because they do not play as a team! It is NOT Leo's fault! If anything, as Kristina said above, he makes goals happen via assists even if he doesn't score them himself. So, let them feel free to play without him.

                • Kristina says:

                  Are you sure his fans are that dissappointed with him? I doesn't seem that way. After the two last games he was hailed in Argentinian press and the Argentinians I know were very pleased.

      • DebS says:

        I do think he plays better with DiMaria and El Kun on the pitch with him. It showed in the Copa America and in their last game. I think the new manager realized that and the three of them on the pitch at the same time should help the NT.

  22. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Yes, real Madrid lost a game in liga, all I have to say, we saw that coming with the careless altitude we played with. Di Maria I don't want to say anything, shameful! deserve the bench for I care and kheidra felt for the "trap" of his own teammates.

    It wasn't an easy party as iker said and we surely had "scares" because if it :(

    Torres. Was brilliant with Chelesa, que golaze he scored…seriously, what a game though, entertainment at it's best.

    • DebS says:

      Di Maria smh. That was a ridiculous challenge that he didn't need to make. Then he pulled a Puyol (push from Sergio) by falling to the ground after he was pushed in the face. Not sure what Levante's player was saying/doing to Angel but Khedira, especially already being booked, should have handled that a lot better.

      Gutted by the loss. :(

      • Slave4Mou says:

        Me too. Bad, bad Angel and Khedrira (too be frank I didn't love him before this)! On a positive front, check out Pepe's interview on the RM website and Una's for the translation. Read it and see if see if you don't like him a bit more. I am a big fan and think he had a great game. Also I think Coentrao is the best money spent this summer by anyone. He's going to be great.

          • Slave4Mou says:

            I was referring to the part in the interview where he talks about sharing his food with a fellow player and friend as they had to choose between a bus ticket and food and how he is proud to have done this.And his love for his family, oh, and his dream to open a medical clinic with his doctor girlfriend…

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I know, I think it is the best real interview in this series, pepe is such a nice guy and very very romantic, that is a!

  23. Gladys says:

    Woohoo, Betis!! So tired of hearing from non-La Liga fans how there is no competition. In fact, I wish I had all day on Saturday and Sunday to watch every game.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Right!!!!…..please that's for all of you liga haters, see how levante gave a lesson to us of how to fight with heart and win…

      • Pam says:

        Right. Or last week when Barca decided to take its foot off the pedal and got caught in a draw by minnows Real Sociedad and then repeated the result with AC Milan. Shows that no one can relax even if they make billions in TV revenues!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Or the fact that bêtis, is on top of the table!!! Guess whrise ere will be a challenge for cris and messi for pichichi for this season as well, soldado scoring week in week out, folcao wow!
          I hope this will continue though, liga teams has the tendency to slip in the end, although osasuna lost but they still fought., kudos to them!

    • Kristina says:

      I agree with you Gladys, I wish I had all the time in the world.

  24. Miss Lampard says:

    Sorry for Manchester United's fans, but as a Chelsea fan I can say it, what a fucking game was. Without any doubt Man United dominated the entire match, but Chelsea of course could have done better than this. Smalling goal was offside, but the Nani one was brilliant, I can't still believe at my eyes, 'cause it was really fab, the Rooney one was a JT mistake and I loved seeing Roo's reaction when he missed the penalty in the famous JT's way, he struggle to contain a laugh, and me too. Delighted too see Nando's improvements, finally the goal is arrived, but scared and angry when he missed the shot. What a chance he wasted! I don't know what Chelsea can reach this season, but without doubt Man United is the best squad at the moment.

    I have just read few words about what Mancini (Man City manager) said after the game against Fulham, he said that they aren't able to kill the match, 'cause they haven't enough midfielders. Seriously, are you joking??

    • Tanya says:

      ManU didn't dominate the entire thing, their goals came out of nothing. I just hope Nando's miss doesn't bring him down cos really we saw the $80mil striker we bought from Liverpool and not some washed up striker trying to regain form.

      • April says:

        I loved so much his strike around minute 71, and then the strike off the rebound of his first one. While neither went in, both did offer a good test to de Gea and Manu's defense. Even if the latter went just over the crossbar (I wished it went in sooo bad, it was close… would have been a great comeback to Nani's). And while he didn't get near with the bicycle/overhead kick, he's been trying that move a little more lately (I feel like I read a tweet from ChelseaFC that he had scored in training on one), and maybe, just maybe, one of these times it will go in and everyone will call it the best goal of the season and forget about this goal drought crap.

        I feel I should mention that both Nando and Rooney were wearing their new boots and both had flubs. Easier to blame Rooney's on new shoes, but you could make an argument for Torres. However, I prefer and hope to think that it was just two silly mistakes that we can laugh about later on.

        And finally… Chelsea D needs some work (even non-defensive players), but considering the positions of some of the players, this wasnt their best starting 11 yet and they are working and working on that formula, so Manu ought to keep an eye over their shoulders, because they were given a test yesterday that the scoreline didn't do justice to!

      • footballandme says:

        United did dominate the game but were the makers of their own downfall by allowing Chelsea so much of the ball. If you look at possession it's heavily in Uniteds favour also Rooney could and probably should have had another hat-trick where as Chelsea were okay in the middle however up front they lacked precision when it mattered.

        • Tanya says:

          Regardless it was an amazing game. Quite a few heart pounding moments. I felt terrible for Nando when he missed the goal because my cousin(huge ManU fan) was laughing and I knew that the miss would overshadow the goal.

          • Miss Lampard says:

            I know very well what are you feeling for Nando, and I feel the same. I have a passion for him, 'cause I have followed him since Atletico Madrid days, but even if I love Fernando I can not see the reality. Football is an important part of my life and I'm objective when I say that he's improving, but this wasn't the best Fernando Torres that I have ever seen in all those years. I cannot say that he played a good game for the entire match, I'm sorry but this isn't the Fernando Torres who I know, who I love. It's a strange feeling I know. About what you have said on Man United,unfortunately I quite agree with footballandme, 'cause Chelsea made some terrible defence's mistakes, 'cause they still have some problems in the midfield, 'cause they should move the ball more quickly and exchange more through-passes for the strikers. Man United is more a team, very well organized technically, 'cause of course they has had Alex Ferguson for 25 years and Chelsea has worked with Andre Villas Boas since 22nd June. Fergie is almost 70 on 31st December, Andre is almost 34 on 17th October. There's a huge difference about experience and about age. The score for Man United could have been more huge and impressive, 'cause they had more chances of goal than Chelsea, but Chelsea was very good to limit as was possible them.

  25. Pam says:

    Poor Osasuna which had the misfortune of meeting a smarting Barca side. Their goal keeper was heroic with many saves while trying to stem the tide but had the look for a helpless person in the face of incessant onslaught.

    Hats off to Betis, Rayo, and Levante! Betis is having a good run. Kickettes, Roque Santa Cruz now plays for Betis in case you missed it!

    That face clutching of Di Maria in Levante's melee was laughable and triggered Khedira's expulsion. Khedira paid the price by shoving the person who he thought sent Di Maria to the ground!

  26. Lexia269 says:

    Trying desperately to forget the Spurs/LFC game ever happened…Ramires has helped, ty Kickette.

  27. Pam says:

    Fernando needs to ignore critics and just focus on getting his form back. He is doing well in the recent games with two assists and a goal, missed goal notwithstanding, and he just needs to play the ostrich (to critical comments) and continue with that.

    Buena Suerte Fernando!

    • BlackRose says:

      yup, all the best to Nando, he really doesn't deserve what's (not) been happening to him since he left Liverpool.

  28. Kat22 says:

    You have to feel for Fernando. He manages to score the only goal for his side and yet all everybody is talking about is the shot he missed. Hopefully this won't knock his confidence too much.

    Spurs look on fire at the moment. What a game that was!

    • Hot4Spurs says:

      I agree with you. Its unfortunate, but as soon as he missed that goal, I knew that the much anticipated goal he actually scored would be forgotten. I just hope he is able to be proud of his goal and get some confidence from that. I feel for him.

    • Sergz says:

      I know, but let's be honest, missing an open goal when you had plenty of time and space to focus is a bigger talking subject than scoring. In my opinion at least. :P

      • Kat22 says:

        Nobody is saying it wasn't a bad miss – it was. I'm sure Fernando would be the first one to admit it and probably has been beating himself up about it ever since.

    • DebS says:

      My heart broke for him. Even the commentators said they wouldn't wish that on anyone. :'(