April 23rd, 2012

Weekend Results: Chill. We Got This.

We know for a fact that interrupting a person’s jumpy claps can have terrible psychological consequences. Poor Mesut. UPDATED IMAGE & PHOTOSHOP CREDIT: Kick TV’s Ryan F’ing Bailey girls and boys.

Apparently, Cristiano has La Liga covered. Anyone else make such bold claims this weekend?

Apart from Mesut Ozil’s sale shopping bags, obviously.


Sergio Aguero was multitasking. Not only did he score one of the goals that put his side right back in the title race, but his marauding effectively relegated Wolves. Not a bad afternoon’s work. Image: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images.

In the past, a failure to challenge Manchester United’s grip on the EPL title has been more about a manager’s inability to out-think the Red’s famed gaffer vs. anything his players do on the pitch. But Everton’s astonishing comeback at Old Trafford yesterday, coupled with City’s easy 2-0 win over Wolves, has reduced United’s ‘unassailable’ eight point lead to a slightly more manageable three, with the decisive derby just a week away.

Is the Fruit-Pastille-Fuelled Mancini about to pull off the psychological coup of the decade? We hope so. We’re huge advocates of sweet consumption and this would do our cause no harm at all.

Speaking of coups, Roy Hodgson led West Brom to their first win at Anfield since 1967, and was applauded for his trouble by the Anfield faithful. Presumably because in the league at least, they haven’t had much to cheer about at home this season. Spur’s hopes of a Champion League spot took another knock with a 1-0 away defeat to QPR, although Arsenal and Chelsea did them a favour by playing out a relatively quiet 0-0 draw.

Wolves became the first side to confirm relegation to the Championship. Mick McCarthy hasn’t spoken yet, although everyone else has.


La Liga

Real Madrid have one hand on the trophy. The other hand is currently full of Leo Messi’s shirt. Image: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images.

We’ve been bitching about the post-match fallout from this most enormo of El Clasico games for weeks now, but even we were surprised at how effectively Madrid closed down the BestSideInTheWorld™. Cristiano’s celebration, after his match winning strike, said it all really. He thinks it’s in the bag. Do you?

In other La Liga news, Levante’s bid for Champions League football took another knock as they failed to beat Sevilla. They remain in fifth, but if Malaga beat Osasuna tonight, they will move five points clear of Levante and to within one of third place Valencia, who thrashed Betis 4-0 last night.


Serie A

What’s Fabio Borini got? A beard. About as useful for Roma’s hopes of Champions League football next season as a 4-0 defeat to Juventus. Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images.

It’s safe to say that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not the most popular person in the Bologna area this morning. The struggling side, whose flirtation with the relegation zone this season has bordered on the obsessive, were seconds away from three points when Zlats struck an equaliser. It’s crap news for Milan as well. Their title hopes rest on keeping up with Juventus and having beaten Roma 4-0 last night, the Bianconeri are three points clear with just five games to go.

Napoli kept next season’s European interest alive with a 2-0 victory over Novara, who should be packing their Serie A bags right now. They’re ten points off the pace in nineteenth position; the only side with a worse record being Cesena, who only just kept afloat this weekend with a 2-2 draw against Palermo.



Freiburg ‘keeper Oliver Baumann’s celebration was a little more muted than that of the rest of his team, but he was just as happy. Image: Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images.

We’re dealing with the nudity that Borussia Dortmund’s title win prompted in a separate post. In the meantime, you’ll have to reserve your good cheer for Freiburg, whose 0-0 draw vs. Hannover was sufficient to see them secure top flight football for another season.

Bayern, who clearly had their mind on other matters, still managed a 2-1 win over Werder Bremen after Franck Ribery scored a last gasp winner. The success or failure of their season will now be decided at the Bernabeu on Wednesday.

We. Can’t. Wait.


Ligue 1

They’re well out of the title race, but it’s good to see Bordeaux have got a solid grip on each other. For us, that’s almost as important. Image: REUTERS/Fabien Cottereau.

Despite a two point gap at the top, it’s tough to say whose holding the initiative with five games to go in Ligue 1. Montpellier lead PSG by two points after they beat Valenciennes by the relatively conservative margin of 1-0, but PSG look to be moving into a rich vein of form at just the right time. They beat strugglers Sochaux 6-1, closing the gap in goal difference between the two leaders to just one.

Meanwhile, Auxerre are about as close to the relegation quagmire as it’s possible to be without sinking. Their 1-0 defeat to Nice was compounded by the loss of two players to red cards, and with games against Montpellier and Marseille to come, we’re not optimistic.



Toronto FC have more fouls than points. Not ideal, really. Image: REUTERS/ Mike Cassese.

Toronto FC continued their impressive run of failures at the weekend with a sixth consecutive defeat to Chicago Fire, while Portland Timbers pulled off an astonishing 1-0 win over unbeaten Sporting Kansas City. Both remain in the positions their recent form deserves.

DC United swapped places with New York Red Bulls in the Eastern Conference after a 4-1 win inspired by a Chris Pontius hat-trick, but it was San Jose’s Chris Wondolowski who joined Thierry Henry in the top-scorer stakes. Both have eight for the season so far, having scored one in the Earthquakes’ 3-1 win over Real Salt Lake. Kyle Beckerman contributed a goal, while Fabian Espindola and Jamison Olave’s input was limited as they both got sent off.

Despite this, Real are just one point behind San Jose and four points clear of the Vancouver Whitecaps, who beat FC Dallas 1-0.


See? We told you everything was under control Kickettes!

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128 Responses to “Weekend Results: Chill. We Got This.”

  1. Kiara says:

    Özil: "Ich bin so fabulös!"

  2. GermaninLondon says:

    And, please…., WHERE is the photo Sergio Ramos tweeted the other day of (l to r) Mesut, himself, Pepe, Varane & Iker? Not that I care about the right-hand 80% of the photo!

  3. Kat22 says:

    I love the new photo of Özil! :-D

    Thank you Kickette for brightening a dull and boring Tuesday morning!

    • chay says:

      His expression, the gesture of his hands, the shopping bags–I couldn't stop laughing. Ah, our dear Bambi!

      • Kat22 says:

        You can just imagine him squealing "I got THE best outfit Cris, half off at Macy's!"

    • DebS says:

      I agree. That is the best picture ever! Well done, Kickette! lol

  4. KL7 says:

    So happy for the boys from Real Madrid!! It was a great team effort, especially on defense. I was so proud of the whites for keeping calm and not losing their heads. The fact that it was CR scoring the winner was just the icing on the cake. His celebration ( I read he was telling the crowd to calm down because Alexis had just scored and the crowd was still cheering and he said something like I got this or I'm here) had to have stung the Barca fans almost as much as the goal itself. Everyone says he disappears in big games and I think finally people can't say it anymore. Not only has he scored at Camp Nou but he has scored the winner in a lot of LaLiga matches this year. This campaign practically every match has counted and CR was the hero in most of them. His hat trick at AM, his amazing backheel at Rayo. He's been truly awesome this year. He carries tons of pressure from fans and media alike and I hope he gets as much praise as he gets criticism for once. Hala Cristiano and Hala Madrid!!!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Yes, yes and yes!! this goal in camp nou hopefully spot light on Cristano this season how important he is for all our games this season, YET RM is still playing as a team, singling out cristano as MVP, doesn't mean the rest didn't give it all, or isn't playing well, but you know when there is a player who shines in a season, it is Cristano!

  5. con2e says:

    Real- Barca I could care less. Chris Pontius in the rain scoring a hat trick! How glorious! Who cares about these Euro tw*ts! Hala DC United!

    • Utd Girl says:

      I'm sorry, but I'm AMERICAN and I prefer EUROPEAN FOOTBALL! Please do NOT refer to them as twats. MLS is boring to me. I don't mean to offend anyone, but there just isn't any excitement there. And you can't exactly say HALA DC United. It doesn't even make sense.

  6. GermaninLondon says:

    La Liga in one bag? CL in the other?

    • GermaninLondon says:

      Oh, well, Mesut, it better be La Liga in one bag; the European Championship in the other!!! ;-)

  7. Marissa says:

    Mesut's face= My face after I found my prom dress this weekend

  8. Utd Girl says:

    I am more inlove with Mesut than ever! I have seriously watched this video 50 times the past 2 days. I am a bit obsessed…

    He is just too adorable!

    • DebS says:

      too funny! Guess there's not much helping going on, no? Speaking of which, I'm still waiting to hear Sergio speak in English. :D

      • Utd Girl says:

        Oh my goodness! I have been dying to hear him speak English for the longest time too! I just need to learn Spanish so I can conversate with these boys!

  9. Red4ever says:

    hey kickette, you for the lyon game. Lashes did play real good.

  10. Agnes Wonka says:

    Mezut LOL!
    El Clásico was great, mostly because there was no violence.
    CR did great but also Karim Benz who played fantastically though he didn't score.

    • DebS says:

      I agree. I know Benz is a striker so his goal stats seem to count the most to people but he brings so many other things to the game too. He was an animal coming back to help on defense too.

  11. April says:

    I approve of the updated photo!

  12. Steffi says:

    Mesut's like "OMG! I got this new sweater on sale at 50% off and then saved 30% with me Macy's card, so I had to pay $15!!!!" lol he's still so hawwt <3

  13. Utd Girl says:

    I am so nervous and scared about the upcoming matches for United. I may just have a heart attack. I do not know what I would to if City ends up winning the title. I don't like predicting winners of matches. I am sure so many people want City to win, but UNITED are not going down easy! My boys will get it together and avenge their embarrassing defeat! At least, I'm praying to God they do! I am going to be in tears, I'm sure. Ahhh!

    I am also very very happy for the Madrid boys! They deserved that win!

  14. eva says:

    There is no hope that Messi will not be mentioned. Cris is the man they love to hate. Messi seems to be a naturually
    quiet person. One of those people who comes alive when you get to know him. Cris is just out there. He's tall, he's good looking, he dates models, drives flashy cars…some people consider that showing off…they're both fucking good. Period. No way around that.

    It doesn't matter if Cris scores 800 goals in a game or in a season…all they're going to say is 'Well, Messi could've scored 801, but he's such a humble guy he gave someone else the chance.' It never ends…so I just let it go, a long time ago…..

    Honestly, the entier game the annoying announcers (especially that Scottish guy) just kept saying that RM were only going to be able to draw the game. These announcers are sold on Barca, and nothing will sway them from that. Period. Whatever Barca does is genius, whatever RM do is just sheer luck. Right or wrong…that's the tale that they tell

    • Utd Girl says:

      I feel the same way. I am so sick of everyone always hating on Cristiano. Yes, Messi is a very good player, but that doesn't justify the way everyone always critiques Cristiano. What, just because you're amazing looking it doesn't mean you're not as good or as focused as the other player. I love Cristiano and I HATE how all these people just always make it seem like he's not as good or will never be as good as Messi. STFU!

      I am so HAPPY that Real won! It's about damn time! I am not a Barcelona fan whatsoever. They are NOT God's gift to Earth which so many people think of them as. Yes, they have talented players, but so does Real MAdrid. Maybe their flashiness and being blunt about things and just being plain good looking makes people think they aren't as concentrated as Barca, but that's just false. I think it just fuels their fire and good for them. Hala Madrid!

    • Maria says:

      I could not agree more. There's this guy in ESPN3.com (I watch all my matches there) named Tommy I think and he HATES RM. Don't comment on that game is you're gonna be so bias!

    • con2e says:

      Good looking not. Bad skin, dodgy hair, narcissist attitude yes. Undeniably superior athletic ability yes.

    • xoWinnie says:

      this is everything I've always wanted to say, in much nicer terms lol

    • xoWinnie says:

      people made fun of me here for saying this before, but I'll say it again. Cristiano is that friend you'll never leave your girlfriend around, and Messi is the one you'd ask to watch over her before you went away somewhere lol. Ronaldo: he'll score on you and could probably steal your girl if he wanted to. Messi would have luck with the former. i know Cris wasn't the most likeable when he was at Man U, but it's been years, people need to get over it. he is a grown man with a child now. i think a lot of testosterone driven insecurity plays into this hatred that these so-called pundits and analysts have towards Cristiano (just my two cents), Messi is just easier for them relate to because he's not the big, flashy, Ferrari-driving, Gucci-wearing, Armani-modelling soccer player

      • Utd Girl says:

        Haha I agree. I love Cristiano more than words can explain.I never cared whether other people liked him or not. He played for the club I've always liked ever since I was little and that love grew even more. It's not his fault he's blessed with charm and good looks. (Yes, he did look much better when he was in his late teens, early 20s, but he has matured gracefully). I don't care if Messi is attractive or not. He is a great player, but I hate when people assume that he's more serious or is a true footballer in comparison to Cristiano. So many other footballers are as flashy or even more self absorbed than Cristiano, he just gets the bad rep because he is an amazing player and have played for the biggest clubs in the world.

        *Oh well, all the haters can hate. Cristiano will have the last laugh. Oh my GOSH I agree with all the biased commentators. Most of the time, I just mute the game because I don't wanna hear the stupid shit they have to say because they just don't like Cristiano and Real. I do the same for the UTD games too though because it drives me crazy.

        • xoWinnie says:

          girl, i completely understand. i nearly lost it when i heard that some asshole at the Ballon D'Or ceremonies referred to Cristiano's dribbling as "party tricks"…that's just beyond disrespectful. anyone who has worked with Cristiano has attested to the fact that he works extremely hard to be as good as he is. he stays HOURS alone after practices to perfect his skills. he puts his soul into this game. he gives his all to whatever team he's representing (although i have some reservations about the way he plays on Portugal, ahem), even at Utd when he wanted to leave, he gave them his best and they won the league that season BECAUSE of him. despite ALL of that, all people want to talk about is his "playboy" lifestyle, his horrible fashion sense and flashy cars, watches, designer murses. his "crispy" tan, his "greasy" hair. when people criticise the way Cristiano looks, it's okay. but as soon as someone calls Messi, (who traditionally speaking is not as handsome as Cris) "ugly" all hell breaks loose. it's like the "fat girl/skinny girl" complex. calling the fat girl fat is mean, but calling the skinny girl anorexic or a skeleton is okay… anyways, all people wanna talk about concerning Ronnie is his "trashy" girlfriend, his "surrogate" baby, his "closeted homosexuality", his "obvious arrogance". when it comes time to actually talk about the sport he gets paid to play, they label him a "whiner" and a "diver" and want to be on their merry way. i'd like to say i'm over it, since I've come to his defense so many times, but I'm really not. it makes me quite upset that people can't appreciate his talent because they've already formed an opinion of what he's like as a person (i've heard he's very nice from both fans and people who've worked with him, so i dunno–he seems like a good guy)

          • Utd Girl says:

            I could not have said it any better! It's unbelievable how bias everyone is. I know so many Cristiano haters. I think most of them are just pathetic. The press blows everything out of proportion too. Yes, Messi is more private, but it's not like paps are out to get him and follow him as much as they do Cristiano. Plus, I actually like him and Irina together. I really hope that Real pulls through tomorrow and every critic can shut their mouths regarding Cristiano's skills. I am BEYOND HAPPY that Barcelona got eliminated today. Congratulations to Chelsea for hanging in there! I get so worked up talking about this. Haha but at least I'm not the only one! :)

            I wish I could have met Cristiano and the rest of the team when they played in LA, I only saw them drive by in their golf carts. But it was good enough for me!

            • xoWinnie says:

              i agree! I think I almost popped an artery when Torres scored lol, but the excitement was too much. i don't care what anyone has to say, Chelsea deserved that victory, playing with 10 men, 2-0 down, at the Camp Nou, putting up with Cesc, Alexis, and Biscuits' flip-flopping…they did what they had to, and i applaud them for that. i'm so happy, i almost wanna say i want them to win this whole thing, but really, i want Madrid to prevail (obviously). i saw a couple of handballs in there too, and i'm not gonna lie, i smirked because i remembered the last time these two teams played one another. all i can say is: payback's a bitch!

    • cookingdj says:

      I alway think that Messi has natural raw talent in football. he's good, very good. On the other hand, cristiano may not started with as big of a talent as messi was, but he trained like crazy to be the best. Now, who do you like more? the one who rely on his big unbelievable talent to be the best, or the one who earned it with all the sweat and blood? Yes, Messi probably is the best, and *most* people love him. But Cristiano, there will come the time when people will appreciate all your hard work to be the best. You are the best right now in my book.

  15. Jenni says:

    I'm so happy that the Premier League title looks set to go to the wire! I'm so glad neither team has run away with it. I hope City win, so that we don't get a boringly easy finish from United.

    Also, I found a blog earlier, written by a man, who presumably doesn't crush on Balotelli like I do, saying the scene was set for Super Mario to come off the bench and score the winner. I sincerely hope this fantasy comes true!

  16. Gladys says:

    As much as the result made me sad as a Barca fan, congratulations to Madrid. Though I would have preferred Benz to score that winning goal, it, along with Ozil's pass, was a beauty. I know Pep made some strange choices for the line up and maybe he did this because of injury/fatigue/sacrifice for the CL, but FCB had chances to score and they just couldn't finish. This has been a problem lately, and as much as I love my team, you do not win the league (or the CL for that matter) if you can't put the ball in the back of the net. Now it's time to get over it and beat Chelsea. Personally, I love the tika-taka myself– it's one of the reasons I like them– but they need to find a way around the heavy defending without compromising style. Otherwise, the draws and losses will just keep coming. Also, I miss Villa but that can't be helped.

    On a different note, so proud of Valencia for the 4-0 and goals for Soldado and Canales. Hope they prove everyone (including their fans) wrong on Thursday.

    • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

      Your comment is on point, I don’t even have to say anything else!!

    • cookingdj says:

      I like you :) you're like one of the sane cule i've come across. You are right, although i'm a die hard madridistas, I personally like the tiki-taka also. But when you're stuck in that style and cannot score, you cannot win, as simple as that. Barca was stuck in their own game. They can have all the ball possession the world, but you gotta finish it.

  17. Gillian says:

    Dude, hands off! Friedrich is MINE!

  18. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Calm Calm Calmn wonderful !! hahahahahah Ever Cris 7

  19. Pathis07 says:

    Madrid played effectively… Barca have been lacking a certain sting in their attack for somtime now… or are they Messi dependent?

  20. lila says:

    I'm just really happy for Juve! La Vecchia Signora is finally going to get what she deserves!!!

  21. Melaniee. says:

    Cant say I am not a little disappointed with Barca but that certainly does not take anything away from Real Madrid. That last goal was sensational (although i truly hate to admit that).

  22. Carolina says:

    I wanted to see a little more of Higuain. He's adorable.

    • chay says:

      I agree with that 100% And I was happy to see Granero at the end. I adore him!

      • DebS says:

        Me too! I'm glad that Mou has been showing more & more confidence in him. Granero has shown that he's well deserving of every minute he gets. I'm very happy for him. :)

  23. madamegourcuff says:

    congrats to real madrid, i'm tired of barca winning all the time

  24. Kat22 says:

    Looks like the title race in the PL is back on! Congrats to Everton – well played! Putting four past United on their home turf is no easy feat.

    Congrats to Real Madrid as well. What's going on with Barca? I'm hoping they're just conserving all their energy for tomorrow night.

    • April says:

      Agreed on Everton- very impressive! Especially for a side that has struggled to get goals through periods of the season. 4 at OT? Whoa!

      Disagreed on Barca ;) I may be a bit biased, though.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      what's wrong with barca? they been mourinho-ed ( you know Chelsea and RM) in one week :P !

  25. mata says:

    Congrats City! Whoever wins the title, I love the nail-biting excitement of a close race. So sad for Wolves though, I wanted to give poor Terry Connor a hug he looked so desolate.

    Sergio Aguero has quite possibly the cutest dimples in professional football. And happy belated birthday to Joe Hart.

    • mybabyri says:

      Have you seen inside city last week OMG I just melted when he carried that random baby:P (I wish i was that baby).. gahh hes soo cute,giving David a run for his money huh…

      • MissU Paolo says:

        Yeah, my ovaries imploded seeing that and then later reading that Benji wouldn't take off his City jersey. Awww.
        And even though the adorable David is still my favorite, Sergio is def right after. Both have killer smiles, woah!

        Gotta take it 1 game at a time. I'll need wine and many happy hours to even try and relax until the derby.

        • mybabyri says:

          thank god i'll have that day off and the day after too. so bring it united cant wait going to be so nervous but i hope it will worth it and city will win :)

      • mata says:

        Awww, too adorable, thanks for the tip!

        • mybabyri says:

          you welcome :) but did you see those girls..wow exactly how would react if i saw them too.. LOL

  26. Kat says:

    I have never been prouder of Real Madrid than I am now. While their performance was not spectacular or flashy or showy, it was a disciplined, controlled and committed performance. Every single player did their job and, as cheesy as it sounds, my heart could burst for the love and pride I feel for each and everyone of them. Yes, a there's a teeny tiny bit there even for Pepe.

    If this match meant so much to me (and millions of other Madridistas out there), I cannot imagine how Iker, Xabi, Sergio, Alvaro, Cristiano, Mesut, Sami, Fabio, Karim, Angel, etc. must feel. And I am so happy for them.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Ozil for me had the game of his life, who could imagine Ozil will be one in the midfield extra man to pressure to defend, to run, his avatar eyes pass alone, ay ay ay!!

      I share your feeling as million of madridista out there, if Xabi was the one who was so happy that needed to be pulled back by Arbeloa, am always proud of this team, but this time am proud of their behavious, you said it bingo, not a show stopper performance, but definitely worth of champions performance, I know it is such a collective team effort, BUT for me stand out is Ramos, not because of this clasico alone but even the one before, what a commanding CB this guy has turned.

      Kudos for Guradiola for showing his respect to us as well.

      • Kat says:

        Ozil has always been brilliant, to me.

        And really, it was an amazing team effort, at one point Ronaldo was even defending!! But indeed, Sergio and Alvaro to an extent (Tello may have made his job a bit easier) were the standouts to me in the defense. And to think that Sergio's "traditional" role was as fullback on the right, and he's now evolved to be a very solid CB.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          what I meant about Ozil that he would go back to midfield constantly work as our thrid trivote every single time, that's why I think he stood out for me, as for ramos the reason I mentioned him as for previous clasicos as well.

          However I agree, it is such a collective performance, that iker wonderful one on one save is forgetten!

          • DebS says:

            I noticed that too. Not that he doesn't help out in other games but he seemed to be working extra hard at it this time.

            Aww heck…they all worked extra hard. I'm so proud of all of them!

    • mybabyri says:

      they have really grown as a team if they manage to beat Bayern they can actually win the Champions league either if its against Chelsea or Barca.

  27. Sarah, Madrid says:

    "Calma calma calma" still 4 games to go.

    CRISTANO CRISTANO CRISTANO!!! I really love how we contiune on breaking records, 109 goals, I hope the ketchup keep on flowing!!! Cristano goal being the goal that perhaps wins Liga for Real Madrid in Camp Nou would make it soooooo sweeeet!

    I have 2 comments, Canales sooooo glad he is back, what a performance he put on yesterday against Betis! Alves what a douchbag but no one is talking about has been swept under the carpert, but for people out there who is so against violence should be against it regardless who is doing it or against whom! sorry I will say it.

  28. Kristina says:

    lol @ the picture of Özil!

    Congrats Madridistas! As my almost 5 year-old nephew said: "Everybody must be allowed to win. Otherwise it's not fair:" Hmm. I'm not that noble, I'm afraid;). You have to accept defeat though. And I'm relieved that there were no dirty fights. And no whining afterwards. I was so dreading the aftermath.

    I still think defensive football with counter attacks is very boring, so needless to say I'm hoping that the tiki-taka will prevail next season. Not to mention in the upcoming game against Chelsea. I think Edwin van der Sar said it well: "“For the sake of the game and for football in general, I hope Barcelona win in the Nou Camp. I love teams who attack." Me too Edwin, me too.

    Also, a very exciting end of the season in England now! There is a lot more football to enjoy still.

    • cupcakes says:

      There's a difference between "attack" and "aimlessly passing the ball between each other at the mid-way line so you can claim to have had 70% possession", and the FC Barcelona of 2011-12 seem to have forgotten this. It's all very well (arrogantly) claiming that your style of football is the one proper way, but the only statistic that actually counts is goals scored! Plus, how is watching one team s-l-o-w-l-y work it's way up the pitch more exciting than a surprise goal from nowhere?!!

      Anyway, congratulations to Real Madrid – may the highest goal-scoring, most match-winning team win La Liga! (They're still in with a shout of the magical 100 points mark, if they win their last four games.)

      • mybabyri says:

        Totally agree with you just get over it in that match Real was the better team nothing about Barca impressed me…

      • Kat says:

        I actually thought of replying to Kristina's comment as well, but could it be that she was referring to Chelsea when she mentioned a team that was defensive and relied on the counter attack?

        I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, since I hardly think anyone, even a Barca fan could call Madrid a "defensive" team, since Madrid have scored over a hundred goals in the league alone, not to mention that they have outscored FCB in the league.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I actually think she meant us, but I really don't mind as everyone has his own taste of football and obviously we were happy to sit back and give them possession because I told my friend the same if RM intention to keep the ball players such as Granero and Kaka would have started, when Mourinho thought about midfield control, a guy who can pressure win ball and keep possession after the goal was needed so he put on Estaben.

          • Kristina says:

            I mean both of your teams, but mostly Chelsea. My comment about defensive football relying on counterattacks (which I think is boring) goes for both. That's my opinion and we have different tastes, as you said Sarah. If we didn't have, then life would be pretty dull. When it comes to hiding out in your own box, I'm thinking of Chelsea. I really hope that that tactic won't pay off, because basically that is anti-football. And as I interpret Van der Sar that is what he meant. I was just happy that someone of his status and wide recognition shared my view. Now you know what I meant.

            And I really mean congrats, Sarah. I know how happy you must be. I know I would have :) . Even if I don't like RM, I'm a footy fan after all.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              hmmmm, that's where we differs, as I don't agree with this statement at all, as football is not possession football to other style to be called anti-football, it if you have the ball the most countiune passing around it is doesn't mean you playing "football" the rest isn't. even if Van de ser said that, doesn't make it true, + he is dutch, they play total football as barcleona,
              so whatever barcelona plays call total football, not "football". football have been through now ages in different style, no style should be claim to be taking over the game.
              as for RM, I already explained, we as a club are not centered around possession to care about it in the first place, but if we are presented by a chance we will totally play it as well ex: CDR as we totally had close to 51% I remember in Camp Nou equally, but it wasn't an objective!
              Thank you for that last sentence :) !

            • xoWinnie says:

              I don't think Chelsea are too concerned about the "style" of football they have to play going into that match. they just want to win, and i'd say what they did last week proved quite effective against Barcelona, despite the criticism that they played "anti-football".

              • April says:

                Ahh… the term I hate more than any, lately. "Anti-football". As condescending and nonsensical as they come and someone delivered it to the fans to use. ;) I can't even understand what that term is supposed to mean. So dogmatic, this whole "tiki-taka". To me, anti-football would be diving to get players sent off, faking injuries, intentionally injuring players, speaking poorly of the opponents… stuff like that.

                • con2e says:

                  You mean how Pepe plays football every single game that he plays, yeah "stuff like that" Pepe is a joke , you should be ashamed to support him, he is an international lmfao.

                  • xoWinnie says:

                    support Pepe? yes, as a matter of fact, Pepe is part of a team i support. problem? talk to the management and get off the fan's backs.

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      brush it off Winnie, Alves choked Granero and intentionally kicked Cristano in the guts and no one even is condemning from these people who are so fast to jump on Pepe throat if he did the same!! You know why is noone condemning it because Cristano in the moment in the game went to Alves asked if he meant it, he told him no! Cristano moved on ( although it was 10000000% intentional).
                      Most of these anti football antics apply on most of teams including barcelona *cough* alves kung fu jump in UCL *cough*!

                    • con2e says:

                      Get off the fan's backs", lol. Admit it, he is widely regarded as one of the dirtiest players in world football. Don't know why you Madristas feel like you always have to defend him.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      he is a dirty player. but if we wanna play that game, then so is Alves. so is Busquets. so is Alexis (mostly when he plays Real and lets his inner drama queen shine). Xavi has a big mouth. so does Pique. Valdes is a loose cannon and would probably be the equivalent of Pepe if he played outside the net. I can go on for days! but i won't. i didn't know the actions one player represented the image of an ENTIRE TEAM. also, for someone who doesn't care about these "Euro twats" you sure do have a lot of hate to throw around concerning Madrid. all i'm wondering is: Y U MAD, BRO?

                    • con2e says:

                      Not mad at all . Really hate Mourinho and the tactics he has installed at Madrid . Simples. By the way, way to go Bayern! Moanrino can fu*k right off, totally classless person!

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      Real Madrid is not kindergarten. every man on that team is responsible for their own actions. just like every man at Barcelona and any other team as a matter of fact. that being said, i wish Bayern luck in the final, it would be wonderful for them to win at home, especially after tossing the Bundesliga out the window ;-) anyway, i'm sure Mourinho can just drip-drop his tears into the La Liga trophy. no big, there's always next season! ;-)

                    • bobo says:

                      you are all hating on mourinho coz hes not a hypocrite and speaks his own mind, not trying to be mr perfect like pep does. he is the best in the planet!

                • Kristina says:

                  I'll scream "anti-football" from the top of my lungs when I think it's appropriate. But it very seldom are. It's fitting though, when a team of players do not want to take the ball, do not want to hold on to it, do not want to advance in any way. When a team is waiting around in their own penalty area, then I'm sorry they are not playing football. They are just waiting for that final whistle. And it's disrespectful to all the people spending good money on tickets or cable-TV. I would not be proud if my team won like that.

                  But thankfully, that happens very seldom.

                  • Sarah, Madrid says:

                    so you weren't proud when RM pushed Barcelona in occassion including CDR camp nou game or last year bernabeu liga game, when the whole team was defending and hoffing balls around, I hope in the moment you weren't proud of barcelona kristina!
                    You are insulting a whole style because you think football meaning you have the ball for almost the whole game, football is GOAL, yes I get you have taste, who said that fans don't enjoy these kind of games! I for once heard Bernabeu whistling US when we start to play back passes to Iker, as it is applauded in Camp Nou, in some other places such as Bernabeu ( they know their football there) is not much entertainment.
                    Btw, real madrid has face park the bus team, such as Valencia and we created 33 shots, yet we couldn't score one goal due to great goal keeping and luck, Barcelona created about maybe 12 or 13 shots can'd remember, see the difference.

              • DebS says:

                @Winnie I agree. At this point Chelsea will do what ever they think they need to do to win. If that means 9 guys behind the ball to stop the tiki-taka around the box, then that's what they'll do. It worked at Stamford Bridge and I'm sure El Classico was studied in depth for today's game. The likelihood that Barca will beat Chelsea in the air is slim so Chelsea knows that Barca will try to pass their way into the box

        • Kat22 says:

          I think Kristina was referring to Chelsea and the comments van der Sar made about their style of football.

          In all honesty, Barca outplayed Chelsea last week. They were extremely unlucky not to win.

      • Kristina says:

        Pfft, "aimlessly passing the ball" has proven to be quite a success during the past 3,5 years. No? Where have you been? If certain teams didn't place 10 men in their own box when they met Barca, then I would agree with you. I can't be Barcas fault if those teams don't play ball, now can it? And that's all I have to say about that.

        • cupcakes says:

          I think you missed the bit where I wrote "the FC Barcelona of 2011-12".

          The title was lost during the period when they picked up a lot of draws around the New Year. Draws in which they routinely still had 70% possession, but did not play "attacking" football. It's not just teams "parking the bus" that can beat/draw with them either – Inter Milan in 2010 showed that you can squeeze Barça into little boxes high up the pitch where they'll just make endless sideways passes and never go anywhere. If Chelsea win, they will be deserving finalists; if Barça want in the CL final, they're going to have to play ugly to get the round thing in the net tomorrow, tiki-taka be damned!

          • xoWinnie says:

            lol exactly. i hate tiki-taka football. i, for one, do not find watching this Xavi-pass-to-Iniesta-pass-back-to-Xavi-pass-to-Messi thing they call "real football" exciting to watch at all. that's not attacking imo. the difference between games where Madrid has 70% possession and the games where Barca has the same is that Madrid maintained possession through attack, not just through completing 300 passes before giving Messi the ball. the way Real played on saturday, THAT was attacking to me, and it paid off. the only time Barca scared me during the clasico was when Messi had the ball anywhere near the area. no thank you. i'd rather watch teams like Madrid, hell, even Chelsea against most opponents, keep the ball hard-pressed to the box, and have to scramble back to defense on the counter-attack. but hey, like i said, you have to adapt to certain more unconventional, not as "futbolistic" tactics when playing Barcelona, because if they have their way, they'll win.

            • Kristina says:

              Well you better not cheer for Spain then during the EC. Because you're gonna get Barcalona-inspired tiki-taka all you can eat ;) .

              • xoWinnie says:

                i really doubt Spain is going anywhere playing tiki-taka football against physical teams like Germany and the Netherlands. they rarely play that way up until the last few minutes anyway. also, while I like watching Spain, i have no reason to cheer for them. my personal affiliations lie with Portugal, as I have some Portuguese ancestry and grew up there. while we have some issues as a team, this tiki-taka nonsense is not one of them, thank goodness :)

        • gigi says:

          Those teams "don't play" only because Barca doesn't either, at least not in the traditional sense–they just move that ball around among themselves in a 90-minute game of "keep away." I'm not saying that's not a brilliant strategy (because it has been), but if that's how one team plays, then you can't blame the opposing team for how they're forced to defend.

          I think your use of the word "past" is the key here. It took a while, but it seems people have finally figured out how to beat Barca on paper and on the pitch, as shown by both Chelsea and Madrid. Basically, since Barca hang on to the ball, well, like forever, until the opposing team is forced to open up just to get things going, the key is to very patiently wait them out and not engage prematurely. At some point, the seemingly endless pass-pass-passing will have to end and the ball will eventually be given to Messi or Villa or Alexis for a goal attempt, and that's when the other team–particularly if they're a great counter-attacking team backed by a solid defensive line–can take the advantage. It takes an enormous amount of patience, discipline, and teamwork though, so don't worry, I don't see Barca getting piled on anytime soon.

          Still, 72% possession = 1 goal, 28% possession = 2 goals…that kinda says it all, doesn't it?

          • gigi says:

            By the way, when I say wait them out and not engage prematurely, I don't mean park the bus or stand around with 10 men on defense (although I think Chelsea may have done that at some point), I mean wait for the play to emerge before lashing out in frustration over the endless passing, which is Barca's favorite mistake to exploit. It seems that 90% of everything Barca brings up is a part of a set piece, so I think opposing teams have learned to be a patient in spotting the patterns and their weaknesses.

          • Kristina says:

            Oh, I do blame other teams for virtually standing still (not all of course). I hate it when people basically blame Barca for being, well, too good. "We can't play they way we want, because Barca won't let us!". Stop crying and step up your game then!

            Historically there has been periods with predominately attacking football, with a high level of individual technical skill and lots of dribbling. These periods have been followed by periods of ultra-defensive football, long balls and counter attacks. Barca now stands for the attacking football, the tiki-taka or the Beautiful game. Call it what you want. I love it and when a team like Barca, which will be remembered as a great team (no matter what you think), does it so well, then I'm not gonna complain. I'm gonna enjoy it fully.

            • gigi says:

              I think very few people are whining about Barca not letting them play the way they want. Every good team makes adjustments to counter their opponent, that's the nature of the game. Yes, even Pep does it too.

              I'm not arguing with you about whether Barca is a great team or not (seriously, would anyone?), but I really would have to disagree with you in your equating Barca tiki-taka = attacking football = the Beautiful Game. There are many ways to play the Beautiful Game, and the Barca way is just one way … and like all the other ways, it's fallible.

            • xoWinnie says:

              okay, example here. Spanish NT plays great attacking football in my opinion. even their defenders can attack (i.e. Sergio). they maintain possession by ATTACKING. they play more physical football, which i love. constant goal attempts, shot on goal, shutting down counter-attacks, etc. that's what i see as great attacking football. but it's funny because so many players on the Spanish NT play on Barcelona, so i wonder who Xavi would say plays "real football". 5080157903 passes completed during a game, and everyone is all "ooooh aaaaah". i've never found that too impressive. if you're gonna have that much possession, i think you should be scoring more goals. no one has ever understood it when i say i find Barca boring. well, i DO! i'd rather watch Madrid and Bayern on a losing day (i really did like that game, despite the outcome) than watch the Barca show. i think most teams have developed a mental block when playing Barcelona (Real included, btw) and that's why the tiki-taka has been so effective. that and the fact that Messi is pretty much uncontainable. if more teams start playing more confidently and aggressively, and without "Barca-awe" as my friend calls it, next season will be quite interesting.

              on another note, "stepping up your game" is pretty hard to do considering Barca do the same thing every time they get the balll…

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              No one complained about Barcelona style from other teams, they actually tried to stop it which is logical why can't you see it, you are the one who is faulting others for trying to stop barcelona game as we know Barcelona knows how to play tiki-taka ( tiki taka is not a perfect style sometime it just doesn't work, becomes ineffective here where people fault barcelona) the best not going to out tiki-taka them….you know who complained about teams who defend against barcelona, barcelona such as Busquets or xavi ( although I would say xavi didn't anything), but busquets he was like the result was unfair, as we controlled the game, actually not! RM were the one who controlled the game, controlling the game meaning not allowing the goal to reach the penalty box controlling key players ( such bayern against us when they controlled cristano or when we controlled Messi) it could be in parking a plane or one on one covering or back passes to the defense, everyone does it the way they know better.

            • April says:

              Wait… this is a bit contradictory: "I hate it when people basically blame Barca for being, well, too good. 'We can't play they way we want, because Barca won't let us!'. Stop crying and step up your game then!"

              You were basically saying that you don't like when teams don't let Barca play their method because they line up a heavy defense. So what you're really saying is you don't like it when a team doesn't play into the method that let's Barca win? To me, that's a pretty boring way to play. Also, why doesn't Barca step up their game against packed defenses? The fact that they conveniently ignore this weakness in their game because they feel it is some law of the game that all teams should play the very way they do is making an excuse for a problem in their style that they've yet to find a great solution for.

              Look, I don't hate Barca and I don't love them either, but I am bothered by their reliance on their passing while ignoring the areas where they could use improvement. I do actually like and follow the Spain NT- to me, the Spanish team has a nice mix of styles- it makes them dangerous against their opponents because they can adapt their game. They're efficient and accurate with passing, but they break quickly on the counter and can deliver an accurate long ball in the air for any traditional target strikers. I hope they keep up that style of play and don't fall into the pattern of sticking solidly to one style or another.

        • Marie says:

          well if Real Madrid had 10 men in the box, how come they scored more than Barcelona? Possession is not dominance of the game, just passing the ball and not finishing is not effective, it's boring as a matter of fact. Barca's time is over now, go Real Madrid!

          • xoWinnie says:

            I think they're talking about Chelsea with the "10 men in the box" comment

            • Kristen says:

              Really though even if they were talking about Chelsea the same could be said. Yeah Chelsea may have had 10 men in the box it didn't matter because they were able to score more than Barca and in the end that is the ultimate goal no matter if you have 90% or 10% possession.

      • April says:

        Agreed regarding the "only one way to play" theme. That is what irritates me. I prefer a nice mix. Clearly Barca don't respond well when someone isn't attacking as it doesn't open up the spaces they want to exploit. Why should a team simply roll over and give them that opportunity? Barca are the more talented team in regards to attack, so there is no reason Chelsea should try to pretend that they can best Barca in that department. Chelsea are probably better at defending… as was evidenced by the first match.

        I personally find it boring when teams adhere to one way of playing, as it glazes over their weaknesses. Chelsea have at least tried to go for open games in their league at times. Football is about identifying the correct strategy to beat your opponent, and for Barca, that means a heavy defense, because that's something Barca may not beat. It's simply stupid for people to ask a team to give into their strengths for "the sake of football". For the sake of football, I hope the team that takes advantage of their chances while remaining in the rules of the game wins.

        Also, I am sure that Edwin's comments are appreciated by Barca gans, as his team LOST to yours last year. I am certain that if they won because of a packed defense, he wouldn't be complaining about it.

        • April says:

          Sorry about the typo.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          "Football is about identifying the correct strategy to beat your opponent" Thank you for this, that's why football is a beautiful game, that's why real madrid exict me, the way they approch the game differs, you can't say RM can't play possession football as in some game we reach 80% possession, some game we will be happy to battle midfield, in some we really just want win without caring about passing!!
          Proof: 109 goals, cristano 42, higuain 21, benzema 18 top 5 pichichi in Liga, top assist makers di maria 12 ozil 15 cristano 11, we have a combined I think 110 goals between our trio, we have top goals in Liga we broke goal scoring record of 109, in UCL as well!! against barcelona didn't even have one shot on target in first half, real madrid had 6 through out the game, as barcelona had 3! soo who are they to define what football is!

          • cookingdj says:

            exactly! I still don't get it why people *cough* barca fanatic *cough* keep saying that RM always defense. Well, the number proven otherwise. Who's to define beautiful football, only the pompous ones, who feels that their way is the best. I enjoy tiki-taka, i enjoy counter attack, hell, i clapped for a good defense. In the end, the goals what makes a winner. Deal with it.

        • xoWinnie says:

          LOL yes on everything! especially the van der Sar comment. pretty sure he's just salty that Chelsea was the PL team to prevail where Man U failed.

          • Utd Girl says:

            Let's not bring United in the equation. I am still heartbroken. :(

            But I agree with Sarah and you as well. Real Madrid have played some unbelievable games this year. I am so happy Cristiano is playing exceptionally well. I miss him at Utd, but he gave me another team to cheer for. I just hope Real will be able to beat Bayern to reach the CL Final. I really hope Chelsea will be able to defeat Barcelona as well.

            • April says:

              It was a tough task to ask of United (and certainly is for Chelsea, too)… they were brave to go out there and try to play more openly and they put up a decent effort. It didn't go their way, unfortunately. I honestly feel that Chelsea has learned from United's final, in addition to their past experiences against Barca. ManU's downfall seems to be the thing that Torres recently commented on:
              "Many teams who play Barcelona think that you have to steal the ball from them, but I don't think that's possible. You have to use different weapons against them. If you want to steal the ball, you won't manage it and you'll get tired, and then create more space for your opponent."

    • Hannah says:

      I was away for the weekend and had to call my dad to find out the outcome….one of the people i was with almost killed someone when i told him what happened……we fans in america aren't very gracious haha

    • RealFan7 says:

      I don't see how you or van der Sar can say tiki-taka is "attacking" football. Passing the ball 33 times before shooting at the net is not an attack. It is a tactic to waste time off the clock and prevent your opponent from scoring. Yes, it has worked for Barca and yes, the team must be well connected for it to work. But to call the counter attack style boring? How can you say your pulse didn't quicken or you didn't move to the edge of your seat when CR and the white jerseys started flying down the field at light speed? You can't say you didn't jump up and yell at the TV. That's excitement. When Barca had the ball 78% of the time, the only time I got that feeling was when they would finally slide it through toward the box, and thankfully, SR or Pepe was there. As for the "beautiful game" ..Ozil's pass was a thing of beauty so was CR's finish. Who can deny one of the most brilliant goals of the season was RM's 6 pass, 16 second goal against Ajax. Now that was gorgeous. I know it's a matter of taste, but when something makes your heart race, in a good or bad way, you can't call it boring!

  29. eva says:

    When did Cristiano say anything was in the bag? I don't recall that. I do remember what a great game these guys played. I'm proud of my team. Barca is a great and formidable opponet. I'm glad they get that mental monkey off their backs.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Yes, that cristano goal that we scored prove it, we actually pretty much proved it in CDR game when he came back from 2-0 to 2-2, but this time we actually won! whatever was happening before wasn't normal to lose that much, now it is back to normal conditions.

    • kel says:

      I thought his celebration was meant to quieten the barca fans calling him a portugese son of a b**ch. At least, that's what I heard

      • xoWinnie says:

        yeah, my interpretation (and the ones i heard) was that it was more of a "STFU" to rowdy-ass xenophobic Barca fans.

    • gigi says:

      I thought Crispy was saying "calma" or something like that because the crowd was about to erupt again in another barrage of hate. It was crazy seeing even these older grandma types in the background pointing at him and screaming abuse after he scored that goal. Oh well…price of victory?

      • xoWinnie says:

        LOLLLL! i just loved the fact that it was Ronaldo who scored, and that for once, just MAYBE, the post-show wouldn't turn into the "Messi" show…no such luck -_- all they did was talk about the fact that he DIDN'T score lol THERE'S NO ESCAPE!