October 8th, 2012

Weekend Results: Crimes & Punishments

Image: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe.

How can something so pure and lovely as a young player taking off his shirt in celebration be a crime, when there are other, far more frightening offences being committed on the pitch all the time?

Peruse the inconsistencies in refereeing standards across Europe with us, Kickettes.


Apparently, this isn’t a yellow card offence. In our opinion, it damn well should be. Image: Ian Horrocks/Getty Images.

To be fair to Cheik Tioté, he had good reason to be peed off. Defenders Johnny Evans and Patrice Evra had put Manchester United 2-0 up twenty minutes into their game at Newcastle, he’d witnessed another goal line technology baiting decision and despite Tom Cleverley’s breathless claims to the contrary, United’s third has been deemed a speculative cross at best. Newcastle are tenth while Manchester United are back up to second, level on points with City who capped their 3-0 win over Sunderland with a James Milner goal. He nearly meant that one too.

Chelsea remain top after handing Norwich a 4-1 drubbing to add to their growing collection of defeats, while Everton cling onto fourth despite dropping points at Wigan. Olivier Giroud took another step on the road to his beautiful adventure with a goal in Arsenal’s feisty 3-1 encounter with West Ham and AVB led Spurs to their fourth league win in a row with a 2-0 win over Aston Villa.

Those bracelets are obviously the Portuguese peach’s lucky charm.


La Liga

real madrid barcelona goalkeeper goalies

Image: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe.

There was nothing (apart from a little light pushing & shoving) between the big boys of La Liga last night, as El Clasico finished 2-2 with two goals each for Messi and Ronaldo. The league table is a different story though, with eight points between the current leaders Barca and the holders Madrid, who could really have used a win.

To add annoyance to the odour of unhappiness, insubordination and fake tan emanating from the Bernabeu, Atletico currently occupy the spot Real usually share with Barca at this stage of the season, with Roque Santa Cruz’ (we wondered where he’d gone) strike for Malaga countered by Falcao and then cancelled out by a Malaga own goal. We are assured by our Atletico supporting friends that they are by no means rubbing this fact in to their Los Blancos’ loving mates, but quite frankly, we know they’re lying.


Serie A

At least sartorial laws are applied correctly in some European leagues. Image: ROBERTO SALOMONE/AFP/GettyImages.

Unusually, the Milan derby featured more cards than El Clasico (9 to 6, if you’re interested), but despite Yuto Nagatomo’s sending off on ’48 minutes, AC Milan still conspired to lose the game 1-0. Bragging rights are firmly with the blue half of the San Siro, with Inter hovering in fourth position and Milan in eleventh. Reports that Massimo Allegri has half an eye on his severance package do not require any exaggeration at this point.

Juventus and Napoli remain joint top on nineteen points after 2-1 wins over Siena and Udinese respectively while Marco Borriello’s joy at scoring the equaliser in Genoa’s 1-1 draw against Palermo was marred by team-mates vigorously rubbing his head and ruining his hairdo.

Pointless really, as the smarting eyes were on Michel Morganella’s beard, which he is clearly wearing as a punishment for being a racist asshat during EURO 2012. It can’t be voluntary, surely?



It’s yellow and in the air, isn’t it? Image: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/GettyImages.

A 1-1 draw at Hannover puts Borussia Dortmund nine points behind Bayern Munich after seven games, which, while not insurmountable, is going to take one hell of an effort to overhaul. Franck Ribery scored two and could have had a couple more in Bayern’s 2-0 victory over Hoffenheim while Eintract Frankfurt remain in second, despite having their unbeaten record trashed by Borussia Monchengladbach.

Schalke are third after a 3-0 win over Wolfsburg, Freiburg beat Nurnberg by the same margin, but save your three-goal congratulations for Augsburg, who beat Werder Bremen 3-1 in their first win of the season and nearly escaped from the relegation zone.

Not quite though.


Ligue 1

See above caption. Image: ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/GettyImages.

We might be inept, hungover and well… trying to figure out how spending all our money on white wine and body shots this weekend ever seemed like a good idea, but we’re not too distracted to miss Zlatan’s post goal perkiness twice in a season. The big man’s efforts were in vain as PSG only managed a 2-2 draw with leaders Marseille, mostly thanks to Andre-Pierre Gignac, who scored two of his own in the top of the table clash.

St Etienne were 4-0 up inside half an hour against Nancy, whose record against everyone so far this season did not have people rushing to place bets on a second half comeback. Bottom placed Troyes, on the other hand, came close to a 2-2 draw against Bastia, and would have done so if it hadn’t been for that pesky last gasp strike by Toifilou Maoulida.

And Montpellier’s chances of hanging onto the Ligue 1 title? Well, they lost 3-2 to Evian and are currently fifteenth.

You might want to move that one from the ‘Unsolved’ file into the one marked ‘Totally Unlikely’.

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35 Responses to “Weekend Results: Crimes & Punishments”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    El Clasico was pretty exciting but I wanted RM to win, though a draw is not bad…

  2. Kristina says:

    A tie was a bit disappointing, but only to a certain degree. To a much larger degree I was happy that we didn't let RM pass our pretty shaky, to say the least, defense that often. It almost felt like a victory. But, oohhh how great it would've been if Montoya had put that ball into the net instead of the crossbar! With all the problems Barca has with it's defense it would've been so sweet if the subbed in defender had finished the game off!

    But it was a great game, overall, and the fighting and arguing was down to a minimum which is always nice. The goals were pretty, but Messi's was the mother of all free kicks! God, he's good!

    Makes you wonder though, is Atleti the biggest threat now? They look fierce.

  3. OhDear says:

    Messi's second goal was a thing of beauty.

  4. Gladys says:

    El Clasico was exciting for all the right reasons. Given Barca's defense situation, I am grateful for the tie. I also think it was a pretty fair outcome. I'm so proud of Adriano and Montoya for rising to the occasion when needed (hope we see more of Marty. He deserves it.). I also hope Dani and Cristiano are OK. (I believe Alves is only out for 3 weeks but I've heard nothing about CR7's shoulder. Hopefully it's minor.)

    Don't get me wrong, I would have loved an eleven point lead, but where's the competition in that? It's only October! To that end, I'm perhaps most proud of Atleti. Nice to see other teams challenging for a change. And how can you not love Falcao? He should be at the top of the pichichi table but I guess his second was technically an own goal.

    • Kristina says:

      As always, I agree with everything you say. I'm also so proud of Adriano and Montoya. I was a bit sad that Bartra didn't get the opportunity but Montoya was badass! And go Atleti!

      • Gladys says:

        I was thinking the exact same thing about Bartra but I think we'll get to see those blue eyes soon enough. I don't think he was ready to defend against RM but he's in the Spain U-21 squad these next two weeks and I bet we'll see him in some upcoming league games.

  5. tammyv says:

    El Classico was relatively [wrong kind of] drama free, which was nice for a change. Simply a Messi v. Ronaldo celebrity deathmatch for the ballon d'or this year. Still no clear winner.

    The Newcastle Utd. v. Man Utd was a mess from start to finish. 9 yellow card but somehow RVP gets away with a blatant throwing an elbow into an opponent's face, way too pretty to be hurt Yohan Cabaeye in front of Webb. The first two goals were ridic for NUFC to give up but Man deserved them.. CISSE"S GOAL WAS OVER THE LINE. and Cleverly's I don't know if it was a shot or a cross but it was a goal so there you go,

    I am seriously annoyed with AVB=, SERIOUSLY ANNOYED. Brad Friedel deserved to play at home after him keeping that Man Utd for them when his backline completely collapsed. He deserved the cheers from the home fans for it. It is WRONG that it was taken from him. I'm fine with Lloris being introduced and being the new gk but you let the guy who earned the glory get it

    • tammyv says:

      Also I only saw part of the Milan and Paris debry's which annoys me so BeINSport.. sort it out. Seriously Grant Wahl was correct, sublease rights or share, because this mess you are doing IS NOT WORKING

  6. ras says:

    Kickette, you disappoint me. You cover Southampton Fulham, even Wigan Everton, but where's your take on Huth literally walking over Suarez at Anfield?

    • tammyv says:

      pretty much unless you are Liverpool faithful, people hate Suarez.. there will never be sympathy for him for anything that happens to him… he is the new Joey Barton and like Joey, he's NEVER getting the call

      • ras says:

        I don't think ladies at Kickette hate Suarez at all, but I was actually referring to Liverpool Stoke game not even getting a mention on the list.

      • Lola says:

        Perhaps it has something to do with his ridiculous dive right after Huth's challenge. They were equally disgusting, and Suarez doesn't make himself any favours by being the blatat diving cheat he is. Not getting calls in his favour is a direct consequence of his actions, he's like the boy who cried wolf. What Huth did was awful, yes, but Suarez is just a disgrace to the game and doesn't make Liverpool any favours, specially in their current situation.

  7. Elk63 says:

    I agree that Ligue 1 is where the action is this year!! If you want drama, just check out Zlatan Ibrahimovic. You never know what he's gonna do — so exciting!

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    How many time our strikers will miss these easy chances infront of Barcelona? was Benzema trying to make Pipita feel better about his missed chances in last clasico? the 3 points were there to be grap, we missed our chance, anyway draw is good a fair result.
    Cristano was the hero of the night, scored with injured shoulder played for 20 minutes then tracked back defended his ass off with an injured shoulder, he is a madridismo and true hero for us!

    Messi FK was breathtaking, but I will let go of the fact that he kept in moving ball backward when referee was fixing walll, soooo he kinda cheated, again I won't take anything from his FK, but he is not that innocent as everyone wants him to be.

    Tito there is nothing wrong in giving a bit praise to Cristano afterall he scored in 6 consecutive clasicos, "calma calma" has been a standard celebration in Camp Nou…saying Cristano living in the same time as Messi for that not getting recognition i exactly what's wrong with football nowadays, because if anything this game proved these two are head to head 2 goals, 8 goals each in Liga!
    and Atletico don't get so comfortable on top

    • Kristina says:

      I think it's Cristiano's curse that he's in the same generation as Messi. I agree with people who are saying that. If Messi hadn't been there we would all gasp for air about how great Cris is. But now Messi is here, and he is just a tad sharper, a liiiittle bit more spectacular. The whole situation is unreal. And how blessed are we who are witnessing these two first hand?

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        well I quote Mourinho he said when asked about ballon d'or: " it must be forbidden to talk about who is better, these two are from another planet", that's the reality, that's what I meant, saying that we must be sad or Cristano should be feeling bad because in the time of Messi, not really! because he is as good as Messi, everyone who doesn't see excuse me is just being biased, they can't compare their characteristics as footballers because they are actually like water and fire, they aren't nothing like each other! that's what make them different, what make their game beautiful they also play in totally different system, as I said if there is game where this demonstrated it was yesterday.
        of course we are, the two best footballers of their generation!

        • Kristina says:

          Sorry, but I think Messi is a bit better, I won't back down from that. Just because they are the two best footballers of their generation it doesn't mean that they are equally good. You can call me biased, but I could call you that right back. I know that people who favours RM wants to call them equals.

          I just wanted to say that I think it IS frustrating for Cris that Messi is always there. I know I would go crazy. When they both score two goals in a Clasico, Messi sees to it that he scores a free kick so beautiful you have to pinch yourself. And then everybody's talking about that. See? Frustrating!

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Of course you are biased because you can't see how these are equally important and equally skillful for their teams, how both of embody what their team are
            So, if you can't see it, than there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, what? who said that only Messi get all praises in this clasico for FK, even the most biased of biased catalan newspaper who are like the most biased of all anti madrid to the core, spoke of both of brilliance of both these players, I am biased obviously I support RM, but I do acknowledge how great Messi is and how he is AS GOOD AS Cristano, I can argue he is better if I want too, but I don't see a better side between these two because as I said for me and million out there they are leveled in what they offer, although they both offer differently.
            Anyway I see you are @ the same page as Tito, like all barcelona players who refuse to even put Cristano in the same category or acknowledge his brilliance to win ballon d'ot although RM players ( Ex; PEPE) did, oh Xavi actually said Cristano and Messi are the difference in this match, so again how do you see him as better, again you said it you are biased.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Part about RM fans want to be? Cristano backs this with number, no player in history of clasico scored 6 consecutive time, in 7 years Messi scored 17 goals in clasico, Cristano scored 10 in 3 years, Messi broke in record in most goals in season, Cristano is the most consistent player in history of the liga when he scored against every single team in liga, who scored in all important venues in Spaiin best away track record in top 5 in last 2 years, top player to score in away goals in liga, 2 time golden ball winner….etc sooo Messi get some statistics that Cristano doesn't, so does Cristano! soooo please don't RM fans try to make it like they are equal, when Cristano is the one who is doing all this work to break records, he does it! they push each other to the limits, I bet if one of them didn't exist neither of one of them would have reached these numbers!
            I even heard an interview of Pep who said the same!….I guess is a RM fan now?

            • Kristina says:

              Wait, wait, wait. The world isn't black or white you know. I don't know where I said Cristiano isn't fantastic. I don't know where I said he isn't the most crucial player for his team. I think I said he is so good I'm gasping for air. I don't know how I can make you see that I agree with all of those people that praise Cristiano, including Pep and Xavi. He's great OK? But I still think Messi is greatER, OK?

              If you have to call me biased then be my guest. I know that I'm not the only one who think that maybe, maybe Messi deserves a spot beside Maradona in footy heaven. Di Matteo, Wenger and numerous other coaches has said that Messi is the best player they have ever seen. Maybe they are biased?

              Let's agree to disagree, but please respect my opinion for what it is and not because I'm a Cule. An please consider what I think of Cristiano, ok? I think I have proved many times that I'm not blind. If you don't se that then YOU are.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Maradona? in Euro he said both are as good, then he went to Argentina suddenly he said Cristano sucked so is Maradona a source now? btw as many also said that Cristano is the better player, that's doesn't make it a point.
                Well, you are the one who said you can call me biased, as I said obviously you are and nothing wrong with that! as always don't make RM fans sound unrealistic as you always do, the only thing that separate these two is the way media and pundits deal with them, I will leave to that.
                If a coach like Tito find it so hard to admit it, I don't expect fans to do any better, although right now if there is fans who know what Cristano can do it is Barcelona fans and Tito in particular, as Cristano scored 4 time pass his team.
                I will agree to disagree too!

                • Kristina says:

                  Um, I just said that I think Messi is maybe as good as Maradona once was… If you read correctly. I have never read one word about Maradonas feelings towards Cris.

                  All I'm asking is that you respect my competence to decide for myself what kind of footballer I think plays the most attractive football. You started all this biased talk. But I can assure you that my opinion is based on my experience growing up beside a football pitch, watching my father play, work as a referee and later coach, me myself playing football for ten years. If you want to be rude to me, then it's your decision.

                  • Sarah, Madrid says:

                    ,Sorry, about the Maradona comment, i read something else, coffee didn't kick in yet by then.
                    I am not being rude to you, if you think this is rude, you need to read your comments as well! you always start with blaming the whole RM fans biased or bully or whatever, provoke, then think we are rude to you accordingly.
                    BTW, my dad, uncle played professional football as well in lower league of coursel, I personally never played football though professionally, but I understand talent when I see it, I been watching games since I was a baby, and know how to differentiate talent from rivalry, I said that both of these players are in fact have different completely set skills and merits, you insist in saying who is better? Messi run to cut inside runs sending the ball through, with Cristano classic winger approach to speed power shots, they are incomparable skills wise, you use condescending tune when you speak with us over and then again accuse us of being rude to you!
                    oh, my cousin referee as well, we all have people who works in football.
                    Btw my original comment was regarding giving an opponent his right to some recognition, which Tito failed to do, that by belittling what Cristano by instantly compare him to Messi and, it bugs me, I said many time before it is what's wrong with football nowadays.
                    Anyway, I think leave to this Kristina, I would rather tool!

                    • Kristina says:

                      Yes, I'm fed up with this too. Just let me say for the record that I did not start the whole biased thing. That's what got me irritated, see. I'm quite positive that even if I weren't a Barca fan I would still prefer Messis style of play, and find him more skillfull. And I base that on my football experience, not on my support for FCB.

        • xoWinnie says:

          I agree Sara! To me, deciding whether or not Cristino or Messi is the better player will never be a fair contest because it’s all a matter of opinion. They both have different styles of play, it’s not like we’re comparing the same player in different bodies here. I think Cristiano is better, I always have. I’m not just saying this as a Madridista, I truly have always thought Cris was better, even during his Manchester United days, when loving him was like a sin to me as a Gooner lol. Choosing who you believe is “better” depends on the playing style you prefer. The reason they are both so good is because they mesh so well with their respective teams and adapt that style of their own. I prefer a faster paced, direct style of attacking football, which is one of the reasons I love Madrid. Cristiano does that and manages to do it in such an exciting and breath-taking way. I don’t “hate” the tiki-taka per say, I love watching Spain play and they adapt a similar style but I find them more exciting, probably because they don’t necessarily dominate other teams as easily as Barca does. I can rarely watch Barca play unless it’s in a Clasico, they bore me to tears. Yes, when Messi gets on the ball, it’s magic, otherwise I’m just not interested. It’s all a matter of taste, which is why I roll my eyes when people staunchly assert that Messi is the better between the two.

  9. Sergz says:

    Marseille – PSG was BY FAR the most interesting "big" game this weekend!

    No offense to El Clásico which is always interesting to watch (and sometimes frustrating with all the surrounding of the referees and such…) but this french game was thrilling to watch. And I never watch french football! Maybe I should start now…

  10. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'm always somewhat surprised after surviving a clasico. I thought I might pass out during the 3 minutes of injury time. Cris was amazing last night, especially the way he played after his shoulder injury. He was obviously in a lot of pain but he still gave 110% until the very end. I do think we were a bit unlucky not to win, with Sergio and Benz both missing goals by such small margins, but to be fair, a draw at the Camp Nou is not an easy thing to achieve.

    And I have to say, Messi's 2nd was a scorcher. Credit where credit is due.

    FFS, media coverage of Real Madrid has basically become a cross between soap opera recap and bad fanfic. All conjecture, no facts. For all the time I spend reading and thinking about Los Blancos, could someone pay me to write about them? I could just recount my favorite shirtless moments and it would STILL be better than what currently passes for reporting.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      The media coverage for RM is a joke, A FREAKING JOKE! Example, an article from Sidlowe who suppose to be like a respected journalist, spent a whole page speaking about Ramos and Mourinho feud, then end it with speaking how the Portuguese and Spanish are sitting in the back and front of the bus, A JOKE!

      Now there is international break, prepare your self of new chapter of new drama because media press in Madrid by that Marca has some kind of agenda against Mourinho and they are anti-Mourinho because he did sue of their journalist afterall

      • Lola says:

        Whenever Sid Lowe says/writes something I can't help but wonder its veracity to be honest, he is usually very reliable. Which of course doesn't mean that the Spanish/Portuguese feud is a fact, but he does really good reserach and doesn't write stuff with the only purpose of stirring drama.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Exactly my point because he is respected journalist people believe him but it doesn't have source since Mourinho came to RM Mourinho has limited access to Media from inside the squad, even being said one of many reason why Valdano was out of the club that he used to feed media.
          the Mourinho Ramos issue was admitted by Ramos but he never said what it was! so whatever Media wrote again get no PROOF, and it actually was fixed before sidlowe wrote what he did, last season when the whole Iker, Ramos Mourinho 'problem" happened, sidlowe wrote about it, obviously the team went on winning a record breaking title under Mourinho with Iker making fun of the feud over FB when he posted photos of cibeles celebration, show you most of what written in media is BS, soo he lost his credibility back them, all of what's written based on assumption, give me one example on how RM dressing room is divided? if anything it is obviously they are one unite, they showed it on the pitch.
          It is all Media talk and it sucks. Media writes something everyone believes it, as Arbeloa said when asked about it: " What's point in trying to deny it, they will write it anyway", just like when Cristano was sad, he said it wasn't about the money, but media continue saying their story anyway

    • Katie Ann says:

      "media coverage of Real Madrid has basically become a cross between soap opera recap and bad fanfic"

      Oh, god, hasn't it, though? I'm torn between thinking it's annoying and thinking it's hilarious.

      Between all of that, and the separatist protesters at the game, and all the expectation for a blow-up, I have to give the players on both sides props. Their messages to their fans- that I saw- were all peace, love, and football. They just wanted to play a good game, and they did. Beautiful goals on both sides, a fast pace, and all that suspense. It was what I wanted out of a clasico (granted, I wanted Madrid to win, too, but eh… better a draw than a bad loss).

    • brown_eyed_girl says:

      "media coverage of Real Madrid has basically become a cross between soap opera recap and bad fanfic"

      So true!

      And Cris was spectacular last night and the fact that he played with that injury just makes me want to kiss him (and that little kiss/stroke episode between Cris and Xabi is, you have to admit, the stuff of slash-fic heaven).

      All in all it was a great game to watch and I would kill to be a fly on the wall and hear what is said when these guys get together for the Spain's NT training.

  11. Thea says:

    Hey a draw is always better that a loss!! Gives Barca more of an incentative at the Bernabeau!