August 29th, 2011

Weekend Results: Drama & Dance Moves

Where we see ourselves fitting into Mario Gomez’ life, as demonstrated by David Alaba. Image: Reuters/Daylife.

It’s Monday. Drinking time is still hours away. But at least we can reminisce on a pretty entertaining weekend of footy.


Images: Getty Images/Daylife, AP Photo/Daylife.

T’was a seriously scary moment for Chelsea on Saturday, after Didier Drogba was knocked out and stretchered off stemming from an aerial clash with Norwich keeper John Ruddy. His team and fans soldiered on in his honour, though, with Frank Lampard converting the resulting penalty and Drogba replacement sub, Juan Mat, scoring on debut to seal the deal. (Ed Note: Any Kickettes with Mr Drog injury updates, please update us when you can!)

The Blues went top until Liverpool beat Bolton Wanderers 3-1 and the Reds held first place until Sunday lunchtime, when the enemy factions of Manchester banded together to demonstrate that no-one else need bother with a title bid – they have it all covered.

City made opponents Spurs look like amateurs on their own ground – no mean feat considering Spurs’ success in Europe last year. Edin Dzeko helped himself to a hat-trick plus one for good measure, while Sergio Aguero snagged his third of the season in the 5-1 tonking. Spurs, meanwhile, appeared to be suffering from the same transfer-related malaise they’re North London neighbours have been sporting recently; Luka Modric’s proposed transfer to Chelsea seemingly a huge distraction for all concerned.

As we know, Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson have not taken particularly kindly to their local rivals’ upturn in fortune, and articulated this succinctly with a shot (or eight) across City’s bows. 8-2 was the final score, but that is largely unimportant. What Manchester United players will take away from this game is confidence: Wayne Rooney’s hat-trick proved he is over his drought; Ashley Young’s brace confirmed he can play with the big boys; and David De Gea? Who knows how much good he did himself with that penalty save?

We can but wait and see, but figure it might be fun.


La Liga

Xabi tummy! Xabi tummy! Everything must stop for Xabi tummy! Image: Reuters/Daylife, Getty Images/Daylife.

With fixtures kicking off a week late and Barca’s opening game pushed back to Monday, all eyes were on Real Madrid vs. Real Zaragoza this weekend, and like the big boys in the EPL, Los Blancos didn’t disappoint. They humiliated Real Zaragoza on their home turf with a 6-0 victory that read as an outright challenge to their Catalan rivals, who, as we all remember with good cheer and no arguing in the comments section, lifted the La Liga trophy last season.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored three, and with Marcelo, Kaka and Alonso also grabbing one each, it looks as though they will be firing on all cylinders. Hopefully, some people (possibly hinted at by the gentlemen on the left) will remember that the pitch is indeed where the action should take place.

While Sergio Aguero was knocking one in for his new team, his former club were feeling his absence. Atletico Madrid drew 0-0 with Osasuna, and although they played well, the absence of Aguero and Forlan (who has other, Italian shaped things on his mind) told in the final third of the pitch.

No such hassles for Valencia though, who have picked themselves up after last season’s player haemorrhage and beat Racing Santander 4-3. Roberto Soldado was the hero of the ninety minutes, cheerily scoring goals at will, but luckily they were mostly into his own net, so all was well.



Dennis Diekmeier’s (l) left elbow is a bit low and Mato Jajalo’s right leg could come up a bit, but otherwise this isn’t a bad entry to the Kickette Synchronised Baller-In-Motion contest. Image: AP Photo/Daylife.

Mario Gomez scored a hat-trick in Bayern Munich’s 3-0 win over FC Kaiserslautern, but the real goal-fest in the Bundesliga this weekend occurred between Hamburg and Cologne. Seven goals were scored, but despite putting up a great fight, Hamburg failed to snag the three points after Christian Clemens and Kevin McKenna both scored late on.

SC Freiburg also scored three against Wolfsburg’s washboards while one was enough for both Hertha Berlin and Nuremburg. On Sunday, Schalke continued their winning run with a 1-0 victory over Borussia Monchengladbach while Hanover and Mainz shared the spoils of a 1-1 draw.


Ligue 1

Jeremy Pied (left) offers his congratulations in the Kickette approved manner to Miralem Pjanic. Image: Getty Images/Daylife. 

Montpellier remain at the top of the Ligue 1 table this morning, despite a 2-1 defeat by Lyon relieving them of their unbeaten record. Miralem Pjanic and Jeremy Pied scored for Lyon, while Henri Bedimo’s consolation goal gave Montpellier some solace, if no points.

Better news for Rennes, who, having lost 4-0 to Montpellier last week, were involved in a five goal thriller against Caen. M’baye Niang’s penalty miss for Caen turned out to be crucial to the 3-2 result, but Rennes managed to hang on for the three points and find themselves in fifth.

Valenciennes and Nancy share the bottom with a point apiece, losing 2-1 to Bordeaux and Lorient respectively.


What was on your footy schedule this weekend? Did Carlos Bocanegra do some hot and sexy in the SPL that we should see?

Hope you had a good one too!

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53 Responses to “Weekend Results: Drama & Dance Moves”

  1. Zahara says:

    arsenal got to get theur s**t together man!
    but on a good note, david de gea is just too hot.

  2. elylovesfootball says:

    Grrrr damn Mario Gomez! That hair is just fab, he's getting sexier and sexier.
    Anyway congratz to Bayern.
    And i'm so disappointed by my serie A and the whole thing is happening.

  3. xoWinnie says:

    oh man…Arsenal are breaking my heart!
    i can't even feel happy for my other teams :(

  4. sahil says:

    man u arsenal match was great…

  5. gillianrosh says:

    Mario. The hair is still worrying, but you are still hot!

    And Xabi, you and your ginger beard OWN. ME.

  6. DebS says:

    Wish I had seen more EPL games but I only managed to see the City/Spurs game. I truly was surprised to see Nasri start after having just joined the team but he fit right in. And David Silva, what can you say about they guy? Fabulous player. The whole team just seams to play so well together.

    Glad I missed the Arsenal/United game. I always feel so horrible for teams that get beat down like that. Just like I felt bad for Zaragoza, even though I love Madrid. The guys just look so dejected. :(

    Saw the Valencia/Racing game. Kudos to Valencia for never giving up even when it seemed the game was over.

    Odd how both Saldado & Navas had good games right before the international break. Neither one were called up for Spain. Think they're trying to send a message to VDB not to forget about them? ;)

  7. earidurt says:

    I actually despise Arsenal but I gotta say I felt really bad for them….as a Real Madrid fan I know what it is like to lose in such a devastating fashion to your bitterest rivals….trust me…it hurts. So as much as I dislike Arsenal I am sympathetic and I hope for the sake of the club, their fans and the league that they bounce back from this and do well this season.
    I'd also like to add that I'm very happy about how my Madrid boys performed yesterday!!! Good job!
    And finally and most importantly, I wish Mario Gomes would grab my ass like that.

  8. Lostres says:

    Did Carlos Bocanegra do something sexy in the SPL this weekend? Well- he walked onto that field didn't he? A little bit of Los goes a long way for me. Thanks for the SPL shout-out Kickette! I LOVE the SPL!!!! Great games that get too little coverage here in the States.

  9. LuvinBale says:

    Can not believe the end score of City vs Spurs. Im bewildered, dumfounded and stupefied at it.

    It s like we didn't even show up for the game. Come on Harry buy a striker already!!!!!

    Thank God for Adebayor being on loan, hopefully Parker or Diarra will join soon, I just cant take this anymore!!!

    I should change my post name to SuperSadSpursFan until this team turns it frown upside down.

  10. IrishBlue says:


    -Poor Drogba, I hope he recovers soon, I got a little scare when that happened.
    -Man United look like a seemingly unstoppable force at the moment. I don't like it! Somebody stop them!
    -As much as I love Edin Dzeko and wanna rip his football kit off him I would prefer if he would tone down the whole scoring goals thing.
    -It rained at the Chelsea game, which means a wet AVB in a suit = Win.

    I feel sorry for all you Arsenal girlies, Saturday was a pretty low moment, that was a ridiculous scoreline. Arsene needs to get the ball moving transfer-wise ASAP before he runs out of time. Surely he must know by now that what he's doing isn't working. I don't know how much more patience the fans can have.

    Chelsea are frustrating me too, yeah we won but the performances are not convincing me we have the ability to win trophies this season. Although Mata looked good (in every sense of the word) when he came on, so that's one reason to stay positive anyway.

    Oh and how cute is Franco Di Santo?! I just had to get a mention in somewhere :)

  11. Gigi says:

    Mr. Wenger, you need to start buying and load up that shopping cart of yours.

  12. CharlieGooner says:

    thats all…..

  13. xbabyshakesx says:

    btw might i add, mario gomez looks soooo mighty fine in that top pic

  14. xbabyshakesx says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!! DROGBA!!!!!
    I know he seems like a scary man sometimes, but I am truly worried about him! i hope is doing better now – very scared for him….

    and for them gunners =[ oh lordy that break my heart to million pieces! but we at least netted two amazing goals! so i can be proud of that =]

    lastly YAHOOO HALA MADRID!!!!!!

  15. bri_saldana says:

    On another note….Arsenal's loss was definitely heart breaking-ly low. But let's give them a few more games…I do believe they have had one of, IF NOT THE, hardest schedule to start the season. I know that they are a top 4 team but I do want to give em a chance to get their bearings; it is after all 3 games into the season. I'm not a Gunner but as an LFC fan there were times last season that the bottom of the table was a hop, skip, and a jump away. We had a lot of worry & stress for our team last year. I have a lot of respect for Arsenal & their history….STAY STRONG GUNNERS! It will be ok…

  16. JA7 says:

    I have nothing to say after yesterday's massacre, except that I spent a lot of time crying :'(

    • Pam says:

      Sorry to hear that. Look at it this way: there is no way to go but up for Arsenal! The season is long and this is just one game. Don't give up on Gooners!

  17. Utd Girl says:

    Amazing games for UTD and REAL! Great start of the season for both clubs. But I do hope that Drogba will be okay. That was such a scary moment! I feel bad for Arsenal. I hope they can get it together as well.

  18. bri_saldana says:

    What a great week end of football….starting w/Liverpool!!! My boys are looking great! AND my GOD RM look scary. I knew that Xabi was quality but really he has transitioned into a top class footballer. Ozil, in my humble opinion, was man of the match, & really all crazy Mou judgments aside; he's nothing short of genius! All of them have become phenomenal foot ballers. And just WAIT til Benz knows how to finish….it's all over!

  19. LizzyHS90 says:

    Searching the web for pics of this weekend and I have to alert Kickette that Adil Rami took his shirt off. Why isn't that picture posted? IMO a full shirtless Rami is better then a small peak at Xabi's tummy.

  20. Agnes Wonka says:

    Man. Utd played an amazing match, showing the power they have in the EPL!!
    like the rest of the people I got shocked with what happened to Drogba, hope he recovers!
    well done RM!!! starts La Liga brilliantly!

  21. Hot4Spurs says:

    My day was ruined Sunday after Spurs were humiliated! They only have themselves to blame though and Redknapp for not spending! The teams who splashed the cash are winning like crazy. 5-1 is rediculous! I did feel better though after I saw Arsenal get ran over.

  22. Kristina says:

    And the Andalusian derby was won by: Sevilla!!! Yes! That's the way to play.

    Oh, but I guess London was a sad place to be this weekend :( . So sorry for Harry and the Spurs. And Gunners… I don't know what to say.

    Tonight Barcelona takes on Villareal without Puyi, Pique , Adriano and Alves. Oh Lord! They better attack in order to defend. I'm biting my nails here.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Oh, it looks like Malaga needs time to adapt, I was so looking forward rto see Santi, jacquin, nistelrooy..etc but it so clear they need time to become a team, I see high hope for them with pelle in charge too. Santi free kick was amazing though!
      In the other hand, Seville performance was great, Negerdo excellent!

      • Kristina says:

        Yes I agree with you, it will be interresting to see how they develop. And Santi's a darling. As long as they stay behind Seville everything is cool ;) . Negredo was awesome, but Navas had a great night. And you can always count on Caceres.

  23. gin_in_teacups says:

    Finally La Liga! And what a way for Madrid to start off!

    I wasn't able to watch the United – Arsenal game, but I pretty much did a spit take when I saw the score on the news. I really feel for Arsenal. I hope things pick up for them!

  24. anna says:

    Is that a wrinkle or is his hair just taken over the bullshapedheadimage?? ohmylord

  25. nika says:

    As a huge madridista, I couldnt possibly wish a better start of the championship! Congratulations to the whole team, guys you were wonderfull! I hope that you could continue in the same rhythm and make us happy as last night!

    I am also happy for Lyon, they played well against the quality team Montpellier, only I missed so much Yoann! Does anyone know when will he come back????

    On the side note, I am also glad for Papa Gourcuff, his Lorient showed a strong character against Nancy! Good work, Mr. Gourcuff!!!!!!!

    Speaking about Mun Utd-Arsenal game, I am sad for Gunners but happy for my friend Nemanja V.!

  26. Rossanera says:


  27. Devilish-x says:

    I couldn't really believe what I was seeing when watching the United game. Chuffed to see that our new boys have fitted in so well & that Rooney has started the season off great. De Gea also did himself a world of good..
    But now we have the international break.. thinks arsenal can have their chance to re-group & I'm also feeling gutted bout Spurs. The Modric saga is really affecting the team
    But yes quite a extrodinary weekend in the EPL :)

  28. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I so feel for Gunners fans! As a Real Madrid fan, I understand your pain, I just want tell you that you just need to contiune supporting your club, we all been through these days! Go Gunners, I am so happy from how gracious some of United fans ar too!

    Now, MADRIDISTAS!!! Oh the kick-off of La Liga cant be any better, we like checked everything on the list and we really started where we stopped last season, Cris hatrick *Check*, Ozil assist *Check*, Kaka Goal and Assist with supeb sub material*Check*, Marcelo being all adorable *check*, zero goals conceded *check* – although I cant judge this game because we barely saw Iker!! + I am sooo happy Alonso is starting to get on the scoring sheet more often now, BOSS!
    Oh I am so happy for this amazing kick-off!! HALA MADRID
    On bad note, the racist chants continue, I just hope it STOOOOP!, people are treating this as if it is normal!!

    • OhHai says:

      "People are treating this as if it is normal." Perhaps it is? I just found this article on Managing Madrid, and it's very well written: . I know this isn't the forum for discussions about this sort of thing, but what do you think? At any rate, I'm upset because I work weekends and I've been missing all these games. I don't even have a DVR. :(

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Yes, I saw this article before, that's the problem, people tend to believe it is "fine" to do so!! I know most of them sings the chants are not coming from intention of being racist on the first place, they only trying to porvoke players!, BUT still offficals need to do something about it, if clubs are fined or their crowd are banned for this reason, it will stop regardless of why they chant it.

    • DebS says:

      Sarah, could Xabi have smiled any bigger after scoring?! I had to smile just watching him. lol

      I'm really liking Madrid's team. Jose's done a great job of picking the right new players (well, I can't speak for Altintop & Sahin since they haven't played yet) and motivating the existing players. The guys are playing so much better as a team this year than the beginning of last year. Should be an exciting season!

  29. Lizzie says:

    Edin Dzeko <3

    • AC_USA says:

      Yes :) We are totally secretly married he just doesn't know yet. And I love the look of the new and improoved City. They finally look like a team. Btw my heart is just breaking when it comes to Arsenal. Wengner we are begging youuu. Start spending money and bring good players into the squad. Or we are all screwed. Sincerely :)

      • Shelley says:

        I started liking Dzeko after that topless beach picture on this site. And what a lovely smile he has!

  30. Sergz says:

    I'm a Man United supporter, so I was thrilled to see us beat Arsenal in the league. But, beating Arsenal with 8-2 is just too much. I have a great respect for Arsenal and Wenger so this flunk they're having needs to stop straight away.

    It's weird to root for your opponent. But I want them to be in the top 4, I supported Liverpool too when they went through their tough streak, so hopefully Wenger will open his wallet and bring in a few class players. A club like Arsenal deserves the best.

    And just to add, i'm really happy for United's youngsters. Welbeck (hopefully he recovers fast), Cleverley and especially De Gea. I hope that the saved penalty gave his confidence a big boost! :)

    • Kristina says:

      I know what you mean, although I'm more of a gunners fan than a Man U fan. I love to watch Man U play, and I'm blown away by their current form. But it was too much, I actually feel sorry for Wenger. But, again, so happy for de Gea. This is hard!

    • Lisette says:

      I ended up watching this with my father, and by the end we were both watching through our fingers. 8-2 is…just….no words. Sorry.

      You know you've sunk when people feel bad gloating about beating you.

    • Leya_S says:

      As a Gunner, I can tell you that I LITERALLY shed tears yesterday. Like, I'm SO scared what's gonna happen to us this seaon.

      As a footy fan, I can't let the shortcomings of Arsenal take away from how seriously amazing United is looking. Baby De Gea is my faaaaaavvvveee since he was at Atleti, plus Welbeck and Young both look brill, Rooney's form is better than ever, and how can I deny Chicha (my love). The team looks un-freaking-believable.

      This is weird for me to say, but I think this season I'd rather United take the title than City. I can't freaking stand them. I mean no disrespect to City fans, but after losing both Clichy and Na$ri to City and then watching the team play, it shows me that there's no denying how much a sh**ton of money can do for your team. City was definitely good yesterday, and it hurt to see $amir looking so fluid and in step with them. Also, I will say that Edin Dzeko was a freaking BEAST yesterday.

      Meanwhile Liverpool's looking SO GOOD! So excited for them!

      • Leya_S says:

        *Note: My issues with City most likely all stem from bitterness, I'll admit it. And I'm okay with that.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I am not a city fan! But, Arsenal do have money from all the selling they did in last couple of years, blame Wenger because he is buying no-one.
        I dont get how come everyone blame clubs who spend to buy players, if you have the cash, pay it to develop your team ( wisely!!), not everyone can build home-ground talents, not every club has an exellent academy.
        I think footballers are treated unfairly, they are professionals, they do this to earn money, it makes sense to move to a club that pays more, esp if he is not a player that grow up in this club!
        ( I am not snapping at you at all, I am just tyring to understand the players and I am speaking out of fairness and I will be totally be as sad as you if I was in your place! you have the right to be)

        • Sergz says:

          That's the thing. Manchester City isn't spending its own money to buy the players. They're spending the owner's money. City has spent enormous amounts of money on buying players these recent years, money that belongs to the shejk.

          That's the big difference. The money that United, Arsenal and other clubs are using has been generated by their own success whereas City is "buying the future". You can hardly say that the Glazer family has given United a helping hand in these areas…

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Same applied to Chelesa! Malaga now in Liga, some owners needs to put their club on competitive level of clubs who has been operating for long.
            I say that because I am fan of Liga, I see alot of clubs struggling to keep their players because of lack of funds, if the solution is owners spending their money to make it stronger, I am for it.
            As for the players point, as I said! They are professional, some seriously look to save up money so they can survive when they retire, we know footballers tend to have short career :)

            • Sergz says:

              La Liga is unfair compared to the Premiership though. In England, all the teams get the same amount of the money that comes from tv coverage, whereas in La Liga Barcelona and Real Madrid get like 50 % (or more, I don't remember). If Barcelona & Real were willing to give up their shares then the clubs would have a better chance at competing.

              If the same system was applied in England, then United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal would have much, much more money than the other teams and the league wouldn't be as even as it is.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                It is more than 50% to both, but the tv reveune will solve a part of the solution, some la liga clubs dont have the money to pay up the salary of some of their players, I get why the big 2 take the money, without these too, La liga will lose most of their viewers why? because they are the clubs that can take care of their players and actually be able to keep them. Look at Valencia, they lost both of their stars Villa and Silva because of money problems, no long spainsh clubs were top on the europe, 2000 UCL final was pure Spainsh.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                + clubs like Chelesa, City didnt have the history or the trophy cabinet to attract players to their club, but money, it's up to the players to choose, second, owners maybe spending alot of money now, but it is an investment afterall, football investment pays, for example City is now in UCL which generate them money, if they end up reaching semi or quarter they will generate more, their fans base will grow, their shirts will sell, then they will write history and be one of the biggest clubs in England! The thing is, other clubs can do the same as Chelesa and City, bring in money to make EPL more interesting, it is always better to see more clubs competing in EPL, 10 years ago, Derby Manchester didnt attract outside viewers as much as now for example too. See, Madrid derby! it has been 10 years since Atelti even won in their own stadium against us! modern football needs capital to operate, it is a buisness + sport

        • Leya_S says:

          I won't deny that Arsenal NEEDS to spend money. I've heard we've got something like 90mill just chillin and waiting to be spent.

          But I agree with Sergz: City aren't spending their own money. Sheik Mansour just splashes cash around whenever he feels like it. Arsenal do have money to spend, and its their own fault they're not spending it quite as efficiently as, say, Fergie, but City's funds are limitless. There's talk of how that makes transfers harder on all teams bc it drives up the wage demands of players when everyone's going "Oh, but I can make this much at Manchester City…" Players can now hold clubs at RANSOM for wages.

          Also, I guess for me I understand footballers moving for more money; its professional development, I get it. But its more like when footballers move for EXORBITANT amounts of money that I don't understand. I mean, Na$ri wasn't exactly destitute at Arsenal, you know.

          • Kristina says:

            Yes, and somehow I have this romantic idea in this crazy business that I don't want football-clubs to be regarded as investments. For the same reason that I hate it when people buy art, not because they like it, but because it's a good investment. I know it's not the same thing but it gives me the same bad taste in my mouth. That sheik just choose a team out of the blue just because it is what, fashionable, to own a football club? But of course I understand that it is money that makes the world go around. And footballers need to think about their future. Not only for themselves, they have this great opportunity to offer financial security also for their kids. I'm not gonna blame them. Well, not all of them. There are some cases that are too much!