May 10th, 2010

Weekend Results: Euro Edition, Now With (More) Abs

No, we’re not paranoid. Fate is indeed conspiring against our desire for long, lustrous and totally not plastic nails. Yes people, after the stresses and strains of the EPL title chase, we now have to sadly report that both the Spanish and Italian league titles will go to the wire, with the final decisive games taking place on Sunday 16th May. Our manicurist is furious.

La Liga

Real Madrid remain second in the table after a big 5-1 home win against Athletic Bilbao. Sergio Ramos scored and joyfully entered into the end-of-season shirt shedding spirit (above). Try saying that after a bucket of sangria.

However, it wasn’t such plain sailing for Barcelona, who were cruising to a comfortable 3-0 victory against Sevilla. Two goals from Freddie Kanoute and Luis Fabiano made the final twenty minutes a bit scary for Pep’s boys, but fortunately Barca manged to hang on and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s innovative defending techniques (left) were not required.

Serie A

We have a sneaking suspicion that Jose Mourinho has always fancied himself as a bit of a literary hero. Here he is channeling Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights (left). Or is it the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Anyway, Inter Milan’s 4-3 victory over Chievo ensured they remain at the top of Serie A, for another week at least. Meanwhile, AS Roma’s 2-1 win against Cagliari meant the pressure is still on for Mourhino’s men. Francesco (Top) Totti scored twice. While we love his celebratory poppet walk (right) we would request that next time someone wants to take a pic of Philippe Mexes with child, could they please arrange to be in the same stadium as he is? Thanks.


Inspired by Spur’s celebratory dousing of manager Harry Redknapp last week, Bastian Schweinsteiger creates his own manager/fruit-based beverage interface (above). Um, not sure everyone will be laughing at that one.

The team then attempted a conga. Amazingly, at one point during all this frivolity, a football match broke out in which Bayern beat Hertha Berlin 3-1 and clinched the Bundesliga title. Like Inter Milan, Bayern are still in the running for an historic treble; they face Werder Bremen in the German Cup final on 15th May before facing Mourhino’s Inter side in the CL final on 22nd May.

Good, bad, too worried about your nails to care? Let us now how the weekend went for you, Kickettes!

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69 Responses to “Weekend Results: Euro Edition, Now With (More) Abs”

  1. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Oh…and I bought an enchanted pony from Build-a-Bear a few weeks ago. I think its name is now The Ramos. They have the same length hair.

  2. Miss_Nana says:

    To Gina: I know it wasn't only inconsistency that cost the other teams and I know that Valencia are hugely in debt and I think it's sad because they have very good players. La Liga would be a much better and exciting championship if teams like Valencia, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid (just to name a few) could keep up with Barça and Real. I do think that a two team championship is boring. But they were not the only team that suffered with injuries. Barça too had to play with midfielders in the defense. I agree with you that the refereeing in Spain is terrible and unfortunately they do tend to favor Real or Barça. And I would like to applaud your team Valencia for their great campaign, even with all the problems they have off the field. I think they do deserve their UCL spot (I still remember how close they were to beating my beloved Bayern in that 2001 final in Milan). Like I said, La Liga woud only benefit it there were more than two teams competing for the title.

    • Gina says:

      I’d love for that to be the case, but with the situation the way it is now, it’s not going to happen any time in the future. Barca and (especially) RM have far too much media power and influence in Spain because they are seen as ‘big’ teams. Globally, yes they’re bigger, but that doesn’t make their style of football any better than any other team. I’ve lost count of the number of times this season alone I have seen Valencia get cheated out of decisions that would have been given for the top two with no hesitations and no questions asked.

      IMO, the title race is not a two horse race because those two are more talented or any better or more consistent. It’s a two horse race because they have the money to ensure they have the highest class replacements for their starting 11, and because the league as a whole, like with any other league where one or more teams hold the money and the power, is corrupt. You can’t compete with those teams, any time you try, the referees will shut you out. In recent years, it has gotten worse. Money talks, and if you have none, then your voice is drowned out. It’s the way it’s always worked in football and the underdog rarely wins.

      La Liga is by far my favourite league, because it seems to me that there’s more of a fight between the ‘second tier’ of teams. You never know who will make the CL or Europe. In the EPL for example, it rarely changes. This season is the first time someone outside of the usual ‘top four’ has made the CL and it’s been a more open fight. It happens in La Liga almost every year. The dominance of the top two doesn’t change though and that really bugs me. While their talent and footballing ability is undisputed, I certainly think far too much is made of the gulf between the top two and the ‘second tier’ if you like. The rest of the league in total probably doesn’t spend the money just one of the top two drops every transfer window, and to me makes it an unfair basis for comparison. It’s the equivalent of comparing a middle aged, overweight, balding man to Cristiano Ronaldo for example and saying Ronaldo is better looking. Even up the playing field and you have a whole different story, and people don’t always look at the bigger picture.

      • Miss_Nana says:

        I have to say that one of the most shocking things I saw this season in the European leagues (including the UCL and the Europa League) was Valencia’s elimination from the EL. That was a scandal! The Atletico player (I don’t remember who was) ripped Zigic’s shirt and the referee just ignored. They were robbed. If you ask me, I think they should be in the final. It would be deserved for all their efforts on the field. And I do think that they belong in La Liga’s top 3. It’s really a shame that poor management left them with this debt that is so huge they couldn’t even continue to work on their new stadium or buy some quality players to complement the team. But hopefully they will turn things around, even if this takes a few years, and be able to give Real and Barça a good run for their money and the La Liga title. I know La Liga is much more than a 2 or 3 team championship. Just to give you an example: Borussia Dortmund almost went bust around 6 years ago because of the same things that are affecting Valencia (huge debts and poor management) and now they seem to have recovered. They almost qualified for next season’s UCL but will play in the Europa League.

      • Miss_Nana says:

        One more thing: when we mentioned Valencia and Sevilla in yesterday’s conversation (below), it wasn’t in a bad way. We were just giving examples of other teams that could (and should) be up there with Barça and Real fighting for the title but for one or other reason, unfortunately, couldn’t keep up. Like I said, La Liga (and the UCL and the Europa League) would benefit a lot if other teams could fight not only for the title but also for the European spots. Because I doubt that someone likes to see the same teams winning and qualifying for Europe every single season. That’s why I “celebrated” so much when Tottenham qualified for the UCL and that’s why it will be good to see teams that hadn’t qualified for a European final in a long time (like Inter, Bayern and Atletico) or had never qualified (like Fulham) in their history. Hope everything is clear and explained.

        • Zlatanista says:

          Let me just add to all the wisdom from you guys that neither did i intend to be disrespectful in my remarks about La liga yesterday. I actually hope that next season will be more exciting, and that the referees will finally do their job.

          We can all look forward to a World Cup this year with many of our favourite players in the same team, yey!

          • Miss_Nana says:

            That's right. We were not being disrespectful. Like I said, we were just giving examples of teams that could be fighting for the title with Barça and Real but, for one or more reasons, are not. And we all hope that next season will be much better than the previous one. The referees in Spain (and in other countries, like here in Brazil) really have to do their jobs correctly. They too are responsible for giving us better games and a better championship. Now let's all look forward to the World Cup and seeing many of our favorite players representing their countries with their hearts, souls and pride.

            • Gina says:

              Oh, I didn't all think you girls were being disrespectful or slating any teams. I was merely pointing out why for Valencia at least, because they're what I know best, they were not challenging for the title this season.

              I think they should put us all in charge of officiating games. While I can't promise I will be entirely lacking in bias towards my team, I certainly will not be giving every decision just on the basis of who they are, which is what match officials in Spain tend do do. A player from the team raises their hand for offside and the referee blows the whistle, only for replays to show it was miles onside. Reverse the situation and say a player from said team is half a mile offside. Oh that's ok, he wasn't interfering. He only scored a goal. Yes, because that's totally fair play.. *rolls eyes*

              I hope we can have fairness next season. Give me a break here people, Dahveed Veeyah plays for my team and the offside flag is his BFF. I don't need you silly match officials making it worse by flagging him even when he's NOT offside, it's a rare enough event!

              • Miss_Nana says:

                Ah, Gina, if we were put in charge of our teams' games, I think it would be difficult to make decisions that would go against them because, after all, we want them to win :P . But what happens in Spain in terms of refereeing is, unfortunately, what happens in other countries as well. Here in Brazil, every single week we have coaches, players and supporters complaining about the refereeing. And, trust me, they (the refs) are very bad here too. Let's all hope there will be some improvement next season, so we can enjoy a much better and fair championship with more than two teams fighting for the title. PS: I don't think David Villa is flagged more often than, for example, Diego Milito… I think the offside flag is his BFF too. :P

  3. KatiGaray says:

    I really hope Valladolid cause a huge upset Barca is so gay!!! and Real deserves to win cause they have the sexiest squad ever!!!! OMG Ramos is just love, life and sex on legs!!! Can't wait to see him here in June, hopeful;ly i run into him somewher, i think ima camp out by the Spanish training grounds lol!!! Hala Madrid!!!

    • Aianna says:

      Hi. Since when did it happen that the basis of losing is on gayness? And when did it happen that a team deserves to win just because they're 'the sexiest squad' ever? Maybe you're watching the wrong sport hun. It's not a modeling contest. It's a FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Just reminding you.

      • Zlatanista says:

        Right you are! And btw, i would not care if every single player in Barca, including gorgeous Pep, were as gay as…well gay, as long as the played their style of football and kept on winning! I love them all!

    • Yasmin says:

      I think they call fans like u 'glory hunters'. If ur watching football because of the 'hot players' then ur watching it for TOTALLY the wrong reasons…. I love Barca with all my heart and it upsets me to think that 'fans' like u are dissing barca for stupid reasons…. even tho calling stuff gay isn't really much of an insult : Barca deserves to win and hopeful we WILL win it!

      wow… seriously? nothing annoys me more than *FAKE* football fans…. -.-"

  4. Miss_Nana says:

    To Zlatanista: and you can be sure that I won’t be complaining at all if our Barça boys win the title on Sunday.

  5. Yasmin says:

    Reminds me of Serie A of two seasons ago and La Liga of three (or four?) seasons ago (except the La Liga teams were reversed)…

  6. Inés says:

    well done Bayern and also Benfica!
    I’d love RM and Inter to win!

  7. elnino says:

    Well done Kickette! It's been a while since I've seen Sergio's hot self on your page! His goal was just awesome! He did it because he wanted to like "oh I'll score right now.." and BAM! Keep it up Real!! We're going for 1t place!!

  8. Syrian! says:


  9. Deffo-Nando says:

    I'm soooooo ridiculously happy for bayern. I hope they win the CL. Anyone else think Bastuber is reallyyyyy fine, or is it just me?

    And Cesc is too cute. lol.

    • Miss_Nana says:

      I agree with you that Badstuber looks really nice. I think he is very cute. And I'm also very happy with the Bundesliga title. I hope they can win the treble or at least the double.

    • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

      I’ve claimed Badstuber, thanks.

  10. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Must say, Michael Ballack looks amazing there. Yum.

  11. juventina says:

    Chanel Totti looks EXACTLY like her daddy! His kids are adorable!

  12. carly says:

    hahaha this post is so hilarious! Well done Kickette and whoever took that photo of Van Gaal and his flying hair.

  13. Roxane88 says:

    Come on Romaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Even if I'm such a big supporter of Cagliari Calcio, last sunday I wasn't sad!!! Totti's family is beautiful, in fact here in Italy are so famous and so loved!! Francesco and Ilary made so many spots for Vodafone!!

  14. Miss_Nana says:

    Oh, Barça… you really scared me on saturday, but hopefully we will finally clinch the title on the final day of the season. I have to say that I want Roma to win the Scudetto, simply because I’m tired of seeing Inter winning all the time. Totti’s kids… they are so cute! Cristian is like a ‘mini’ Francesco. BTW, is Ilary really pregnant again? And Bayern… yes!!! Deutscher Meister again! I’m so happy. Now for the treble… or double.

  15. tammyv says:

    [I]Inspired by Spur’s celebratory dousing of manager Harry Redknapp last week, Bastian Schweinsteiger creates his own manager/fruit-based beverage interface (above). Um, not sure everyone will be laughing at that one.[/I]

    and inspired by every American sports celebration for the last 25+ years. The Gatoraide bath

  16. Ella says:

    Sergio's body is second only to Cristiano's IMO, which is a huge compliment! :-) And I'm LOL at Jose as Heathcliff, love it!

  17. AnnaBlume says:

    Inspired by Spur’s celebratory dousing of manager Harry Redknapp last week

    The "Bierdusche" (= beer shower) has been part of the Bundesliga champions' celebrations for years though. ;)

    In Munich, they traditionally use these huge glasses of wheat beer. There's a before picture here:…

  18. C16 says:

    I'm not interested unless Real wins the league.

  19. Mel says:

    I'll have some of The Ramos please :D

  20. senora ramos says:

    sergio <3 that was a beautiful goal love! so proud of my boys for fighting so hard. there is no shame to be had in being 2nd place this year. barca deserve 1st if they get their 99 points. what a record breaking year for the top 2 teams. 32 wins, 98 (hopeful) points, passing the century mark for goals for only the second time ever! and people want to fire pelle and hire jose.

    btw, sergio, you are so damn fit. ::faints::

    • Mel says:

      Excuse me, where is your esperanza for real as champions? All it takes is a real win and a barca tie, or better a real win and a barca loss. It could happen, no one knows until the last round of the liga is played.

      • Thea says:

        dream on!!!!!!!

        • Miss_Nana says:

          Agreed, Thea. Vamos Barça!

        • Mel says:

          Oh I will!!!!!! The champions are not found until both all games have been played. I believe Real Madrid has offered a reward to Valladolid if they beat Barcelona ;P

          • Syrian! says:

            haha lmaoo I agree wiz mel!! nothing played yet :D who knows baca will draw :D DD ( hoping, dreaming, praying this will happend ) :D

            • Mel says:

              Exactly!!! Those catalans are too cocky!!! No one has won the gold until the last round is over! It might seem that Barca would win gold because they are one point ahead, but that does not equal gold before the last games have been played. Anything can happen, and I believe Valladolid needs a victory to stay in the league, so they will put up a hell of a fight!

      • senora ramos says:

        oh, hon, i know. i’m just prepping myself not to be utterly gutted next sunday if my prayers aren’t answered. am more than pulling for a valladolid win or draw. but am proud of those boys either way. especially after the fall apart last year and the fight this year. i know we will win next sunday, just realise it’s not in our hands even if we do. i am ready for a party at cibeles next sunday!! HALA MADRID!

        • senora ramos says:

          and people think madridista are too cocky ::rollseyes::

          it's not over til it's over. is it unlikely, i'll give that to you. but not impossible

        • Mel says:

          As I wrote to Thea, I believe Real has offered a reward to Valladolid if they beat Barca ;)

          What's wrong in being optimistic? It's a whole lot better than being realistic. And optimism is more fun, realistic people are negative and dull.

          Who ever wins the championship, deserves it, because it's been a hell of a season for both teams, I am so proud of Reals comeback this spring, what an amazing halfseason!! But I recognize Barcelona has been very consistent. They have had a great season also.

          But my heart still beats for Real, and The Ramos in particular! :D

          It's gonna hurt if Real "only" wins silver, because I kind of believe silver is what you get, because you lost the gold, but they deserve a medal, and if Barca had been less good, Real would have gotten gold, they deserve gold, but Barca has been better against Real, unfortunately.

          • Miss_Nana says:

            I think both Barça and Real deserve the title. Sadly, only one can win it. But they sure made this season in La Liga look very much like a two team championship.

            • Mel says:

              Yeah, the one with the most points in the end will win… Both teams deserve to win equally.

              If barca wins the championship, I will take comfort in the thought of a CL final at Bernabeu WITHOUT barca :D :D :D :D :D

              Because they are not in that final, they may have the title, we'll take it back next year for sure!!! It belongs in Madrid! Real is after all the most wining club in the world in the 21. century. Most of those wins are a little ancient now, so we need newer ones!

            • senora ramos says:

              they certainly made it a tense interesting 2nd half of the season. and sadly made everyone think that the rest of la liga sucks. which is wrong in so many ways!! other teams were just more inconsitant (sp) but this has been my favorite season regardless of who wins!!

              • senora ramos says:

                *glaring at valencia and sevilla in the statement of inconsitancy (sp) (hurts when you’re other teams play so well one week and then like otter crap the next)

                • senora ramos says:

                  utter, lol, i hate mondays!!

                  • Miss_Nana says:

                    I hate mondays too. And I agree with you that the second half of the season was very interesting and we could have a much better and entertaining championship if the other teams (Sevilla, Valencia…) weren’t so inconsistant.

                    • Zlatanista says:

                      Yes, i agree. La liga would be a little more interesting with a few more teams as serious contenders. But, on the other hand, if the Barcaboys win you will hear no complaining from me!!

                    • Aianna says:

                      As Gina said, Valencia has had a slew of problems and I need not repeat them, she had already explained them concisely. Let me just also say that Valencia is in a period of transition and reconstruction. You can't rebuild a great team in a year or two, or even three, given their financial situation. Imo, our manager has done a very good job, he has pulled us out of 10th place into 6th in a year, and from 6th to 3rd this year. And he's done all that with the very limited resources, free transfers, injury plagues, etc etc. His objective was to finish the season in third place and qualify for the CL. That objective was very well met.

                      As for Sevilla, they were quite plagued by injuries too and they have had to adapt to a change of managers. Changing managers in the middle of the season is always a challenge and imo they have handled it quite well. They're still in contention for 4th place and a CL spot despite this.

                      Yeah, the points gap is quite big, but again, see Gina's reasons. First, the injuries. Imagine if you were in our situation, without any backups because of the lack of funds to sign new players. Imagine if Ronaldo had to play as a backup LB for Marcelo. Or if Xavi had to play as a backup for Pique. Or imagine if RM or Barca didn't have enough resources to sign new people fullstop. RM would be a better example. If they didn't have the money to hoard all the players, would you have had a great season? Take away your money, and Ronaldo, Kaka, Albiol, Xabi and Arby, then let's see what would've happened. All I'm saying is, Barca and RM have the resources to help them, all the other teams do not.

                      You say that other teams are inconsistent, but do you even see what problems they are faced with? No.

                      See, Valencia would've still been in the EL semifinals if only we weren't screwed by referees. A ripped shirt (as mentioned), phantom fouls and penalties, suspensions, giveaway goals, injuries… Regardless of that, we finished in third place. We've been holding on to that third place spot for quite a while and we have been consistent in that aspect as we have finished third. Sevilla is continuing to prove that they are no team to be snubbed, as they are fighting for 4th place and will be in the Copa del Rey final.

                      Let me ask you, how did YOU do in the CL and the Copa del Rey?

                      So yeah, it's unfair for you to say stuff about other teams when you don't know anything about them at all.

                    • Gina says:

                      I have to disagree with you there. It’s not just inconsistency that has cost Valencia a higher points finish and more of a chance at the title in the second half of the season. Firstly, look at the finances RM and Barca have and compare it to the pennies Valencia and Sevilla have dished out over the transfer windows. Most of the summer signings Valencia made were free transfers or cost very little. They’re in so much debt and it’s so badly managed, they couldn’t afford to splash the cash the way the top two have AND survive.

                      Secondly, I can’t say much for Sevilla, but at least for Valencia, i can say they have played the majority of the second half of the season with a minimum of two midfielders in their defence due to an obscene amount of injuries. I’d pay good money to have seen Barca or RM play with two midfielders in defence, one of who is actually only 21 and this was his first season in the top flight. He’s a left winger, got thrown in at left back and has coped fantastically well. Never mind that because they are supposedly bigger teams, Barca and RM have the backing of referees in 50-50 decisions. Valencia can’t even get a penalty when their player’s shirt is visibly ripped to shreds inside the box. Right in front of those useless referees they have placed on the goal line.

                      Given the situation, I think they did a damn good job to hold onto third and get back to the CL where they belong. I for one and incredibly proud of them and don’t think they have been inconsistent as much as unlucky with injuries, poor decisions and some very strange managerial choices at times.

                      And yes, I am a Valencia fan who admittedly doesn’t much care for RM or Barca. I appreciate good football when I see it, and they’re easily the two best teams in La Liga, but in no way do I think the gap is that big between second and third in terms of ability. All of the above mentioned things have had an impact, it’s not as simple as being consistent or inconsistent.

          • senora ramos says:

            it’s lucky and unlucky that they (and we) are playing teams trying to stave off regulation. i will be more optimistic (blaming monday on the realism). i do agree that both teams have been lights out this season and both deserve it. and you and i are on the same page with gitano. love of my dreams he is!!

            • senora ramos says:

              relegation. omg i just need to stop typing today. please ignor all of my pathetic attempts at spelling :D

              • Mel says:

                Yes, please be more optimistic tomorrow ;) I'm sorry be he is all mine! I have a that thing you put over your eyes to sleep, not sure what the english word is, and also too lazy to look ik up. That thing says: Future Mrs. Ramos. If it is printed on such a thing, it must be true ;P

                • senora ramos says:

                  i would at least share. lol! ::wah:: oh the things i would do to that man…sorry, more optimistic, got it! lol!

                  • senora ramos says:

                    and i just call it an eye mask. which isn't the right word, but gets the idea across, lol! i forget what they are actually called.

                    • Mel says:

                      Okay, I will share, until I marry him ;P No I'm kidding, we can share. Sharing is caring after all!

                      An eye-mask, not really that classy but I'll take it ;)

                    • senora ramos says:

                      looked it up. eye pillow. lol!

                      and we know sergio has more than enough stamina for all of us. and i think he would like sharing. lol!

                    • Mel says:

                      it is hardly a pillow is it….. A very small, soft and flat pillow, no feathers at all. Oh yes, he is all about sharing ;)

  21. Innocenza says:

    Zlatan didn't play on Saturday.

  22. mamaly says:

    Jose more like Mr. Rochester