March 29th, 2010

Weekend Results: Exciting And… Erotic

Spring has sprung ladies, and as we all know, in Springtime a young footballer’s thoughts turn to love. Or, in the case of Celtic’s Josh Thompson, something else entirely. We are not the only ones to think this goal celebration looks a bit, well, thorough, are we?

Anyway, Robbie seems pleased. The matter has been referred to the Kickette Short Tent Institute and we will revert in due course.

Another rather alarming/sshweet manifestation of ‘baller joy came from Stamford Bridge where it appears that Frank Lampard has forgiven John Terry for his recent betrayal and rekindled their love. He celebrated by scoring four of the seven goals that Chelsea put past Aston Villa on Saturday. John is grateful.

Fernando Torres has also relocated his scoring mojo but apparently not the telephone number of the hairdresser we have been sending to him every hour, on the hour.

Manchester United beat Bolton 4-0. This isn’t news as such, because – well, you know, but we really liked this picture of Nemanja Vidic and thought you would too.

All this of course, is bad news for Arsenal fans, who not only had to contend with a late equalizer that may/may not threaten their chances in the EPL title race but now there’s also a knee situ for Cescy Fab, which if true will definitely threaten their chances in this week’s Champions League tie against Barcelona.

Wins for the Seattle Sounders, Real Salt Lake & Kansas City Wizards on the first weekend of the new MLS season. Fill us in on the special deets about your team, please, US Kickettes! (And by special deets, we mean sexy players, obviously.)

A big congratulations to Marseille, who won the League Cup over Bordeaux 3-1, ending a 17 years title drought. Well done! We will now race to comfort Yoann in his time of shirtless (we hope) need.

And finally, the Madrid derby took place last night. Whether Iker removed his shorts in relief at Real’s rather inevitable second half comeback or was simply trying to send an apologetic message to the Kickette office over this, we are unsure. We also no longer care.

Your thoughts on la weekend, please?

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58 Responses to “Weekend Results: Exciting And… Erotic”

  1. aps says:

    That first pic is disturbing

  2. FootballerChick43 - says:

    The Chelsea result – amazing. More please :)

    The Kentucky result – not so much, lol. Sorry to bring in the basketball aspect but…. oy.

  3. NandosGirl says:

    Torres played brilliantly, obviously. That first goal was an absolute peach, curling in just right. All in all, my boys made me proud :)

  4. Molly says:

    I just wanted to start out by congratulating my Lampsy on his four goals over the weekend but I'm going to have to stop my love affair with him until after the Manchester United-Chelsea game on saturday. Sorry Frankie but I hope you don't have as good of a game :) I'll always love you though lol!!

  5. MrsNesta says:

    Totally gutted about the Arsenal game :( and hearing different reports about whether Cesc is going to be fit for Wednesday? I’ve got a knot in my stomach and may need alcohol (lots) to get through the match!

    Juve got a win :) after being pelted with eggs and Zebina getting slapped in the face :(

    • Thea says:

      I know Wednesday will will be stressful, but have Yoann to watch tomorrow night to take my mind if it!

      • MrsNesta says:

        Thea thats a great idea, haven't spent much time on Yoann (you know so many leagues so little time) but can always start now :)

        Think its going to be a cracker of a match on Wednesday!

        • Thea says:

          today's schedule, work (laced with Kickette breaks of course) gym, glass of wine, Yoann…..Bliss.

    • Molly says:

      OMG were they pelted with eggs because of the protest and stuff lol?? I can't believe he got slapped lol thats too much. Now I wish I would have seen it… oh well :( lol.

    • MrsNesta says:

      *sorry not face (but thats where you usually get slapped, well most of the time)

  6. No wonder Claudine Keane always looks that happy, mamma mia!

  7. MUfcMarie says:

    Need to stress that the Robbie Keane photograph is fabulous! As for the US, I went to New York City this weekend and the home opener at the new Red Bull Arena. It's gorgeous! I think the prettiest thing that they have to put on the field was Carl Robinson though. Cheers, Wales!

  8. It was a good weekend all around. Especially since Liverpool had their best 45 minutes of the entire season. AND Nando scored two absolute peaches of goals.

  9. Mrs.Higuain says:

    Vida is the man.haters to the left.

  10. LuvinBale says:

    Unfortunately the new Philly Union team has no Grade A meat to ogle. So sad, I was really hoping that we would have a good team plus some man meat to look at. Alas, we lost our first game and no hotness to show for it. :(

    • senora ramos says:

      but they have the xtreme mohawk. and i love their unis. and y'all are the sons of ben (which i think is a cool nickname)

      i am finding that spainish teams have made me too much of a snob for goodlooking american teams. i guess i'll go for landycakes.

      • So true! I've been spoiled by the Spanish (visca barca)! But we do have some quality eye candy here in the states

        • senora ramos says:

          the problem is they are too spaced out. lol. you have rm and barca with total eye candy. valencia got a lot of good looking guys, as does sevilla. ok, totally obsessed with la liga.

          i think that the 504 needs an mls team. i'd be all on that!! we'd have the most swag in the league!! lol! dc has some nice looking guys. and the galaxy. i guess i'll have to watch some more to decide who to go with.

      • tammyv says:

        The USNMT is filled with pretty, pretty boys: Carlos Bocanergra, Gooch, Timmy H, Baby Bradley, Stu Holden, etc

        • senora ramos says:

          no arguments here. lots of hotness on the national team!! go yanks!

          • senora ramos says:

            also, it's hard for me to say yanks. i blame it on the northern war of aggression against the south :)

            i wish people would not refer to us as that/rant over

            • MrsNesta says:

              I'll have to start reading your posts with a southern accent, usually I read them with a spanish one Senora lol :)

              • senora ramos says:

                lol mrsnesta, i wish i had some kind of spainish accent (i think they are rather sexy). but i'm just a lil ol' southern bell

  11. tammyv says:

    I am a DC United Fan and you already are well aware of your pretty boy situation.

    But for those not so fimilar:

  12. shay says:

    Did you catch Denilson giving Gardner that long, lingering full body hug when the fell to the grass after a tackle. Very sensous.

  13. Alisha! says:

    Yuck…Celtic…! Great that Torres scored…gutted that Cesc got injured and Arsenal drew with B’ham….Barca won though :D Then Real won :( And Roma beat Inter!!!! :D

  14. Vida is just all kinds of sweaty, hot, sweaty man.

  15. imhereforthenando says:

    It was a morale-booster at Anfield this weekend, with Fernando reminding me time and time again why I probably will never be able to marry because I am holding out for that sexy Spaniard to realize how perfect we are for each other.

    Really sad about Cesc. I'm pulling for Arsenal over Barca this week, so I hope that he can make it back in time!

  16. Inés says:

    I like Vida in that pic, he looks so hot! well….he is hot!

    Oh NO! Poor Cescy! The match against Barça isn't the same without him!

  17. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Liverpool!! Nando is back to his goal machine glory.

    And Seattle Sounders is my MLS team! Freddie Ljungberg is obviously some mancandy on that team :P and Fredy Montero is quite cute as well.

  18. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    Horrible results. I was absolutely devastated. From total euphoria (thank U, Samir, my love) to utter despair (well… you know who). I'd like to believe it's not entirely over, but now our chances are very slim.

    As for our 1/4 final against Barcelona – frankly, I don't care anymore.

    • Begum says:

      i swear the over speculations and cesc vs. messi has taken all the fun out of it =( and now whether they win or lose doesn't matter anymore as long as no one gets injured ….

  19. Hello fabulous Kickettes! First off, the Josh & Robbie action is a great way to start my day!

    After being kickette fans for a while, we've decided to bring a much needed female perspective to the MLS team the LA Galaxy….because of the hotness factor, natch! Come visit us and tell us what you think!

    We're working on getting the lads to give us more manlove action, these MLS boys are a little shy.

    • tammyv says:

      I love Omar (as headlock as HDC Section 232 calls him). He has gotton away with more fouls then any kid I have ever seen I think, including several times putting players in headlocks.

      I am a DC United fan who lives in LA so I have have Galaxy season tickets. FYI – DC has prettier boys

  20. SweetVito says:

    I heard about the Iker-shorts-removal! Does ANYONE have the photos of this? Also in this weekend of eroticism Kickette, how could you neglect to include the Denilson/Gardner snuggle time that went down in the Arsenal-Birmingham match?

    • Nate says:

      Agreed, I am inappropriately obsessed with finding a pic of Iker's shorts situation now that I have heard about it.

      • MrsNesta says:

        Me too, thinks its very unfair to tease us like this!

        • Molly says:

          I’ve been obsessively looking for those photos of Iker without his shorts since I got home from work…unfortunately no luck yet :( .

          • MrsNesta says:

            LOL have been watching highlights of the match on youtube hoping to see something but think camera wasn't on him at the time, apparently it happened after AM scored a goal (I think I read that somewhere but can't find the article now!!)

            • Molly says:

              Thats a great idea MrsNesta. I think I’m going to go look at the highlights hoping and praying that I will see something lol.

  21. carly says:

    The Incredible Hulk was back after 98 days of suspension in the portuguese league. Yay. And he did great, oh yes.

    Elsewhere, it's great to see how Spurs are holding on to the top spots, I hope they can stay strong despite the injuries and the difficult matches ahead.

  22. senora ramos says:

    i need an mls team, so loyal girls (such a traitor hear for la liga) please help. was thinking dynamo, but can't get over the ut look of their kit (louisiana girl here).

    weekend worked out well as we got the 3 points. midfield looked awful in the 1st half. xabi looked particularly awful other than the goal and a couple of nice passes. should've gotten red for handball. 10 years and counting!!

    also, sergio must have read that i needed more nakedness because day-um there was a WONDERFULLY SEXY view on my tv in the 2nd half!!

    maybe it was a primer for getting in his birthday suit for tomorrow.

    • MUfcMarie says:

      I'm a Dynamo supporter! Not a great result for us on opening day, but I'm optimistic that it will be a great season. The orange is quite horrible, I will admit. But have you SEEN Bobby Boswell and Mike Chabala? Google google google. You will not regret!

      • We've interviewed Bobby. Search our archives and enjoy.

        • MUfcMarie says:

          Oh I know. And I'm still gutted he never made Finest 5! He had some pretty tough competition though…

      • senora ramos says:

        OH! yummy! i watched a bit of the match sat. i wanted to cheer for them since i'm about 3-4 hours away from houston, but they seriously look like the university of texas. and i'm an lsu girl. i'll try to get over it. b/c those 2 are hella hot!!

        also, in totally unrelated/related news i would like to wish a happy birthday to sexy, completely lovely and mind-numbingly gorgeous el ramos.

  23. Louise says:

    Wait, don't tell me Kickette is souring to Iker because of Pastasauce! He could have done much, much worse. Just focus on him arms in that shirt in the pics and not the rest…

    And the Madrid derby featured much Xabi tongue, so it was a good result all around.