October 22nd, 2012

Weekend Results: Exciting Games, Erroneous Galleries

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Image: Getty Images/Getty Images Europe. Serie A photos H/T @LaDiavolina.

In keeping with our promise to never write about real news like transfers, sports stats or the offside rule, we come bearing photo gallery gifts only today.


Gallery: The Prem In Pictures
Gallery: A Look At Some Spanish Studs
Gallery: Snapshots Of Serie A Stallions

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28 Responses to “Weekend Results: Exciting Games, Erroneous Galleries”

  1. S.P.D says:


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  2. n there to support my team, and Rod is a total legend! Also it's so nice to read all the nice comments about Celtic, I am so proud of them! Not only that i cannot believe i got to see Barca! Bringing

  3. liz1 says:

    but what about Gareth bale's baby girl???

  4. Liz says:

    Any news on GARETH bales baby girl?

  5. Mmm says:

    Why, why has there been no mention of the Sergio Ramos Men's Health video yet?!?

  6. Gladys says:

    Speaking of Mata…have you been reading his Monday columns? (in English and Spanish):

    Just lovely to see him talking about his current and former teammates. If they gave out a Golden Gentleman award, it would have to go to him. (Heck, the way he's been playing, maybe he'll have a shot at the other golden award soon.)

  7. Afsheen says:

    Hey In the Serie Snapshot you forgot this picture http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc9jshdqz91qhp0…
    So Worth the Include

  8. IrishBlue says:

    Mata makes my heart do all sorts of fluttery things!!

    Any news on Gareth Bale's baby!?

  9. Sarah, Madrid says:

    There was nothing good came from RM other than fact that we won 3 point, Iker saved something un-savable, Pipita attempted to cross but he scored a Golazo, thats pretty much the 90 minutes and oh Cristano playing with Pain again!

    Dortmund next too excited for this one!

  10. Kristina says:

    That was a crazy, wonderful game, the Barca vs Deportivo game! Everything that could happen, happened. I don't understand supporters who are complaining. What? How fun is it to see Barca thrash opponents with 8-0? Not much. I love games like these. Cutie pie Jordi scored for both Barca and Depor, unfortunately. But he looked absolutely edible in the process. And Messi scored his first hat trick for the season, yay! I love the balance that he had when he scored his third. Not many footballers would've/could've stayed on his feet like he did. He doesn't fall easily.

    Oh , and Martin Caceres scored! Good for him! And good for us since he took his jersey off. He's one hot man…

    I'm a bit sad that I'm too busy nowadays to follow the EPL as well.

    • Gladys says:

      I know. Poor Alba. He really book-ended the match, didn't he? Even he seemed to find it funny. What can you do? I complained above about Masch and Busi out but I am enjoying Song. He seems to be really getting up to speed. And can't wait to see more Bartra and Montoya on the pitch.

      On another note, did you see that Fontas just started for Mallorca today? Unfortunately, they lost to Sevilla (sounded like another exciting game) but I'm so glad to see him get playing time. Ibi on loan. Fontas on loan. Thiago out on crutches. Guess I'll just have to love Barca for their minds. ;)

      • Kristina says:

        I guess it will have to do, Gladys ;) . When is he going to play Bartra? Montoya is really good though, always nice to see the "little ones" succeed. I saw the Sevilla – Mallorca game. It was a very entertaining game. It could've been a lot more goals for Sevilla. I don't now how many shots on goal Navas had, but it just wasn't his day yesterday. I wish every good thing for Fontas, though. I hope he will be a starter.

        And oh yes, our boy Thiago on crutches again…It hurts doesn't it?

  11. tammyv says:

    WAIT, WTF? GIGI CUT HIS HAIR??? Canna's growing hair, Gigi's cutting hair… I cannot with this madness

    Also that was never a red card on Tiote, it was simply on reputation but god knows he has gotten away with enough redcardable tackles that I cannot complaint too much

  12. Gladys says:

    Messi and Mata hat-tricks. Falcao's first free-kick goal ever (and game winner). And Valencia score two in the final three to win (with a consolation brace for Bilbao's lovely Aritz Aduriz, aka Nando's older brother). A pretty nice weekend, overall.

    • Kristina says:

      Right you are, Gladys! ATM is at the top of the table now aren't they? Falcao is fantastic! And for Messi..there is just no words.

      • Gladys says:

        I think Barca may be considered above them because of goals scored but what a crazy game that was, right? Goals scored and goals let in. It was strange watching the best attacking with the worst defending combined in one team. No more clean sheets for Valdez it seems. And much respect to Deportivo for it. They really fought on when it seemed like an annihilation was on the way. Not too happy with Rikki's dive and Masch's red (less about the send off, since it happens to all teams, and more that FCB is left without both him and Busi for the next game), but the game was super thrilling. And of course, what better way to wish your mom happy mother's day (in Argentina) than a hat-trick! Leo is a living doll. (I know as a Barca fan, that I'm not supposed to like Chelsea but I feel the same way about Mata…couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Same with Falcao. Hard to be unhappy with anything that happens for him.)

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I get you about Mata ( although am bit biased since I am madridista) there is something so beautiful about him that you just want support him whatever he does! speaking of him, I know since you are fan of him and Granero, apparently one of the main reason why Granero left to QPR ( breaks my heart every single time and his team isn't doing good make it worse) is for me him to stay closer to Mata, they had some sort of pact to one live in the same city ( RM, it could been Madrid) :(
          Crazy game, alot of goals, crazy referees, typical Spanish football! love it, love it more if you lost won't lie of course but still in the end it was just entertaining

          • Deb Stimson says:

            Yeah, shame that it wasn't Madrid. :( Really gutted for Pirata. He's doing well but his team is not. Their defense is not that good and it's hurting them. One bright spot for me is that Juan is so close that hopefully, he's helping cheer Pirata up.

            • gin_in_teacups says:

              Same. I'm still heart broken about Pirata, but I do love the idea of him and Juan chillin around London together.

          • Gladys says:

            I know. He and Granero are too adorable together. It's sweet that they're in the same city, but I do wish QPR were doing better. (I hear they may be getting a famous manager soon– maybe that will turn things around.) Though it's nice to see him getting so much playing time. There are rumors that Adrián, who's another friend of Mata's, is being eyed by Arsenal. Even though I don't want him to leave La Liga (which seems inevitable with Atletico's striker history), it kills me with cuteness to think of the three of them in London (not to mention that Santi's also there.)

        • Kristina says:

          Mata is a darling! I can't hold anything against him. Not even his current choice of club ;) . Wish him all the best!

    • Deb Stimson says:

      Juanito had a brace not a hat-trick. ;) Love that kid!

      • Gladys says:

        Thanks. Yeah, I missed the last two goals and my Twitter feed made it seem like Sturridge's goal was Mata's, but they must have meant an assist.

  13. AC_USA says:

    Dzeko and Hart :) )) In love with these 2 :)

  14. liz2 says:


  15. anna says:

    No Bundesliga? :(

  16. OhDear says:

    Gignac broke his foot, will be out for six weeks. Poor guy.