September 13th, 2010

Weekend Results: Good For You?

Ahem. Sorry. Images: Reuters, Getty Images & AP Photo via Daylife & Zimbio

While we were busily obsessing about what Sylvie Van Der Vaart was going to bring to the Premier League, we completely neglected to outline what her hubby has to offer. In light of recent events (above), we realise the error of our ways.

It’s a travesty. And we are truly sorry.

Suitably chastened and by way of apology, we would like to offer us our regular (and always thrilling) whistle stop tour of the other important results in this weekend’s games. We only hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us.


We might have been totally mesmerised by it, but Rafa’s tent during Spurs 1-1 draw at West Bromwich Albion wasn’t the only exciting point of interest in the EPL this weekend. Manchester United allowed a 3-1 victory to slip through their fingers at Everton, goals from Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta in injury time snatching an unlikely draw.

Wayne Rooney did not travel, manager Alex Ferguson stating that he didn’t want to subject his player to the kind of abuse he was likely to receive from his former club’s fans.

To be fair to the guy, we can’t fault his logic.

There were also victories for injury hit Arsenal, who beat Bolton 4-1 and Chelsea, who made it four out of four with a 3-1 win against West Ham. Liverpool drew 0-0 away at Birmingham, prompting more mumblings about the stuttering form of Fernando Torres.

Ligue 1

Toulouse remain top of the table in France, despite their first defeat of the season at home to St Etienne. Champions Marseille continued their alarming run of form, twice coming from behind to draw 2-2 with Monaco.

Marseille’s coach Didier Deschamps wore this tracksuit (left) during the game. We feel this may be contributing to the problem.

La Liga

Do Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho’s ‘special’ skills run to voodoo (left)? This may be the only palatable explanation as to how newly promoted Hercules managed to beat Barcelona 0-2 at the Nou Camp. Even Gerard Pique’s go-to tactic of rampant bloodshed was insufficient to turn the game around. Sadly.

Meanwhile, Mourinho was busily upping his smugness quotient to intolerable by celebrating his first league win with Real Madrid, the joy only magnified by the fact that his signing Ricardo Carvalho scored the only goal.

Atletico Madrid top the table on goal difference from Valencia after a nifty 2-1 away win against Athletic Bilbao. And yes. Diego Forlan scored.

Serie A

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s debut in an AC Milan shirt ended painfully, with the denim disturbing demi-god missing a penalty. Worse, his side were beaten 2-0 by newly promoted Cesena, leaving the Rossoneri languishing in seventh place after two games.

It was also a miserable weekend for Roma, thrashed 5-1 by Cagliari. Chievo are clear at the top of the table, their 3-1 win away at Genoa making it two wins out of two.


Bad news for Michael Ballack, who fractured his shin Bayer Leverkusen’s 2-2 draw with Hannover and is expected to be out for six weeks. This will be a blow for Ballack, not least because he was hoping to return as captain to the national side for the next round of Euro 2012 qualifiers in October.

TSG Hoffenheim are the unlikely table toppers on goal difference from Mainz, with last year’s champions Wolfsburg languishing in sixteenth place after a 2-0 defeat to Borussia Dortmund.

Whaddya say, Kickettes? Good, bad, indifferent? We know you’re dying to share…

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174 Responses to “Weekend Results: Good For You?”

  1. lulu says:

    HAHA to all you weak of heart!!!!!!!!!!!! Hercules who??????

  2. aristeia says:

    Un incubo… ‘na valanga de merda. There aren’t words, honestly. This weekend’s results can DIAF.

  3. Zahara (Spain NT, Ba says:

    very bad, bad weekend.

    i CANNOT stand to see my beautiful barca babies all sad :( and piqueeeee!!!!!!!!!sweet jesus baby do not do that to me again, i thought we agreed you wouldnt bleed after the those two WC matches when you bled from your lips (madre mia) and face (noooooo)…its okay mi amor, zahara and her friends from kickette are here to make you all better ;)

    to make it worse, real won..grrr (but nice to see el ramos and co.)

    on a slightly higher note, pepe reina was on fire against birmingham, sadly it was 0-0…

    also, there have been very few times when i have loved cesc more than i do at this moment…he will never do anything wrong in my eyes

  4. Leya says:

    Ohhh Liverpool.

    I feel like Fernando sort of lacks some chemistry with Liverpool….maybe chemistry isn't the word, idk, but something is lacking there, something he has regained with the Spanish national team but not quite with Liverpool yet. The commentators say confidence, and that could be it. I'm not sure what. I'm hoping when Joe Cole (finally) come back from his 3-game suspension (3 games SERIOUSLY lasts an eternity) that there will be a little more creativity in the midfield, creating more opportunities for Fern. Of course, this is not to say that Stevie G. and the rest aren't trying their damnedest, but I think that Joe Cole might be a good link between the mids and the strikers. Pepe was freaking awesome, though.

    Moving right along, the Arsenal-Bolton game…I don't know what happened there. I'm happy Arsenal won, but I feel bad for Bolton bc I didn't think that their player warranted that red card. It was a legit game up until that point, and then after that, it was all downhill for them. Though Arsenal did play very well. MAROUANE CHAMAKH!!!!!!! Seriously my new fave player! And Cescy was fabuloso per usual.

    Now if Chelsea would only just lose a game, Arsenal might overtake them in the standings!

    Lastly, BLACKPOOL! I don't know anything about them, really, but I enjoy cheering for the underdogs and for a team that's never been in the EPL, they are certainly having a very good showing thus far (except for the part where they got spanked by Arsenal, but that aside…)! <3

  5. Emme says:

    I have to say that Jose & Co. did themselves a gigantic favor by acquiring Sami Khedira and Mesut Ozil this past summer. For some reason, I just love those two. There is something very endearing about them. Kaka better watch his back!
    Very happy for Cesc & Arsenal and also for Boca and his new squad St Etienne. All around a good weekend!

  6. xoWinnie says:

    yay Arsenal! yay Chelsea! semi-yay Madrid! (i still think they can do better)

    overall a good weekend.

    anyways, speaking in a frank, non-fangirl-y way, this happens to Pique a lot, and he usually gets what he deserves in situations like these. he need to calm the hell down.

  7. Barca4life says:

    Oh my darling Piqué, I will wipe your blood and comfort you!!!

    P.S. While I am at it, I will convince you to join twitter and tweet with my other darling, Cesc!

  8. Lisa says:

    btw does anyone else think Deschamps looks totally badass in his tracksuit? He looks like he just came from filming this rap video:

  9. Hannahluvsnando says:

    Poor Pique! I would suggest that he wear a helmet for now on, but that would displease me for obvious reasons ;)

  10. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    this was a happy weekend for me, since chelsea and althetico madrid won :) was disappointed about liverpool’s draw, though… didn’t expect that.

  11. Rossanera says:

    I think we should take up a collection and buy Pique a helmet, because clearly that boy is bound to end up with brain damage in the next decade otherwise.

  12. meh says:

    What the hell is wrong with Gerrard Pique.

  13. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    Except for my precious Pique bleeding what seemed gallons of blood my weekend results were great. Of course my league isn't mention in here at all some did have to do with Euro conutries. Amercia won and we're finally playing like a team. Reyna is back and now we're going to do a lot better. I'm not an Arsenal fan nor a supporter in any way (no offense to anyone) but I am a fan of Vela and he got to play and scored which is good because my little man needed some extra love. His own country isn't supporting him just because he speaks the truth. Well, I do love the kid he's a great promise to us. Anyway, Barrera played too which is great and he scored too. Guardado played aswell but his team just tied a boring 0. The others didn't see time but hoping they will soon.

    I'm glad that Arsenal won because it all leads back to Pique…. lol…. I find any excuse to talk about him. If Cesc is happy Pique is happy even with his 6 stiches. He is a true fighter. Barca lost but we all know that La Roja has had full schedule ever since they got back from vacation so is understandable from my part the boys won't be 100% that fast. Just like winning isn't everything losing a couple of games isn't either. I'm only part Barca supporter (because America is my love)but I felt the lost. As for Pique's injuries, not sure what the man is made of but there was no scar from WCs incidents. Could Pique have yet another lover? Villa seemd to concerned for Pique that he almost bitchfaced Hercules players to death. Good Monday girls!:)

    • DebS says:

      Yea for America! I just love Ochoa! They haven't had a good season but I'm glad to see it's improving for them. I have my Tivo set to take the Mexican league matches but lately my Tivo is possessed and can't seem to get the right shows recorded. :

      The commentators for on Gala, Telemundo & Univision are my favorites. Granted I can't understand a lot of what's said but I am picking up more and more of what's talked about the more I watch it. The commentators are just so exited and passionate about the game and seem to have a blast announcing it.

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        Yeah Ochoa is making me happy because after having some personal issues because he didn't play in the WC he seemed a little out of touch. I love my little Ochoa and he has so much confidence now. My favorite commentators are Televisa, they own America but people always complain that they never critize them because they own them which isn't true. I hardly hear anything good coming from people about America. I guess no one can forget about those glorious 80's moments. But good or bad people always talk sh*** about them.

        The rival channel's commentators are such haters and not professional at all. During other games they always talk about America and calling them names which from fans totally understandable but not them. That's why I'm a little partial to Barca because I know the feeling of being the team to hate for whatever reason.

  14. NandoCesc lover says:

    The first place I heard about Pique and saw pictures was on Facebook. Poor him though, he's one of my favorite players overall on the how good they play and good looking scale :) But :( on his injury.

    Other than that, I'm ready for Nando to start scoring his multiple goals for Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Colleen says:

    Barca loosing definitely sucked, but we will redeem ourselves tomorrow against panithinaikos. no doubt

    And poor pique. He should be more careful haha

  16. fireworks says:

    no, I was very sad and afraid because of Emiliano Dudar. Nor THAT’S a horrible injury. I hope he’ll feel better soon. Poor man.

    • DebS says:

      Surprisingly, I had not heard about this.… Dudar in coma after Young Boys clash

      Must be swelling in the brain for them to put him in a drug induced coma. Best wishes to a speedy and full recovery.

      It is so amazing that there aren't more serious injuries like this in football. Those head clashes look so brutal!

  17. Zinny says:

    'Twas a bittersweet weekend. More bitter than sweet, actually.

    First of all, THE BARCA LOSS! It was really suprising, to say the least. Sigh…and poor Pique… Ah, I have hope that they'll learn from the loss and make sure it doesn't happen again.

    And then Nando. Sigh. The commentators kept talking about how "rusty" he is. I hope everything gets better. Poor nino seemed really frustrated with himself.

    The only bright spot was that Sex played like a Greek God against Bolton. That finally shut up the naysayers who claimed that he wasn't "trying" for Arsenal.

  18. mel says:

    barca lost 0-2!! i couldnt believe in my eyes… a totally sad weekend and then it became worse today when schools started :(

  19. JV says:

    Barca lost. ManU tied. Saturday sucked.

    As much as I disliked watching Barcelona fail at their own game (we had the all 80% of the time just like we like it and failed to score), I guess we had to have a giant f-up at some point in the season. Glad its over and I hope Pique's ok. That collision with the Hercules keeper looked so awful. And the blood… oy, the blood. At least he was shirtless at the end…

    ManU at Everton… bah, I just don't even know what to say. Get ear muffs Rooney cause your lyin' arse travels next time.

    At least USA won the FIBA championships yesterday!

    • DebS says:

      "ManU at Everton… bah, I just don’t even know what to say. Get ear muffs Rooney cause your lyin’ arse travels next time."


  20. C16 says:

    What's with Piqué getting hit all the time? Does he have some kind of magnet on his face?…. Seriously, poor guy. He's obviously a warrior but damn!

    Anyways, it was a good weekend for me!

  21. Rossanera says:

    Rotten weekend. Barca lost, Milan lost, Liverpool only manages a draw, and Inter and Madrid won. Blegh.

    I must say, though, that I think Hercules truly deserved that win – they put up a stellar fight, and it was heartwarming to see the underdogs topple Big Bad Barca (I know I'm a Barca fan and this is blasphemy, but when it comes down to it, the only side I'm really on is that of good football, and I really liked Hercules.)

    *runs from the rabid Barca mob*

    • Thea says:

      Well put Rossanera – I think Barca will bounce back!

    • Lisa says:

      no need to run sweetie, this barca fan agrees with everything you said. Although to me the worst part of that result was that it validated something Marca said about Hercules having seven players who had already defeated Barcelona in their careers. Anything that gives Marca even a shred of credibility cannot be good for football, or for my sanity.

    • DebS says:

      "I must say, though, that I think Hercules truly deserved that win – they put up a stellar fight, and it was heartwarming to see the underdogs topple Big Bad Barca (I know I’m a Barca fan and this is blasphemy, but when it comes down to it, the only side I’m really on is that of good football, and I really liked Hercules.)"


    • Zlatanista says:

      As i said in my comment below, i love it when the underdogs show no respect and just go straight for it. Unfortunately this time it was against Barca… I´m sure it won´t happen again. Anyway, Pique can´t afford loosing anymore blood, so they got to get their defence in order.

    • neenyah says:

      I agree with Lisa, Rossanera. No need to run. As I said also below, Hercules deserved that win. Our team was so sleepy and uninspired. Overall, I just got confused with what happened… Barca who dominated possession lost to a team whose main strategy was to defend-defend-defend. Barca B also lost and all these happened on National Catalunya Day… Still confuzzled.

      Pep said that there are no excuses, they lacked precision and fluidity. Yes, Pep, so now back to training and let’s win that CL game!!! :D

  22. Dutch-Gooner89 says:

    Am a very happy bunny…Arsenal winning and scoring one of goals of the season with our 24/25 passes and Vela finishing of the move, Love it! and ofcourse lovely Marouane scored again.

    One thing i did find harsh was the critisim of Torres by Jamie Redknapp, the blame should be shared out throughout the whole team not just Torres, that was uncalled for i think.

  23. Inés says:

    I can’t believe how Rooney could chicken out that way! his personal issues might be doing terrible to him!

    Arsenal did great! Cesc is back on track and Chamakh is on fire!

    RM didn’t play as good as expected, but I’m pretty sure they’ll get better!

  24. VeNia says:

    i've got two words for you.Not Good!i still can't believe Barca lost!!i guess i'll have to cope with it and be hopeful that they will be nice with -sadly my other team- panathinaikos!!

    • Rossanera says:

      Don’t your two teams face off tomorrow?

      • VeNia says:

        yes but i've found a way to be with both!in the first game i will be with Barca(since it's in Camp Nou)and in the second game(in wich i'm going!!yay!!)i'm going to be with Panathinaikos!

  25. liv says:

    Manchester United allowed a 3-1 victory to slip through their fingers at Everton; I still don’t know how the hell that happened, and is still in denial that it happened!

    • Kc95 says:

      I'm not even a big Man U. fan and I was stunned to silence. And meanwhile, somewhere in England, Chelsea rages along their war path.

  26. MadridistaJenn says:

    HALA MADRID! Glad to see Pepe back and CR’s recovery is impressive. They’re really starting to get a rhythm, even Ozil.

    *Side note: Pique is like of those dolls that wet themselves and make you change their nappy/diaper. That boy needs a box of tampons because he is a bleeder.

  27. DJ says:

    so pleased with Arsenal's result. and soooo immensely happy to see cesc back to his best especially after all those so-called "gunners" started questioning his loyalties to the club. i always knew that regardless of what his personal feelings are that cesc will always give his all on the field because he has too much respect for wenger, arsenal and the fans to do otherwise. Three assists and a part in the fourth goal – GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK CAPTAIN :D :D

    just so happy to see marouane score a header. its so rare for arsenal to score from set pieces. and really squallici was amazing yesterday. i really think he's our best signing this season especially since our defence has been MIA since 2006. just hope that arsene signs a GK in january. This result has also been such a godsent taking into account the number of injuries that we've had. bubblewrap for everyone :D :D

    And so joyously surprised that Barca lost especially to a newly promoted team :D :D (though PK bleeding broke my heart, i have a soft spot for him). just proves again absolutely how vital xavi is for them.

    and then Madrid winning just was the icing on the cake to end a perfect weekend. though i am worried for our forwards who seem to have lost their ability to score this season :( especially benzema who looks extremely lazy and not match fit. but we've really improved defensively and ozil finally justified his signing :)

  28. JulieFromParis says:

    Yeap, quite a good weekend no? A boring match for and from Madrid but still, a win it is! And PSG won as expected against Arles-A (no offence there but as newcomers, they have to adjust to Ligue 1 level). Shame was on PSG if they were beaten. So, all is good for Julie :)

  29. neenyah says:

    ALSO, I have to add….. WHAT ARE THE FOOTBALL GODS DOING TO BALLACK?????????? It's like they really don't want him to go back to playing for the Mannschaft! Get well, Micha! :(

  30. neenyah says:

    Barca lost – I am speechless, puzzled, confuzzled. At least I'm a bit happy that Spurs managed to end the game with a draw (VDV is such a good signing, y/y?).

    Anyway, Hercules deserved that win, congrats to them. (Who thinks that the international break was a big factor to our loss? I DO!! I FREAKIN DO! YEAH!) It's still a long way to go before La Liga ends so if anything, this is a learning experience for the team. I bet they'll crush Panathinaikos coz the blaugrana's hungry for a win. ;)

    • Zlatanista says:

      That´s the spirit neenyah!!! And Xavi will not allow Barca to do this poorly one more time! At least Pique is bleeding for the team. :) Seriously it looked terrible, it was good to see him come back on.

      • DebS says:

        Xavi definitely added more spark once Pep FINALLY put him in. I understand why Pep wanted to rest these guys if he could but he waited too long before putting them in. I bet it was killing Xavi to be on the bench watching it. :

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

          I think the same about Xavi and all that international crap. I love my Pique & Xavi but the guys need their rest and maybe some special treatment from me…oops I mean some more Xavi on the field. Both Spain and Barca need him to be on the field but only if he's well rested. Love for everyone especially Pique and his will to always fight win or lose.

          • neenyah says:

            Pique had a really bad game… but I was really proud of him when he came back on the pitch after he was bandaged around the head (which was a very familiar sight btw!). Usually his teenage fangirls annoy me but during that time, Pique deserved all the PKchu-fangirling. Such a trooper!

            • DebS says:

              I just saw the highlights in La Liga on GolTV. I had forgotten how Pique's bandage looked. The black tape on the back looked like electrical or duct tape. WTH?! Guess they wanted it to stay on but you could still see blood on the bandage at the end of the game…that along with Pique shirtless ;)

              • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                To GolTv it is…. waving goodbye as cursor is heading towards the search section… bye thanks!!! LOL

      • neenyah says:

        Zlatanista, in an interview before, Xavi has said that he hates losing even if it's just a friendly. LOL So you know he's dying to play in the next game. But he respects Pep's decisions on when and how long he plays in a match so let's just hope Pep doesn't experiment against Panathinaikos. ;-)

  31. avantibaranti says:

    sounds better :-)

    Of course there's no way now that he would return to Barca. And David Villa is better for Barca. I don't think he'd fit in anywhere in the team now. At Arsenal, the team was much more built around him than at Barca naturally. I'm glad if he enjoys himself in NYC and plays well there. It's a good choice for him anyway. I bet he enjoys the anonymity there compared to Europe. Just makes my heart bleed to see him disgraced with Les Bleus by his own hand… literally. I wished it took another end for him in the national team.

  32. LuvinBale says:

    This weekend was just -UGH!!!!!

    Dawson is out for 8 weeks. Defoe is out for 6 weeks and Modric was hurt this weekend and is now waiting for results of the scans. Lord help me!!!!

    What the h3ll are we going to look like this Tuesday? A bunch of amateurs?!

    Fellow Spurs fans we need to hold hands and pray to the football gods to get us through this one.

    And we had a 1-1 draw with WBA. :-( not a happy camper right now.

    • neenyah says:

      I am totally joining you in that prayer circle. We need to wrap our players in bubble wrap!!

      BTW, good news about Luka. His scans were fine so he’s traveling with the team for the CL game! :D

      • LuvinBale says:

        Oh thank the footballing gods!!!! Luka is amazing and we need him the the mid feild with Bale.

        Now football gods would you please help Dawson and Defoe get better real soon. Quicker on the Dawson front- Gallas wasnt looking to good the first half of the game.

        BTW Neenyah- "wrap them in bubble wrap" Love it! Can I help? ;-)

  33. avantibaranti says:

    NOOOOO!!! I'm sorry, I got carried away. I just want to make sure he gets what he's due, some respect, appreciation and if it's not too much asked for some love as well. He's a good player, actually a fantastic player and judging him without taking the things around his performance into consideration isn't fair to him. I'll behave from now on, promise!

  34. avantibaranti says:

    I’m happy for Alicante because Trezeguet plays there now. Good for him.
    Wonderful that Ozil played such a good match. It’s going to be tough for him at Real. As for Barca, can’t say I’m terribly sad that they lost but it was an exceptionally weak game from them. I’m sure they’ll gain their old strength soo.

  35. Babita92 says:

    Ooooh, yes! It’s very good for me. Barca lost, and REAL wins… !!!
    It was a gorgeous weekend….. :P :P:P:D HALA MADRID! ♥

  36. Jessie says:

    unfortunately I can’t see these games but it doesn’t sound like I missed much

    • DebS says:

      Jessie, most of the matches are shown online for free. shows select matches in live streams and then as replays. If you are an AT&T DSL subscriber you can watch these matches for free.…

      Also, lists all the matches that are happening during a given day and then provides a link which takes you to a page with all the different live streams for that match, most of which are free to watch.…

      I live in the US so many of the matches that I want to see aren't shown on cable or even FSC or GolTV so watching them online is the next best thing. ;)

    • mursal says:

      i used to not be able to watch the games either, but my self fish brother finally gave me a website he uses to watch practically every game he cant watch on tv. you dont have to have a certain cable service or anything, just click the game, and its virus freeee..
      just in case anyone finds this useful, cause i reallly do :)

  37. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    Mixed weekend… Arsenal won (woohoo!) but i missed the match so that made me kinda sad.

    Milan lost…like WTF?! How could that happen?!

    Atletico won (woohoo!) & i saw ALL 90 mins of that!!!

    & then there was Pique's injury…horrible

  38. Jo says:

    Not good. Not good at all.

  39. Jules says:

    I had to walk away from the Hercules-Barca match. My boyfriend tried to console me by replaying the Spain-Paraguay match from the WC. It didn’t make me feel any better. But did anyone else hear about the oil spill/fungal problem at the Bernabeu? Hahahaha, that made me feel better.
    Also, Sunday morning we decided to watch the EPL and it was Liverpool vs. Birmingham, wtf happened there? The only good one was Pepe Reina and the diving was fairly amazing. At one point in the second half, a Liverpool player (whose name I’m forgetting) went down gripping his head and when the ref wasn’t having, he started laughing, smiling and popped right back up! And wasn’t even given a yellow for diving!

    • avantibaranti says:

      welcome to football. Are you new to the game? Sadly enough that happens often enough in pretty much all leagues… I heard the Italians do special diving practice… I believe that in a second given the last two WCs.

      • Jules says:

        Not quite, my first match was at the Camp Nou aged 6 months. Diving is part of the game but this was some of the most blatant diving I've seen in a long time. Even CR, King of the Divers, has the nerve to follow it through not just smile like "Yeah, ref, you caught me." I'm sorry if you're a Reds supporter but it was obvious! Even the Fox Soccer Channel commentators kept remarking how bad it was.

        • avantibaranti says:

          no, I'm not a reds supporter. In EPL I'm for Arsenal because of Thierry Henry. It is always bad for the other side if a diver isn't caught. It is just nothing unusual… unfortunately.

    • Vi says:

      It’s a shame you missed Adriano’s horrible dive in the Barca match then.

      • mel says:

        u r talking about the guy that "slapped" him or sth and he fell down after a couple of minutes later, right? i think thats why he got a yellow card..

      • Jules says:

        I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in football or that Barca players never dive. What shocked me most of all was the player’s attitude after the ref caught him diving. Players dive, get caught but don’t laugh it off. At least be embarrassed you were caught and walk it off. Don’t make light of the fact that you weren’t issued a card for your behavior that really, is something you should be ashamed of. If it played out the way Mel says it did, then yes, Adriano deserved that yellow.

    • DebS says:

      "At one point in the second half, a Liverpool player (whose name I’m forgetting) went down gripping his head and when the ref wasn’t having, he started laughing, smiling and popped right back up! And wasn’t even given a yellow for diving!"

      I want to say it was Konchesky but possibly it was Jovanovic. Wasn't that also the play where he went down with a loud howl? Fail!

      Poor Fernando…rough match and already so much backlash in the press. He was clearly frustrated (I'm sure I saw a bitch face at least once). He did seem to step it up a bit in the 2nd half but I do have to give Birmingham's defense credit. They played well. I was hoping that Roy would put Babel in. He just said in an article that I read that he was giving Babel a chance to prove himself but then doesn't play him. Hard to prove yourself sitting on the bench. Poor Stevie an elbow to the ear HAD to hurt. The blood that kept running out didn't look too good either. Either way, Steve was not to be stopped and got right back out on the pitch.

      The one thing that I see time and time again with many teams is that they don't keep their shape. That is one thing that Spain does so well…there is always someone and most times 2 people who give the person with the ball the correct angle so that the ball can be passed with a lesser likihood of getting intercepted. In the Liverpool match, there seemed to rarely be anyone who was in the correct position to be able to receive the ball and maintain possession, except of course when they switched the ball. idk why that is…that was something my daughter was taught at a fair young age…to "show yourself".

      Pepe…fantastic game. Was glad to see it after the rough couple of games he's had.

      • Leya says:

        I’m wayyyyy behind on kickette updates bc I’ve been desperately busy at work, but honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself, DebS. Everything you said about Liverpool is exactly how I was feeling about them as well.

  40. senora ramos says:

    wonderful weekend. the match wasn’t so great. we need to find the scoring touch ::pipa i’m looking right at you:: but any time barca loses and madrid wins, i will not complain. and thank the lord pepe’s back. and ozil is AMAZING!!! arsenal won, my tigers won, and america won. so yeah, good weekend!

    • Lisa says:

      good to know there's a smile back on your face senoraramos. Also glad Barca could help. Sol y Sombre… what a pain in the a** it is. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep one last time for good measure.

      • senora ramos says:

        awww, lisa. i would be nice and say sorry for your lose, but i wouldn’t want to lie to you :)
        i know how you feel though. after mallorca i wanted to jump off a cliff, lol. it’s hard to judge the beginning of the season, especially when the team i support is constantly in flux of getting their chemistry right. hercules got some pretty nice talent after they were promoted. and i didn’t see y’alls game b/c i was out tailgating for my university football game, but everyone has an off day.

        omg, i’m actually attempting to console a blaugrana…what has the world come to?

        • Thea says:

          Am getting Cyber hated further up – so will just say that Congrats to RM – but as we all know the season is a long one and I think that post WC you tend to find a lot of tired players until the winter break occurs!

    • senora ramos says:

      i would also like to point out that the top pick is just…wrong. miss you rafa and sylvie. but glad you’re getting playing time rafa.

    • I could not agree more, senoraramos!!The match was frustrating, but since they won and Barca lost I guess I'm happy.

      Actually I'm just pissed that my beloved Alvaro Morata never got to debut since RONALDO came back! Still, with Iker and Ramos there I guess I'm happy.:)

    • DebS says:

      Yeah, not a great match but the defense did well. Cris had a rough time scoring but it was great to see him helping out on defense. I suspect Mourinho had a say in that :) The Ramos was back to right back so all is right with the world! Ozil played wonderfully, was glad to see that after all the criticism about his play against Mallorca. I see that RM is finally starting to work better as a team, with the new guys getting more acclaimated to the team and their teammates.

      Barca…what a stunner! It may have been a different result had Pep started his "usual" starting 11 but I think he was hoping that he wouldn't need them and could rest them for the upcoming matches. Fail.

      Hats off to Hercules though. They came out knowing they had nothing to lose because no one expected them to beat Barca. Great game for them.

  41. Lisa says:

    What a crappy weekend, one of the worst I’ve ever had football-wise. All my teams failed to win. I have to keep reminding myself its still early and there’s a lot of season to go. But I’d much prefer to forget this past weekend happened at all.

  42. Thea says:

    Nightmare result for Barca …. bright spot is that RM fans were BOOING JM at half time, they don’t appear to be taking to him at all yet!

    • Zlatanista says:

      I agree with you there Thea! Bad for Mou is good for "moi"!

    • avantibaranti says:

      what do you expect? Barca sold Thierry Henry. They can’t win anymore:-)
      His new York Red Bulls by the way won against Colorado Rapids 3:1. Guess who scored the first goal?

      • Lisa says:

        Thierry was average his first season at Barca. Even in the treble season he was far from our best attacking player. Just wait till David Villa settles in properly with Barca's midfield…

        • avantibaranti says:

          well, ask yourself why he was average in the first season? Hellooo, injury?

          As for the expression "far away from our best attacking player", check the statistics. They will tell you a different story. Just a suggestion.

          • Lisa says:

            what injury are you talking about? Besides, Henry admitted he found it hard to settle in Spain his first season. And according to “statistics” he was distant-third best attacker in the three main comps.

            • fireworks says:

              well girl, check again. DISTANT third best attacker is a bit harsh. Would have liked to see the team without him.

              Too bad you don't know your own team. Thierry Henry was hindered by a groin and back injury. Where were you? Everybody knows that!

              And of course he had a hard time settling in. First, some Barca players are known to be not very welcoming. That's just the tip of the iceberg. He came from his beloved gooners, needed to deal with his divorce and separation from his daughter and the injury (check your facts please). And while the competition is of course stiff at Barca, many people felt they never gave him a real chance there.

              • Lisa says:

                wow I'm being attacked by the Thierry Henry fan club. Fine, he was the master of the universe and curse on Barca for ever letting him go. good grief. There, is that what y'all wanted to hear?

                • avantibaranti says:

                  (somehow I misplaced my answer to you, it's now on the beginning, so I repeat it)

                  NOOOOO!!! I’m sorry, I got carried away. I just want to make sure he gets what he’s due, some respect, appreciation and if it’s not too much asked for some love as well. He’s a good player, actually a fantastic player and judging him without taking the things around his performance into consideration isn’t fair to him. I’ll behave from now on, promise!

                  • Lisa says:

                    lol thats ok I agree with both of you. I like Henry and will be forever grateful to him for all he's done for us but unfortunately for Barca, he isn't getting any younger. I just meant for right now, having David Villa is better for us long term.

                    • avantibaranti says:

                      (I'll never learn and I'm f-ing up the entire thread. Here my answer where it belongs:)

                      sounds better :-)

                      Of course there’s no way now that he would/could return to Barca. And David Villa is better for Barca. I don’t think he’d fit in anywhere in the team now. At Arsenal, the team was much more built around him than at Barca naturally. I’m glad if he enjoys himself in NYC and plays well there. It’s a good choice for him anyway. I bet he enjoys the anonymity there compared to Europe. Just makes my heart bleed to see him disgraced with Les Bleus by his own hand… literally. I wished it took another end for him in the national team.

              • avantibaranti says:

                well, I give you that. He was the third best striker. But I agree with fireworks, distant isn’t quite the correct word.
                He indeed had a back injury (don’t know about the groin). Not sure about the divorce thing but one fact is for sure without him they wouldn’t have won the treble. No chance.

      • Thea says:

        Henry was saldly past his prime – time he went. MLS is not a higher standard than La Liga so you can’t compare those results. Just a freakish result as was the RM draw with Mallorca.

        • avantibaranti says:

          keep telling yourself that. Whatever makes you feel better.

          • Kc95 says:

            Nah, it's true, I was at the match. Henry's a great player, as is Marquez, but they only look that good because they are in MLS. It's growing, and signing and scouting better talent, but it has yet to touch the likes of the major Euro leagues. It's sad, but I'm proud of my countries lame soccer. At least the exposure to the sport will grow, and in a few years I can watch real football with my boyfriends instead of the icky NFL stuff.

            • Lisa says:

              "I can watch real football with my boyfriends instead of the icky NFL stuff."

              lol I think I know what MLS' new marketing slogan should be. Kc95 you are a credit to the beautiful game.

            • Rossanera says:

              I agree, I was at the Fire-TFC game on Wednesday, and I was watching Ljungberg – he only looked good in comparison to the mediocricity that was everyone else on the pitch. You really can't compare the level/quality of play in the MLS to that in any of the European leagues, that's a joke.

              Sad (for football fans trapped in North America) but true :(

            • avantibaranti says:

              ehm… I am aware of the fact that the football in the MLS is different and of course can’t be compared to Euro football. My comment “keep telling yourself that” was directed at the last sentence: “Just a freakish result as was the RM draw with Mallorca.”

              Jeeezzz, people, please!

              • Rossanera says:

                My comment wasn’t meant as an attack! Sorry if I put you on the defensive!

                I’m inclined to agree with you, though, I thought Hercules put up a good fight … a Herculean effort, shall we say ;) ?

        • DebS says:

          Thea, I do have to agree that the MLS draws top players who are up in age. Can't blame them because they can still play and would rather play for the MLS than sit the bench at their European club.

          That being said, even when past their prime they are still a step above most of the MLS players and really help to improve those who play around them. Calen Carr for the Chicago Fire has barely played in all the time that he's been with the Fire. Freddie transferred to the Fire mid-season. De Los Cobos puts Carr in the game and he scores his first game out. Carr has credited the improvement in his play to learning from Freddie. We need players like this to help the future of the MLS.

  43. Kc95 says:

    So relived that Madrid won! But, honestly, it's a good thing that their game against Barca is later in the season, because if they played them now, it would be truly humiliating.

    I'm proud of CR for getting back on the feild though. He hasn't made the greatest choices, but I love his commitment to the team.

  44. Dee says:

    I'm just glad I didn't get to see the 5-1 game. However, the rather large glass of wine with dinner did help immensely as did the knowledge of who the lone goal scorer for Roma was.

    Also saw that Juve tied and Alessandro Del Piero celebrated 17 years with the Bianconeri. Forza Alessa is all I have to say.

    Regarding Cesena: if the trend continues [scoreless tie vs Roma, 2-0 win against Milan...] is it wrong to hope they kick the tar out of Inter? Just saying…

    • Rossanera says:

      Speriamo, ragazza, speriamo.

      Isn’t it lovely how a Milanista and a Juventina, despite their differences, yet have something to unify them ;) ?

      • Dee says:

        Technically, I'm Romanista first then I like Juve. Sort of like how I could be a fan of two hockey teams, but when they play each other always revert back to my hometown team.

        I've heard the Inter – NYY comparisons and I'm the first to agree. However, the NYY have improved on developing their youth system which is something that I believe that Inter will sadly never do.

        • Rossanera says:

          See, in my case my two teams (the Habs, my loves, and my adopted team, the Blackhawks) play in two seperate conferences, so I will never really have that issue.

          I want hockey season to start so you and I can actually talk puck instead of making hockey references in all our discussions :)

          GO HABS GO !!!

  45. gin_in_teacups says:

    Really happy about Arsenal. I'd like to see them overtake Chelsea and United.

    I can't believe Rooney missed a match because he was afraid the fans would hurt his feelings. Exactly what does he think is going to happen next week? I know it's different because it's at Old Trafford, but Liverpool fans aren't exactly going to show concern for his mental state. And speaking of Liverpool, the best thing I can say is I'm happy to see Pepe back in top form. Other than that… well, I'm afraid for next week.

    Barca vs Hercules was amusing to me. I'd like a screencap of that score. But seeing Pique bleeding like that was terrifying. And of course I'm thrilled RM won, but I'd still like to see more goals coming from them. Barca sure as hell isn't going to keep losing like that, and we need to make the most out of every opportunity.

    • My opinion: Rooney was left out as punishment by Sir Alex. But he would not say that to the press obviously. Rooney gets abuse in every ground, every game, especially Everton. It's not bothered him previously.

      • Thea says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised that Fergie’s close friendship with Moyles may have played a part in the descision. No love lost between him and Rooney and Fergie may have suspected more trouble than normal. Coleen’s and Wayne’s family are all Everton supporters to boot.

        BAD TIMES

      • DebS says:

        I agree. I read in one article online that this was the case. It may have been purely speculative but it certainly makes more sense than the fear of abuse by the fans. Heck he got booed at the WC. What could be worse than that?!

  46. goalkeeperette says:

    Brilliant weekend. Arsenal won, United just drew and we won the derby against Kaiserslautern. I'm all happy. :)

  47. Delighted with the draw at Portsmouth for my Ipswich Town boys. Gutted with the draw at Everton for my Manchester United boys. (WTF???) As Roy Keane said on Saturday, one is a good draw, one is a bad draw. That's football. Manchester City and Liverpool results were balm to the wound. Best game of the weekend for sheer entertainment was Burnley v Preston North End. Smashing game, though suspected broken ankles to United loanees Joshua King and Matty James are worrying. We didn't loan two great young players to you to get them f*cked up, Darren. >-[

    • Lisa says:

      It didn’t help that Nani and Berbatov missed those chances in the second half. I have never been totally convinced by Nani, he’s still a poor man’s Cristiano in my opinion (less skill, worse shooting ability, loses the ball and wastes too many chances). Berbatov would be considered a useful striker (kind of like Emile Heskey with actual skills) but if only he didn’t cost 23 million pounds. United should have won comfortably.

      • I disagree with basically everything you just said. The problems were defensive, not offensive. A lapse of focus and concentration over three minutes.

        • Lisa says:

          Nani has his moments (like the two goals he set up) but those occasional moments don’t make up for everything else he lacks. Same with Berbatov. I actually like Berbatov’s style of play but at 23 million pounds he should be more consistent and also produce more goals.

          Its helps both of them that Rooney has taken over as United’s best player (takes the pressure and attention off them) but when Rooney is missing, their shortcomings get exposed. Case in point: that draw at Blackburn last season that basically handed Chelsea the title.

          • You've been reading too many bad bloggers.

            The loss of the title last season had more to do with an injury ravaged defence for most of the season (Fletcher and Carrick as centre backs?) then it did with one draw in one game. But I'm not going to debate it with you. This isn't an appropriate place.

            • Thea says:

              Fergie's a great manager – but not the best tactician, hence why Manu were taken apart by Barca in the CL final in 2009. He's also let good players like Tevez and Cr9 go in favour of non-entities like Nani and Berba. That's my two cents.

              • Tevez was offered a contract. He chose to turn it down. Cristiano gave his all to the team while he as with us. He asked to leave for new challenges. He was obliged with good wishes from everyone at the club for his future. What was Sir Alex supposed to do? Refuse?

                Sir Alex Ferguson has won 46 trophies as a manager. Tactically poor? *rolls eyes* But all that aside, the fact that you call Manchester United "ManU" render your opinions absolutely moot to me. So, before this gets personal, please feel free to ignore me and not comment on anything I post. And I'll do the same. Ta.

  48. Pooky says:

    No, Pique, not the face!! First the WC split lip and now this – at this rate he'll be looking like Puyol in no time…

  49. Niina says:

    Is it just me, or is the bleeding, blood soaked Pique notably hotter that the average, face intact PK? I hope he's good to go on Tuesday, anyway, I'd miss his stiched face in the Champions game…

  50. Nikki says:

    OMG the results were terrible ! The draw with Birmingham was truly awful .We were a mess , the side and back passes those ***** BIRMINGHAM ! Elbows legs all on us and we were denied a penalty ! Roy better not play Lucas+Poulsen for the next game otherwise we will be torn apart by them ! Please NO LUCAS OR POULSEN . Otherwise I will stab myself . Roy still thinks he's managing Fulham . well he's not ! Grrrrrrr we'd better improve soon !

    And Nando cannot work with that midfield he need quality and cannot be isolate he cannot carry the burden . And Stevie's injury was horrible !

    I hate our current situation .

    • Jules says:

      What the hell even happened with Gerrard's ear? I looked away for a moment, turned back around and there was blood streaming down the side of his face. Good on him though, for trying to get back on the pitch even as the physios were tending to him.

      We rarely watch the EPL so when that happened, my boyfriend turned around to me and asked if it made me feel like I was watching Pique in the Camp Nou, ha!

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Someone elbowed (at least I think it was an elbow) Stevie in the side of the head, causing the ear bleeding. I respect that he tried to just get on with it, but when it wouldn’t stop bleeding, I think Roy should have subbed him. I understanding a player wanting to stay on, but as the manager, I think it’s Roy’s responsibility to make the hard call in the best interest of his player’s health.

    • DebS says:

      That was an ugly injury wasn’t it? The way he was holding it at first, I though it was actually his eye socket area. Later though it looked like it was in the forehead/eyebrow area, which still hurts and bleeds a lot but that heals a lot better than an injury to the eye itself. It just amazes me how these guys get hit hard, bleed, get stitched up, etc. and then are so anxious to jump right back on the pitch. I have to think they go home with one heck of a headache.

      He didn’t have the best of games but he also lacked the quality players back there that he usually has.

  51. Leá says:

    Hala Madrid!!!! I don't care if Jose uses voodoo, as long as the season continues like this. RM wins, Barcelona loses, the only thing that could have made my weekend any better would have been if Liverpool could have won.

  52. nmnmn says:

    Barça lost :( My culé heart hurts.


    Villarreal won ^_^

  53. Claire says:

    Great weekend. Arsenal won, United drew and Barcelona lost. Woo-hoo!

  54. Zlatanista says:

    It was the weekend from hell! First Barca, then Milan. Then Sevilla just couldn´t get the effing ball in to the effing net!!

    Only upside was that the game between Man U and Everton was entertaining, and that Ola Toivonen scored for PSV. Yay Ola!

    • Zlatanista says:

      Oh yes i forgot Arsenal. Thank God for the Gunners, and Marouanne!

      Still a pretty sh***y weekend.

    • Dee says:

      Yes, I thought of all the Milanistas when I was watching the game Saturday afternoon.

      • Rossanera says:

        … and I literally switched to the Milan game right after I'd seen Barca lose. FML.

        • Zlatanista says:

          I did the exact same thing. I was shocked and so bewildered after the Barca game. And what happened to Zlatan? I was sure that he would go out there with the same enthusiasm and joy that he has shown i the Swedish NT. But it wasn´t just Zlatan though. None of them seemed to have an edge.

          • Lisa says:

            give them time. A team that loaded with attacking talent does not stay goal-less for very long. I guess you could apply that to both Barca and Milan. It happens every year: the newly promoted teams do well and top teams get off to slow starts (at least the teams I support do anyway).

            • Zlatanista says:

              Yeah, and i usually love the newcomers energy and will to prove themselves. They shouldn´t show respect, just try to win like everybody else. But it was a lot to take in one weekend.