September 20th, 2010

Weekend Results: Good For You?

This was insufficient to inspire Roma to a win. Hard to believe, really, isn’t it? Image: Getty Images/Daylife

Painful injuries, hysterical, uncontrolled celebrations, a dash of emergency thigh massage and some cheeky tongue waggling. A typical night out with the Kickette crew, perhaps ? Well, that’s for us to know and our lawyers to worry about.

Meanwhile, why don’t you join us for our regular Monday roundup of all the exciting European results? Ahem.


Arsenal had the opportunity to steal top spot from Chelsea with a win against Sunderland, but failed to take the initiative after Darren Bent scored a controversial 95th minute equaliser, the game finishing 1-1. Scorer Cesc Fabregas came off with a suspected hamstring problem but we have performed the necessary rituals and focussed completely on Cescy’s thighs for the last twenty-four hours. We suggest you do, too.

Liverpool staged an unlikely comeback of almost epic proportions in the big game of the weekend at Old Trafford, Steven Gerrard netting two to bring the score level after two awesome Dimitar Berbatov goals in the first half for Manchester United had appeared to put the game beyond the Reds. However, United and Berbatov were worthy of the win and the hat trick respectively as the Bulgarian scored the winner in the 84th minute. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

A poor first half saw Blackpool four down to unbeaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. However, the combination of an early second half rally by Ian Holloway’s side and Chelsea taking their foot off the gas helped Blackpool avoid an embarrassing rout. Anyone care to bet against Chelsea for the title this season?

La Liga

Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria scored in Real Madrid’s 2-1 victory over Real Sociedad, while Valencia made it three wins out of three with a win against Barcelona’s conqueror’s Hercules.

Barca, meanwhile, won 2-1 against Atletico Madrid. Lionel Messi (left) will undergo further tests on the ankle injury that saw him carried off on a stretcher after scoring the opener; Gerard Pique deviated from usual form and contributed to the game by scoring rather than bleeding all over the pitch. (AP Photo/Daylife)

Ligue 1

Yoann Gourcuff had a miserable weekend as his return to former club Bordeaux resulted in a 2-0 loss for his new club Lyon. Champions Marseille crept up to eighth position after a comprehensive victory against Arles, who prop up the table after failing to win any of their six games so far. Saint Etienne top the table from Toulouse on goal difference after a 3-0 win against Montpellier. Toulouse only managed a goalless draw with Monaco.


Stuttgart, having lost all three games this season so far, had a stormer at the weekend with a seven goal victory against Borussia Monchengladbach. Mainz remain top after a 2-0 victory against Werder Bremen, while last season’s champs Bayern Munich are struggling in ninth position, a 0-0 home draw against Cologne not exactly helping their cause.

Serie A

Goal difference sees promoted Cesena at the top of the Serie A table, a 1-0 win against Lecce sneaking them ahead of Inter Milan. Samuel Eto’o (left) scored both goals in the champions 2-1 victory against Palermo. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

Roma’s problems continue to pile up – the delicious Marco Borriello’s debut goal failing to inspire Claudio Ranieri’s men and the club languish in seventeenth place after a dismal 2-2 home draw against Bologna. AC Milan drew 1-1 at home to Catania and are tenth.

OK, Kickettes. Please form an orderly queue and give us your thoughts. No fighting at the back, please!

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104 Responses to “Weekend Results: Good For You?”

  1. DeeRoma says:

    I know I'm early, but my midweek result is crappy. *starts muttering Italian curse words*

  2. Summer says:

    A bad and a good weekend at the same time… My two favorites teams have played both on Sunday; Liverpool and Chelsea. I'm so scared and unhappy for the Liverpool, I knew that they had so many problems and that we probably will lose against MU, but the thing most important was the reaction after the two Berba's goals. I've seen a good Stevie, the same courageous Stevie and the determined Stevie like ever… He always save his team and is a top player… I'm so scared because of Ferni… I really love him and I've seen him play well and score some goals so many times, but now he's playing very awful, too bad… I haven't lost the confidence in him, because I know that he's a great striker and one of the best footballers in the world but I think that he needs to find again himself. I know that somewhere there is still today the same Nino, the same boy that I've seen for the first time six years ago, the same sweet and strong Kid with who I've fallen in love…. The game with Chelsea against Blackpool was really boring. Oh sure I'm happy because we've won and because now we are first in the Premier, but was boring because on the pitch at Stamford there weren't Lampsy and JT… I hope to see Blue Eyes next Saturday against City and my John against Newcastle (It's Newcastle?) I think on Wednesday. Also Congratulations for my Hermanito in the Liga who have won with his Real and a special kiss to the man who is in my mind and is something that I can't forget because he has given me a special way to see things in my life, you're always in my mind and I can't also forget the days which you spent on the Mersey…Juntos para simpre por toda la vida…Xabi Alonso

  3. I absolutely adore the fact that for a whole four games now, Cesena's been at the top! I love football man… n.n

  4. diana says:

    glad for barca's win.poor messi!
    although a milan fan, am sad for roma's draw
    this pic of Borriello is amazing!damn he's HOT

  5. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    are you kidding me???it was a great weekend!!woohoo!!
    BARCELONA IS ON FIRE AGAIN!!!AAAAAA GERI PIQUE SCORED!!!!mi amor put the ball in the net!!where are the mojitos??
    liverpool did pretty good too(except from losing to man u,) and damn you berbatov
    arsenals game was a bit funny, and YAY FOR CESCY!!he scored!!
    the only bad thing was messi's injury poor boy. get well really quick!!

  6. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    Aaaaargh! Sucky weekend! That stupid ref cost Arsenal all 3 points!! Now Cesc is out for 2-3weeks & we’ve got lyk only two fit strikers!! Btw…Bravo Rosicky. Bravo

  7. neenyah says:

    It's hard to celebrate Barca's win over Atletico Madrid and the end of our losing streak in Calderon because of Messi's injury. THANK YOU, FOOTBALL GODS, THAT IT'S ONLY A SPRAINED ANKLE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! ;__; Even Barca B won their weekend game!!

    In EPL news, so happy that Tottenham moved up the rankings! Eeeeek!! : ) Also even though I'm a fan of neither teams, the ManUnited VS Liverpool match was so exciting (well, the 2nd half that is, the first half was soooo one-sided). Although I would've preferred Liverpool to win it just coz they've been going through sh*t, thanks to their owners.

    • LuvinBale says:

      I think you and I are the only Spurs fans on Kickette.
      That being said- How crazy was the game?? I so thought we were losing this game and then BAM!!!
      VdV- Pav then Hutton of all peeps!!! This season is looking to be a good one.

      God I love the EPL!!!!

  8. Jackie says:

    Wow I'm so happy Messi's injury wasn't as bad as thought , especially after seeing replays & pics (however wish he wasn't injured) & about Arsenal… smh shame Rosicky missed that penalty & that they tied at the end… & Lyon losing… no comment. & LFC losing… not surprised. But wish they tied with ManUtd… so both teams could drop pts…

  9. laligaforladies says:

    Cesc and Messi will only be out for a couple of weeks, so it could have been a lot worse. Speedy recovery, boys!

  10. @AgnesWonka says:

    the derby was so f***ing amazing!!!!!! Berva!!!! XD

    luckily, Messi's injury isn't as bad as everyone thought.

  11. Rusty (Mrs Fritz) says:

    Hmm…Juventus seriously won? I recently allowed myself back on their bandwagon because I've decided that it's perfectly fine for me to cheer for Zinedine Zidane's former teams, and they've played like crap ever since. Werder Bremen got their collective butt kicked. Real Madrid won. Chelsea, taking names as usual.

  12. senora ramos says:

    2 fantastic results, one managable, two not so good. though it was a horribly ugly match and we were lucky to come away with any points, much less all 3, a win is a win. ramos played horribly!!!! and angel's goal was a beauty. valencia at the top of thee table is a good thing (for now). proud of them.
    ansenal-ehh, well it's a point :(
    one of two times a year i semi-support atleti and they can't get it done. glad messi won't be out too long (i respect him as a player) but can't deny i hope it causes barca some problems. america…well, the 1st goal was quite a shot for toluca. the 2nd one, well, memo did make some incredible saves, but he was under so much pressure b/c they were coming at him most of the match, and a keeper is not going to stop everything.
    signing out until thursday ladies as i have 3 tests this week. hala madrid!! will have to watch the replay of the match on thursday after class, but hoping for all 3 points again!!

  13. Jo_ says:

    I was only able to see one match this weekend but it was exciting enough for all! Very happy for Berba and I'm loving Vida as captain. I just hope that the manflu that sidelined Rio and Giggs doesn't become an epidemic.

  14. Zinny says:

    Ugh the ManU game was painful. I'm not even a Liverpool supporter, just a casual watcher, but I really felt for them. I hate how everyone's picking on Nando! Jeez! Has everyone completely forgotten everything he's done?

    I'm worried about Cesc and Messi but they'll be okay. And I was proud of my Barca boy Pique. Finally, a game where he doesn't get mercilessly abused/ bleeds.

    Eh. So we finally get the Cristiano goal. Mind you, it came from a freekick. I don't expect that we'll be seeing to many C-ron goals in the future. Honestly…I watch Madrid games for Higuain and Sergio…but I also love watching Jose Morinho's facial expressions. New favorite pastime.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Agree on the ManU match. Liverpool HAS to get better at ball possession and passing if they have any hope of doing well. It was painful to watch how many times they turned the ball over. As for Nando, even though he didn't score the actual goals, it was his fouls while trying to score that earned the PK and free kick. Also, how's he supposed to score if his teammates can't get him the ball?

      Ditto on Cesc and Messi. According to Cesc's twitter, it's not a tear or anything so he'll be back in about 2 weeks. I LOVED Cesc's goal though….that my friends is the importance of challenging the ball! lol For Messi, guess nothing's broken but there is a sprain in the internal and external ligaments. Will be out for at least 2 matches. Seems short since they have matches on the 22nd, 25th and 29th. It was sad seeing him carried off tho. You could tell he was trying to be so brave but that it still hurt a lot :{

      Loved the Pique goal! He just looked so happy after scoring….like "look at what I did ma!"

      RM not a good match for them by any means. Great goal by Di Maria. The upside about the goal by Cris/Pepe is that maybe it will stop the drought for Cris. You could tell he's been really frustrated lately. And Higuain? His season's not going so well, IMO. I just haven't been too impressed with him…start scoring already! lol And poor Sergio…Jose was screaming at him there at the end of the match. Bet he dreaded going into the locker room after the match! And Carvalho…I do believe that was YOUR man that scored. What happened, dude?

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Oh my god, yesssss I know XD I love watching the facial expressions. But the best part was during the halftime when he stuck in a new stick of gum…lol i think its hilarious how he's always chomping on gum.…

      I felt so bad for Sergio…I was afraid for him when he got back to the locker room!

      And no one should pick on Torres!!!! Liverpool may have lost yesterday but they made a great comeback and they actually played pretty good, considering.

    • Leya_S says:

      You said it all!!

      Some of my friends think I'm crazy, but Higuain is LUSCIOUS…
      Sergio..well, it goes without saying that he is….*shudders pleasantly*…there aren't words

  15. aps says:

    I was so happy with Pique's goal and then heartbroken when Messi got injured. I hope he comes back ok.

  16. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    Sadly, I wasn't able to watch the Barca game, but GO PIQUE!!! and poor Messi :( It broke my heart to have a great player injured once again. Isn't it ironic though that Barca is having a player injured every week? Last week, it was Geri with his poor bloody (now stitched up) face, the week before that someone else, and now Messi! Other than that, congrats to Berbatov for his 2nd goal against Liverpool. Even though he's from my country, I hate him and Manchester United.

  17. lonelySTARSHINE says:

    for Yoann on the page of the link written here it says:
    "crowd whistling him every time he touched the ball."

    Pooooor Yoann, don't worry, wherever you go, or whatever you do, I will always love you! I'm sure many girls here can say that too! <3

  18. hereforthenando says:

    Clearly, the weekend results were not good for me. However, Liverpool looked better than they have all season, and it makes me hopeful for the future.

  19. Rossanera says:

    This new comments system is not conducive to my ramblings and made me split my comments. Here's the other thing I felt like sharing:

    You know what the worst part of this weekend was, though? Watching the North West Derby alone. Football is something that should be shared. I went out later in the afternoon and the bars were PACKED with boisterous Bears fans, and it just made me sad that I live somewhere where no one realizes what an epic showdown Sunday morning was on the other side of the Atlantic. It makes me homesick, all the time.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Understood! My neighbor's probably think I'm goofy cuz I'm in my condo by myself cheering/laughing, etc.

      I take it you live in the Chicago area? Me too…totally no love for the game here. But plenty of love for the Bears, Bulls, Black Hawks, Cubs & Sox, even when the have terrible seasons, year after year :-

      • Rossanera says:

        I do! I'm in the city proper, in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview East area. I came here for law school. I sort of adopted the Blackhawks when I moved here (BEFORE they won the Cup) but even that makes me homesick – I grew up in Montreal, where hockey is a religion, and when I'd go to United Centre I couldn't help comparing the atmosphere to that of the Bell Centre and I'd get depressed and miss home.

        Do you always just watch the games at home, then?

  20. Rossanera says:

    Mixed feelings about this weekend. In chronological order. Saturday: really annoyed with Milan's draw. I really felt optimistic at the beginning of the season that this could be our year, but they're struggling at the bottom half of Serie A.

    Sunday: Since I live in North America I had to drag myself out of bed after a night of drinking that ended at 3:30 – at 7:30 in the am for the 'Pool/Man U game … to watch the Reds lose. I'm really happy with the way my boys fought back in the second half, but still … also, I can admit hat Berbatov was amazing. Hats off (pun intended) to him. REALLY aggravated by the commentary that has made Nando the scapegoat of every single problem that plagues Liverpool … but I must say I miss seeing him as he was in his glory days. Moving on: LOVED seeing Pique score … but Messi's injury was painful to even watch. Watching him grimace in pain on the stretcher was heartwrenching.

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Hey Rossanera! It was not Milans night, that´s for sure. So frustrating!! They have all this quality in the attacking positions and still… Zlatan gets very static, in my opinion.

      But Piques grin when he scored was a delight

      • Rossanera says:

        Ciao bella! I know, I've been reading a lot of commentary about how they've spent so much on strikers and have neglected their defense … obviously that's hurting us.

        I do find Zlatan looks happy/comfortable with his new teammates and that warms my hearts.

        FYI – I'm starting an AC Milan blog – and you know your man will be popping up there, so if you want to keep your eye on it, you can check it out at

  21. JVD says:

    ManU won and Berbatov finally scored when it mattered (first ManU hat trick against Liverpool in 64 years!). Barca won, Pique scored! I was peevish about Messi's injury (what a dirty play… and his ankle looked so bad) but at least he'll only miss a week.

    Is anyone else looking forward to Barca/Bilbao on Saturday? Pique and Llorente… all that tall pretty on one pitch.

  22. DeeRoma says:

    I am still upset about my Roma boys but I will keep on rooting my happy butt off for them. :)

    I'm also happy about Juve winning handily. I know I don't sound enthused but I've had such a WTH Monday. I'm really squealing on the inside.

  23. @meljustfell says:

    barca barca barca barca !(:
    i was like ecstatic when pique scored <3
    & if anyone is interested in knowing,
    messi has a sprain in the internal and external ligaments of his right ankle,
    but confirmed that there is no damage to the bones
    and he will be out for at least 2 games,
    depending how fast it heals.

  24. Erin says:

    Oh, Liverpool. I'm not even as bothered about the result as I am about our continued poor performances. Two great moments did little to paper over the fact that Hodgson is not lifting this team. I question his tactics and his team selection in many cases. The players look a bit lost and frustrated. It's ridiculous stuff. The criticisms of Torres were irrational. There's little he can do with no service for the majority of the match. Most of the post-match comments were laughably absurd.

    But matters on the pitch are secondary right now. The important thing is to get Hicks & Gillette OUT. Deadlines are approaching and stories are flying. I will happily chuck in this whole season if it means new, appropriate, responsible ownership.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Agreed with the first paragraph. Don't know too much about the Hicks/Gillette issue other than lots of Liverpool fans are against it.

      Today, I read an article about Daniel Agger today where he says that he doesn't like Hodgson's style of play and won't change the way he plays to do what Hodgson wants. Don't know if others on the squad feel that way but that could be having some impact, if only some of the players are playing the way Hodgson asks them to.…

      • Leya_S says:


        I think there is a real lack of "gelling" between players and manager at Liverpool, and this comment from Danny Agger could be a major factor. They just don't really look like a team. Fern comments really bother me a lot, too. It's clearly not just him: he's played well with the National Team, so I feel like its less about his fitness and more about Liverpool not playing together as a team on the whole.

        • BarceLisa says:

          I think you also have to factor in that Roy Hodgson is the first non-Spanish coach Fernando Torres has ever had. That can't be helping this dip in form he is going through. Liverpool just need to give Hodgson some time, this is a guy who turned Fulham from underachievers into one of the most dangerous sides in the EPL. Of course if these player comments are to be believed, maybe he is not the coach we think he is.

  25. blissbubbley says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Berba showed his silks to overcome Liverpool. A well deserved hatrick and win made me a very happy United fan :-)

  26. Kristin says:

    Hopefully poor Leo will be alright asap :( Can't stand seeing him injured, although he has already been walking out of the hospital by himsel +lets out sigh of relief+

    • @DebStimson says:

      I think it will take a lot to keep Messi off the pitch. I imagine he'll do his best to be back on the pitch asap. Cris did the same thing when he injured his ankle. That's why they are such great players imo. Great work ethic and desire to play when at all possible.

  27. Amy says:

    Berbatov was amazing i am so happy that he got a hat trick and his second goal was stunning! united really deserved the win!
    get well soon messi ;) x

  28. Mrs Guardiola says:

    Ohhh….love the picture of my hubby comforting little Lio on his stretcher. Ta, Kickette. :-)

  29. BarceLisa says:

    Barca won, Manchester United won, Juventus won (finally!) and a big shout out to Ajax who won away to their bitter rivals Feyenoord. All these teams winning makes for a great birthday present today. I'm not even gonna dwell on the negatives, at least not until my hangover subsides (which should be about mid-October).

  30. Steph says:

    Still super excited that Barca won yesterday. :D Though, Messi's injury also had me pretty worried. I hope he'll be ok, though. It looked pretty bad. :/ I think I'm definitely going with Barcelona now. During the preseason, RM totally had me torn, though. They were great and tight and just awesome, but lately? I don't know, they've been winning and all, yeah, but they're a little off, I think. :/ I like them and all, and I'll probably still keep watching them, but Barca has definitely won me over. No love for Atletico Bilbao? :( Yeah, their game on Saturday ended in a draw, but still. Sporting was pretty hard to beat that day, so I'm glad it ended that way and not with Bilbao losing. Another team I've finally gotten to watch and will definitely keep watching. I've taken a liking to them. :)

  31. SylviaC1 says:

    Sergio Aguero was so sexy i wanted to streak onto the pitch and rugby tackle him down to the ground…then i'd squirt whipped cream all over him and lick it all off..

  32. AKA says:

    You know, for all your delicious commentary on other matters, I really love your on-topic football roundups, O Kickettes! Much more fun (and comprehensive!) than reading a roundup on Eurosport or others of their ilk.

  33. Leya_S says:

    OMG seriously WORST weekend!

    Freaking Alex Song is an idiot, got himself kicked out of the game, and I was worried that Arsenal was going to concede since they were down to 10 men. 30 minutes of playing pass and they're still winning so I was stoked. But THEN they allowed a goal in LITERALLY the last 10 seconds of the game! Plus Cescy got hurt, so I'm devastated!

    Then Liverpool was not playing well at all against Man. U. Then they equalized, thanks to some fouls on Fern, and some sweet set-piece skills from Stevie G. But then they went down one again. Damn you Berba!!!! I must say, although I was miffed that Man.U. won, Berbatov really was freaking AMAZING. AND I have him on my fantasy team, so yay for him. However, I had to listen to MORE talk about Fern being on poor form. Honestly, Liverpool on the whole lacks some creativity up front, but the commentators CAN'T blame it all on Fernando! There are a lot of other ppl on the field! When I watch Barca and Arsenal play, they just have a lot more ideas, and they seem to have a 6th sense for where all the players are gonna be, its pure Brilliance.

    Lastly, freaking Real Madrid won, Lio Messi got hurt, and Chelsea won, too…let down. I'm not usually anti-Chelsea, but I really want them to lose so that Arsenal can win the title this season…although that's looking highly unlikely at this point bc Chelsea is pretty much steamrollering through every team they face.

    Saving Grace: Not only did Barcelona win their game, but GERARD PIQUE SCORED!!!!!!!!!! THAT made my weekend, but still didn't make up for everything else.

    • Nana says:

      How can you support all those teams? And btw, the goal wasn't in the last 10 seconds, it was AFTER the 4 minutes of injury time, that's what freakin' hurts!!! Damn you, referee -.-

      • Leya_S says:

        haha, easy: Spanish National Team = me supporting any club team that the players are on (few exceptions). Plus, in reality, I only support 2 teams for real (Barca and Arsenal), 1 team kind of half way (Liverpool). The other teams I mentioned, I don't

        And it was the last 10 seconds of the game, technically, bc I consider the injury time to be part of the game. And I agree with you, that's what hurts the most. I kept replaying the scene in my mind that night and just crying (not literally crying). I really want the Gunners to get some silverware and since Chelsea won't stop winning, Arsenal needs to keep up with them!

        • Nana says:

          Oh okay, makes sense :) I used to like Barca, but that was before Messi had his own goal show against us in Camp Nou, GOD that was humiliating! It still hurts thinking about it just now. I seriously hope Chelsea will start losing, The Gunners really need to win the league.I kinda feel sorry for Liverpool, it's like the last season all over again for them. Is it because of Torres you like the reds?

          • Leya_S says:

            Oh man, I repress that memory of Messi everyday.
            The Gunners are my fave, and not bc of Cesc (although I do love him). When I first started getting into the EPL like 3-ish years ago, I wanted to choose a team to support (I'm from the US, so I'm not born with any allegiances) so I watched a few games, and found myself rooting for Arsenal bc I liked the way they play.

            As for Liverpool…
            *Grins sheepishly and ducks head*

            It IS mostly bc of Fern that I started liking Liverpool. But also they used to be a team that sparkled, and played with a lot of heart. They don't exactly sparkle now. They do still play with heart, but they at the same time they seem really discouraged when they play, so I really want them to get it together and do well. They just need a good win where they play well together and dominate the game, just to boost their confidence.

            • Nana says:

              I'm from Denmark, and I also chose Arsenal because I loved the way they play :) Hahaha, I don't like Liverpool, but Torres is such a sweetheart! those freckles! :D

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      best and hottest defender ever, Gerard Pique <3

      • Leya_S says:

        The best is watching Pique and the rest of Barca in a group hug, bc its like him and Sergio in that over-6' range, and then all their "children" so to speak hitting about 5'6-5'8 in height. I don't know why, but I love it!

  34. Leá says:

    Hala Madrid! So glad to see the boys win, Jose was beyond intense this game, and I feared for Sergio's life at some points…

    I was so disappointed for both Cesc and Liverpool. I want Cesc to be healthy, and I want Liverpool to win.

    • Kc95 says:

      Jose frightened me. I was quaking when he got ahold of that water bottle. I'm glad that Cris is (hopefully) out of his funk. Lets just pray that the goals flow from here on. The only bad thing?

  35. Deanna says:

    This weekend was a rollercoaster. I was SO happy Cesc scored and the way he scored was HILARIOUS. When I saw the ball in the net I was like "Wait was that a goal?" But then he got injured and now I don't get to see him. And then they couldn't hold on for 10 seconds to get the win?! Although Sunderland was good I just wanted Arsenal closer to Chelsea in the standings.

    Although I don't necessarily root for Barca, Messi is just a fantastic footballer and then that injury, I hope it just looks worse than it actually is. Gah rough weekend.

  36. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Injuries!!! The Barca win was great, but at such a cost! It was a nightmare seeing Messi on the strecher. God i hope he will be alright!
    And my new love Jesus Navas got injured in the European Cup game against PSG. I know it wasn´t this weekend but it meant that his gorgeous self wasn´t present when Sevilla beat Malaga :( . But Martin Caceres was and scored beautifully!
    I must add that i´m not usually a Man U fan, but the Berba made me smile from ear to ear!

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Of course i mean the European League… It´s monday and i´m already disorientated. And in need of a drink.

    • Leya_S says:

      Honestly, people are getting injured left, right, and center. It's crazy. And I agree that Berba was just too fabulous for even us non-Man.U.-supporters to deny.

      I didn't know about JN!!!! That makes me sad! He's so beautiful. He also became my love after WC, although as of late, I have fallen for Arsenal's Marouane Chamakh.

    • BarceLisa says:

      Atletico Barca was going so well until the Messi injury happened. That just ruined my entire weekend. Thankfully he will only miss two matches but it should not have been any matches at all. Shame about Jesus Navas, but that was an average match by Sevilla against PSG.

    • neenyah says:

      Happy that it's only a sprained ankle. We are still very lucky. I could kill a lamb right now and make an offering to the football gods for saving Messi from a broken foot!

  37. anja says:

    cute statement of vida at the end of the game!

  38. gin_in_teacups says:

    I was really happy that Clint Dempsey scored. Love it so much when the Americans do well! Also pleased for Pique. I figure in a match between Barca and Atleti, when no matter who won it was gonna be annoying, at least a player I like did well.

    Oh Gunners. I had that moment, where you know the other team is going to score before the ball actually goes in. It was terrible. And Cesc getting injured on top of it. I can't even express the heartbreak that was Liverpool. I actually don't have words. So gutted, though still enormously proud of Stevie! Thrilled as always for the Real Madrid win, but I have to admit we didn't play all that well. I'd like to see things coming together a bit more. On the bright side, I absolutely love the away kits. They might be fashion disasters off the pitch, but on it, they are sharp!

    • Leya_S says:

      this pretty much sums up my thoughts for the weekend, too. Save the Real win, but its more on principle that I don't root for Real. (I secretly like them a little…shhh!)

  39. CarmenFoxe says:

    am not a Man U fan, but you can't not admit that those goals were amazing!

  40. LoseThatGirl says:

    The king of the weekend was Berbatov. The hat-trick was fan-freakin'-tastic, and the second goal in particular, what a gem! One for the highlight reels for years and years to come. All hail, Berba!!! Whoo hoo! Love, love LOVE!

  41. mbanks says:

    Great game between Man U and Liverpool on Sunday and in the end the better team won. Arsenal let in a soft last minute goal.. but controlled the match quite comfortably, even with 10 men. Spurs and Man City also won to keep the top 3 on their heels. Good weekend all round :D

    Btw if you have some free time check out this new football game on Facebook called Footy! It's so addictive :D

  42. Gillian says:

    Real Madrid won, so YAY – good for me. On paper, this is a team I should not like, and goodness knows I'm no fan of Mourinho. But I admit to being seduced by the obscene amount of pretty on this team.

    Oh, and it was also nice to see Man. U snatch victory from the jaws of defeat – after they tried their damndest to do the opposite. Arsenal, on the other hand, did a fairly good impression of Man U's late-game goal concession habit.

  43. beri says:

    Well done Berbs!

  44. Maribel says:

    Very happy for Berba!

  45. Such a fantastic weekend! First, beating Liverpool is a sensation that is barely rivalled in my life (except maybe sex with my gorgeous husband.) Second, Ipswich Town beat high-fliers Cardiff City 2-0 and now sit in SECOND spot in the Championship! Third, Roy Keane has a sexy new buzzed haircut. And fourth, he was rocking it at Croke Park yesterday to watch Cork win the All Ireland GAA Senior Football Championship! Swoooon . . . . may need all week just to recover from all the awesomeness that was this weekend!

  46. cherryboomboom says:

    EPL : I felt soo bad about Cesc , and his goal was hilarious btw .
    I'm sooo proud of berba !! But I think I missed something .. is el chicharito injured ?!?!
    Newcastle … Ben Arfa kicked ASS!!! My baby played so well I was sooo freaking proud of him <3
    Chelsea … damn I hate them .

    La liga : Boo , I really wanted Atletico madrid to win !! I cant stand barca anymore !!! And Hala Madrid !! They better win the league this year !!

    Ligue 1 : Allez L'om , Allez L'om !!!! I am so in love with Ayew right now !!!

  47. Thea says:

    Poor Yoann……needs to get himself to Barcelona (wishful thinking!) Hope Messi gets well soon, we need him to make sure the RM are put in their place, i.e. further down the league.

  48. Gutted we conceaded the last minute goal-albeit was in fergie time lol. Hope Cesc injury isnt serious..his fluke goal was FAB, and i must BIG UP our 2 new defenders Koscielny and Squilaci they were IMMENSE, seriously the both deserved Man of the match awards for their amazing play.

    Sidenote Ouch i saw Lionel Messi ankle on twitter it was badly swollen, looked painful.