August 30th, 2010

Weekend Results: Good For You?

David Villa & Dani Alves bringin’ the man love (and internal exams). Images: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

Now we know why there are beds in the Real Madrid training complex – they’re for the players to hide under when the team begins the season by dropping points against Mallorca. (Especially since Barcelona made certain of their three; goals from Messi, Iniesta and Daveeeeed Villa supplied a convincing victory away at Racing Santander.) FYI, Barca’s Victor Valdes (and our EXI keeper) contributed via this awesome penalty save whilst preserving his sexy. Elsewhere in La Liga, Sevilla’s 4-1 away win at Levante ensured they hold top spot.

Phew. That was a lot of official sounding reportage for a bank holiday Monday. But we’ve started, so we might as well go on.


With Chelsea continuing their unbeaten run via a 2-0 home win against Stoke, the pressure was on other EPL title contenders to try and stay in their vapour trail. Only Manchester City cracked, conceding a late, late Darren Bent penalty that gave Sunderland a cheeky 1-0 victory.

Fernando Torres and Wayne Rooney both stepped up to the plate for their clubs, Rooney with a early penalty in Manchester United’s 3-0 demolition of West Ham and Torres with the winner for Liverpool against West Bromwich Albion.

Our highlights from this weekend’s games include: seeing Nemanja Vidic’s shorts constantly trying to quit his lower thighs and move into his upper thigh region (sadly we’ve yet to find appropriate pics); Cameron Jerome looking all kinds of fly for Birmingham City; and seeing Cesc and RVP start for Arsenal (that RVP went off injured took the jam out of our doughnut a tad).


Muchos upset & excitement in Germany this weekend as champions Bayern Munich were beaten 2-0 by newly promoted Kaiserslautern. Even this paled into insignificance against Mainz’ outrageous comeback from three goals down to beat Wolfsburg 4-3.

Serie A

While champions Inter will have been pleased to see Roma and Juventus drop points in their opening fixtures, the former in a goal-less draw against Cesena, the latter losing 1-0 away to Bari, their 2-0 loss to Atletico Madrid in the European Super Cup will ensure a nervous start to their campaign on Monday night. Rivals AC Milan laid a marker with a solid 4-0 home victory against Lecce.

Ligue 1

And finally, the question on everybody’s lips in Ligue 1 this weekend was not whether Toulouse would make it four out of four wins against Nancy (they did) or indeed whether the arrival of Yoann Gourcuff would inspire Lyon against Lorient (it didn’t, they lost 2-0) but how sexy would the aforementioned Lashes would look in his new Lyon kit. We are pleased to confirm that he looked hot (left). Yeee haw!

How was it for you, team Kickette?

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113 Responses to “Weekend Results: Good For You?”

  1. senora ramos says:

    well, i finally have sobered up to comment (lol, joking, busy with school). this weekend was horrible for me. horrible. yes arsenal won, and that was good. but a draw and ANOTHER FREAKING injury. i can't take this. now my rational mind knows it was only the 1st match, we always knew it was going to be a tough one (and credit to mallorca). but theother part of me says WTF, we played like shit.

    other things that sucked: david villa scoring >:o, atleti…just atleti, and america tying.

    other silver linings: valencia and sevilla winning (whipping up on the teams honestly).

  2. lulu says:

    HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nando scored a goal and I nearly cried.

    And I can't wait until the Real Madrid – Olympique Lyon game…

    Sergio AND Yoann?????


    And David Villa scored his first goal with Barça for a La Liga game (twice) ^^

    It was a great weekend, and I can't wait till next!

  3. Barcelista says:

    I’m still flying high! :D

  4. manutd(L). says:

    very good result for us :D and berba’s goal made it so much better!(L)
    and rooney finally scored :) but chicharito didn’t play. still a very good result, back on track ;)

  5. Andy says:

    As long as Chelsea keep winning I'll be happy!!!Oh yeah CHELSEA ROCKS!!!

  6. Mrs. Navas says:

    the results were great 4 me. especially Barcelona. they made me smile :)

  7. ayza says:

    Results were great for me, Barça made a great game, Villa made a great debut for Liga and 3 of the goals were amazing! Although for my team Galatasaray it was a f***ed up week.

    Even though I'm a culé I hate to see Xabi's sad face. so kinda bitter about RM's draw but on the other hand HELL YEAAHH!! LOL. But it's just the start of the league so we have to wait and see next weeks.

    Also although I'm not a fan of him or anything I'm very happy about Torres' goal and Cesc you are a babe honey

  8. Anthea says:

    My AC Milan started like it hasn’t started for ages, smashing a poor Lecce.
    It was really a nice match, everybody run back and on, even Dinho looked like Dinho should look.
    Pato is simply divine, a precious jewel who can only get better.
    Buying Ibra was really a good business, and surely put some fire on in the team.

  9. PitchDish says:

    David Villa is so easy on the eyes.

  10. Dedo-7 says:

    ohh daveed veyah your first goal at barca was fast. i loved it :D

  11. neenyah says:

    Amazing weekend! So happy that football is back! Barca won (Take that Mourinho BWAHAHAHA)! Sevilla won! :)

  12. Emme says:

    Thanks for the weekend roundup, Kickette! Not so happy about Los Blancos start to the season, but a draw is preferable to a loss. The season is long, so I won’t lose too much sleep over it :) This injury situation is killing me though… I do have to comment on two things 1) The Ramos is still bringing the sexy even with his shorter locks 2) I am proposing that there should be a bromance between The Ramos & Sami Khedira – I know that The Ramos has a certain sizzle that Khedira does not have, but they have a similar look and I think they both have fash issues too. I am not sure if Sergio is already in a bromance with a RM teammate, but I think Serg and Sam need to be the next thing. I will stop now before I go completely off-topic. Sorry, Kickette! Ok – now off to check Ligue 1 results

  13. Leya says:

    Best worst weekend ever!

    Best things:
    1. Fern scored, wooo!!!!
    2. I fell in love with Theo Walcott bc he’s adorable and played amazingly!
    3. Cesc started for Arsenal
    4. Man. City and Tottenham both lost
    5. Barca won
    6. Atletico beat Inter

    Worst things:

    1. I couldn’t SEE Fern score bc ESPN/FSC are bad at EPL coverage so on Sunday they showed an EPL game that had happened on Saturday and didn’t cover the Liverpool game.
    2. Chicharito didn’t play in the Man.U game
    3. Atletico beat Inter, giving Jose reason to make more obnoxious comments about Rafa Benitez
    4. Barcelona actually accepted Javier Mascherano’s transfer
    5. Zlatan on loan to AC Milan
    6. I can’t watch ANY football having to do with Spain or Spanish-speaking countries bc my FIOS cable package SUCKS so I don’t get ESPNDeportes or GolTV or FSC+

  14. Rusty says:

    Werder weren’t on TV, Real Madrid were boring (and Oezil looked lost, as usual), Chelsea make me feel guilty (and weren’t on TV), I couldn’t find Juve on my TV schedule, and I think the only team of mine that I ended up watching live were the New England Revolution.

    Then again, I’m severely depressed and am spending most of my time in bed anyway.

  15. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    Random and not sure if people have seen this but I thought it was funny. Made me laugh: Iker and Pastasauce at home??? Could it be?

  16. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Well, just wanted to share my feelings of how happy this Barca ordeal is making me. I’m not their fan, I have my mexican love America but during the games I watch here in the states I always get the results of the spanish teams and a few others. I was happy when they interrupted narration to say Barcelona doing great scoring etc. etc. I’m trying to catch up on the euro matches but I have so much on my plate, we have concacaf, superliga, libertadores (just ended), our liguilla, and worrying about who our NT’s next coach will be. After watching so much football I’m suprised I’m not exploding. But not even knowing Pique’s team is doing so good could truly make truly happy when my love America is doing so poorly.

    Oh, I want to thank all the fans of Chicharito, even though as a Chiva I “hate” him, he seems to be loved with fans overseas. Always nice to know my mexicans are well liked if not loved. If anyone cares, there’s a Iker look-a-like in LA and he is a martial arts master. Forgot his name though, lol.

    • Emme says:

      You are talking about USMNT right? What do you think about this whole Jurgen Klinsmen thing?

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        No, I was referring to Mexico's NT but now that you mention it, I had forgotten about their team and how they may or may not have the same coach next WC. To be honest I don't care if the US makes it big in WCs mainly because of jealousy, lol. Seriously, as Mexican I heard jokes of how "oh we play the US, its going to be a win for sure" then not long after it was, "oh we play the US, lets work harder to beat them". Not sure how they became to be so good at a sport this country didn't care much for. The only thing I don't like about all this is that players on from any country complain they can't perform not because their coach is not doing his job but because they claim not knowing if that coach will stay or not is affecting their game. Ugh! a national team plays for his country, himself, the team and of course the fans.

        Regarding Jurgen Klinsmann, seems like Bradley won't be USMNT coach after his contract expires. But I think if this German coach agrees to take his place you guys will become a strong playing team. That's what I want to see for my team. Imagine german style football? Sound nice doesn't it? Most people seem to think a national team should have a coach that knows the country and loves it… he has American children and wife. I kind of hope he says no but I think that the jealousy talking again. Would be nice to see. For my country things aren't great seems its more talk than action and so much secrecy. But since I do live in the states and plan to do so unless my obsession for Pique wins over my sanity/rational self and I move to Spain/Barcelona, LOL :D ……. I would love to see people here passionate for football.

        • Emme says:

          It would be ideal for a NT coach to be from that country, but I think the USNT needs to have a coaching system that will improve them technically. I think the US has a lot of talent, but they are not tactically sound. I am biased towards someone like Klinsmen b/c I love the German style of play. It is really efficient & clean. Their passing was just amazing in the WC. Whatever happens, I hope it will make the team improve. (hopefully while Benny & Boca are still around – crossing my fingers :) ) It would be nice to at least make a WC quarter-final sometime in the near future

          • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

            Honestly as an USMNT nonsupporter I would actually would love to see that happen. I would love to see if he could implement that style of play in the US especially because many other countries like Mexico and some in south America like Honduras and El Salvador often take games against the US not seriously enough and often we don’t do good. If the US improves I bet you the rest will do too. Well of course I hope others don’t improve much like Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, and Uruguay… they are good enough LOL. But I would love to see Colombia in another WC not sure why but I miss them in the WCs.

  17. Inés says:

    I believe EPL is better than La Liga!
    Idk, it’s more exciting!

  18. xoWinnie says:

    well, EPL teams have continued to keep me happy :)

    although i can't say i'm too pleased about Liverpool winning. i really hope they don't make it to the top 4 this season; again. >:D

    now about Real…let's not talk about Real. although it's only the first game of the season. i will cut them some slack.

    • xoWinnie says:

      oh! and Ibrahimovic's move to AC has made me quite pleased!

      now that he plays for a team that i DON'T hate, i can buy his jersey, and start following AC's games again! maybe with him on the team, they'll win something this season!

      YAAAYYYY! :D

  19. RONALIZA says:

    With cristiano's injury and the negative real madrid,


  20. C16 says:

    It was a regular weekend. Of course I’m not happy with Real Madrid only getting one point. I’m still feeling skeptical… but it’s just the beginning of the season, so we’ll see. Bring it on RM!
    I’m not a fan of either teams but did anybody watch the Bayer Leverkusen vz. Borussia M’gladbach match? Tons of goals… M’gladbach did great!

    And oh yeah! Yoyo looking great in white. I approve ;)
    It’s a shame they lost.

  21. JulieFromParis says:

    Oh, and by the way kickette staff:

    “we know why there are beds in the Real Madrid training complex – they’re for the players to hide under”

    Words DO hurt sometimes *running away crying*

  22. SpanishFootieLover says:

    Firstly, Barcalona played so awesome, I love the way they play and I was estatic that my David scored :D When I saw the Real madrid game I was so shocked that they dropped points. It was disappointing really. As a liverpool fan (and barca) i was glad that my boys got three points, finally. I was also happy that Totenham and Man City both lost!!! Did anyone happen to see the hilarious bitch slap in the Birmingham v Bolton game? If not:

  23. LuvinBale says:

    Bit of an up and down week and weekend.
    Spurs beat Young Boys (yeah!!!) and are now in the next leg but wecare up against Inter Milan- the title holders!! Good lord!
    Then we lost to Wigan at home- I just don’t know how to feel.
    But then I watched the Man City game and they lost so that makes me feel a little better.
    Then I read that Torres finally made his first goal if the season and that put a smile in my face.
    Other than that- I’m emotionally spent.

    • cymraeg_ddraig says:

      I’m also confused about the Wigan result and now we have an international break so have to live with this until the 11th :-(

  24. kat says:

    slightly off topic but hey,its still a result anyway..
    i was watching the blackburn-arsenal game with bunch of my male friends when i accidentally let out a loud gasp after seeing cesc was adjusting errr…something before they headed out to the tunnel(bet most of you saw that too) friends jeered my antic and since then,they started calling me “cesc,cesc…”damn!when people ask them whats the issue,they told everybody the whole f**king story(and even exaggerate a little).now everyone thinks i watch football just only for that PLEASURE..arrrgghh!!!!

    MORAL:-beware of you surrounding before expressing your excitement(or whatevs lol) upon seeing somthing ‘interesting’ esp if your friends love doucebaggering like mine.ugh.

    • YasminMarisa says:

      LOL love your story and soooo disappointed I missed the bit where they showed the tunnel! Hopefully there'll be a video of it somewhere… Will definitely take your advice on checking surroundings though. Especially since I usually end up watching with family members (cousins, uncles, dad) and I have a pretty big family and if that happens to me I don't think I'll ever hear the end of it!

      • ASM says:

        LOL better watch out girl..i’m always watching games alone,lucky me.. ;)

        @kat i saw that scene too,but i thought its just my wishful thinking ahah..well,i’m starting to feel that cesc is so duurrty that he always put his hand down to his pants in public LOL..makes me crazy about him even more..XD

  25. Leá says:

    I was SO happy that Nando scored in Liverpool’s game, but that wasn’t enough to keep me from feeling devastated by Real Madrid’s loss. Not the way I wanted the season to start…

  26. JulieFromParis says:

    Bad, bad week-end, except for Team Biskaia’s win.

    Ligue 1: Im supportive of Paris through and through but this game…. Gosh, don’t even want to talk about it.

    Real vs Mallorca: well, not the best start for sure but still we had many occasions and the team is still under construction no?? I have to say that I watched Barca’s game and you understand what playing realistic means, it’s somethg Los Blancos miss at times. Anyway, Hala Madrid!!

    • Steph says:

      Yeah, not exactly the best start for RM yesterday. :/ They had plenty of chances to score, but that didn't happen. haha, I guess they are. I felt bad for them, though. They looked so frustrated and disappointed throughout the whole game. And yeah, Barca did awesome yesterday. :D Loving the way those boys play! I'm still getting into this, and still picking a team, but I'm leaning towards Barca so far. I'm checking out other teams in La Liga, too, though.

      • JulieFromParis says:

        Hey Steph, why not my Bilbao boys?? It would be just you and me then because they dont get as much attention as they should… but it's kinda nice to support outsiders for a change, and Im a PSG supporter so I know what Im talking about believe me :)

        • Steph says:

          Hey! :) Oh, I really want to check them out, but they haven’t shown any of their games on TV here and I haven’t found any streams! :( I really want to see them play, though! I agree, though. From what I’ve read, they’re great, but they don’t get as much love as they should. I’m with you, though! :)

    • cherryboomboom says:

      Ce qui fait encore plus mal , c'est la deception de derniere minute , on croyait vraiment l'avoir cette victoire contre bordeaux .. mais hop derniere minute , le coeur de tous les marseillais ont ete brises .. :'(

      • JulieFromParis says:

        Ouais je comprends, franchement je le dis pas souvent parce que ben, si tu marques pas tu gagnes pas, mais Marseille méritait cette victoire… Au moins, on voit que même avec les nouvelles recrues qui s'acclimatent (Rémy quel joueur!!) l'équipe n'a pas usurpé son titre de champion de France. Allez unu ptit sourire Cherry :)

      • JulieFromParis says:

        Ouais je comprends, franchement je le dis pas souvent parce que ben, si tu marques pas tu gagnes pas, mais Marseille méritait cette victoire… Au moins, on voit que même avec les nouvelles recrues qui s'acclimatent (Rémy quel joueur!!) l'équipe n'a pas usurpé son titre de champion de France. Allez un ptit sourire Cherry :)

        • cherryboomboom says:

          J'avoue ! Remy a tres bien commencé ! A mon opinion , c'etait The man of the match ! Sinon , dommage le PSG , ils sont capables de beaucoup mieux !!!

          bon leur prochain match c'est contre Arles Avignon donc sava .. ils peuvent se rattraper :P

    • ASM says:

      i thought we already have a fully-constructed team considering they had a quite impressive pre-season..and i personally dont think we have so much time to bounce back..but i still have faith for mourinho,hope they’ll getting better..still unfair to judge them just based on the first day performance,i guess.. :(

      • JulieFromParis says:

        Preseason doesn’t mean a lot to me…

        Di Maria being relocated on right wing and a bit lost at times, Canales either brilliant or unseen, Ronaldo lacking precision on free kicks = still under construction no?? But still, I liked the Ramos- Carvalho pairing.

        But, as Mou said, when a team is not at its best, players have to score whenever there is an opportunity, and that’s exactly what I call being realistic.

        OF COURSE we still have faith, lack of faith is not even an option!! :)

        • ASM says:

          i personally think seems the team still playing their old style game despite the presence of some debutants,and its worrying me..mou said that he’s going to introduce a new philosophy,but the whole team still struggling(to adapt probably)..i hope they’ll get up asap coz i dont see a good thing if we weren’t able to win(esp when barca keep dazzling).. :(

  27. VeNia says:

    woohhooo!!!!i was over the moon when i heard Real had a tie with Mallorca and Barca was winning!!another goal from Daveeeeedd Viillaaa!!!!

  28. Zlatanista says:

    Iniestas goal against Racing made my hubby fall in love with him. Just wanted to share that.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      It would have made a Madridista fall for him. Im put out by Los Blancos’ game but one has to admit Barca’s efficiency is impressive.

    • neenyah says:

      Not only that! Also, that cross made by Dani Alves to David is just impeccable! LOL also that David Villa has brought his love for the offside area to the Blaugrana. LOLOLOL!!!

  29. Zinny says:


    First, the love of my life, Nando Torres scored his first goal in a looong time (not to mention his 50th)! I screamed so loud, everyone thought I was dying. My sanity is being questioned among my friends. At least he's on the right track now.

    And Cesc started at the Arsenal game!

    Aaaaand of course, Dahveed and Messi and Iniesta in all their glory.

    But it was a Fernando Torres/David Villa kind of weekend for me. The bitch faces reigned supreme. Long live and god bless.

    Only bad thing: poor classy Xabi and Sergio. =( I feel for 'em.

  30. Bri says:

    Thrilled with the barca game! So much fun, did anyone else notice Dani Alves having a total blast? Adorable! Loved the assist.

    On another note my vote for the Thursday thigh is dear Iker from the RM game Sunday…you all know what I am talking about. Anybody have a still? It pretty much was the only time during the game I was awake.

  31. ASM says:

    mixed feelings weekend..
    -i was happy for both arsenal and liverpool..gunners’ perfomance were acceptable..i freaked out when WBA seemed outplay liverpool,but thankfully torres popped out a heroic goal..way to go bb!
    -felt bitter yoann didn’t get his dream debut,but at least they lost to his daddy’s team..btw,i’m so suprised that lyon played like crap..perhaps its due to the plastic pitch..
    -still bummed that mourinho and his boys failed to win their first game..i did watch the barca game earlier and thought RM could kick their asses off,but i got the wrong impression.. :(
    also,get well soon crissy and robin..

  32. Liverpool won. Sure it wasn’t a very good performance, but they took all three points and Torres broke his goalscoring jinx.

    That’s more than enough for me!

  33. Rossanera says:

    I am so pumped about AC Milan’s thrashing of Lecce, Daveed and Nando scoring goals was just the icing on the cake.

    • Lisa says:

      Milan are going to be unstoppable when Zlatan plays. What an attacking lineup.

    • Lisa says:

      hey Rossanera you recommended Soccernomics to me right? Let me return the favour and recommend a great book to you:

      Morbo: The Story of Spanish Football by Phil Ball

      The chapter on Barcelona says that when Barca is going through a period of stability and success, Real Madrid are always in a state of turmoil. The same is certainly true vice versa. In Spain they call it Sol y Sombra (Sun & Shadow). Unfortunately for us Barca fans, he said history also shows that fortunes of both clubs don't last very long and they change often.

      The first 72 pages are availible free on GoogleBooks. I'm not really a big bookworm but it was the off-season and I was craving some Spanish football… so I read a book on it. Hi my name is Lisa and I'm a Spanish Futbol Addict.

      • neenyah says:

        Hi, Lisa. I'm Niña and I've always thought my parents decided to play a joke on me to give me a name that will obviously describe who I am (petite). I am also a Spanish futbol addict. Feel free to get some cookies after the session. LOL! (Eavesdropping here and I will go check that book, nooninooninoo!)

        • Lisa says:

          Hi Nina. lol Lets hug and cry like in Fight Club. We may have to when Real Madrid start playing well (which they will I’m afraid). I highly recommend that book to anyone wanting a crash course in all things Spanish football. I also regularly read Phil Ball’s column on ESPN, here’s the latest:

          This book (and column, check out the Archive) changed the way I look at Spanish football. Although that chapter about the national team’s failures being due to over-confidence and fatalism is slightly outdated (hey, it was written in 2003) but makes you appreciate what La Furia Roja have been through in its history.

          now where are them cookies?

      • Zlatanista says:

        LoL, i´m gonna snatch that book from the nearest (cyberspace) bookshelf, Lisa!

  34. Elina says:

    Good Liverpool won, bad Real Madrid lost. :(

  35. Dee says:

    I watched both the scoreless tie for Roma and the 1-0 loss for Juve. It was not a happy weekend for me. I kept waiting for any kind of goal for both teams.

    Interestingly enough, Marco is now on loan at Juve. Let's see how that goes…

    • Q says:

      marco's still att milan with the transfer window about to shut, fingers crossed, hope he stays he didnt agree to any personal terms yet, i would hate it if he left milan for juve or roma, although i would still secretly get that teams shirt if he does leave :) . borriello <3

      • Dee says:

        According to it’s offical…Marco is now giallorossi. Don’t mean to mix sports metaphors but, damn that came out of left field.

  36. zztop says:

    Sevilla Sevilla Sevillaaaaa!

    I so wanted to comfort them all after the loss to Braga, especially that Perotti fella.

  37. Tash says:

    The only good thing about this weekend is that Liverpool won-other than that, all my other teams lost/drew (Madrid, Juve, Bayern) and that is really annoying!!

    Lol now everytime I think/say Villa's name it's always Daveeed Villa

  38. D0li says:

    Let me just say that I was very upset that Real Madrid tied yesterday.. after getting all those new players, and once again spending more on players than selling them, I can only hope that this season won't be a repeat of last season.

    I was supprised and happy thought that Ronaldo accepted defeat like a champ and did not act like an A**; the same way he did at the world cup after loosing to Spain.

    Iker played extremely well though! Carbs must not have been near the goal ;)

  39. Q says:

    marco borriello and the milan boys turned up the heat this weekend, upset he didn't score but still nice just looking on at all the eye candy he flaunted :)

  40. Claire says:

    so happy that Lorient won that match with Lyon! they f*cking deserved it.

    • Q says:

      but the lash-meister was playing for lyon, i find it hard to have negative vibes towards anything relatingg to yoann <3

  41. NandoCesclover says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nando is back in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 this man soooooooo much!!!!!! The hottest and most talented player in all of Europe is back!!! <3

  42. Selina says:

    FERNANDO TORRRESSSS <33333333333333333333333333333333

  43. Thea says:

    Well done Barca boys!!!!! So pleased we off to the flying start – and it couldn't be worse for RM, hopefully Jose will get the boot sooner than we thought!

    • Zlatanista says:

      It could´ve been a little worse. Mallorca had some chances. They´re fierce at home!

      • Thea says:

        But just goes to show that RM is a problem that NO amount of money can put right! BRING IT ON!!!!!

        • Zlatanista says:

          And if Andresito keeps scoring those dreamlike goals it will be oohhh sooo goood! I´m still in a haze!

    • Lisa says:

      I was thinking all of the same things… then I realised its the 1st game of a 38-game season. I know, party pooper right? I don’t know which will come first: Real sacking Jose because of bad results or because of a s**t boring style of play. Chicken or the Egg…

      • ASM says:

        i’m a madridista and i’m kinda agree with your point about our style of play..what i can say is RM still ‘emphasize’ the same habit despite the new-looking team(get the damn ball and find crissy asap)STILL..ugh,better keep your word mou(…)ya know whats goin to happen if he fail to do so..

        • Lisa says:

          from an attacking point of view I think Schuster and Pellegrini had better styles of play… they were let go. From a results point of view, I think Capello had a more effective style of play, Pellegrini got to 98 points and Vicente Del Bosque just won trophies… all were let go. Unless Mou gets this team playing like Brazil 1970, this is all going to end badly.

          • ASM says:

            i'm fine with the point,sis..sounds bitter but your words scream the truth..mou might be special and currently the best coach in the world,but everything seems nonsense if we turn out to be trophyless AGAIN..honestly,i dont see any good thing if we weren't able to win..i'm already tired to hear "team still under-construction" and "we need time" excuses as well..but knowing that barca did lost on their first day and drew in the next game of 08-09 season(pep's debut),and eventually ended up with treble makes me dare to hope..everything's possible,right?? ;)

        • Lisa says:

          *runs over and hugs ASM* sorry babe I didn’t mean to attack you like that. Please don’t take my word for it. I am a Barca-loving, RM-hating crazy person. What do I know about your team?

          • Thea says:

            Lisa – I am the same and it doesn't stop me wading in all the same! All I know is that I hope I get front row seats when RM sack Jose!

            • Lisa says:

              yea but I've made a pledge this season to be less critical of other teams. It's cruel and disrespectful. Besides, I need to look contrite before senoraramos shows up…

              • cliu says:

                In German, they call it schadenfreude and that's all I could think as I watched the Mallorca goalie swat ball after ball from his goal. Then I realized I had spent the summer cheering on the Ramos and Iker and Xabi. But it's back to La Liga and the battle between good (Barcelona) and Evil. I know it's not that simple — look at how Barca treated Ibra, etc., etc. But the gobs of $$$ that EE spent trying to buy itself victory is kind of gross. And the Mou's lack of loyalty and evil genius air all make this a season when you want a parable to end with — and you see my little darlings, $$$ can't buy you everything, not even when your name is Jose Mourinho. He should have stayed with Inter, who loved him best of all!

                • JulieFromParis says:

                  come on… u all speak as if we're on the eve of the championship game!! Let's all stay humble and cautious because it's only the first game of the season and a lot of things might change in the future no?? :)

                  • cliu says:

                    Yes, I know it's early and dangerous to start to gloat, so I take back the gloating, but not the ardent wish for Pep to defeat Mou! But when Barca won as it did this weekend (and against Sevilla in the last leg of the SuperCopa), it's hard not to celebrate just a tiny bit, et on se le permet de temps en temps, pourquoi pas?

                    • JulieFromParis says:

                      Of course celebrating is good and justified for ur side, as a madridista i have to be the trouble-maker no?? :)

              • Thea says:

                Lisa – she's cool with it. I think she's likes the banter!

    • Mourinho says:

      WAHAHAHA!! They’ll never take me alive!

  44. Dahlia says:







    But, wow! I had amazing fun this weekend and I am beginning to like Theo Walcott too. So many amazing stuff happening all at once :D

    For the record I support Barcelona and Arsenal and have a soft spot for Iker and Nando..So what an AWESOME weekend this was!

    Dah-veed <3333 Cesc-y <3333

    • jecca says:

      I would to point out that Iker Casillas did his job very well. Obviously he is not expected to score goals. (Though how sexy would that be?)

      • Dahlia says:

        Yeah..I meant I felt bad for him and his side, I wasn’t able to clarify myself because I was just too excited :)

    • loveu2much says:

      i also am starting to like that theo walcott and when he scored that goal for arsenal i was like whoa whos that guy hes good (im not familiar with alot of players cuz im new to football) and too bad for me cuz i missed the barcelona game so i ended up watching real madrid. i just have to say that iker was the man of the match cuz he is just incredible.

  45. batso says:

    Oh, God, I was watching our nasty greek football. :(

  46. It was just grand. Manchester United with an easy win at home and some splendidly made goals as well from Nani and Berbatov, and Wayne with a penalty to kick start his goal scoring again. :)

    Ipswich Town with a fantastic home win against Bristol City AND NOW SIT JOINT TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!

    • Oh, and this is the best start to a season that Ipswich Town have had in years, and there is whispers of Roy Keane for Championship Manager of the Month for August. :) He hates individual honours but I'd be so chuffed for him.

      And as well, congratulations to Sunderland for a battling performance yesterday, and well done Agents Bardsley, Richardson, Campbell and Bruuuuuuuuuucey! LOL!

  47. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'm really starting to think I'm cursing my teams. I was rooting for Spurs b/c if Wigan won it would push Liverpool down into the bottom three. So of course Wigan won. I was also rooting for Stoke against Chelsea. The Liverpool game? They only scored after I had to leave the apartment and was thus not watching when Nando scored.

    Don't even talk to me about Real Madrid.

    At least there was Sevilla. Maybe I'm not a total harbinger of doom.

  48. Lisa says:

    Barca and Man Utd won, Rooney and Soul Patch got off the mark this season and Atletico won the Super Cup so my weekend was goooooood! A certain team I despise (who I won't mention) did not win but schadenfreude is so 2009. Also, Tottenham and Man City, what the hell happened?

  49. lonelySTARSHINE says:


    lolz, sorry I always see unimportant details XD

    Love youuuuuuuuuuu Yoann!!! <3 <3 <3

    • BHN says:

      is it me or does the 'Everest poker phrase emphasize the short tent situu…

      or is it just my eyes deceiving me to see whats good and pure?? =P

    • Q says:

      hahah that comment just made my day, had the exact same observation. oh and yoaan was fiine in lyonaiss colourss :D

  50. Rossanera says:

    Also, Villa looks so happy in Barca colors/comfortable with his teammates, I love it.

  51. Emma says:

    Barca won, Valdes was so sexy/manly after saving that penalty..hotness!! Happy happy, I could watch that penalty save over and over teehee

  52. Zlatanista says:

    When it comes to results i couldn´t have a better weekend, Kickette! All "my" teams won (Barca, Sevilla, Arsenal). As for the rest there was just a lot of heartbreak…