November 22nd, 2010

Weekend Results: Hammerings & Hangovers

Cesc Fabregas. Emirates Stadium. Saturday. Oof. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Having your backside handed to you on a plate is one thing. When the act is carried out by your bitterest rival, prevents you from sitting pretty atop the leaderboard and breaks a record of seventeen years standing, it’s another thing entirely.

But enough about the results of the Kickette Annual Pre-Thanksgiving/Champagne Drinking Contest. Please accompany us (and our hangovers) as we tour the highlights of the weekend results.

No shouting or merriment, please. We’re of a delicate disposition today.


In what must be one of the most memorable comebacks since Spurs went into the home dressing room with a half time 3-0 lead against Manchester United, Harry Redknapp’s side turned a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 victory against their North London rivals this weekend. Goals from Nasri and Chamakh in the first half had apparently sealed the victory for the Gunners, but the Wenger boys capitulated after the break, allowing Bale, Van Der Vaart and Kabul to turn the tie round.

This was doubly painful for Arsenal as Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat against Birmingham meant they would have taken the lead at the top of the table. Instead, Chelsea remain top on goal difference alone from Manchester United, who comfortably beat Wigan 2-0, via strikes from Patrice Evra and Javier Hernandez (left). (Getty Images/Zimbio)

In a highly confusing and mad weekend, Bolton Wanderers briefly bagged themselves a Champions League (4th) spot with a 5-1 win over Newcastle, only to slip to fifth after Manchester City’s comprehensive 4-1 defeat of Fulham. If that wasn’t bewildering enough, Liverpool gave new meaning to the term ‘sporadic form’ by beating West Ham 3-0.

We’ve going to have to get a new office wall planner if this carries on.

La Liga

Things look a little more certain at the lofty levels of La Liga, with both Real Madrid and Barcelona chalking up big wins to ensure no one else gets a sniff of the title. Barcelona (left) beat Almeria 8-0 (yup, that’s eight) while Real Madrid whacked an unfortunate Athletic Bilbao 5-1. Hat tricks from Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their respective fixtures means that their personal goal scoring battle continues unabated. There’s only one point between the sides as we look toward the inevitable mayhem that will be El Classico on the 29th. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Villarreal’s 1-1 draw against Valencia took the Yellow Submarine to within a handy eight points of Real, but the big two weren’t the only sides to post goal laden wins. Deportivo La Coruna beat Malaga 3-0, while goals from Forlan, Aguero (2) and Simao gave Atletico Madrid a 4-2 win over Real Sociedad and sixth place. Real Zaragoza lost 2-1 at home to Sevilla and remain rooted to the bottom.


With seven away victories in the bag already, the latest being 2-1 against SC Freiburg, Borussia Dortmund are a useful seven points clear atop the Bundesliga. Mainz kept within shouting distance after a 3-2 win at Borussia Monchengladbach, while Hannover 96 took fourth with a 3-2 win over Hamburg.

Bayern Munich stumbled at Bayer Leverkusen, a 1-1 draw only sufficient to consolidate their mid table position. Schalke crept up to fifteenth position with a 4-0 win over Werder Bremen, Raul returning to form with a superb hat trick.

Serie A

Another Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal, plus Lazio’s draw at Parma was sufficient to take AC Milan three points clear at the top of Serie A. Marco Borriello celebrated his entry into the latest Kickette Finest Five list with a goal in Roma’s 2-0 win over Udinese, but Inter suffered their second defeat in two games, a 2-1 loss to Chievo.

Meanwhile, Juventus continued their storming run of nine matches undefeated; a 2-0 away win over Genoa completing their rise from sixteenth position to fourth.

Ligue 1

We know that you’ll have scrolled down here immediately to find out the latest on our unofficially adopted French side Arles Avignon. The optimistic among you might be hoping that the side got their second win of the season at home to Bordeaux. The realistic among you will not be surprised to discover that Arles retain their position at the bottom of Ligue 1 with a 4-2 defeat to Les Girondins. We still believe in you, Arles. It’s taking increasing quantities of prescription medication, but we do.

Elsewhere, Lille and Montpellier share the top spot with twenty four points each, Lille beating Monaco 2-1 and Montpellier defeating Nice 1-0. Paris St Germain and Rennes are close behind with twenty three points, beating Caen 2-1 and Brest by the same scoreline respectively.

In other news, Yoann Gourcuff would like to offer Kickette readers a special gift. Just one proviso, DO NOT snatch. The ramifications could be horrendous for us all.

Happy with the madness, Kickettes? Or would you prefer something a little more dignified and refined as we move inexorably toward Christmas?

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67 Responses to “Weekend Results: Hammerings & Hangovers”

  1. MIssSarah says:

    Arsenal were just odd and not for the first time either. It's like time stops for them, they had a proper Bernards Watch moment when Spurs started their fightback. Speaking of which, they're never going to give up are they? Like this year's Liverpool or something. As most of Spurs matches this season, incredible once again. Apart from my dear United, I'd say Spurs are one of the most entertaining teams today.

    Valencia…the team that just keeps giving – the impression that they can hold on to a lead. They could have won that match but then again they can win every match it's so frustrating! They started off this season so well but they've returned to hopelsessness and ill discipline. Why do you panic when another team scores an equaliser? For god's sake why do you just shut down and collapse in the second half? GAH it's so annoying because they have the potential to do so much better this season.

    Bayern are one very inconsistent team this season. One week, fantastic. Next week, dreadful. Still, rather be Bayern than Schalke.

  2. Lily says:

    OOOF Arsenal…..what happened? Glad Liverpool won, though- that team, they break my heart and mend it on a regular basis.

    Looking forward to El Clasico now, it's going to be EPIC this year since both teams look like they're in form *wiggles*

  3. Winnie Mata says:

    i could rant forever about this weekend, but would it make me feel any better?
    perhaps. but right now i am too lazy to pour my heart out about the unfortunate mishaps
    at Emirates Stadium. and as for Chelsea?…no words -.- absolutely, none.

    it seems as though Real have been the only team to make me smile lately,
    and if they start f*cking up!?!?
    Russell Peters voice "somebody going to get hurt real bad"!

  4. reggaeballgirl says:

    Loved most of the results this weekend. Liverpool, RM and Barca won in style, Javier Hernandez scored and the big, bad Chelsea lost. But all that good was almost cancelled out by Arsenal's astonishing loss. That is what you call snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! Seems my beloved Gunners are afraid of being top of the EPL table. Love RM but those boys are talking a little too much. I hope Barca does their talking on the pitch next Monday. Let's separate the boys from the men. Wouldn't it be a b…tch if El Clasico ended in a 0-0 draw?

  5. ThatWelshOne says:

    As a Spurs fan that result was the best thing I've ever witnessed, I couldn't watch the 5 minutes of injury time as I was convinced we were going to throw it away! A bit well done hug to Gareth, Luka, Rafa and the rest of the boys! x

    • LuvinBale says:

      Heaven is the word gnat comes to
      mind about this weekend. Bale started everything with is brilliant goal 4min into
      the second half.
      Then Cesc’ giant mistake in the penalty box lead to VdV getting a penalty kick. Woot Woot VdV!!!
      Then the shocker!!! Kaboom for the win!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!
      I screamed and ran around my living room for 2 minutes- my poor neighbors. But I dont care- Spurs beat Aresenal on home turf for the first time in 17 years!!!!!!
      At the end of the game the players went to the side with the Spurs fans and threw their shirts into the crowd. If that doesn’t show the fans appreciation – then I don’t know what would.
      On to Werder Bremen!!! And Defoe is back!!!
      Sorry for all !!! – I’m just super excited.

  6. Autumn says:

    Barcaaaaaaaaa! Unfortunately I had to miss both my beloved teams play but when I came back to find that Liverpool and Barca won I couldn't sleep from excitement! Bojan scored :D . And as for El Clasico… I really love Real but I love my Barca boys more. I'll be happy with any result though :) I am so pumped right now!!

  7. @mezz98 says:

    Forgot to add:

    La Liga results mean El Classico should be VERY interesting.

    I still haven't found an EPL team to support. (I guess I am playing hard to get) But I sure do love watching that glorious soap opera known as Premier League Football unfold.

  8. @mezz98 says:

    What – no MLS? Colo. Rapids broke FC Dallas' hearts last night in a very physical match. Can't say it was pretty, but I am glad I watched.

  9. xbabyshakesx says:

    EPL – a strange weekend might i say! Chelsea lost again, and now tied with United (^___^), Liverpool on a winning streak and Arsenal are uh… yeah they need to comeback! or I'ma have to destroy water bottles like Arsene or Joachim Loew.

    in other news HALA MADRID!

  10. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    Barcelona was beast, Liverpool won, and Gerard and Bojan looked cute sitting on the Barca bench together. It was so easy to wake up in the morning knowing that.

  11. DeeRoma says:

    I was so excited to see my Roma boys win again. I am so glad to see them doing much much better although I was sad not see DDR on the pitch.

  12. gi0ia says:

    What`s there not to like? Diego Forlan has scored again! :-) It really is all I cared about, other than Atletico winning the match !:-)

    And I found it particularly sweet that Kun assisted, after Forlan gave him one last week! And after that, Forlan gave him one back, and Kun got that in, too! <3 Someone has written somewhere that the two didn`t speak…

  13. diana says:

    OWWW Milan's at the top!Adding the 9 pt difference from Inter(merda)…i couldn't be any happier!Great game, plus my beloved Alessandro Nesta had a chance to double the result..too bad he didn't, maybe tomorrow :)

    As for La Liga :D amn it , EVERYONE scored in Barca(poor Almeria)!Kindda sad that Villa didn't score : Hope he will make a comeback in the 29th!I so hope they'll kick some ass…and i'm gonna be there to watch them doing so!yay!
    on a side note: what is going on Bayern???get your shit together!

  14. Deanna says:

    To get over the loss at the Emirates, I went straight into salvage my weekend list…. 1. Chelsea losing ~CHECK!
    2. Real Madrid winning decisively before El Clasico ~check… With a Ramos goal?! Could it get better?!
    3. Liverpool winning ~check
    4. My lil Silva strutting his stuff at Man City ~ fucking check plus!!!
    extra point given for Barca playing some beautiful football, but no Villa goal left something to be desired.
    So I broke just about even. Gunners you better win the rest if the matches so I don't have to pull out this list!

  15. blake2108 says:

    Gareth scored. :D

    As soon as that happened I couldn't care about the rest.

    Although being a United fan, the weekend couldn't have been much better

  16. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Visca Barca!! You can talk all you want, Mou. Talk and talk and talk….

    What else? Eh, let's see: Elmander at Bolton!!!! Scoring again! Just keep them coming boy. And bring some for our NT, please.

    And Zlatan is working wonders yet again. Good boy!

    So sad for Arsenal, though. They could have been on top now :( .

  17. Missy Manchester says:

    *enjoying the Senora/Thea Sip 'n Snipe Show LOL…wonders whether they're drinking daiquiris or margharitas*

  18. Leya_S says:

    I dont know what the hell is going on at Chelsea all of a sudden….they seem to have traded luck with Liverpool……
    …which, of course, is GOOD news! Liverpool was fanTAStic!! Fern!!!!!!! So lovely.
    Can't believe what happened at Arsenal. They totally should have been able to capitalize on Chelsea's loss. WHY are you putting you hand up in a wall, Cesc Fabregas?!?! Chamakh is ~6 inches taller than you, it would have just hit him in the head!!!
    Barca, I love you! Although I felt a little bad for Almeria. SOOOO excited for the 29th!! RM, you're going DOWN!

    Also, in other slightly unrelated news, the USWNT beat Italy on Saturday for the WWC2011 spot…as an American, I'm happy… a lover of upsets, I would have liked to see Italy beat the US. It's good news for women across the world, though, that the USA, easily one of the most dominant Women's football teams in the world, had to work for their spot in the upcoming World Cup. It means that the standard of women's professional football worldwide is getting better, slowly but surely, IMO.

    • senora ramos says:

      actually, they are playing next sat in chi town for the right to go. we're up 1-0 on them though!!

      • Leya_S says:

        Oops. My bad.
        Pardon my misinformation, I didn't realize. I thought it was a one game type deal….whoops. :/ :)

  19. Missy Manchester says:

    Although not mentioned in your weekend summary Kickette…I can't help but wonder about Carlo Ancelotti's future. I suspect he'll be quitting soon. I think he's "allowing" info to get out into the media to let potential employers (e.g., Liverpool?) know he will be available.

  20. lorena_yGp says:

    As I said previously on several occasions – I REALLY hope that Pique and CR will get in some sort of a fight-light one :-) so they can rip each others kits :-) hahaha Evil me :-)
    Ohhh and…as Red Devil and Cule AMAZING weekend for me! :-)

  21. Missy Manchester says:

    Kickette…LOVED the Yoann Gourcuff links. You ladies are doing a supahfly job!

  22. Maribel says:

    Oh, Arsenal….I'm still a bit gobsmacked by that game! What I wouldn't give to try to comfort Cesc after that match! :) And YAY for RM!! Can't wait for El Classico!!!

  23. i love it! says:

    what a weekend great because my wonderful incredible Valencia CF tied and didnt lose so im uber proud of them …and Mis Aguilas del corazon le ganaron al San.L …ARIBA La America y AMUNT Valencia!! :) :)

  24. Carvivlie says:

    Yoann looks so good, I'm ready to buy out the OL catalogue.

  25. Amandinha says:

    Javier is totally inviting us to sit on his lap!

    Get out of the way !!!! I'm first !!!

  26. Léa says:

    HALA Madrid. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the epic battle that is El Clasico. It's going to be intense this year, and I'm going to be there!!!!! HALA MADRID! I was so proud of Sergio, he had such a tough time with La Roja earlier in the week, and I was glad to see him returning to form.

  27. meh says:

    what THE FUCK ARSENAL. lost your chances of winning the leauge now, why tf do i still support you…

  28. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    I was devastated by Arsenal and Chelsea being defeated. My pooorr Gunnerss :( come to mama lemmee comfort you!!

  29. blitzenTO says:

    The Barcelona match was both wonderful and heartbreaking. Our Barca boys were a joy to watch, like a perfect machine or a multi-celled organism sharing the same brain. Fontas played the whole game, and *what* a pass that was for Pedro's goal! Messi hattrick! Bojan scored! Iniesta scored! Everyone scored…except Villa. Poor Dahveed. Don't worry, he'll make up for that one the 29th. Poor Lillo, though. It was made worse because he is a good friend of Pep's. Still, that;s football.

    Chelsea lost, Liverpool won, the world has turned upside down. Sad that Arsenal lost, but they are still in the top three, so that's OK.

  30. Jo_ says:

    Pleased with three points and for making up ground on the rivals. However, I am a bit confused. We've been under par for most/all of the season and yet we're tied on points with Chelsea? [scratches head] Okay, we'll take that going into the holiday season.

    VDV for signing of the EPL season so far? Cheech hot on his heels for second?

  31. gin_in_teacups says:

    Liverpool match was awesome! I was lucky enough to be sitting in The Kop for that one and damn did it feel good! If we could keep doing that against other teams I'd be thrilled. And as an added bonus, during warm ups there was much Pepe stretching! Yummmmm!

    Sadly, I missed the second half of the Real Madrid game and Sergio's goal (SOB) but I'm so proud! Gearing up for el clasico – I'm torn between excitement and nerves. All I know is that my tummy is all in knots!

  32. KatB says:

    Uh my dear arsenal and bayern boys need to get it together… please?

    Also, very excited for el clásico, both teams are in wonderful shape and it should be a fun match, hopefully with no ill remarks on either side. best of luck to both of them! with that said, visca el barça i a guanyar nens!!

  33. senora ramos says:

    see you keep typing but all i read is blah, blah, blah. lol!
    we'll see how much revenge you guys mett out. i don't think things are going to happen quite like you are expecting. we certainly won't stand by and let you walk all over us like others do

    • senora ramos says:

      sorry, replying to thea and forgot to hit reply :)

      i think you're right thea, it is going to be all us. lol

    • Thea says:

      No – your Jersey shore boys will try their best am sure!
      Am so excited headign out on Wednesday………….Olympic Port here I come!

    • KicketteMods says:

      Ladies, enough – both of you! You are hijacking the thread and per our community policy that is not allowed.


    • BarceLisa says:

      btw I love this new FTW-version of senoraramos. Please stay around after El Clasico.

  34. JelisaRose says:

    my dear Chelsea boys, what happened? did somebody curse you? this hurts so much =
    and Cescy, please, never do such things again.never!

  35. senora ramos says:

    bad out of the way first. waking up at the 29th min. up 2-0. then the turn for the worse. why arsenal why?! the spurs ::errrrrr::

    ok. on to the good stuff. RM firing on all clinders. cris being extremely sweet (we all remember the tiff with xabi last year) and letting sergio take the pk. he really needed that goal and it looked like the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders. the second goal start to finish was amazing. and i'll even be ok with the llorente goal b/c i like him as a player. and he's really pretty. otherwise iker had a pretty spectacular night. just great all around. both sides gearing up for el clasico (poor lillo :( did almeria give up or what. NO fouls on messi? strange to say the least)
    america whipped san luis. that was a great match as well.
    and damn the mls cup final was brutal as in physical. but very entertaining. congrats to the rapids!

    now bring on AJAX. we'll talk about the unsavory others after that match ;) gotta get a jab in during el clasico week. you know i like most of you barca girls (something i never thought i'd ever, ever say) but y'all are going down!


    • senora ramos says:

      cylinders. lol

      • Thea says:

        Fighting talk Ramos – don't be too cocky, you know how MESSI these matches can get he he!
        Think this week will be the Ramos/ Thea takeover of Kickette!

        • senora ramos says:

          no ibra to bail you out this time when we out play you again. i'm nervous but confident. not cocky. i'll leave that to you guys

    • @DebStimson says:

      hmmm…4 thumbs down? Gee I wonder who could have done that? Barca fans maybe?

      Am really looking forward to El Clasico. Should be a good game.

      Poor Almeria. They were just so out of their league. :'{

      On a side note….last year it was Barca that was on TV all the time but this year Real Madrid's matches are on TV while Barca's I have to watch online. Interesting, no? ;)

      • senora ramos says:

        it was like that after el clasico part II last spring. i guess they just show top of the table more. not that i'm complaing right now :) though i did complain a lot when it was the other way around

    • BarceLisa says:

      haha dream on ramos. Are you suggesting Almeria rolled over for Barca or something? the same way Real Madrid B (Getafe) and Real Madrid C (Espanyol) roll over for you guys every season? I kid because I love senoraramos, please do not take it personally. Bring on El clasico!

      • senora ramos says:

        lol! i know. actually, i think the team gave up on lillo and just wanted him out. but the fact that there were no, i mean ZERO fouls on messi is something that makes me go, "hmmmm."

  36. Thea says:

    Thanks for the gift Kickette – hope the hangovers clear soon!
    Well done Barca – as ever Més que un club – roll on next weekend – DOWN WITH THE EVIL MADRID!!!!