October 29th, 2012

Weekend Results: Jumpin’ & Slumpin’

Images: Action Images, Shaun Botterill/Getty Images.

A lot can be blamed on Cristiano. Like uncontrollable laughter, learning new dance moves, and the superficial importance of matching your Gucci hat with your Gucci belt and backpack.

But this weekend’s officiating is not one of them.

Hoarding bon bons is highly recommend for fans of the following:

arsenal arteta scores queens park rangers qpr 1-0- Liverpool, Gerrard came crashing down (in a nifty open-groin sit, which was hot) after Luis Suarez’s disallowed goal briefly lifted the red half of the Merseyside derby’s spirits (replay showed ref’s call was wrong, even David Moyes admitted it should’ve stood).

- Arsenal/QPR, Mikel Arteta’s lone goal of the game marked an end to Arsenal’s dismal week. Only problem Rangers’ manager Mark Hughs and his 10 men had with it was the Gunner’s offside position.

rio ferdinand fernando torres red card refereeing- Chelsea, 44th and 53rd minutes went by like a butterfly, floaty. 63rd minute stung like a red card carrying referee, suddenly. Six minutes later the league’s freckliest freckles were also shown the exit, unfairly (?). Last but not least, Little Chickpea sunk the Blues’ battleship, controversially (?) (FT: 2-3 Red Devils).

Enough. Did you catch any of the other European domestic leagues’ games, Kickettes? Were the Catania/Juventus and Saint-Etienne/Rennes games as poorly called and mind boggling as people are saying?

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76 Responses to “Weekend Results: Jumpin’ & Slumpin’”

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  2. sohbet says:

    d is a total legend! Also it's so nice to read all the nice comments about Celtic, I am so proud of them! Not only that i cannot believe i got to see Barca! Bringing

  3. night of my life!! So happy to have been there to support my team, and Rod is a total legend! Also it's so nice to read all the nice comments about Celtic, I am so proud of them! Not only that i cannot believe i got to see Barca! Bringing

  4. Deb Stimson says:

    Poor QPR. Not that I wanted Arsenal to lose but I really want QPR to do well, for Granero's sake. How frustrating it must be for him. Some of his teammates are just killing me with their passes and poor decisions. I hope Pirata doesn't live to regret his move. :(

    The Chelsea/United game was horribly officiated. The refs should never take center stage in any game but they did in this one.

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Bayern lost was very sad but we will recover now talking about the Premier Legue was a shame what they did with chelsea hurt the Blues, unfortunately football is in the hands of people totally incapacitated to referee a match as important as yesterday, the unfortunate the referee did with Chelsea! Unfortunate, because my indignation love football and just do not think a team working hard all week interia and get in the game and be harmed if not stolen by a referee called a banana!

  6. Kate says:

    Hey, Spurs won, i'm happy! Sitting in 4th :)

  7. tammyv says:

    My fantasy team had a GREAT weekend, my American boys were all good, Newcastle won with the double Dembas.

    As for that Chelsea v. Man Utd, as a neutral it exciting, interesting, fun, but as someone who loves the game it was every shade of WTF?

  8. Brenda says:

    Does anyone else think that the Suarez disallowed goal was a bit of karma for his actions during the match. The swallow dive in front of Moyes and the awful tackle on Distin

    • Kay20 says:

      Absolutely. I am a Toffee, so I'm biased, but when you act like an immature tool, life has a habit of biting you back. Looks like the soccer Gods are no different. That dive in front of the Everton bench showed his complete lack of class. Your actions speak louder than words, and boy, that was telling.

      I had no problem with the disallowed goal as Suarez shouldn't have been on the pitch after cleating Distin mercilessly anyway.

      Karma police got it right. I had no problem with the point, felt like a just result for both teams.

    • Loninha - Brasil says:

      Yes !!

  9. Kristina says:

    I'm a fan of Man U, have always had a soft spot for them, but this weekend they really had a lucky spell with the referee decisions. There's no denying that.

    Gunners three points, hooray!

    And a good old Barca Manita made my day/week! Fabregas was fab, Villa scored and Bartra got minutes on the pitch. It's hard to come up with things to say about them, so I'd just like to cite Ray Hudson: it was "a meteor shower football" from Barca!

    Lastly, if there's any East Coast US Kickettes here, I hope you don't get caught by "Sandy". Be safe!

    • sergz says:

      Sorry but "Man U" is an offensive term and supporters refrain from using that word.

      • Kristina says:

        Excuse my ignorance, I had no idea! I see that term being used everywhere, even in very positive circumstances. I really didn't mean any offense. I can't call myself a supporter though, if I were I would've known a thing like that. I just like the way they play. Plus it kind of runs in the family. I have called them that since I was a kid, plus many times in here, and I have never gotten this response. What is it about it that is considered offensive?

        • sergz says:

          Yeah I know, even Man United supporters use that term! Many cause of ignorance and others because they want to "reclaim" it (in the same way as black people use the N-word).

          It's offensive because the term was used in negative ways by other supporters (West Brom and Liverpool started it) during the Munich air disaster. It was used in songs (M.U.N.I.C.H. – Man U Never Intended Coming Home) and as a different word for "menure" – referring to how the bodies laid dead in the snow…

          If you didn't know why it was offensive, I don't think less of you for saying Man U. But now you know, so I hope you won't continue. :)

      • Utd Girl says:

        You have no idea how much it bothers me when people call themselves fans of United and refer to them as Man U!

        • Kristina says:

          And I guess, "I'm sorry" is not enough for you? At least I'm honestly admitting my mistake (cause I knew nothing about it, since I'm not a hardcore supporter). Read Sergz's and mine conversation and you'll see everything gets hunky dory after a little bit of communication.

  10. Miss XOXO says:

    Poor my Chelsea:-(

  11. sergz says:

    Ivanovic's red card was correct while Torres' wasn't. But if we're going to be picky, Torres would have gotten a straight red earlier cause of his high kick to Cleverley's chest. So I guess it evens it out.

    Honestly though. Clattenburg's performance was a joke and he has been for years, we all know that. Man United has been pissed at him before (before anyone comes talking about conspiracies, there'll be a link…) but it's not his fault, he's only human! Blame FIFA for not wanting cameras in the game.

  12. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Well, when rivalry fans ever stop harassing Cristano on the pitch with the most disgusting chants ever! when Cristano responded by telling them to chant louder as he can't hear them, he gets attacked by Caparrós ( Mallorca coach) as he needs to be more humble, that's exactly why Cristano develop this kind of attitude, then claim that's why Cristano doesn't win ballon d'or because he is getting abuse on the pitch and rarely respond to it btw, stuff as like " Portuguese son of bitch" " Cristano you faggot" "Cristano die!" I wonder if he just get a ballon d'or because he has to tolerate with this with most of he stadiums he visits in Spain Mr Caparrós.
    Anyway I am glad your team lost with a Manita and Cristano responded on the pitch with goals and assists, when literally the whole stadium was silent after it and PIPITA MY LOVE is back!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Oh what's the deal with Referee in Chelsea United game! did he abuse Mata? out of every player on the pitch Mata?

      • sergz says:

        I read that it was Jon Obi Mikel that he abused, not Mata. But not quite sure.

        • sergz says:

          Read another rapport! Apparently he called Mata a "Spanish twat". Doesn't seem like racist abuse to me… But opinions differ.

        • tammyv says:

          the complaint is for both of them. Racial abuse of Mikel and calling Mata a Spanish Twat. All refs are miced to each other so the other 4 would have heard it if it happened (not saying it did or did not just there would be others/independents to confirm or deny

          Chelsea also have coins thrown at United players and a Stewart attacked to deal with as well

    • Thea says:

      Missed the whole weekend as was working – so cannot comment on CR9. Just appears that Messi is bigger global brand at the moment – in India he's huge and it really should be Ronaldo as he is culturally more aligned being from Maderia. Think he may have a image problem more than anthing else and it's sad he gets abused for that as opposed to his footballing skills.

      • Rain says:

        CR7* ..And what you're saying is bullsh*t and none relative to what Sarah,Madrid have said.

        • sergz says:

          It is relative to what Sarah said.

          Cristiano's media image isn't as positive as it could have been. Ever since th e WC 2006 groups of people have either hated him or loved him. This "hate" comes with him to the stadiums where supporters shout disgusting things at him, which in turn provokes him (cause those supporters are f*cking morons) which makes Cristiano look even cockier to some people – which damages his media image even more – hence the shrinking popularity in some countries.

          Get it?

          • Thea says:

            Exactley my point – Messi is somehow less abrasive and therefore is leading the way as the most popular fotballer. It must be hard – and Mallorca is not doing great in la liga so effectively they would want to take it out on someone and CR is the easiest option. Just sayin'

            • Kristina says:

              I think you were pretty clear on that point. I guess that if you stop reading after "Messi is bigger global brand at the moment…" you get it all twisted.

            • Utd Girl says:

              Must be hard? That Messi's the most popular footballer? I'm pretty sure Cristiano's not breaking a sweat over that accusation. People just LOVE TO HATE Cristiano. It's pretty pathetic!

              • xoWinnie says:

                seriously…the passion with which some people despise him almost scares me sometimes like…y u mad tho?

          • Rain says:

            there is enough stupid people to bring up messi everytime CR is mentioned and vice versa..
            unlimted indian and sweden stupidty i guess.

          • Rain says:

            there is some indian stupidty out here..everytime CR is mentioed they bring up messi and vice versa… unlimtied stupidty

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        What do you mean by this comment Maderia more culture associated with India? what……he is Portuguese, how is he related to india?
        His image problems come from the fact the quote Caparros said, instead of saying his fans shouldn't have said what they said " it was homophobic slurs" he said Cristano should be more humble, take what being called "insert the homophobic slur" and be quite, that's bunch of BS

        • Thea says:

          Portugal were a colonial power and ruled the region of Goa till the 1980's. Maderia traded with the Indian region and Maderian people are generally of North Afrcian and Indian descent.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            oh based on this fact, still Goa is part of India, so no doesn't make alot of sense to be honest.

            • Thea says:

              My point is – although you will never appreicate is that when you win the Ballon d'or, play superbly for numerious teams, in several countries and are hugley influential player in your country AND demanded the highest ever transfer fee – and you still don't get the appreciation of other players in your peer group – it may be due to an image issue.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Yeah I agree with this point although I don't agree with the example because Goa is considered to be relatively small part of india ( correct of me wrong) so labelling a whole country to be emotionally attached to Cristano based on this isn't exactly right,
                As I said Cristano biggest possibility of not winning ballon d'or because he is exactly a very loved footballer as Caparros said but not exactly because he needs to be more humble, it is because he is consistently provoked on the pitch in order to respond in this matter! A guy can take a certain amount of abuse! That's why I don't think Cristano should forget about him winning it, if half of coaches think like Caparros he stands a zero chance

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  he is not*

                • xoWinnie says:

                  exactly. who said personality or attitude has anything to do with winning the balon d'or? if that was the case, Maradona would never have won anything in his life. Cristiano was kind of a twat when he was younger, but he's grown and matured a LOT. i can hardly even believe he is going to be a 28 year-old man in a few months, i feel like I grew up with him as a player. they will always find something to criticize about him. he's arrogant, he's a diver, he's a baby-killer…seriously, people will say anything. most of his behaviour is provoked, he's suffered many serious fouls over his career because of this "diver" reputation. you need a certain level of arrogance to play professional sports. i seriously doubt there is such a thing a truly "humble" athlete. how your confidence manifests itself is a matter of personality. Cristiano's personality is flashier and showier than most. he is not afraid to sing his own praises (or those of others btw) and that's just how he is a person. i'm glad he hasn't toned himself down to please some pompous old suited man whose team is consistently getting slapped by ours. these people can talk all the sh*t they want, but they would kill for a player with his ability on their team and that's a FACT!

                  • Sarah, Madrid says:

                    this video show you how he ended him responding to every kind of insult with a laugh and that's it.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      that's actually so disgusting. what did they want him to do, break down and cry? clearly they're more upset that he's taunting them than the other way around, and they got slapped 5-0? LOL thanks Mallorca fans, you were obviously his inspiration!

                  • Utd Girl says:

                    I agree 100%! I am so sick of all the bullsh*t he gets! I read Ruud Gullit's interview about how people aren't only envious of his skills, but his looks too. They can't blame him for being the BEST player and good looking too. We've all said this and defended him so many times. People just never learn. It is so unfair how even before any award is given, he is naturally criticized right away. It's just rubbish!

                    OMG I agree! I can't believe he is getting so old. I remember when he was still a baby at United. Ok, well he's older than me, but looking back at old vids, it's so crazy how much he's matured. Like I've said many times before, regardless of what anybody says, Cristiano will always be my number 1!

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      it's true. there's plenty of ugly and arrogant footballers that people could give less than two sh*ts about. it's always the arrogant and handsome players that are vilified because they're male peers are threatened by them, an example that comes to mind is Michael Ballack. here comes Ronaldo, tall, handsome, and TALENTED, and what's worse? he KNOWS it too! and isn't afraid to admit it. many men admire him and aspire to be like, the others hate and envy him, favouring the less "offensive" character: Messi. yes he's fierce on the pitch, but is he really much competition off it? nope. it's like one of my guy friends said: "most of the guys that hate Ronaldo would trade places with him in a heartbeat–for his looks alone. take football away from Messi and what does he have to be jealous of?" not much considering he looks like a clean-shaven garden gnome most of the time. and i really don't think either he or Cristiano have much to offer in the worldliness and intelligence department so…

                    • Utd Girl says:

                      Girl, you and me are always on the same page with this topic. It is TRUE! Yes, Messi is a great player, but looks wise, not so much. Any guy would be crazy to deny they wouldn't want to be Cristiano even for a day! I mean, I would like to be Cristiano Ronaldo for a day. lol David Beckham was the same way and he dated…married a Spice Girl for God's sake! Imagine if Cristiano was dating someone who's extremely famous as well? All hell would break lose! It just bothers me how ignorant people can be. You can dislike someone for playing on a rival team, but disrepecting them with invalid and repulsive things is just unacceptable. I feel for him with the fact that he is always to blame for everything regardless of what's happening or he's the butt of the joke. People need to realize he doesn't get the credit he deserve. I don't even think Cristiano is arrogant…WTF look at John Terry and Balotelli! They don't get half the shit Cris get thrown at. It's just baffling to me!

              • My_Melody says:

                The clubs demand transfer fees, not players. See Clint Dempsey debacle and Xabi Alonso c*ckup for examples.

          • xoWinnie says:

            first things first, the island is MADEIRA, not Maderia. and secondly, a lot of people wouldn't support a country which colonized them and oppressed their people. it's a love hate thing. I'm Angolan and i see it a lot in my family. the majority of them live in Portugal and love the place, but there's still a lot of resentment towards "os colonos" at times.

      • Kdizzy says:

        Messi is bigger in India because Argentina is bigger in India.

        • Kdizzy says:

          okay, I didn't see the later comments but I just wanted to clarify why Messi is bigger than Ronaldo in India. Yes, India and Portugal had trading relations but the Portuguese were also ruthless colonizers. when it comes to sports, Indians and other South Asians have a natural bias against the Portuguese and British colonizers. I went to Bangladesh during the 2006 world cups and all I saw were Argentinean and Brazilian flags in a country that had no relations with either nation. When I asked why, the majority of the people supported those NT teams, I was told that since the Bengali National team was not good enough to make the World Cup, many people supported teams with world cup history. The same goes for India ( you can check out Maradona's recent visit there). Messi is a household name in India and Bangladesh, not because of anything he did with Barcelona but because he plays for Argentina.

      • Maya says:

        Just beacuse you support barca and messi,it doesnt mean that the whole of India supports them ! don't pollute India's reputation :)

    • Gladys says:

      Have to say I'm straight across the board so tired of all this kind of crazy (and offensive) fan behavior. The lasers, the monkey chants, the yelling and slurs (and now, apparently, with the Chelsea game we have a ref doing it to Mikel!).

      During the Atletico-Osasuna game the announcer pointed out (I was watching what I think was the Southeast Asian version of ESPN, though the commentators had N.American accents) the horrible (one can only imagine racist) sounds one section of the Atleti fans were making when Osasuna's Belgian (of African descent) forward Lamah ran by with the ball. The announcer was genuinely upset (I wanted to hug him, since none of the other stations ever point these things out) and then mentioned how, ironically, they didn't make the same sounds when their own Brazilian (of African descent) defender Miranda scored right after.

      I was rooting for Atletico and glad they won, but nothing gave me greater joy then for Lamah to later score a beautiful goal from outside the penalty box. Those fans got exactly what they deserved!!! I know it's not all fans that do this, but it just makes me sick. The only justice is when it drives the victims on to score more.

      • Kristina says:

        That racist bull has got to stop! It seems to get worse, and it sickens me too.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        The atletico ultras " EL frente Atletico" I bet it was them I know the racist chants are horrible, I always remember in a derby when they started to call Marcelo a 'monkey" he was close to tearing up on the pitch since he has been living in Spain forever ( he is Spanish now even) it happens all the time all over Spain including the two big club " Real Madrid and Barcelona", mostly they are utlras who come up with these chants some of them are xenophobic including my own section of utlras in Bernabeu, some of them just go with the flow and just use these chants to insult players, I remember in Sevilla game again group of fans ( with African origin) were calling Marcelo "mono" which for me it is just pure ignorance.
        What is sickening about Villar ( who is the Spanish federation president) comes out saying there is no racism in Spain, of course there is racism in Spanish stadium who are we kidding? so if we can't admit there is a problem how would in the hell we would solve it?
        There is absolutely nothing more heart breaking to see a player being effected by fans offensive chants on the pitch, nothing.

        • Gladys says:

          I remember when Villar said that. What an idiot! Talk about doing absolutely nothing to help the problem. I know it's hard to control ultras but if someone like him would just come out and admit that it goes on and it's not acceptable, then maybe the other fans, the one's who are just ignorant or want to say anything to throw a player off, would understand that it's not acceptable. Amazing to think the fans do this with no thought about the players on their own squad. For instance, I just noticed that Mallorca's long-time captain is Portuguese!

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Exactly!!!! that's the worse part regarding how to deal with opponents like your own players never suffered from it!
            Well all we try to do is try to personally stop it sometime, I personally whenever I get chance to go to Bernabeu where some fans would start to loudly insult couple of players not even racist insult ( once it happened) if it keeps on going on, some of the surrounding fans would ask the person to stop or even group of people, some of them respond to it, some just don't we can't do anything about i.

    • RealFan7 says:

      I totally agree! No one else has to listen to the insults like he does. I'm glad he played so well and scored the goals he did. I'm sure Mr. Messi wouldn't be so humble if he was being called a faggot and a son of a bitch! I know a club can not control what the fans (scumbags) in the stadium yell, but, it's pretty ballsy for a coach to make a comment on CR's behavior like it was out of left field and not provoked. For me, it makes me admire him so much more to not only take on the 11 men on the pitch but also the hostile crowd. HALA Cristiano!!

      • Kristina says:

        That coach was out of line! But it's pointless to speculate about how any other player would react to taunts like that. We are all individuals, and react differently to situations.

        • Thea says:


        • xoWinnie says:

          it's not pointless if the other player is constantly being brought up as a comparison to disparage his behaviour, when said player has never had to experience the type of abuse he is exposed to on a regular basis.

          • My_Melody says:

            True, true.

            Hala Cristiano!

          • Kristina says:

            Oh now it's ok to compare? Ok. When I did some time ago on a similar post I got criticized, by you, about the same. FFS, there isn't even anything to compare yet! When I did there actually WAS something to compare.

            When Messi is getting the same treatment, THEN we can compare the players reaction. Until then it's pure speculation.

            • xoWinnie says:

              no it's not okay to compare. but who brought Messi's name into this in the first place? Thea. a Culé. Culés think it's okay to bring up Lionel as a comparison to Cristiano whenever they see an opportunity to paint him in a better light. i'm responding to a comparison brought out by one of YOU, my dear. so it's unfair to compare Cristiano to Messi when they both don't receive equal treatment. that's all i'm saying: if you're going to bring that up than at least acknowledge that instead of trying to paint an airy-fairy picture of Saint Messi, the most beloved player in the world and the evil, arrogant and "hated-by-all" Ronaldo.

              • Kristina says:

                lol "one of YOU"! Listen, for the last time (I hope cause I've said it many times), Messi is what he is. And I don't know what that is. Cause I don't know him personally. Neither do I know Cris personally. We are talking public images here. And both you and I agree that the two of them have totally opposite images. But they are only images to you and me, and everybody else that are not close friends of them.

                You think to much of me if you think I'm responsible for the "air-fairy" picture of Messi. I'm not even trying to enhance it. If I could I'd show you every comment where I've said that I'm sure Messi is no saint. And I would show you all the things I've said about Cris. I think he is treated wrong.

                All I ever say is that Leo is a better football player than Cris. I don't care about the other stuff.

                • xoWinnie says:

                  you said "now it's okay to compare" i said, it was a Culé who brought up the comparison. so really, my point is you should be asking one of your fellow Culé's that question, NOT me.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Messi did once receive some of abuse in Bernabeu from exactly like number of guys in the stands, responded by kicking ball into crowd, cracked a laugh and never apologized for it, so yeah Cristano should be given too much credit for the abuse he gets and never ever responded by kicking a ball into the crowd.
              Here is a comparison a situation that no one loves to remember or incident relating Messi and his response to some abuse.

              • Kristina says:

                Oh, I remember. Very bad, as always when that happens. I guess it was a sign of frustration. No excuse. Maybe you can draw some kind of conclusion about his general mindset from that incident. I couldn't. Let's just say that there are more statistical material from Cris games, since he get taunted everywhere he goes.

                But you know, I'm not the one hailing Leo Messi to the stars for his supposed saintly behavior. You can't accuse me of that. Ironically it's supporters from other clubs that do.

                • xoWinnie says:

                  relax Kristina, no one was accusing you of anything, i was clearly talking about Thea (and others like her), who feel the need to bring Messi's name into every negative topic of conversation in which Cris is involved.

                  also Sarah, you can bet your bottom dollar that the media would have had a field day if Cristiano had reacted that way at Camp Nou.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  No one said you are Kristina, but notice how my original comment turn into a Messi vs Cristano!
                  How what Caparros said was a comparison of Cris and Leo, even in the interview when Caparros was reminded of the Leo incident in Bernabeu, he took what he said back and said perhaps we should take away his ballon d'or like we did with Lance's medal ( speaking about his doping scandal), that's because he was reminded of it. Anyway, it is image that English press gave to Cristano he is living with it until this second, like how Pepe didn't get ballon d'or nomination although he was definitely best defender in Euro and had an excellent season but people didn't look at as player rather the whole package!

                  • Kristina says:

                    Oh, Winnie and Sarah, I didn't feel so badly accused as it might have seen. I'm totally alright ;) . I understand your concern for Cristiano, he's really stuck in an unfair situation.

                    I think we're gonna have to live with the comparisons, even though I think that Caparros was wrong to bring the Balon d'or discussion into the pot. He was a sore loser, that's it.

                    And I know we are never gonna agree with this, but I really do think Messi is a better football player based on skill only, not morals or values or behavior. But, that's ok isn't it? We don't have to agree? I respect your opinions and I know where you come from. I'll try to know when to stop. But I guess we will quarrel again :) .

                    Right now I'm just so happy from cuddling with my newborn godson.