March 15th, 2010

Weekend Results: Not. Good.

Gaaargh. How do we even begin to describe how the news from Milan of David Beckham’s Achilles injury has left us feeling? Curtains are drawn, two (okay, three) tubs of Ben and Jerry’s have been devoured, and Kleenex supplies are in desperate need of a refill. Teary and sleepless, we spent the night wishing for a fairy godmother to wave her wand and bring Becks to the ball South Africa.

We all know football can be a cruel game, but when it shatters the dreams of an Armani-modeling, free-kicking legend we have some serious issues with it. And we know how it feels to have our dreams torn up and thrown in our face; we still haven’t recovered from seeing Fabio Cannavaro make an honest woman out of Daniela.

Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down. Having already been left bloody and bruised by a boot in the face from Chievo midfielder Giampiero Pinzi,  Becks must have initially been worried about not looking his usual best come June.

While some believe that DB is better suited to being Tom Cruise’s BFF, we had high hopes for him this summer. Even from the subs bench, his experience, passing and passion could defo have helped out England. It would have been great to see him become the first England player to appear at four consecutive World Cups. And no Becks equals no Vicky B. Losing the Queen of the Wags? We can’t take this.

For those not fully grasping the seriousness of the situation, perhaps this can help.

What do you reckon Kickettes? Will England miss Becks and more importantly, will you? Did our eagerness to cover the site in all things Beckham last week curse him? Please reassure us not. David has said that he’s obviously  upset about the injury. Understatement of the year, one would imagine.

But of course, there were other games, other results to speak of, and we did still enjoy some weekend football.

We watched Lionel Messi hit a hat trick against Valencia, saw Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning free kick * video check your sound*,  wondered what top-of-the-table Manchester United will do if they lose Wayne Rooney to Madrid and we’re starting to believe that Spurs might actually be in the race for fourth for the long run.

The handbags at Barcelona made us smile. Though we don’t quite understand how they could cause Zigic to get in such a sweat, even if getting that close to Pique would have a similar effect on us. And a menacing Mexes is pretty attractive, no?

How was your weekend? If you’re feeling anything like us, then try this pick-me-up. Is it just good genes or do the Ferdinand brothers know a secret thigh-enhancing tip that they’re keeping to themselves? Yowser.

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66 Responses to “Weekend Results: Not. Good.”

  1. Erin says:

    Heartbroken for Beckham. He is a good professional and he deserved this one last World Cup.

  2. sounderslove says:

    Honestly, I was more gutted for Aaron Ramsey. Not a Becks fan at all (still bitter at the way he treated the MLS) but it is a bummer for him.

  3. Khryse says:

    On a lighter note, this is a rly funny vid of the “Cristiano and Gonzalo”. I am still depressed over them being knocked out, but there’s always next year.

    I wish Becks would have made it to the WC though. Poor thing :(
    Ohhh and I don’t think Rooney would be leaving Man Utd anytime soon.

  4. Lotte says:

    To wake up one day and realize that Becks is no longer in the world of football… I dread that day…

  5. Molly says:

    I feel so bad for Becks, he deserved to go to the World Cup even if he just warmed up the bench :( . Like what will the football world do without its King!!! lol jk :) . I will always love you Becks!.
    But I really don’t think Rooney will go to Madrid… and I hope he doesn’t. I like Rooney at Man United and I think he make us a great team (other people also but I feel he is our best player).

  6. Ms.Podolski says:

    Hopefully there is a next time, maybe this was not his time to play in the WC he did pretty good the last one the injury that he has is a very nasty one at that hope that he gets better that he is still able to play. Would hate to not see him play…to see him naked…cough, cough…I mean half-naked in Armani or some other underwear ad…mmmmm…underwear ad…LOOL.

  7. MrsNesta says:

    Really feel for Becks as this was his last WC and think he would’ve made the squad (off the bench)! Think we still got a chance though as long as Wayne doesn’t injured. Talking of Wayne (Wazza!), I don’t think he would go to Madrid, but if I was him I would, only to meet Iker, seeing as I’m not Wayne and he’s not me (clearly) and don’t think he fussed about meeting Iker its not likely to happen??????

    Glad Sandro’s op went well (yes there was another AC Milan player having surgery today) and hopefully will be back before end of season. May send him a card (with lots of xxxxx) and box of choccies (if I don’t eat them myself!).

    Weekend was good as Arsenal won and title race looking good :)
    Juve got a draw, so frustrating!!!

    Thanks Kickette and The Fourth Official for the pics of Rio as need to get used to the fact he’s the England Captain, and these photos seem to help….lots!

  8. juventina says:

    "we still haven’t recovered from seeing Fabio Cannavaro make an honest woman out of Daniela." LOL! *gasp* Whaaat?!

  9. Inés says:

    It was really good! Wait…Wazza can’t go to Madrid! are you all crazy?

  10. Bella says:

    So sad for Becks. So much work, amidst the usual dumping of trash from press and punters, to stay at this level. Really, really sad for him — and for the England squad that will miss his passion and commitment as much as his football, as so many of us certainly will! Thanks for the great cartoon on the subject, btw, but its my impression that lesbians love Becks as well!:…
    Swift recovery to both heel and heart…

  11. HiL says:

    Good week after all, i feel soooo bad for Becks!! :( this is really upsetting, I think England will miss him a little. and so do we.. we will miss a lot of potential great pics of him.

    Congrats to Cris, i do miss his awesome free kicks a bit ;)

  12. carly says:


    I'm just waiting for next season because this one truly sucks round here.

  13. nonny says:

    WOW…Cron's freekick was AMAZING..and so so sorry for beck…and wazza will stay in MANU forever.

  14. AMY-MUFC says:

    rooney will never leavee united :D , & if he was going to why would he go to real madrid ??

    & poor larl beckss

    get well soonnn !! x

  15. Wayne to Real Madrid? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA They f*cking wish.

    Devastated for David. I'm not 100% sure he would have made the squad, but he worked very hard to be eligible and it's very sad.

    I prefer this picture of the elder Ferdinand brother on Sunday.…

    And our Dreamgirl was there to see it in person. :)

    Weekend results were excellent. United moving smoothly through the gears, Peaches and Herb reunited in the back four (inside joke), Rooney and Berbatov on the scoresheet. Ipswich Town with two back to back wins in the league for the first time this season. :)

    • senora ramos says:

      actually i really don't wish. no shrek in madrid please and thank you

      • "Shrek". Really classy AND original. Exactly what I'd expect.

        • AMY-MUFC says:

          i hatee it when people call him shrek who cares what he looks like he's a great player & he has gorgeous eyes :P

        • senora ramos says:

          actually i don't want anyone new on our team, except maybe another defender. a team needs a time to gel and getting another overhaul in the offseason is not the answer. of course perez is an idiot so we'll see.

          and the man does look like shrek. sorry if you think that makes me classless. he's a great player, but this madridista doesn't want him

          • Thea says:

            Well if you become accustomed to always failing in CL and becoming a poor man’s Barcelona… why rock the boat?? Just remember nothing more actractive that success!

            • senora ramos says:

              the reason they always fail is b/c their is no consistancy, not b/c they don't have the talent. if you honestly think that madrid's problem is talent, then you don't watch them. most people who feel the need to rip them to shreds probably don't watch them anyway.

              and why would i jump on the barca bandwagon. some people actually like their teams because of how they play, not because they win everything. if barca fall out of the cl tomorrow and lose la liga, would you switch over your loyalties? those are both possibilites. does that make them failures. i don't think so. i think their a good team, my team just happens to be los blancos. i garentee if that happens they won't be called out the way madrid is by antimadridistas.

              • Dreamgirl says:

                RM are finding out what many big spending teams have found out in the past. Namely that money can't buy you determination, team spirit and a winning mentality.

              • Thea says:

                I am not dissing RM – and please don't question my Catalan Loyalties. My observation is that Rooney is HIGHLY unlikely to join a team that does not achieve on the same leve as ManU and Barcelona – whether you think he looks Shrek or not.

                • senora ramos says:

                  sorry thea. i'm not trying to argue here. i wouldn't question you're loyalties, just as i would not expect you to question mine. however, for you to say that real madrid is not in the same league is laughable. 1 year does not mean that they are not in the same league. looking back at the last 10 years at least tells the real story

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                  Guys, they are just having a bad year…. It will definitely be alright next year. I promise. Remember, The players are also getting used to each other. There are new and differents attitudes to contend with.

                  These are major league players who know they are the best. Competition to be the best is always tough even within a team.

                  We must always be there to support them.

              • Trisha (Mrs Casillas says:

                I agree, Senora Ramos, its hard not to be loyal to the team that you have first supported. Real will always be close to my heart no matter what. Even if it takes just one player to get you in to support them, you tend to become used to all the others too.

                I never really was a Ronaldo fan but being a RM supporter, i can now watch him play and appreciate his talent.

                U say Ronaldo and Higuan are close? I would have never though that.

                My only wish is that one day i can watch them play in real in madrid. That would be a dream come true and im sure very exciting!!!

                • senora ramos says:

                  trisha, no it was a joke about gonzolo and cris. their have been reports all over the media about higuain being a selfish player last game instead of passing it off to c ron. you know madrid media, you have to blame someone. they hugged it out on the field sun :)

                  i will always support them win or lose. it broke my heart wed to get knocked out. i wasn't totally shocked, but so many people think that being a fan of a team means that you supported "buying" of trophies. i know that if they stick with the core and keep pellegrini, the trophies will come. but so many people are just so ugly about this kind of stuff. i don't like many teams, but you will never see me harping loudly on the defeat of one (well, unless the us win on the 12th lol).

                • senora ramos says:

                  oh, and i've already told the hubby that we are going to madrid to go to the bernabeu at one point in my life!! he says that we have to do other things besides going to a game. he doesn't watch the sport bless him

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                  Please dont think im being funny but i noticed that yesterday. And that is why i spoke about attitudes and competitions now.

                  Like i said ive never been a CR fan but i actually felt sorry for him yesterday. I felt that Higuan was being very selfish…. He never chases the ball like CR does, he is just ready there near the net to put the ball in whereas CR does alot of work on the field. :(

                • senora ramos says:

                  i like c ron well enough, and he's a lot better with team work than he use to be, but to me it seems like he and kaka have this thing between them when they play and kind of leave gonzolo out. i think higuain's an extremely unselfish player, but the last couple of games he's taken shots when he maybe should have passed. i don't know. like's been stated. they just need time together.

                  also, c ron's so hard on himself and works himself so hard, he feels he should run the show too often for my liking.

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

                  Yeah i thought that as well about CR in the beginning and then i realised what if i was the highest priced footballer in the world….. Gosh, i would really feel the pressure to perform. And only a hard worker will feel that way…. So i have to give him credit for that. :)

                • MrsNesta says:

                  Reading all these comments just shows how much you girls care about the teams you support and you feel their pain/frustration when they lose (whatever the game)! RM still have a season and hopefully the team won’t change too much for next season and will have a chance to grow :) :) :) :)

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

                  Yeah, Mrsnesta we have to be for them. Its like havin a child, u cant only be loyal to it in good times only. U have to be there for the bad times too.

      • bubbly_cheryl says:

        lol wayne could do more for your team than half your own players, plus we at united love him and aren’t letting him go!

  16. juls says:

    Oh Becks…sooooo sorry for you and sad for us not to see your mad skills for England in the World Cup! Please don't retire this year! All the best to you! Heal that "heel" injury well and come back and show us all that You are FIT and You Know IT!!!!

  17. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, ladies. Arsenal won. So I am happiest. Speaking of Beloved Team, Kickette, where are your photos of Theo W.'s birthday? (Some Arsenal players were there….but True Love (ie, CF4) I haven't yet seen) I. Need. To. See. Cesc. I'm about to die. It's been two weeks since he played. Haha.

    • sounderslove says:

      I agree with every word you said. Especially about Cesc. except that he’s MY one true love. Cesc. Show yourself. Fernando has more goals than you now, can you fix that please? Thanks.

      • agirlagunner says:

        Hahaha. But I think you'll have a fight on your hands with me and a million others on Cescy. Happily, he'll be back for the game v. the Hammers. Can't wait.

  18. Quincy says:

    Anyone saw Ajax-PSV, there were more hotties on the pitch than one could believe!

    I'm so pissed of tha Bavid Deckham isn't going to South Africa, now England have even less chance of winning the gold.

  19. suzie says:

    For a guy who's left his wife and kids for months just to keep him in the running for the world cup, this must be truly devastating for him. I will miss him at he world cup, a man with his experience is always important, even if it is from the subs bench. Much love and sympathy for you becks.

  20. Thea says:

    Can't see Rooney going to Real Madrid, not even sure if CR-9 will stick around beyond next season unless they actually start to get somewhere in CL!

    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

      Thea, CR has to stick around!!! The players must start playing as a team. They cant keep on buying players. It takes time for them to get used to each other. :)

      I predict that next season Real will be a team to be reckoned with. ;)

      • Thea says:

        It’s all getting a little heated with this subject, but I maintain that Real Madrid seem unable to solve their problems no matter how much money the throw at the problem and despite all the players they have,both them and the managers get them no further forward, and none of the top guys like Wenger, Benitez and Mourhino are in a hurry to take that job. Remember the RM glory years were in the first part of the noughties – and are fast becoming memories.

        • senora ramos says:

          i agree, too heated and i am sorry. it’s been a stressful week. perhaps this can help

          the problem is the administration, always. they try to throw money at the problem instead of using what they have. 11 players left over the summer and of the 8 that came in, 6 are regulars in the starting line up. they don’t keep a coach long enough, hell they fired del bosque after winning. the rhyme and reasons never make sense, but i will support them no matter what. what they have will work if given the time to grow. and madrid is never about time.

          • Thea says:

            Thanks that’a a great photo. Have faith, Barcelona have had a rocky road over the last few years, but look at them now! Pep did an amazing job and it just shows you can have a team in free fall one season, and top of the whole pile the next – RM’s time will come again.

        • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

          Dont worry, have fate! Sometimes these players are “too big for their boots”, as that saying goes…. smile… :)

          Often people pay more money for quality, right? and not quantity and sometimes this quality needs to adjust itself to its new surroundings.

          I am sad too. Remember, how frustrated i was with Iker!!! If i met him i would tell him off with a translator next to me…. lol.

  21. lynn says:

    time to say bye bye becks….

  22. senora ramos says:

    weekend was good for me. not a becks fan (i know shock and horror) but i do feel bad for him. less bad for the colonizers (the yanks are indeed coming for you ). moving on

    messi's hat trick was nice. especially the second goal. valencia def could've used villa. :(

    real win was nice and very hard work. all kinds of yellow out there too! sergio nearly had a goal with his foot (after he tried a header of course it rebounded off and he shot it right at the keeper again. it was thisclose both times). you guys need the chorographed hug of c ron and higuain hug. they're besties don't cha know. as always hala madrid!

    oh mel, i hope you saw marcelo's hair is back to normal. i think he read where we were discussing him and wanted to be a good looking madrid boy again ;)

    • senora ramos says:

      btw, i wouldn’t listen to anything calderon has to say. he’s been talking all kids of sh*t the last few weeks

  23. c says:

    Beckham injured? Wazza in Madrid? I need a drink. Don't care if it's Monday.

  24. MUfcMarie says:

    I'm devastated about Becks. This whole thing is terrible, and I can't believe it's happening. Hopefully he'll still head down to South Africa to cheer on the rest of the lads. Also, I don't think that you cursed him! I wish that every week was Beckham overload week!