November 26th, 2012

Weekend Results: On Bended Knees

More of this is right this way, everybody.

Harry Redknapp returned to club coaching duties at QPR, Rafa Benitez was met with an emphatic few minutes of straight boos from the Blues’ fans and we fancied Fiorentina’s head GQMF in charge, Vincenzo Montella, for the first time.

To say it was a cracking weekend in footy would be an understatement, but how was it for you and yours? Are you a happy, sad or indifferent bunch of Kickettes this morning? Do you also need some chocolate therapy?

Regardless of whether your team won, lost or drew, we can all appreciate various players’ attempts to make everything better via up-short shots. They’re men with truly big hearts, who know what real fans need to keep their spirits soaring.


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30 Responses to “Weekend Results: On Bended Knees”

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  6. sohbet says:

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  7. Tasha says:

    Any post with photo of Aaron with his tongue out is good in my books…. wait… what was the post about again?

  8. Jayy says:

    That picture of sex-on-legs is so distracting…WELL DONE KICKETTES :D

  9. Gladys says:

    Is anyone else upset about the whole Chelsea manager switcheroo? I really liked RDM (always love a player turned manager). I have nothing against Chelsea's fans and I really like a lot of the players, but the owner has always been a sticking point for me.

    Mata was his usual sweet, classy self, though, in thanking Robbie on both FB and Twitter. It's pretty hard for me to not want good things to come his way (and Luiz' and Nando's and Hazard's and Oriol's and Rami's, etc.) Best of luck Blues fans.

  10. Rick says:

    It would be interesting to see if Harry can get QPR going..Good luck to him!

  11. Sergz says:

    Fletcher played a full 90 minutes and he scored! No one deserves to wear the red shirt and score at Old Trafford more than him. How he has fought his way back for more than a year now… Amazing.

  12. tammyv says:

    Also how did this get left off the ballers on their knees gallery…

  13. tammyv says:

    It was a drama filled weekend where nothing much happened minus the whole Milan over Juve thing…

    Mainly it was a sad weekend or immeasurable loss, AVB and his blue bead bracelet broke-up..

  14. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Only Mario Gomez matters to me!

  15. Sarah, Madrid says:

    En lo bueno y en lo malo! This team has given us a lot now they need our support more than ever

    Atletico you are going to visit a team with a hurt pride! be careful

  16. gin_in_teacups says:

    First, I'm going to need ALL the chocolate and alcohol. Then, I'm going to need to review some shirtless Sergio images to block out the images of getting our butts handed to us on Saturday. Lastly, and this is where it gets tricky, I am absolutely going to need Madrid to get their sweet asses in gear for our game against Atleti. And by asses in gear I mean hat tricks for everybody, Oprah style. Cris gets a hat trick, Benz gets a hat trick, Calleti gets a hat trick, Ozil gets a hat trick. I want Iker to be scoring against them by the time it's over.

    En lo bueno y en lo malo, but I'd prefer bueno.

  17. Kristina says:

    Well, what can one say? It was a cracker footy weekend, this one! If you don't count the Man City vs Chelsea. That was the only EPL game I saw this weekend and it wasn't that exciting, really.

    Falcao and Co are cooler (or hotter) than ever. Barca has their best start in history and Athletico is only 3 points behind. Well done! Barca should fear them, and I'm sure they do. But the Sevilla players should get their shit together and act as adults when things aren't going their way. They were acting like brats yesterday.

    But I'm still walking on air after Iniestas masterpiece of a game yesterday. That man takes my breath away and leave me smiling long after the game has ended. He floats, he truly floats. He's an artist. Messi's message to Thiago was also beautiful. "Te amo Thiago". Just lovely!

    • Gladys says:

      There's nothing like seeing a goal and three assists from the Fred Astaire of futbol!! What a game from the entire squad (even if I did feel a little bad about the Victor's amazing penalty save, since, when they're behaving, I have a soft spot for Levante and for Barkero, in particular). And the Thiago message…so sweet. (Speaking of that other sweet Thiago, the adult one, so glad he's back on the pitch!)

      And as for Atleti…I know they won with Sevilla down to 10 then 9 men (never my favorite path to a win), but I just can't stop loving them (second, of course)– from their awesome "boss" of a former player/manager to their current, rather humble catchphrase ("while others sleep we dream") to those adorable dark suits they always travel in and those red Bugs they drive, they're like a bunch of school boys. (Are they the Arsenal of La Liga?) I know Falcao is the super star and probably on the way out soon, but when they're at their best, it's a joy to watch how they all play together. I don't get why so many people dislike them, but I'm sure there's something I don't understand about their history or their financing situation.

      • Gladys says:

        To the person who thumbed my comment down, I'm not surprised if it's for the Barca comment. I get it…there's a rivalry. Thumb down to your heart's content.

        However, if it's about Atleti, would you please be so kind as to enlighten me what all the hate is about regarding them. I honestly don't get it. (And yes, I know there's a whole political history thing that goes back and forth and that no one seems to agree on.) I'd honestly love to know. As far as I can tell, they're a team with no thugly players, fairly little contemporary controversy, and a sportsmanlike/honest/admirable manager. They're not arrogant or entitled. They don't whine or complain or fight when things don't go there way. And they all seem pretty nice and supportive of each other. I would honestly like to know what the problem is.


      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I am a Madridista, it is like a written rule to not like Atletico ( I don't like their team in general it is rivalry) am actually fan of them as they been our guarantee +6 points in Liga for the last 13 years, I love them for that however their ultras are the least classy bunch of idiots I ever met in my life they are disgusting ( yes RM have ultras, yes sometime they do or sang stupid chants) but nothing like atletico fans ugly they are very ugly fans

        • Gladys says:

          Thanks, Sarah, for explaining about the fans. I heard a similar thing from someone who had a terrible experience at the Calderon. It's a shame. I do really like the attitude of this current squad and their manager. Don't know how long they'll be together. Seems like Falcao is definitely out by summer at the latest and possibly Adrian and Koke, as well. I'd still like to see them earn one of the CL slots for next season. I felt bad that Malaga inched in above them but they seem to have more than put it to good use themselves anyway.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            They won't last for long, it is Atletico they are known for their power of self destructive, they had high hope for the Aguero generation with Kiki Flores but in the end of the day they sold him before that Torres, Falcao is definitely gone by summer if not January, they are in deep debt, even Falcao is not owned by them 100%, if am not mistaken the they own like 40% of him and investment company or back am not sure own the other 60%, they have an excellent team but no one trust them to point of thinking them of title contender for the race, for example Barcelona still think Real Madrid are the one who still will end up breathing on their neck for his title race although they are 11 points behind.
            Malaga don't have the depth squad to compete on three frontier, it showed in their consistent upsets in Liga before Valencia game, Atletico have a slightly better squad and compete in EL, Malaga did play qualification round for UCL as well, they won't be able to maintain a whole season of high level football although I am rooting for them to make it!
            I think Atletico asset are more with Arda and Felipe they have been having an excellent season, Adrian is having a quieter season than last one! There is something more exciting about this Liga than ligas before with RM struggling, atletico having a good run, malaga Levante, sevilla up and down…etc it is a good season for Liga in general usually this time of last season you see RM and Barcelona way up front competing alone, now it is Atletico and Barcelona, but everyone knows Atletico won't last at top anyway

            • Gladys says:

              The debt issue is so depressing. Doesn't matter how well they do, they'll never keep their good players. I agree that it's unlikely they'll stay at the top, but I'd like to see them at three or four. I understand your issues with rivalry, but for me, aside from Malaga, they are currently one of the few top half teams devoid of thuggery– Valencia, Levante and Sevilla have all been a little out of control at times. And their performances in both the Europa final and against Chelsea were sublime. (Everyone chalks their success up to Falcao, but when they're in the groove, the fast passing among multiple players is amazing– Falcao can thank that for some of his goals, as well.) It's a shame that such a tight squad and manager must pay the price for a doomed institution.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                I agree, Levante doesn't deserve to be be on top, I will trade them with Espanyol, they are a disgrace of a team, they play like a segunda team! Valencia are such a hot headed team! atletico are currently not a thuggery team, but let's see how the derbi will unfold!
                I agree they are a very good team,, Falcao is their superstar but Simeone did a great job with them, somehow is flying under the radar of being an excellent coach, they have close to +20 games unbeaten run in Europe at home, they had unbeaten run of wins since April until their lost against Valencia! but their management is the worse, they won' last! It is refreshing to see them consistently good for a difference but you understand as Madridista seeing Barcelona and Atletico at top of Liga is the worse jeje

                • Gladys says:

                  I hear you about your last line. :)

                  Despite being a Barca fan I've also felt terrible for Espanyol. They just can't catch a break. I hope they don't get relegated but it's not looking good.

                  As for the derby, I suspect RM has nothing to worry about but it should be exciting nonetheless.

      • Kristina says:

        "…Thiago, the adult one" Great Gladys! Now I don't feel so perverted about drooling over the kid ;) . He's the Adult One. Yes, very, very happy to see him back. I hope he will have an injury free spell now.