December 14th, 2009

Weekend Results: Personal Space


T’was a wonderful footy weekend involving grown men touching each other. Personal space on the pitch was at a premium, with many guys showering affection unto each other. Some of it was hot. Some of it was not.

Has words

For two action-packed days, we bore witness to uninvited cheek-to-cheek action (Bobby Zamora, Fulham; David Nugent, Burnley), in-yo-face lecturing (Daniel Agger & Steven Gerrard, Liverpool; The Ref; Andrey Arshavin, Arsenal) and earlobe caressing (Diego De Ascentis, Atalanta).

EarlobesWhich groping was uncomfortable and which TLC was much appreciated – by us at least? We’re so glad you asked…

Chucho loves Alessandro
Chucho (Birmingham City) showed what “I’ll never let go” really means to Alessandro (West Ham)…Sappy struggling is *not hot*

Torres gets the works
Fernando Torres got “the works” from teammates Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool)…2/3 of this threesome is *hot*

Adebayor and Cahill
Adebayor (Man City) mistakenly took Gary Cahill (Bolton) for a mechanical bull…Gary’s butt makes this *kinda hot*

Andres Iniesta fell victim to Zlatan’s Axe body spray (Barcelona)…Being semi-alert is *not hot*

Do your damn thing in private
Fabio Firmani fist-pumped in delight for Tommaso Rocchi’s butt-clenching hip thrusts (Lazio)…Celebrating your teammate’s pelvis contact is *weirdly hot*

Franco Di Santo
Kamil Zayatte (Hull) rested his eyes in the crevice of Franco Di Santo’s neck (Blackburn)… Comotose is definitely *never hot*

Niko's all alone
Poor Niko Kranjcar (Tottenham) had no one to lean on… Expressing emotion about being the odd man out when you’re a fine specimen of man-meat is *really hot*

How was the weekend for you?

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33 Responses to “Weekend Results: Personal Space”

  1. Laura Dee says:

    Maynor Figueroa needs a mension with his amazing free kick. Theee goal of the season. <3 :')

  2. Dutch says:

    My weekend ws perfect, Arsenal won other teams dropped points

    and this picture post had me laughing out loud!!!! ;-)

  3. sounderslove says:

    Best. Weekend. Ever.
    Arsenal won, pretty much no one else did. And then there was the Cesc/Verma interview after the match… <3

  4. Merv says:

    Barca group hugs are highly entertaining since the addition of Zlatan. It's very festive for the holidays, as if he is the tree and they are the little spanish ornaments dangling from his limbs. :D Love them!

    • Homeskillet17 says:

      Lol! that's an interesting way to look at it :D

    • Kleon says:

      I think tha same as you, barça hugs around Zlatan amuses me ^^

      I <3 height difference

    • Gigi Neville-Brown says:

      It's a mighty tasty way to look at it.

    • tiktok says:

      Hahah, at first I couldn't understand what everyone was talking about, cause it looked to me as thay'd just lifted him up, but the xmas-tree metaphor had me look at it again and realise the height diffrence :D

      "Hanging from his limbs", love it!

  5. aristeia says:

    Ooooh, Stevie and Danny all aggro is hot. And the man love w/ Stevie, Nando and Dirkie is adorable. Poor Dirkie, I love you bud. Lol @ Iniesta smelling Z’s pits. Kinda hot, and yes I’m insane. Oh Niko, don’t be sad. I’ll hug you. <3

  6. Redgirl says:

    Aaah Kickette. Reminds me of the CL match last year when Kuyt scored and Nando totally ignored him and ran past him to Stevie to hug him in celebration. Kuyt looked rather gutted.

  7. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Ehhhh… could have been better. Chelsea drew, so at least a point came out of that one. Didn't get a chance to watch Real Madrid, though I did watch the Bayern Munich match, which was exciting. As well as Inter Milan.

    So my entire footy weekend was just kind of… eh.

  8. Venice says:

    Aww Niko love, you’re never alone ♥♥
    And I realize how creepy that sounds, but there’s no reason to be afraid… or call the police *shifty eyes*

    Nugent cracks me up, and frankly, I never thought I’d see him in a Kickette post, haha! Also, what Sarah said, Zlatan and the seven dwarves are hilarious :-D

    This is a great post Kickette, don’t listen to the haters, love the idea! Thanks for making this fail of a footy weekend a bit better ♥

  9. tiktok says:

    The pic of Agger (<3), Gerrard and the Ref attacking Arshavin made me laugh a bit.
    Poor Andrey :')

  10. Lolinha says:

    You had me with the first pic. Great post.

    3 guys against little Andrey is not hot/fair. Fondling one guy’s ear while caressing another’s head IS hot. Especially the part where I imagine how he found out which way is better to quickly calm an enraged teammate.

    Chucho, real players (in every sense of the word) don’t grab and hold. The grab and hold is a move reserved for losers. (You let them go and get them from behind when they least expect it) Hum…I like saying Chucho, by the way, really rolls off the tongue :)

    Adebayor and Cahill look like they’re in the middle of a capoeira move gone waaaay wrong.

  11. Inés says:

    you’re right sarah….arshavin is legend! I like a man who is short and is not afraid to face taller men…like a badass!

    Kickette….please, you have to make a post about David Villa’s 2010 calendar. You won’t regret it!

  12. Sarah says:

    Aw Niko! Maybe if you went to a better team you won’t be sad anymore…okay, enough of the Spurs digs.

    Any huddles involving Zlatan and the rest of the Barca team crack me up. It’s like Snow White and his Spanish dwarves.

    Arshavin is legend!

  13. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Hah great post! :)

    Kind of started the healing of my poor tortured Liverpool heart.

    Stevie, Nando, Dagger <3

  14. Nurul says:

    I have to say this. You’re not your usual self Kickette – you’re not that funny anymore. Something is amiss. And I find the whole hot or not thing very vomit-inducing… I dunno why. You seem like you’re losing your touch. Just saying.

  15. Homeskillet17 says:

    WOO! NANDO! :)

  16. agger♥lover says:

    ouch @ the kuyt snub :( my sunshine is "hot" in his own little unhot way yum @ agger tho :)

  17. Amyy says:

    The Weekend was amazing!!!!

    Pompey didn't lose and Kaboul took his shirt off :D

    And now on Saturday its the Pompey v Liverpool match. :)

  18. tiktok says:

    Poor Andrey :')

    The pic is kinda of funny though, and it does involve Agger <3

  19. Terrible weekend.

    Liverpool lost. :(

    Thank you for bringing me this picture of Nando, Kickettes, twas' balm to my tortured Liverpool soul.

  20. Alix says:

    Zla and his little men <3

  21. Alisha! says:

    I had a great weekend :) Arsenal won, Barca won, Rangers won and PSV won…wooooo!

  22. HiL says:

    Terrible weekend for me.. (Man utd and Bremen lost), many PL surprises!!

    *sends hugs to Niko*

    Love the post Kickette! but just a small correction, you confused the names and the teams, (Chucho in from Birmingham)