December 5th, 2011

Weekend Results: Red Cards & Revelations

Gareth Bale was among several players to make a personal tribute to Gary Speed this weekend. Image: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe.

There were substantial scorelines, touching tributes and what must have amounted to an entire deck of cards across the European leagues this weekend.

Why waste time pontificating? Let’s dive straight in there and roll around in it, Kickettes!


Shay Given was just one of many thousands struggling to work out how Cheech has managed to do himself so much damage while remaining relatively unmolested. Image: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Europe.

Rather than celebrating the overwhelming joy of Phil Jones’ first goal for the club/removal of his nasty blond highlights, Manchester United fans will instead be ruing the injury that will see Javier Hernandez sidelined for a month. The Mexican striker suffered ankle ligament damage early on in the 1-0 win over Aston Villa, which has prompted press speculation that United will struggle over the notoriously fixture-heavy Christmas period.

Their top four competition suffered no such strife – Manchester City beat Norwich 5-1, Chelsea gave Newcastle a shove back towards more familiar table territory with a 3-0 victory and Spurs thumped Bolton 3-0. Even Arsenal, who just a couple of weeks ago looked to be enthusiastically volunteering for the season’s ‘Epic Fail’ award, beat Wigan 4-0 and dumped them back to the bottom. The usual occupants of that coveted position, Blackburn, have Yakubu to thank for their second win of the season – he scored four in Rovers’ 4-2 win over Swansea.


La Liga

The reason for the soft light in Cescy’s hair reveal photo became very clear during his goal celebration. This isn’t over, y’know.  Image: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez.

Cesc Fabregas hasn’t exactly been short on goals since he moved to Barcelona, but his sibling-assisted ‘do’ certainly inspired him on Saturday. He scored two in Barcelona’s 5-0 win over Levante, while Real Madrid only managed a 3-0 win away at Sporting Gijon. We say ‘only’ because it’s El Clasico next week and things have been so insane at the top of La Liga recently, it’s a good way to ramp up the tension. Like that fixture needs it.

But let’s try and focus on the fact that there are other teams in La Liga while we still can, shall we? Valencia beat Espanyol 2-1 to keep pace with the top two, whilst Levante hung onto fourth despite their drubbing. Fernandez Gabi scored at both ends during Atletico Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Rayo Vallecano, while Ifran snatched three points for Real Sociedad with a very late winner against Malaga.


Serie A

We didn’t watch the game (and have no evidence to support this theory other than he looks super-hot in white) but we’re pretty sure that Bojan’s sending off was a terrible mistake. Image: ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images.

Despite our faithful prayers to the relevant deity every night before bed, Roma’s pretty for the win’ player acquisition policy is not yet paying off in the league. They finished their match against Fiorentina yesterday with eight men and having conceded three goals, scuppering their chances of breaking into the top six and making things rather tough for their fixture against Juventus next week. Juve are two points clear at the top of Serie A after their 2-0 win over Cesena, but suffered a blow of their own in the game – captain Alessandro Del Piero needed eight stitches after receiving a boot to the face. Lovely.

AC Milan kept up the pressure with a 2-0 win over Genoa on Friday, prompting Zlatan Ibrahimovic to remind everyone how fabulous he is, even if no-one actually cares. Inter lost 1-0 to Udinese and saw captain Javier Zanetti sent off. They’re now sixteenth, which is rubbish.



Hajime Hosogai (l). Making us feel a bit guilty for being mean. AP Photo/dapd/Christoph Reichwein.

We’ve been making fun of Augsberg recently for their craptastic form in the Bundesliga. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for this, plus reparations, particularly to Hajime Hosogai (above) who we’re sure we hurt more than anyone else because he is so cute and fluffy. Feel free to get in touch about how we can make it up to you, Hajime.

Now, where were we? Oh yes. Augsberg. They lost 3-1 to Schalke. But we’re sure it wasn’t Hajime’s fault.

Elsewhere, the Borussia’s of Dortmund and Monchengladbach cancelled each other out in a 1-1 draw, allowing Bayern Munich to sneak back to the top of the table via a 4-1 over Werder Bremen. Hamburg beat Nuremburg 2-0 and pretty much everyone else drew, which makes it tough to write anything interesting.

So we won’t even try.


Ligue 1

We’ve been told we’re not allowed to do this to each other  in the Kickette office anymore after a couple of minor incidents involving broken bones. How come Lyon are? Image: REUTERS/Robert Pratta.

Montpellier remain top of the table this morning after thrashing Lorient 4-0. Bad news for David Beckham botherers PSG, who despite a 3-2 win over Auxerre and second position, are the subject of speculation involving a coaching change this morning.

3-2 was a popular scoreline this weekend, with Lille beating AJ Ajaccio and Lyon snatching three points from Toulouse by the same margin. Nancy lost 2-0 to Bordeaux and remain second from bottom, but Nice are slightly further out of the mire after a 2-0 win over high-flying Rennes. Okay, they’re still in the relegation places, but they have a great opportunity to make it two wins in two games next weekend vs. fellow strugglers Auxerre.

They can’t both lose, can they?


Since next weekend is going to be all about you-know-what, shall we leave the Spanish speculation ’til later in the week? No? Ok, worth a try.

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39 Responses to “Weekend Results: Red Cards & Revelations”

  1. Achat says:

    Only the identity of the audience to watch the football game.

  2. Fatima says:

    loved the tribute by bale…melted my heart as i watched it on MOTD and so sweet of him to do it in front of bolton fans…and poor chicha!!! get well soon ma likkle green pea cos we need you back!! and i cant wait for barca vs real madrid….visca barca!!!

  3. Nia says:

    The Barcelona game was amazing!! Actually…..I was there live to see it!! It was absolutely amazing! I had binoculars (a must for games) and spent more than 20 minutes just staring at Cesc's new cute cut, butt, thighs, face, body, etc etc etc. Gosh he was so hot and being able to watch him live was an experience I'll never forget!!

    As for Bojan……….hot, hot, hot! No other words!!!

  4. blake2108 says:

    Gareth;s tribute.. Lovely.

    Was at the Villa v United game. Sad to see three players stretchered off.

  5. RedsGrl says:

    Not enough bby Bojan.

  6. Agnes Wonka says:

    El Clasico is going to be so amazing! Hope RM wins, they're doing so great this season xD

  7. littlegreenpea says:

    WHY oh WHY does chicharito have to continue to get hurt?! People need to stop injuring him. Or he'll get next to no playing time this season… and that would be a sure blow for Manchester United.
    And Little Pea fans…. :(

  8. xoWinnie says:

    i'm glad Gareth Bale has become a regular on this site, it makes my heart sing!
    not so glad to see that Cesc has gone from looking like a hobo to a porcupine.

    El Clasico is next week…that means it's time for my annual junk-food binge trip to Wal-Mart!


  9. Americus Killaponius says:

    Cesc Cesc Cesc….

    Cutting the hair is half the battle! You gotta style it too!

  10. mata says:

    Poor little pea, I hope he recovers quickly, and so sweet of Shay Given to stand protectively over him.

  11. Gladys says:

    Happy for Barca but especially for the goals from the three new guys, including young Cuenca! (My apologies to Levante…I'm glad they're still hanging on to 4th though). Trying to stay calm for El Clasico. There's no predicting what will happen– I just hope it stays clean and non-violent.

    Also, awesome Valencia game. I'm totally fixated on Soldado these days. The man just comes on the pitch with rage in his eyes and gets the job done!!! That's what I call sex appeal! Get him a regular Spain NT slot pronto. (You gotta love how Valencia keeps holding on to that third spot– every year they lose a superstar and someone steps up to take his place– all they need is Canales to recover to add fuel to that flame.)

    And lastly, abrazos to ever-adorable Mata for a well-deserved MOTM!!! So torn about this week's Valencia/Chelsea knock-out game.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Imagine Mata will be the guy sending off Valencia in the UCL :( , I want them to qualify. Soldado de Espana!!, you know ironically that Del Bosque was the guy who scout Soldado for real madrid academy, get him to our youth team,
      With Torres off form and even Villa is not doing that great either, Soldado deserves his chances, but I think Soldado has of temper issue, he was very very hot headed, which is HOT for me, as for a striker, you can't be that hot headed with dealing with defenders corning him everywhere on the pitch.

      • Gladys says:

        The temper thing is a really good point. I'm not one for hotheads (even though I know he's a good GK, Valdes' temper makes him one of my least favorite Barca players), and Soldado is 26, so we can't give him the excuse of being young. Sadly, it seems like that passion of his is what helps him to score. He has to be one of the best strikers under pressure I've ever seen (it's like he's fueled by vengeance or something). But if he calmed down, would he be the same?

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Exactly, passion can translate into hot headed I agree, I don't know soldado is amazing but he needs to change his altitude I think the only way to do it is del bosque to do it. He is incredible form now he needs to be included.

      • Kristina says:

        I really want them to qualify too! I hate that Mata went to Chelsea! Well not hate, but Chelsea isn't exactly my team (though they are warming up to me). It would be a sad twist of faith if Mata sent them off. Plus I really would want another Spanish team to go further. I'm so tired of the bs about la Liga being only a two team league.

    • April says:

      Let Valencia win La Liga… you'll all feel better ;) Let Chelsea go on in CL…

      Okay, okay, I am biased… but I just love that little Mata and want him to feel like he made the right decision for his big move. He also has some moves on the field that make me get up and do little touchdown dances (wrong sport, I know).

  12. Kristina says:

    lol, I don't think Cesc's hair looks like that off the pitch. I can't help but giggling when I see that pic. Anyway, Barca is smoking right now! Alexis is doing great and Messi scores in every game. It's like he can't help it.

    Poor Chicha! I hope he recovers soon.

  13. April says:

    At the risk of being booed by Newcastle fans… yay Chelsea! (runs and hides)

    Sad to see two of the Toon's CB's have to leave the game though. Not good news, and they put up a solid game despite that. :( And poor Shay and Chicharito (I may not like the latter much, but I don't wish injuries on anyone and that takes away an important ingredient for ManU…).

  14. April says:

    I call this look "tribute to David Villa minus the soulpatch". He seems intent on showing off his receding hairline. He shouldn't though. He is a young guy, and while that is an issue that plagues many his age, he has had hairstyles that compliment it rather than exacerbate the problem. At least it is an improvement though, so I will take it and hope the trend continues!

    Now if only I could get a hold of Torres… oh the things I would do to that boy. Starting with a pair of scissors and some color correction dye.

  15. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    I love how Gareth played tribute to Gary Speed, so sweet!

    I watch the Valencia and Espanyol game and it was a good one, thanks to Soldado that came in and did the goal for the win, thank god! At first Valencia was winning for one goal from Tino Costa then Espanyol did one too and things got a little tense, Soldado got in the game at the minute 75 and he did the goal for the win! Obviously, I watch Adil play in the game and he was looking HOT! and he played really well, making good defense moves and stuff plus he got a haircut, wich I think is no the best for him but, I will still take him anyways. Lol!

    Cesc, oh Ces…. The top cut it ….. just do it…. cause is not looking good. Its like a Villa-Ronaldo thing and it looks like a bird nest, wich is not hot at all. Just do it. period.

    I can't control my emotions Im sooooo excited for that game! :) El primero de la Liga contra el segundo. Tres puntos en juego, a ver quien se lleva la gloria de este primero de dos juegos. I'M A CULÉ AND YOU?? FORCA CULÉ!!! :D

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Hala Madrid!!!, I can sense this will be a good clasico!, as much drama it helds, I can't shy away from the biggest game of all.

      Hasta El final, Vamos Real!!!!

      • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

        Oh yeah, talk about a good game. This is the game I watch with no interruption, I mean none. Is going to be a good one!!! :D


  16. Céline says:

    Ohh Bojan! Baby can u get any hotter <3 Such a shame Spain let go of youu!

  17. No Cesc – that's not what we meant. This is getting exhausting. Does he need a picture to take into the salon? Bc I'll supply one if that's what it takes.

    The Blossom Shed

  18. Miss XOXO says:

    Oh, Gareth Bale melting my heart…Love him so much.

  19. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Hala Madrid, Di Maria when you stay on your feet you have pontential of being one of the best players in the world. Please my madridista boys drop the "the jumping with fist celebration" – I dont know how to describe it even, I love you but not the best pick in that department.

    Cesc hair looks like a nest in this picture!! I love how calm everything around the clasico, usually Mourinho start building up for this game for weeks, I am loving the new relaxed Mourinho – ( I hope I dont jinx it) :D

  20. Madeleine says:

    I’m so proud of my boys with that amazing score vs wigan ! :) Arsenal really just started the season horribly, but now they’re slowly crawling back up the table with 5 th place !
    And, RVP , you are amazeballs. That is all.
    So proud to be a gooner <3

  21. Madeleine says:

    I’m so proud of my boys with that amazing score vs wigan ! :) Arsenal really just started the season horribly, but now they’re slowly crawling back up the table with 5 th place !

    So proud to be a gooner <3

  22. Lexy says:

    Oye…While I'm glad Cesc cut his hair, that doesn't look a whole lot better does it??
    In other extremely happy news, yayy Arsenal! I'm hoping for some Iggy action tomorrow in our CL game ;)