June 27th, 2011

Weekend Results: Shout, Pout, Let It All Out

Sorry. We had to. Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Having realised the honour we would be bestowing on a team or individual by using their photo to lead our final Weekend Results post of the season, we spent much of our weekend considering possible candidates. Should it be Javier Hernandez lifting the CONCACAF Gold Cup in a slightly oversized tee? The baby Spaniards brandishing the Euro 2012 trophy in a manner that makes us fear for the prospects of any other footballing nation in the next twenty years? Or even go a bit left field with a pic of the German WNT winning their first match in the Women’s World Cup?

After much deliberation, bickering, shouting and something the arresting officer called ‘grievous bodily harm with intent’, we chose Cheech, figuring that whatever nation you support, as a human being you can’t fail to appreciate him, from his cute little face right down to his nummy little knees.

Word is, he’s not a bad player, either.

CONCACAF Gold Cup Final: Mexico 4-2 USA

Sorry, but we feel that Tim Howard’s protests would have reached a much wider audience if he had just popped his top off. Exploitative, but true. Images: Getty Images/Daylife, Getty Images/Zimbio

For the USMNT, the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final was supposed to be a dream come true. There was the fact that the game was to be played in Pasedena’s Rose Bowl stadium, offering a vital home advantage. The knowledge that while opponents Mexico had performed well in the groups, they had been less convincing in the knock-out stages, due in no small part to a bunch of failed drug tests decimating their squad. And at 2-0 up after twenty-five minutes, they had no reason to suspect that fate was about to show them she can be as fickle as a caffeine abusing Kickette staffer.

Moments after Landon Donovan doubled Michael Bradley’s lead, Mexico and West Ham winger Pablo Barrera scored, followed seven minutes later by Andrés Guardado’s strike. Things did not improve in the second half for Bob Bradley’s side, who conceded to Barrera again after fifty minutes, with Spurs pup Giovani dos Santos scoring what proved to be the winning goal and picking up the man-of-the-match honour into the bargain.

If losing isn’t bad enough, USA goalkeeper (and owner of these abs) Tim Howard objected in the strongest possible manner when the post-match ceremony was conducted in Spanish. According to reports, the USMNT fans were a minority, the crowd largely being made up of Mexico supporters.

Unfortunately, Tim remained fully clothed for the duration of his tirade. A shocking error of judgement, we feel.


Euro U21 Final: Spain 2-0 Switzerland

We’re pretty sure that there would be no shortage of volunteers to wrestle that trophy from Javi Martinez’ clenched fists. Images: Getty Images/Daylife

Despite the best efforts of Switzerland, whose form in this U21 competition has been nothing short of brilliant, the juggernaut that is Spanish football picked up yet another trophy on Saturday night with a relatively comfortable 2-0 win. After absorbing some early Swiss pressure, Ander Herrera struck to put Spain in command just before the break. The second and decisive goal wasn’t as easy to come by, but Switzerland paid for failing to convert their chances after eighty-one minutes when Thiago Alcantara directed an outrageous free-kick into the back of the net from forty yards.

Ominously, the driving force behind Spain appeared to come from the midfield combination of Javi Martinez, Juan Mata (rumoured to be the subject of a transfer record breaking bid from Arsenal) and Thiago, which is a little too reminiscent of the unimpeachable midfield force in the senior Spanish side.

As we said, it doesn’t bode well for anyone who supports an NT outside of Spain, but we’re guessing you Spanish fans couldn’t give a damn. Congratulations! (We think).


Quick query, Kickettes. Are you sufficiently interested in the results at the Women’s World Cup for us to report on selected highlights? We’d actually quite like to, but we’re not planning on scheduling a slot in our fun-packed diaries for such coverage unless you actually express an interest in it.

Tell us now. Or forever hold your peace.


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83 Responses to “Weekend Results: Shout, Pout, Let It All Out”

  1. Spain is the best in the world by far!

    OLE Ole ole ole ole ooole oooole

    viva españa!

  2. tool steel says:

    Great thanks for sharing this article post.

  3. kaya says:

    You did understand when you said the supporters for the US at the Gold Cup Finals were in the minority qualified you for understatement of the year, I hope. Maybe if it were played in Alaska the US could count on 50% of the audience supporting them.

  4. Catie2838 says:

    Pleeease cover the WC!!! I would love to read your ladies take on it!

  5. Elsebethynwa says:

    Is is Yann Sommer you mean. yeah he's delish. He had a good game against Denmark, but can't hate him when he's that cute

  6. hereforthenando says:

    Sadly, I have to admit that I'm not particularly savvy either. There's no shame in that, though– everyone has to start somewhere, and this is our chance!

  7. essjay says:

    Can we cover the Women's World Cup ANNNNNND the Under 17 World Cup toooooooo!!!!?!?

    They may be young, and not even legal, but they're cute… And good football! :)

  8. Hernandez14 says:

    I was there, front row at the final of USA vs Mexico. It is very well known that California in general has the most Mexicans, so the support the team received should have been expected. If they wanted the US to have majority fans they should have had it else where in the country. Football in this country does not get enough support. The USMNT does not have enough fans in the country to fill a stadium. I am Mexican America, and my support is for Mexico. I love this country but that doesn't translate to my football affection. US Fans were being just as nasty to us Mexico fans yelling about immigration and such, like it mattered! Its a game, we won and in the end, we're STILL here! Howard needs to stop being such an ass about the ceremony, it was in both languages. Giovani's goal was my favorite, had his crawling like a helpless dog after the ball and he stll couldnt stop it. Thats why he failed in MUFC, and the reason US players don't get much recognition anywhere, MLS is a joke. Once this country takes football seriously maybe they'll improve. Oh and fire Bradley if you want a real chance at winning.

    • Catie2838 says:

      I feel like they should have replaced Bradley after the WC last year. The only way to evolve and better a team is to bring in people who can teach them something new. I feel like Bradley did his job, but he's out of stuff to teach.

  9. Mimi says:

    Don't believe everything you hear! My family and I are Mexicans and we rooted for both teams! And USA doesn't show support for their own team, why would a chicano or Mexican support USA team? One thing is to appreciate the country and another their soccer team!

  10. Mimi says:

    oh and Chicharito trying to fight Jones or that big guy, was hilarious! haha

    Seriously? Chicharito wouldn't stand a chance with that big dude!!! And Bocanegra is one of my loves! I root for both teams and the game was worth watching! My 7 year old cried when USA lost!

    Please, Kickette, post more often about Giovani Dos Santos, Francisco 'Maza' Rodriguez, Rafa Marquez and Chicharito. And Latin America. You guys have latinas/os too! XD

  11. Angelina says:

    as for Spanish Under 21 team. … CONGRATS!!! they deserved it … & Thiago goal was the best of the tournament & one of the best goals of this year!!!

    I can go on & on … on this team … cause they are following the steps of their "older" brothers … they are talented & good looking …

  12. Angelina says:

    ok I watch the USA vs Mexico …

    1.) My family & I felt sooo bad for the USA Team … being up by 2 .. then losing by 2 … playing "at home" & having at least 95% or more of the Stadium support the other team… We joke around saying what would happen if someone would scream "LA MIGRA" (immigration) … but yea the US fans were the "minority" …

    2.) I say Mexico deserved to win .. cause I have to be honest they played like crap especially in the 2nd half … & don't even get me started on Tim Howard & the 4th goal … & Jones what was he thinking trying to fight Chicharito …. REALLY!!! REALLY!!!! … slap yourself ….

    3.) Is their any Mexicans here … Cause someone told me (a Mexican) that Chicha is a "bad" word in some parts of Mexico .. Is that true???

    4.) As for how the USA Team behaved … I didn't see anything that was "bad" "horrible" or "disappointing" .. besides Tim Howard & again lets not get me started on that … because I can chew him out …


    • Angelina says:

      5. THE CEREMONY …it was done in SPANGLISH … he spoke both english & spanish … but to the players since they are Mexican he talked Spanish to them …

      & the CONCACAF … most of the countries that were in the tournament spoke SPANISH .. instead of ENGLISH …

      USA – English
      Canada- English
      Mexico – Spanish
      Jamiaca – English
      Guadeloupe – French
      Cuba – Spanish
      Grenada – English
      Honduras – Spanish
      Costa Rica- Spanish
      Panama- Spanish
      El Salvador – Spanish
      Guatemala -Spanish


      so anybody that is pissed off … can kiss my latin booty …

      • ochocincosays says:

        canadians also speak french =), and i wouldnt call what jamaicans speak english either LOL

  13. Raincitygirl says:

    Yet another vote for Kickette to cover the Women's World Cup here.

  14. Kate says:

    We need to support the ladies too!

  15. Agnes Wonka says:

    congrats to Mexico and Spain!! but Mexico shoudn't even dream with the Copa America…it belongs to Uruguay!!! hehe

    in Argentina…is all about River :S

    • Mimi says:

      First let's see if Mexico and Uruguya can make it to the finals. This is not the Gold Cup!

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        I know, Mexico won the Gold Cup!…but know they have to play against Uruguay in Copa America!
        Uruguay always do good there I tell you

  16. Gladys says:

    Nice job of catching Mata from behind! He's adorable. He's like the long lost Spanish brother of Jack Wilshere.

  17. Erika P says:

    i read the article about mata's transfer but what was that about cesc's 'inevitable move from arsenal' ?!?!? is anything final!!! please tell me its just speculation!!!

  18. Gladys says:

    You're right. Dos Santos and Barerra were amazing (Chicha had a nice tap in but it didn't compare). That's why I was curious about all the anger on the pitch– I couldn't figure out what happened since they came back really strong from the US' early two goals and the bickering started after this. Plus, I don't think of the USMNT as tough, dirty tacklers but maybe I missed something. Anyway, I wasn't belittling Mexico (or their fans– who were understandably out in full force since it was in So. Calif.). They have tremendous talent in the current line-up and their attacking was just incredible. Thank goodness for Adu, Donovan, and Dempsey to help us save some face, but we really need some stronger defenders.

    • April says:

      I'm with you on your comments.. sorry, my response was poorly formatted, as it was really more surrounding the whole conversation of comments about this. Some folks seemed shocked that Mexico's fans came out in full force, others not so much.

      I remember some fights between the teams in the past, too (namely the Benny Feilhaber "chokin" incident), so the two teams have always been a bit feisty, but still.. there was some totally uncalled for behavior on the field too, and Mexico got away with a lot of it, or some slaps on the wrists. I hate to be that person that seems blindly devoted (I'm not, I recognize that Mexico played a better game overall), but I have to say that the reffing seemed a bit biased. Bummer, as I was really hoping we'd be in the Confederations Cup again. Our team needs some major work in the next few years though. Was disappointed in Bornstein's showing, especially because he plays in Mexico. Lichaj was doing better on that left side. Surprised they didnt bring Spector out to cover the right. Can't wait to get DeMerit, Davies, Holden, and Feilhaber back in US uniforms.

  19. LuvinBale says:

    Bob Bradley needs to go. Period.
    I thought we looked good in the fiorst 20 min then just like in the World Cup we pooped out. Physically we are a great team but tactically we are poop on a stick.

    Kickette- please show some Womens World Cup love. I hear the USWNT is pretty great! Mayeb they can bring home the world cup.

  20. pinkrosebloom says:

    I watched the ceremony in its entirety. I must say as a Mexican-American I couldn't have been more excited to have BOTH my teams in the final. I root for BOTH teams equally passionately. But I've got to say, I lost all of the respect I had for Tim Howard for that incredibly insensitive remark. A. The ceremony was in both English and Spanish, B. the presenter was especially trying to be respectful to the US team and give them as much enthusiasm as he gave Mexico when the medals were announced. C. Hello Concacaf… everyone except the US, Canada and Jamaica are spanish speaking so yah, bilingual ceremony kind of needed. D. As upset as they were about losing the US team kind of acted a little rude to not even put on the silver medals. No one wants them, but please- that was so France 2006… we should be better than that. Clearly he was upset but cultural attacks are not the answer.

    • Audrey says:

      Actually, a ton more CONCACAF nations speak English than Spanish. There are 40 CONCACAF countries, and as best as I can figure, 10 of them speak Spanish (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the 6 Central American countries that aren't Belize). Then Haiti, Guadalupe, Martinique, Saint Martin, and French Guinea speak French, and Sint-Maartin, Suriname, and a few others speak Dutch. That leaves around 20 countries, and as far as I can tell, they all speak English (USA, Canada, Jamaica, T&T, Grenada, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands (British and U.S), Anguilla, Belize, etc.).
      Regarding nations with some degree of footballing respectability, in this edition of the Gold Cup, Spanish-speaking countries were in the majority (due to Central America having 5 spots in the tournament) but 42% of participating nations were not Spanish speaking.

    • Guest says:

      In this rivalry NO ONE wants the 2nd place medal. And I mean no one. I guarantee you those silver medals are going to the back of whatever drawer they are placed in if not completely out the window. (minus maybe Freddy Adu who will treasure this tournament for resuscitating his career)

      Which is exactly how Mexico treated them in 2007 and the Americans in 2009/2011.

      In this rivalry most of the players won't even shake one another's hands any more and the losing team usually steamrolls right off the pitch.

      Typically I don't like that behavior, but it's kinda what makes this rivalry so great (as long as it stays on the pitch and doesn't turn ugly elsewhere). Salcido and Dempsey hugged on the CONCACAF plane. Ream/Agudelo/Rafa know one another – but when those guys get on the pitch in these games, they HATE each other.

      And that's the way it should be in great rivalries. Same as the ones in the EPL.

      Personally I love it.

      So take that silver medal and trash it. Redemption during WC qualifying boys.

      • Guest says:

        No offense meant to the other nations of CONCACAF of course. Should have added that.

  21. TFBlovesArsenal says:

    Timmy's rant was a bit much, considering part of the ceremony was in English, but having the majority in Spanish without translating it in a country where English is the predominant language is just adding insult to injury. It's not like it would have been hard to find a bilingual person to translate in Los Angeles of all places.

  22. April says:

    I think bi-lingual would have been nice.. not to be a pompous US person, but we were the host country, and we were watching the final from the stands and on TV… I don't know why Timmy was as upset as he was, maybe he just felt it was disrespectful to the host nation or something. Probably some leftover frustration with the game… it is a big rivalry.. even though it wasnt called for.

  23. americanidiot says:

    who is the swiss goalie in the green kit? he's yummyy

  24. Maria says:

    I'd love to have coverage of the Women's World Cup – the girls are doing great, it's brilliant!

  25. Zahara says:

    yessss spain baby! love these boys! way to goo! love javi martinez!
    and omg what an amazing concacaf final! shame on you tim howard!
    and how good was that skill from dos santos? crazy talented!


  26. Lotte says:

    Messi, Messi, Messiiiii!!

  27. Carolina says:

    Post-match ceremony was in both languages!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Allison says:

      Yes, it was! But the fact remains that the winners were the team from Mexico and in Mexico they speak Spanish. Of course, the trophy ceremony should be in their language. Very poor sportsmanship from Howard the US team.

      • ochocincosays says:

        so because the US lost we lose the privileged of understanding the closing ceremony. . .oh.

  28. Zan says:

    Women's World Cup and Copa America PLEEEEASSSE and thank you : )

    Loved this line hugely btw…it's exactly how I feel
    "As we said, it doesn’t bode well for anyone who supports an NT outside of Spain, but we’re guessing you Spanish fans couldn’t give a damn. Congratulations! (We think)."


  29. elizabeth says:

    So happy for La Rojita and Mexico. Too bad this wont be the Mexico playing the Copa America, especially since I discovered some new man candy in the form of Aldo Di Nigris. Howard I think was just upset especially after Gio's goal.

  30. Yanks4Ever says:

    Our defense fell apart once 'Dolo went out with an injury, and Mexico was the superior team. It was a exciting game, and congratulations to them. Also, although Chicarito is (deservedly) getting a lot of love, I think that dos Santos is a player and a hottie to watch. The look on the US's face as they walked off the pitch said it all, I wanted to give Tim a big hug.

    • Sara P says:

      I totally agree….once 'Dolo went out….we didn't stand a chance against Dos Santos or Chicharito. But….contrary to what everyone thinks…I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that Dos Santos is better than Chicharito. He is pretty awesome to watch! Can't wait to see what big team swoops him up soon!

  31. Maria V says:

    I think they did :(

  32. Watching England vs Mexico right now in a hotel room…these women look beautiful, play beautifully, and as some one has already, they have wonderful hair. Number 9 Dominguez is ripping it up. I was sad for USMNT, but as a Southern Californian, I have a soft spot for the Mexican team. That said, I would like USA to field a decent men's team. They looked much worse than they did in South Africa.

  33. I was at the u21 final and I brought my camera, but none of them took their shirts off! It's a scandal, where can I complain?

  34. @BrittanyAFC says:

    not sure who's cuter – Chicha or captain Javi!

  35. Gladys says:

    Sad for the U.S. NT. Happy for Chicharito! But not happy about all the anger on the pitch. Mexico was scoring (or nearly scoring) goals left and right, the stands were filled with their fans, and yet Dos Santos tried to pick a fight with Boca, Barrera harshly pulled the ball out of our defender's hands after he scored a goal, it was just kind of a nasty game all around. Even Chicha was angry at some point (not something I ever want to see– it's like seeing the Dalai Lama mad). I couldn't figure out what the problem was (bar too noisy.) Both teams put in a great game but our defense just can't keep up with Mexico's youth and speed. Congrats to them!

  36. Maria says:

    Hello hello!! Copa America starts this week!!!
    Who’s on it, you say? Little minnions like Messi, Forlan, Falcao, Cavani, etc etc etc.
    Get on it Kickettes!!

  37. Lotte says:

    I'm absolutely interrested in the women's WC. Some coverage would be fine, if you're not too overworked :) .

    And oh oh oh Spain! I guess there is no way to beat them nowadays. Thiago's is really good looking, he has the most wonderful smile. And he do know how to kick a ball. May he stay in Barca! Javi Martinez, Herrera and Capel were great. Well, they where all fab! Olé!

  38. @kwahllerr says:

    Please cover the Women's World Cup! They deserve our support as much as the men do.

  39. lian says:

    Kickette coverage of the Women’s World Cup? Oh yes please!

  40. Jade says:

    No photos of Thiago? I kind of have a thing for him…

    • blitzenTO says:

      Get in line, lady! I saw him first! ;)

    • Gladys says:

      Thank you for saying it!!! He gets very little handsomeness recognition in the shadow of Bojan, Pique, Valdes, etc…but he is 20 years of fine!!! (I feel a little sick at my oldish self for saying that, but he just seems to be getting better and better– game-wise, too. So happy for Spain's youngsters!)

      • blitzenTO says:

        Thiago speaks English, too:

        • Gladys says:

          OK. Did you have to post that? ;) It's Monday. I have to get work done.

          (Another hot smartie…I really have a La Liga midfielder problem, at this point. When he and Afellay play together I'm done for.)

        • Jade says:

          Brilliant for a Spanish/Brazilian/Italian footballer who has never played football in Spain. My guess is he speaks three/four languages then… Damn. That makes me like him even more!

    • backoffmyNando says:

      Did you see his little celebration dance with Iker Munian? It was adorable!

  41. backoffmyNando says:

    Yay Spain!!! Anyway, on to the U.S….it's really embarrassing for a home team (the US) to feel like an away team. I heard that a huge majority of the fans there were supporters of Mexico and there was "honking" going on during the U.S. anthem. Well, I don't care where you're from or who you support, but you should never disrupt anyone's national anthem. It's just plain disrespectful.

    • Sara P says:

      Yeah….I went to the semi-final game in Houston where the US played Panama and Mexico played Honduras afterward. I, of course, was cheering for the USA but about 80% of the fans there were rooting for Mexico. There were fans talking sooo much shit to me in the parking lot on the way to the game. Things got way out of hand at the game…..where we were sitting, there were a few fist fights between Mexico and the fans of Honduras. Also, throwing paper airplanes the whole time down onto the field. Yes, I sound like a cry baby, but they were sooo disrespectful during the entire anthem and the US game.

      • backoffmyNando says:

        Yeah I think that they should at least have some respect since they are in our country watching the game…..wether they are legal, illegal, or just visiting. You should always respect the country that you're in.

    • PepaCandela says:

      I was really disappointed in the USMNT fans in California, honestly. After such great showings at the other matches, I would have hoped for the same out west.

    • bertaboo says:

      I had a good time watching the game, and I think it was pretty well played game. There were some aggressive moments on the field, but that's almost expected from a final being played between two rivals.
      I'm from California, pretty close to Pasadena, and I totally understand the lack of USMNT fans at the game. It's a given that southern California has a large population of Latinos, especially people from Mexico or of Mexican descent. Although soccer in the United States has started picking up more fans and viewers lately, it's the most popular sport in Mexico and has been for a very long time. When the Mexican National Team is playing in southern California, no matter who their opponent is, people are going to be excited.
      I don't follow the MLS very closely for a couple reasons (it wasn't very accessible or broadcast on my standard channel TV and I grew up watching FMF with my dad) so I might be wrong, but it seems East Coast teams get more support/followers than those on the West Coast. Maybe, had this game been played on the opposite coast there would have been more home support. Again, I might be wrong…
      I agree that "honking" or anything of that nature during anthems is disrespectful and should not happen, but I think that can be attributed to a few knuckle heads. I know quite a few people who were at the game and they say they never heard any honking, booing, or disrespect coming from the crowd, but I think there will always be those knuckle heads who will go out of their way to be disrespectful.
      Sorry for writing so much, but this topic in general has been bothering me since the game was played. I have read a lot of hostile comments (not on kickette) on other blogs and websites, and there has been a lot of racism and negativity being thrown both ways. It's good to note that there hasn't been any of that nasty aggressiveness here on kickette, and for that I am very happy. :)

      • Sara P says:

        Yes….I agree with you. There is a lot of racism being thrown around on FB especially (check out the Fox Soccer website). It is sad because ultimately it is just a sport…..but I think in the end, win or lose, people should learn to be respectful.

    • jayjay says:

      As in any game there was some honking… but it was never obvious that you couldn't even hear it on TV. Tim Howard should have never complained about that because it simply was not true. When the USA got its second place medals the whole part was in ENGLISH and also the MC translated everything he said. Now let us also remember that eventhought it was in the USA it is till the CONCACAF… Meaning most of the teams speak spanish anyways…. and to Blame the Mexican Fans for feeling up the Stadium? WTF it is our fault the US fans for not going to the games

      • Jess says:

        I think you need to calm down.

      • ochocincosays says:

        Just because most of the teams speak spanish doesnt mean the results have to be in spanish, first of all. 2nd of all OF COURSE THERE IS GOING TO BE TENSION after a match between rivals, howard was obviously saying that out of bitterness as his team had just lost a game they couldve won ( if the back hadnt fallen apart we couldve kept the damn scorers out >=/). 3rd, im going to assume that you have attended a soccer match or other sporting event before. . . assuming such i implore you to remember that occassion. . .as you are remembering do you not recall boos or jeers coming from the opposition at any time?. . .remember it is a competition, and in the spirit of competitiveness some things will happen thatn can be construed as unsportmanlike. . . and we arent blaming anybody for the lack of attencance at games, so chill out

    • LuvDeuce says:

      I was one of the USMNT fans in the crowd and the Mexico fans were incredibly rude and disrespectful to our players the before and during the game. They were disrespectful during the national anthem and we had to listen to them call our players every name in the book throughout the entire game. That was hard for us because we would never have thought to scream obscenities at their players and/or throw water bottles at them. Thankfully, the fans on both sides were respectful to each other in the stands. Minus the boneheads three rows up who broke out into a brawl. It was awesome seeing players on both teams play in person!!

  42. Sarah, Madrid says:

    ! Ole ole ole Euro U-21 Champions! Thiago beautiful beutiful goal! The future is bright! :)

  43. Suz says:

    Oh yes, please, I'd love to see just a bit of women's World Cup coverage here. We love the guys but the women are skilled athletes playing what is very much a "man's game" at a pro level, against a lot of odds, and I support them. Looking forward to WC games over the next couple of weeks. Go USA!

  44. hereforthenando says:

    Kickette, please cover the Women's World Cup! I watched the Germany v. Canada match yesterday, and it was amazing. These women are so talented, and they deserve an audience :)

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Agree agreeee! I enjoyed every second of Germany game, now on unrelated football note theinteresting part, some of parts of the game could make a good shampoo ads :P !

      • hereforthenando says:

        True story, there was some great hair out there. And as a Canadian, when Christine Sinclair scored that goal off of the set piece (with a broken nose, no less!), I almost cried. It was weird.

    • Tashinka says:

      I agree as well! I wanted to be in Germany for this event but flights were so expensive. Kickette, please cover the games just like you would if they were being played by men. All the juicy tidbits of gossip and scandal. And there's got to be SOME boys in the stands who are cute or half-naked or who are celebs or have made bad fashion choices. We could judge them just like we do the WAGs!

    • Gillian says:

      Agree so much. It's only 2 days in, but I'm LOVING Women's World Cup

  45. kel says:

    Hope there's a post about bb spain winning the u21 euros. Some pics of celebrating juan mata, javi martinez and bojan krkic would be appreciated.

    • kel says:

      My computer totally went screwy and didn't show the end of this post. I feel suitably embarassed now.__ Any more awesome celebration picvs would still be appreciated though