February 27th, 2012

Weekend Results: Some Rare Sights Indeed

Kickettes? It’s going to be a fantastic week. We can just tell. Image: Clive Mason/Getty Images.

We reckon we’ve used up a year’s worth of good fortune this morning sourcing pictures of footballers with their shirts off.

We think you’ll agree that the trade off was totally worth it.


Image: IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images, Chris Brunskill/Getty Images.

Arsenal gave their boss a bit of breathing space yesterday afternoon, with a 5-2 win over London rivals, Spurs. Harry’s boys were 2-0 up and cruising until right before half-time, when Bacary Sagna and Robin van Persie struck. Tomas Rosicky’s goal on 51 minutes gave the Gunners the lead, then Theo Walcott – who we have to admit, we’d been shouting at continually for most of the first half – eventually played us for fools by scoring two to snatch a surprise three points.

Elsewhere, Newcastle stayed sixth after a dramatic 2-2 draw vs. Wolves, Darren Bent (left) requires a scan on his ankle and will miss the England/Netherlands game on Wednesday after Aston Villa’s goalless draw vs. Wigan and Ryan Giggs scored a stoppage time winner in his 900th game for Manchester United in their game against Norwich.

His debut was 21 years ago. Not that it matters to us young hens.


La Liga

Presented without comment. Mainly because we have lost the ability to speak. Image: Denis Doyle/Getty Images.

The marquee scorelines were noticeably absent from the games featuring the top two but they still won – Real Madrid beat Rayo Vallecano 1-0 via a Cristiano Ronaldo backheel, and a Leo Messi freekick was the winner in Barcelona’s match vs. Atletico Madrid.

Fortunately for those of us who appreciate quantity over quality, Malaga got five against a hapless Real Zaragoza, who are now six points adrift at the bottom of the table and probably depressed. Valencia lost more ground in the title race with a 2-1 home defeat to Sevilla, but Levante fans had something to cheer about as their boys picked up a useful three points away at Espanyol.

Anyway. Back to Mesut Ozil.


Serie A

Alessandro Matri: When bad base layers happen to hot footballers. Image: AP Photo/Luca Bruno.

The referee’s eyesight was the talk of the clash between AC Milan and Juventus, where two disallowed goals and a red card meant the points were shared. Milan’s Sulley Muntari and Juve’s Alessandro Matri were the unlucky boys, although Matri obviously felt his base layers simply had to be shared – he scored the equaliser to Antonio Nocerino’s 14th minute goal on 83′ and thoroughly challenged our feelings for him. Juve are one point off AC Milan who remain in first place.

Roma’s alarming inconsistency in the league continued with a 4-1 defeat to Atalanta, while third placed Udinese beat Bologna 3-1 and Lecce picked up a vital three points vs. Cagliari. They look to be leaving Novara and Cesena behind: those two lost lost 3-1 t0 Catania and 1-0 to Chievo and are nineteenth and twentieth respectively.



Oh. You guys have made up then? Image: Alexandra Beier/Bongarts/Getty Images.

Borussia Monchengladbach have blinked first in the title race, their 1-1 draw vs. Hamburg costing them a vital two points on a weekend when rivals Bayern Munich and Dortmund won. Bayern beat fourth place Schalke 2-0, while Dortmund extended their winning run to seven games with a 3-1 victory over Hannover.

Meanwhile, there were big wins for Mainz (4-0 vs. Kaiserslautern), Stuttgart (4-1 vs. Freiburg) and Augsberg, who convincingly beat Hertha Berlin 3-0 on Saturday. Now, we confess to gently mocking Augsberg at the start of the season for their spectacular number of defeats (ten, currently) but we’re glad to see they have hauled themselves out of the relegation zone with a comparatively decent run of form lately.

We’ll let you know when we’ve worked out how we can take credit for it.


Ligue 1

Unfortunately, this beautiful celebration of love between two burly men was premature. Nevermind. Image: REUTERS/Robert Pratta.

Marseille could be fifth this morning, but a shock 1-0 defeat to Brest yesterday left them in the far less cheery position of eighth. Another crazy scoreline between the league top boys ensured the damage was more limited than it could have been though – PSG’s Guillaume Hoarau’s 90th minute equaliser (he’s making a bit of a habit of this) meant his club’s match with Lyon finished 4-4. This was especially frustrating for Lyon who, for large parts of the game, had looked to be cruising.

Elesewhere, Lille drew 1-1 with Rennes, Nice beat Caen 1-0 and AC Ajaccio collected what could be a crucial three points in the relegation battle; they beat Dijon 2-1 and are currently sixteenth.


Make the most of it, Kickettes. The rest of the week is unlikely to be so generous with it’s favours.

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36 Responses to “Weekend Results: Some Rare Sights Indeed”

  1. SmileBam says:

    Omg,omg,omg,they are all so gorgeous,oh,oh,i want to cuddle all of them.Especially Ozil(he's so cuuuuteee).It's better now,administrator?

  2. SmielBam says:

    What A Bunch of brainless human beings we have here…i am amazed of how much stupidity can be on a single site! And Mesut Ozil is beautiful… :) ))),GOD! And yes,i am a man and no,im am not gealous,because i don't have too.Hope some will take my post as inspirational and stop worship bodies.It is pathetic.And some footballers aren't even that good looking,like poor boy Ozil,who is ugly like a butt. ;) Cheers and grow up!

  3. Samwise says:

    It was a fantastic football weekend! But I must say thta many of the RM players are behaving so badly. Against Rayo Pepe stamped on a guys foot and didn't even get a warning. And Ramos disgusting elbow in the face! He should have been sent off. Why aren't the ref's doing anything? I guess they know that will be showered with shit from the Madrid coach if they do. Mou is very quiet. He used to go on and on about how they never got to play with eleven men against Barca. Now, the last thirteen games THEY have played against 10 men. Tables are turning, and Mou has gotten this league exactly where he wants it.

    They will win this year but I for one will not consider it a great win, because of all the dubious decisions from the ref's, the bad attitude from some of the players and their VERY unpleasant coach.

    • Before you spam us inquiring about why your comments are being deleted, allow us to explain…

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      Your IP has been blocked and any further attempts to comment – regardless if you change your IP address, email or name – will be deleted.

      Cheers for stopping by. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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  4. Lexy says:

    Any post that starts off with Gunnersaurus and continues with Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2 recap is AHMAZING from the start.
    (not gonna lie, I glazed over the rest ;) )

  5. xoWinnie says:

    lol! love it :)

  6. xbabyshakesx says:

    ARSENAL!!!!!!!! =]
    I woke up half asleep and when i saw the score i was wide awake! GO GUNNERS!!!!

  7. Mee says:

    Mesut Ozil is beautiful. And I'm so happy Real Madrid won, that back heel was gorgeous, but Mesut's more gorgeous <3

  8. nayet21 says:

    Mesut is cute and has a great body and I'm glad Real Madrid won! I'm torn between the manly charm Gareth Bale has and the sexy cuteness of Aaron Ramsey. Can I have them (both)? ;)

  9. Mrs Q.Borri says:

    When I was seeing the Juventus vs Milan game and Matri did the goal and took his shirt off… I was on a rollacoster -up up shirt off- and some stupid bad base layer,sucker punch me in the face. Wtf! I was like this is tottaly going to be on Kikcette! As; When-bad-layering-happends-to-hot-as-hell-players!

    Anyways I saw Borri playing on that game too, he is getting better so much love for that. Valencia and Sevilla game very good too, Tino Costa y ese golazo que metió! me encantó!!

    Good ass weekend, great soccer and great teams! I heart soccer, but weekends like thoose makes me love it even more!!!

  10. JPatanio says:

    Ummmm Hello there,Mesut Ozil….since when does he look like that with out a shirt on?

  11. Loninha says:

    Super Bayern e Mesut Ozil I love !!

  12. Lauren_BCN says:

    what a weekend WHAT A WEEKEND!!! :-) )) Arsenal vs Totenham, Man.Utd vs Norwich, Barcelona vs Atletico; Lyon vs PSG, Milano vs Juventus; Liverpool vs Cardiff :-) )) CR & Messi goals !!! You hust gotta LOVE football :-) ))

  13. Jayy says:

    Bad news – Aaron 'sex on legs' Ramsey is injured and wont feature on wednesdays tribute match for gary speed :( im still depressed on hearing about this!

  14. GlamGooner says:

    1. Gunnersaurus (Rex) is on kickette, this makes me happy :)
    2. CR7 goal was tres cheeky
    3. What an emotional 90mins re: The Derby

  15. qqq says:

    Finally!!! FINALLY my dream came true… I saw my most favorite player – Mesut Ozil – topless. I died and went to paradise. Anyway, I'm writing this comment with my eyes on Mesut, so sorry for any mistakessfsddcfvgbfCvbgftsjjygs

  16. Carvivlie says:

    Alessandro Matri? Where have you been all of my life? Gorgeous man!

  17. IrishBlue says:

    *cough* Chelsea 3 Bolton 0…

  18. Leya_S says:

    Literally came on here just to say: ARSENAAAAAAAAALLLL!! I was crying when we went 2 goals down…..and then again, when we went 3 goals up. Like I literally shed a tear at the 5th goal, it was such an amazing feeling.

    Also, CR7's backheel goal was so cheeky, it was great.
    AND Mesut Ozil's abs looks fab, just sayin'.

  19. liz2 says:

    Unless you're a spurs fan, that game had everything a footy girl loves: drama, a comeback, emotions, and a sexy Robin van Persie.

  20. abigailshoes says:

    Oh my, Mesut! The hip dips! Fanning myself right now.

  21. Kristina says:

    Wow Gunners! You (and Spurs) made a football-lover so happy! Fantastic, fun and awesome game! And Van Persies praise of Walcott after the game was so adorable and touching. Thank god for games like that!

    Barca fought like lions and captain Tarzan himself collapsed after the last whistle. But the second afterwards he was up again, shirtless:).

    But boooo for Ramos! He deserved a straight red for that elbow in the face! I hate the way he did it. He knew he had a player running behind him so he stops for a moment and holds up his elbow to make the impact harder. Disgraceful!! That was the last straw, no more forgiveness.

    Thank god then that they have Özil in the team! How come he always looks a bit chubby on the shirtless pictures? Great goal for Cris, btw.

    • Liza says:

      A little chubby??? really are we looking at the same guy. I think he has AMAZING abs. Not to defined to be super intimidating but for sure has those hip dips. Keep those pictures of Mesut coming :)

      • Kristina says:

        I don't mean it in a bad way, and perhaps not chubby. But cuddly, and not so defined as many others. Believe me, he's my absolute favorite among the RM players.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Oh Kristina, it was pepe b-day, so it was his gift to him :p, or perhaps pepe's b-day cake has something in it since the whole team was totally off :p!
      Anyway, jokes aside, I totally see what he tried to to stop costa, he was reckless and stupid, but Ramos is reckless that's something very risky for us as a club and he needs to work on! He is trying but….however how mature of him to admit it, kinda said referee made a mistake of not carding him! That's for me it is the responsible thing to do, it takes guts to do as well! For me, it is move worth of captain of RM

      • Kristina says:

        I do not totally agree with you, he should've learned by now. It was too reckless. But I'm not gonna argue with you, especially since that picture of Özil makes me lightheaded. He's so adorable! I just hope I will be able to catch the Spanish NT's game tomorrow. Somehow seeing the guys play in the same team is good for the soul. And the eyes.

        • Sarah, Madrd says:

          I totally understand if you don't, it is dilemma for us Madridistas, we know he is reckless, we want him to change, (he has been like this since he joined), but comments like that makes me understand him and forgive him, but I love RM, when you love something you just try to support it and find the positive spins on stuff related to it. ( I dont know if you understand my point! I hope it reached!!)
          Oh la roja they are, no? I missed them, about time we see them all the eye candy beautiful football in one team!

          • Kristina says:

            It's easier to be critical if you cheer for the other team, I know. It reaches, Sarah :) We have some different kind of problems to be dealed with in "my" team.

  22. Sarah, Madrid says:

    OHHH- zil!!! I love the post game, shirts flew Ramos, Arbeloa! hotness!

    Anyway, sorry Rayo as football can be cruel sometime, not our finest game, you deserved it!

    One brilliant goal ( I am so glad, I witnessed that goal live, so I can say I saw this), Messi golazo, basically 2 brilliant footballers gave their teams 3 points, oh not bad performances from goal keepers as well!!! I loved the iker faster than bullet save!! San iker!!

    Hala Madrid, congrats soldado for la roja call!! Animo Negerdo! Congrats gunners for the win ;)