February 7th, 2011

Weekend Results: Umm…What’s That You Say?

Sorry, but this is weird, no? Getty Images/Zimbio

We’re prepared to admit we occasionally (and by ‘occasionally, we mean ‘every week’) tend to waffle more about the EPL than other European leagues in the Weekend Results post. We don’t mean to, but it’s like opening a bottle of fine wine, y’see. You plan to just have a glass, but before you know it you’ve necked the bottle and are half way to the off-licence wearing only your dressing gown and one slipper.

Oh. Is that just us, then?

Anyhoo, this week we make no apology for emphasising the EPL. The anticipation for this weekend’s matches in light of Monday’s last minute transfer capers has been huge, and surprisingly the games lived up to expectation.

Come with us and see. Just let us get dressed first.


It’s seems hard to remember in light of the weekend’s events, but Liverpool and Chelsea weren’t the only sides affected by deadline day drama. Newcastle United waved Andy Carroll goodbye on Monday, leaving many questioning where the goals necessary to keep them safe were going to come from, especially when Arsenal were due to visit. And Arsenal duly flexed their firepower in the first half; an apparently unassailable four goals scored by the break.
However, the early and controversial sending off of Arsenal’s Abou Diaby in the second half gave Wenger’s men a disadvantage which Newcastle duly exploited.
Two penalties from Joey Barton, a strike from Leon Best and an equalising goal on his debut from Cheik Tiote (left) saw a 4-4 result and two points thrown away by the Adorkables. Jack Wilshire, having learned nothing from recent controversies, took to his Twitter to denounce the referee’s decision making skills. We’re sure the FA will be in touch. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

Fortunately for Arsenal, they were not the only top four side to slip up. Manchester United travelled to relegation threatened Wolverhampton Wanderers, where the smart money was on United picking up an easy three points, in spite of their recent dodgy form. However, in the most unlikely of circumstances, United lost the game 2-1 and watched their hopes of an unbeaten season in the EPL disappear with it. Kevin Doyle scored the winner and was molested by Jonny Evans for his trouble (left). (Getty Images/Zimbio)

United’s rivals Manchester City, meanwhile, efficiently disposed of West Bromwich Albion via a Carlos Tevez hat-trick and kept themselves in the title race. Just. But three wasn’t sufficient for Everton’s Louis Saha who (despite his horrifying hair) put four past Blackpool in an enthralling 5-3 win. Wigan beat Blackburn 4-3, Spurs sneaked past Bolton 2-1 via a last gasp Niko Kranjcar goal (Rafa Van Der Vaart missed a penalty on the retake), Stoke beat Sunderland 3-2 and Aston Villa drew 2-2 with Fulham.

That’s 41 goals in eight games on Saturday. Could Sunday be any more exciting?

Um, yes. Even our most er… creative and imaginative writers at Kickette would have struggled to have come up with a scenario whereby Fernando Torres would leave Liverpool for Chelsea on the last minute of transfer deadline day and then face them on his debut. And we have some seriously weird imaginations working here.

Yes, Nandina pulled on the blue of Chelsea and ran out onto the Stamford Bridge pitch, hoping to live up to the expectations of Chelsea fans, soap opera buffs and his own optimistic hyperbole. He ran off the pitch sixty-five minutes later, having been the least threatening striker in Chelsea’s terrifying triumvirate (Drogba, Anelka & Torres. Seriously.) although the money from the shirt sales will invariably come in handy. Just to add insult to injury, Raul Meireles (short tent fans should zoom. Trust us.) scored the winner for Liverpool moments later, sending their fans wild, Fernando Torres into a hair despair spiral and Chelsea fans to the pub. (Image via liverpoolfc.tv)

The rest of this season is going to be sooooo fun, no?

Ligue 1

While it was EPL fans expected to get on players backs this weekend, the most eye catching banners in the stands was actually in France where Marseille narrowly beat Kickette favourites Arles by one goal to nil. Fans of Marseille expressed their discontent with their side, who achieved just their second win in seven games with this result, by unfurling banners advising their players to move their backsides. Other banners implied that the sexuality of their players was the reason behind their poor form. Sigh.

Elsewhere, top of the table Lille dropped points against Auxerre in a 1-1 draw, but runners up Paris St Germain failed to capitalise, losing 1-0 to third place Rennes who are now level on thirty seven points. Fifth place St Etienne beat Montpellier 2-1 and are now share thirty five points with Lyon who drew 0-0 with Bordeaux. We have used this result as an excuse to post this picture (left) of Yoann Gourcuff’s tummy. (Getty Images/Daylife)


Serie A

Having looked as the title was theirs for the taking just a few short weeks ago, AC Milan now look positively vulnerable, having dropped points for the second consecutive game. 1-1 against thirteenth placed Genoa is not a good result at the best of times, but when your city rivals (left) beat their opposition by 5-3 (Inter Milan vs. Roma) and narrow the gap to five points, it looks even worse. Roma slip to seventh. Napoli, meanwhile, are even more of a threat to the Rossoneri’s title chances, their 2-0 win over Cesena putting them within three points of the lead. (AP Photo/Daylife)

Other notable results include Lecce’s 4-2 home defeat to Palermo and Brescia beating Bari 2-0.

La Liga

We are rapidly running out of superlatives to describe Barcelona and Leo Messi’s (left) form of late. Another three for the Balon D’or winner against Atletico Madrid, another victory to nil for Barca, another record broken. Yes, that’s sixteen successive victories, sixty goals scored, six conceded since October. That’s a lot of sixes. And we thought it was Mou using the voodoo. (AP Photo/Daylife)

Not that Real failed to perform. They beat Real Sociedad 4-1, with two from Ronaldo, one from Kaka and Adebayor’s first for his new side. But after last week’s shock defeat to Osasuna, is it too little too late? Hard to say, but at seven points behind Barca, Real will be relieved that closest challengers Villarreal lost 1-0 to Levante.

Also throwing points away were sixth placed Espanyol, who lost 3-2 to struggling Almeria. Kickette favourite Fernando Llorente scored in Athletic Bilbao’s 3-0 win over Sporting Gijon and Getafe smacked Deportivo 4-1.


A 0-0 home draw against Schalke saw league leaders Borussia Dortmund stumble in their quest for the Bundesliga title, but following the pattern of the weekend, second placed Bayer Leverkusen lost 1-0 to Nuremberg. Leverkusen are what should be an unassailable twelve points behind Dortmund with twenty-one played.

Bayern Munich are fifth after a 3-2 loss to sixteenth placed Cologne, while Mainz drew 1-1 against Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim beat FC Kaiserslautern 3-2 despite having Edson Braafheid sent off.

Made it this far? Please have a muffin to celebrate, then  offer forth your opinions on the amazeballness that was the football this weekend. Don’t get crumbs in your keyboard, though.

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125 Responses to “Weekend Results: Umm…What’s That You Say?”

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  3. mochara says:

    I was at that Arsenal-Newcastle match, it was amazing and I was sitting right next to all of the goals!! As a plus at the start of the game I was about 10 meters away from Cesc and I nearly died, believe it or not, he's even hotter in real life!! <3

  4. Ohhhh Nando.... says:

    See, I thought I'd love Nando forever, but the minute I saw him in a Chelsea jersey, he wasn't the same Nando anymore. Liverpool Nando was a sweet, quiet guy who seemed to care more about the club and the fans than the money, but Chelsea Nando seems as arrogant and money-motivated as any other athelete out there. I don't think he deserves all the hate he's getting though, even though he was Liverpool's boy, they treated him wonderfully and he let them down… but people also need to respect his career desicions.

  5. Mrs.FernandoTorres says:

    awww, poor nando :(
    awkward for him.

  6. xbabyshakesx says:

    Oh Ferny I feel bad for him, but he choose this path and I couldn't be happier for Liverpools win!
    they deserved it after the week they've been through!
    and When Agger hit Torres in the face, I was secretly happy kekeke ^___^

  7. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    I dont know if I'll ever get used to Torres wearing a blue shirt.
    Arsenal-Newcastle was just dissapointing. The second penalty was not supposed to be one, and the ref was horrible! So many bad calls!
    But congrats to Barcelona and Leo.

  8. Winnie Mata says:

    on another note,
    i'm disappointed that Torres looked so lost at Stamford Bridge
    (although it was to be expected….)
    but now my friend, who is a devoted LFC fan,
    can stop harping on and on about how they lost their best player
    and now Chelsea have an advantage
    and how life is not faaaaiiiiiiiirrr!
    seriously…what has he done really do this season? *crickets*
    anyways…i'm just hoping Chelsea gets their sh1t together
    and can make their way through in the Champion's League!

  9. Winnie Mata says:

    that's all i really gotta say!
    i know they really had nothing to do with Man Utd's loss
    but it certainly has helped us! i ain't even mad about the draw!
    i promised my poor dear heart that this season
    i would not allow any team to play with my emotions
    that things were grim so it was best to keep a watchful eye,
    and an uninvolved heart
    ….that has now become almost impossible.
    i have become so emotionally invested
    in Arsenal over the past few weeks,
    it's like i'm falling in love all over again!
    i daresay, i think we can win the season,
    if the points aren't deceiving me
    it's no longer and impossible mission!
    i am obviously relying on sheer luck
    (to have Utd mess up again)
    but i'm also counting Arsenal not to lose
    i don't even care if they tie anymore, although i'd rather see them win!

    Arsenal winning the EPL would most certainly be an upside
    to Real not winning anything important this season.

  10. ninjess says:

    There's a really ugly part of me who has been gleeful for the past two days. How are you liking your "real" club now, 'Nando?

    • Ninjess says:

      Okay. Sorry about the above post. That was a bit nasty and bitter. But I'm usually a player fan, not a team fan, so detections hit me hard. I became a Liverpool fan because of my undying love for Steven Gerrard, and fell in love with Torres as the "resident cutie" of the team. Then he goes and breaks up with me, totally out of the blue (or INTO the Blue, as the case may be). I guess it's just good to know that, like a bad boyfriend where it takes you a little time to recover, the pain of this breakup won't last forever, and that I'll walk away from this experience both better and stronger. :)

      Wow. I'm way too emotionally invested.

      • Crackers says:

        You're not the only one, hon….it does feel EXACTLY like having a boyfriend break up with you and then go out with the most obnoxious girl you know.

        But you're right- it will get better.

  11. naylovee says:

    Awkward much? This is just like when LeBron played Cleveland. I know I'm talking about basketball but just sayin'

  12. LuvinBale says:

    AlI have to say is Nikoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Watch out Chelsea we are comin' for ya!!!

  13. @AgnesWonka says:

    I laughed my a*** off at Chelsea sooooooooooooo bad!

  14. TheAmethyst007 says:

    Liverpool vs Chelsea was AWESOME! It's everything I needed yesterday after such a horrible week. Meireles has been so good to us in his first season at Liverpool, really the only good thing that came out Roy Hodgson.

    Now on to Torres. Such a touchy subject. I think too much was expected of him. Putting him, Anelka and Drogba up at once was stupid, and he kind of looked lost out there. And when he had that Chelsea jersey covered up, I couldn't help but sigh and feel a little bit of love for him.
    But all in all, I was completely satisfied with our performance. And the unsung hero of the game for me was…JAMIE CARRAGHER!!

    • Crackers says:

      I know- it almost felt like Nando himself was a bit….."what am I doing in Blue?".

      And once he was back on the sidelines, I just wanted to pet him and say "there, there, it'll be ok."- it was hard for me not to feel bad for him, once the wrongness of that blue jersey on him was covered up.

      But oooooooh, Carra and Meireles! Couldn't have asked for better, besides maybe Maxi not flubbing.

  15. Leaaa says:

    chelsea v Liverpool was the most dire match i have seen in a long while.
    Even as a chelsea fan i was glad someone scored, if only it was earlier and we may have actually had a match!
    Even so Fernando suits blue better than I thought and i cant even get my head around the fact that he's probably only 10 miles away from me right now!
    He played terribly but he's probably glad that match is over and he can now concentrate on linking up with Didier and Nicolas :) x i still think we'll win the Champions league: Heads up Blues!

  16. ThatWelshOne says:

    As Kickette don't cover the Championship I will step in and cover the only game that counted:

    Swansea V Cardiff. 90 minutes of nervous hell interspersed with pleasurable glimpses of Ramsey, then it happened…..Bellamy's thunderbolt. I jumped so much I think I dropped a dress size. I have never been so proud of my Cardiff boys. Now time to really push for promotion. Oh and a little note to Arsene Wenger: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease let Ramsey stay for a bit longer! He's amazing for us and I still haven't bumped into him in town!

    Also….well done to Niko for getting his amazing winner in the Spurs game, good to see him back :)

  17. Cheryl says:

    A few history: you've talked about the triumvirate (Drogba, Anelka and Torres), well the most famous triumvirate in history was the triumvirate between G.Pompeo, M.Licino Crasso and C.G.Cesar. At the first there was the triumvirate but unfortunately Crasso died and remain Pompeo and Cesare. After a long fight between them Cesare won and defeat and killed Pompeo at Farsalo in 42a.c. So Cesare became the only one and declared himself dictator for life. In this case is the same Anelka is our Crasso, Drogba is our Pompeo and Torres is our Cesare. Torres I'm sure will win over the other 3 like Cesare. And also we can forget that was Cesare that had conquered the Britain, but this is another history.

  18. catherine says:

    MARTIN KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is amazing

  19. rubyqueen says:

    that picture above is the worst thing ever..why did you do this nando.!!!!you should of stayed at liverpool because they are your team NOT CHELSEA.!!!! my poor darling steven.:'(

  20. Deanna says:

    Somehow I am still in shock from Arsenal's 4-4 draw. I'm still stuck at the point where it was 4-2. The second half is literally a blur. Phil Dowd: WORST. REF. EVER.

  21. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    What is left to say about Lio? Only that I'm happy to be able to tell my grandchildren that I saw him live!!! I guess I would bore them to death, but that is my duty as a granny :) .

    And I could kiss Meireles! But not the Gunners. Not right now anyway. Ask me tomorrow.

  22. Shauna says:

    I'm so glad for this site, because all the LFC ladies seem to stick together and i dont feel like the only one whos been having such a bad week that had a much needed beautiful ending. Being a big liverpool fan with friends who never followed football, i've been getting weird looks for my rants on what torres is saying in the papers or being sad because i remember how much i used to love him.

    Yesterdays game was uneasy, but i knew liverpool would do it, liverpool always fight when times are tough, and proved to all LFC supporters that we dont need torres to succeed, we're going to come out of this stronger hopefully permentantly under Dalglish.

    Torres in a Chelsea top was not my fave thing to see, but was needed as it showed he wasnt our Number 9 anymore. When Agger took torres out i found it quite amusing although i had a little pang because 2 weeks before i would be hating on the player that would put any pain on Torres, and then a week later i was the one wanting to cause the pain. I think maybe the fans who were exceptionally awful this past week( death threats etc) may have gained some peace from a little pay back, and revenge being so sweet that we won, may make fans move on from hating Torres to accepting it.

    My heart is still severly broken, but after seeing videos of the joy he gave us back in the days and of course those beautiful freckles maybe ill warm back to him someday, but for now I'm going to bitch and whine n pray chelsea get no silverware for this season at least, like i would any other break up!

  23. R says:

    Oh yoann :)
    And Im still not over Arsenals result against newcastle….

    Oh and btw: I spotted Maarten Stekelenburg wearing uggs http://www.parool.nl/parool/nl/2848/FOTO/photoalb…

  24. Anjali says:

    I can't help feeling sorry for Torress, poor guy, I bet now he regrets his decision! Hats off to Liverpool, they are really starting to pick up after a few months of major soap operas….

  25. Lashes says:

    Watched the Chelsea – L'pool game with two Chelsea fans, and they were really arrogant so can help screaming "suck it" and "loser" (with the lovely hand sign 'cos I'm that mature) a billion times after Meireles scored. And Agger elbowing Torres felt GOOD though I feared it would make him wanting to score even more, and I don't want Freckels to get hurt! And he looks crap in blue
    The 41 goals saturday was freaking crazy!

  26. Liz says:

    Oh Arsenal, why do you enjoy playing with my heart so?

  27. laligaforladies says:

    1. Liverpool is my favourite Premier League club. Chelsea is my least favourite. I loathe them even more than Barcelona, and I'm a madridista.
    2. I have loved Fernando Torres ever since he was an actual niño at Atlético. You'd think he would have given Liverpool a second chance now that Kenny's back, but he has to run off to the club I do my best to ignore. I said if he transfered he would be dead to me. But the freckles! However:
    3. I have a long-standing theory that hot guys look hotter in blue. Exception: Nando (it does seem to somehow wash out his freckles).

    In short, not looking good for me and Nando. At least I can still love him on the Spain NT.

    • Crackers says:

      Agreed about 1 and 3….though re:2 I didn't, I admit, notice him till I started following La Liga as a Madridista which was sometime in '03- he was still at Atléti then, and I remember how shocked I was that a boy my age was the captain of an opposing team and how THRILLED I was years later to know that Liverpool had signed him.

      In some ways, it feels almost like what Atléti fans might have felt when he left for England- he was their beloved son, he became our beloved boy and grew from a talented youngster to a crack footballer with us. Losing him, I will admit, hurts.

      And blue is not a good look on Nando (my brain keeps thinking "Nando Blue=WRONG") , but I wish him luck and will stick to watching him on La Roja. He was formidable once, and he's not even 27- he can v. definitely be formidable again (just not against Liverpool please?)

    • Ms. Liverpool Lady says:

      Definitely agree about Nando in blue…he just looks so much better in red, we'll have to wait for international duty. But I guess he is not in for the friendly later this week…maybe next time : (

      • Crackers says:

        He was at Ciudad del Futbol with the rest of the team- if he has no fitness problems, he should be ok to play the friendly.

  28. kel says:

    No mention of Valencia winning so they're only 1 point behind Villareal and 3rd place?

  29. Missy Manchester says:

    Now that Man United have recorded a loss…we can concentrate on WINNING games instead of just 'not losing'. Having to wear the mantle of invincibility can be heavy and cumbersome.

  30. Crackers says:

    That picture up there is making me think only one thing- no more Gernando!!!!

    The only thing I will actually be sad about when it comes to Fernando's leaving us (apart from what he left us for) is that the Armband song will never be sung again. But sorry Fern, you're no longer ours so no songs for you.

  31. Milena says:

    I really wish for Fernando to do well and excel but I was kind of glad that Liverpool won on Sunday.

    I understand that he wants to win things with his club and his options were really rather limited, but let's face it with Chelsea he won't win anything this season either. So he could have saved everyone and himself that midseason transfer hassle.

    • Crackers says:

      Thank you for such a balanced, well-reasoned comment. I'm trying to get over how he left and it's hard, but at the same time I want him to do well.

  32. IrishBlue says:

    Thrilled Wolves beat Man Utd!! (Love you long time Doyley!!!), not so thrilled about the Chelsea result, don't think Nando should have started the game, he needs time to settle in to the way we play….it did seem that the script was written for King Kenny to conquer all with the "no man is bigger than the club" thing ringing through for both Newcastle and Liverpool. Hmmm…..still gutted we lost though……

  33. Jen says:

    whenever the camera settled on Nando in blue, I had to look away! Broken heart for sure!!! Meireles' goal was amazing! Danny takikng out Nando was funny, and the whole LFC team played well(except Maxi!! How do you miss that?)
    Great game, Amazing result.!! A pleasure wiping up the Bridge with blue shirts!!

  34. Rossanera says:

    Effing hell, Milan. Get your sh*t together. That's all I have to say.

  35. nandosfreckles says:

    best moment of the Liverpool-Chelsea match apart from the Meireles goal?
    when Agger elbowed Torres in the face hahhaha.
    it was awkward though because everytime Liverpool got close to scoring (which was more times than Chelsea) I had the urge to shout "COME ON TORRES!" til' i remembered he was playing for Chelsea (still hasn't sunk in for me even after watching him play in that blue shirt).
    and his FACE when Meireles scored, omg it looked like he was trying to hide in his coat.

    Well done Reds, this clearly shows that we are not a "one-man team'". YNWA.

    • Crackers says:

      We'd have 2-0 if Maxi had got it right, but hey, a win is a win :)

      The sight of The Freckled One in blue….I will admit, it HURT to see that. Blue is all wrong on him! Almost felt sorry for him when the cameras kept panning over to his seat after he was subbed out, and once that Chelsea jersey is hidden under a coat it was hard for me not to want to pat him and say "there, there, it'll be ok."

      I still wish him well, and hope he'll recover his form but he's dead to me on club time. Liverpool were great without him before, and we can def. be great without him again.

  36. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    OHMYGOD..what a weekend…
    first of all during the arsenal vs. newcastle game i was screaming with joy durin the first half..it was amazing with those two goals during the first few minutes and then all of a sudden newcastle gets so effin lucky with those penalties and next thing you know its 4 – 4 :( the onli thing that made me happy was that man united lost to the wolves!!! i laughed cuz its wolverhampton…the most anticipating match was that of liverpool vs. chelsea..everybody was waiting to see torres in the awful blue attire of chelsea..when i saw him appear on the field..im thinkin torres red is a much better color for u..i was biting my nails durin the match but when meireles scored i wanted to kiss my tv screen :P it zoomed in on torres' face and he was prolly thinkin..shit i shudnt have left liverpool now!

  37. stephanie87 says:

    It is truely disgusting that people are still talking about how much they'd love for Nando's legs to be broken and what have you….Liverpool should have appointed Kenny from the start not that joke of Roy Hodgsen. Also thanks to Liverpool Fernando's world cup dreams were destroyed. He NEEDED surgery way before the start of the world cup and they kept playing him and therefore aggrevating his injury even more! I don't blame him for leaving, I was soo happy to Spain win the world cup but I would have loved it if nando had scored. No worries though, he has plenty of time and will surely find his form! I STILL LOVE AND SUPPORT FERNANDO TORRES!!

    • Amy says:

      I completely agree. Nando was good to Liverpool and he made it clear what he needed in order to stay and they left him in tough spot. I do NOT think he should have gone to Chelsea and I think this decision will end badly for him, but who are we to know his frame of mind. The only people who know what goes on behind the scenes are the people behind the scenes. It's amazing how so many "fans" can suddenly hate someone they claim to "love." Imagine people judged everyone so harshly for their decisions in life. Geez!

      That being said, it was painful to watch him in blue. I hated every second of it. Interestingly, I thought I would root for Nando over Liverpool since I am his fan first and foremost, but still found myself rooting for LP. I guess that goes to show how much I hate Chelsea. I can never get enough of watching the smug look on John Terry's face disappear when someone scores on him.

      • Miki says:

        I completely agree with you! I'm a fan of the Spanish National Team and I follow all the players with their respective clubs. I had no loyalties to Liverpool, but I did like Nando. I couldn't wait for him to transfer to a better team. But this transfer window, Liverpool was looking pretty good and it looked like just maybe making Champions League wasn't an impossibility. I want him to reach his goals, but I actually love liverpool. I was crushed/excited to see him go.

        If only Liverpool hadn't let him down so many times in the past things could have been different. I will never blame him for leaving, but I just wish Liverpool had done better earlier this season so he never would have felt the need to go somewhere else. It'll be sad to see him in blue, but I will still root for Liverpool as I have grown to love the players. Meireles is getting more and more awesome every game, and I'm super excited to see Suarez play some more.

        I want LFC to make top 4. But at the same time it would make me very sad, because Nando could have made it up there with them instead of leaving. I think it would have meant more to win something with Liverpool than with Chelsea for him. Nando, you'll never walk alone. Go Liverpool!!!!!

        • bri_saldana says:

          Yeah my initial reaction was….why does Fernando want EPL or Champions League title w/out LIVERPOOL?!?!?!? It can't possibly be the same to win it with Chelsea…I almost felt like he was jumping on Chelsea's EPL title race bandwagon. Alas, every person has the right to pursue their happiness, I felt he could have showed some class by waiting til the end of the year, it really was a punch in the gut to LFC fans. Anyway…he says he's happy and god bless him I hope he does well at Chelsea; more importantly I hope Liverpool is relentless each and every single time they meet. YNWA!!!

    • Crackers says:

      your prerogative, hon, and I agree that some of the nastier comments about his wife/wishing injuries on him did cross the line, but please remember Liverpool fans are feeling betrayed because of how he left, not just the fact that he left. (that said, it's true he didn't get enough rest after his surgeries- when Kaka had surgeries last year, he spent months being rested before returning to the team- but Liverpool are not in that position, and couldn't let him go for that long)

      He made great contributions to the club, and I hope he recovers his form, but I still don't want Chelsea at the top of the table and neither do I want Nando to score against us.

    • @Lyandra says:

      Well, I think the Barca fans said it best when Figo left, "We hate you so much because we loved you so much." He claimed to be one of us and he went to one of our biggest rivals, the complete antithesis of everything we believe in.

      Also, there are very few Liverpool fans who blame him for leaving. We do have issues with his manner and timing. Also, the comments he made after leaving the club.

      • stephanie87 says:

        Well that is true, hopefully this will all die down soon. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been a FT9 supporter before he joined liverpool, so yeah you could call me a fangirl if you want. I loved him at Atletico, Liverpool, and I will support him @ Chelsea. When I saw him at the 2006 world cup (I am a die hard Spain fan) i knew he'd be great.

        • Crackers says:

          There's no shame in being a fan of a player, please don't think there is! I don't know what I would feel like if say Iker left Real Madrid (never happening, but after Raul and Guti's exit, nothing is impossible).

          I watched Fernando with interest years before he signed for Liverpool, but fell in love with him while he was here- so I'm pissed but I understand how you feel, it's impossible for me to just switch the love off because I hate Chelsea.

          I still despise that club, but I hope he personally has a good career after this.

    • TheAmethyst007 says:

      I think it partly depends on who you liked first, the club or the player. I liked Fernando first, then fell in love with Liverpool. So while I will always be supporting my club, there's no way I can possibly ever stop adoring Fernando Torres. Of course it'll be difficult in situations like yesterday, when your favorite player is playing against your favorite club, but I really don't see my love of either nando or liverpool diminishing.

      • Crackers says:

        I'm still trying to stop my mind being bent by the idea of Fernando in blue, but I can sympathise- I want Liverpool to be top of the table and I want him to do well in his career (just without scoring against us maybe?).

        For all I know, it could turn out like the early 2000s when I was a Fabien Barthez fangirl and he was at Man U. I'd never support Man U, but I remember hoping for spectacular saves from him anyway.

    • Nando y Geri 4ever says:

      everyone saying he deserved that punch agger gave him is like saying "I hope he breaks his legs". That is just plain rude. Fern is a world champion player, and if Kenny had been at the start, Liverpool would probably be leading the league today. Now, Nando really needs to win club titles. He desrves it, all of it.

    • Homeskillet07 says:

      the comments are disgusting yes, but Torres is a big boy, he should have seen them coming also if he knew he wasn't ready to play then he should have said something. i remember once or twice reading articles about him training harder to get back from injury back then, but to blame liverpool is just plain dumb. i loved him as a player but he hardly plays brilliantly for spain, bar a couple of good performances, but HE'S the one who wanted to get the surgery later so it's his own fault that he played crap for spain during the WC. if he truly believed he needed the surgery, he would have gone for it before hand. honestly, he's an adult. he should know.

  38. Stephanie87 says:

    I can't believe all the horrible things I'm reading, Fernando did not have a good game but he really shouldn't have been started against Liverpool(seriously what did they expect). I don't like the fact that he plays for chelsea but I stll love this player and support him. Sometimes in order to make your dreams come true you have to make tough choices!

    • suzie says:

      A lot of us here supported Liverpool before Torres signed and we love our club still now that he has gone, we are not Torres fangirls who follow him around from club to club so of course we are going to be delighted that our team won a well deserved victory after a very difficult week.

      • LuvDeuce says:

        I am very happy that Liverpool won! But I disagree with all of the Torres bashing going on. He moved on to another club which is something that players do all of the time. Big whoop.

    • Lucka says:

      Thank heavens somebody sees sense and doesn't jump on the "let's hate Torres now and forget we idolised him a week ago" bandwagon!

      • Niina says:

        Hear hear! I'd rather jump on the "Counting the trophies Nando is going to win in his career" bandwagon!

    • Crackers says:

      I understand his point of view, but he still meant a lot to the Liverpool fans and his leaving so suddenly and to one of their biggest rivals, was a huge shock to us.

      I admired The Freckled One as a player before he joined LFC, grew to love him while he was at the club, and now I hope things go well for him after this, but my club allegiance will never go to Chelsea- I'm hurt that he chose to do this, but very far from being on the "We Hate Fernando" bandwagon.

  39. Elisa says:

    This weekend basically exemplified why I love the EPL. Just when you think that there is absolutely no way powerhouses like Manchester United and Arsenal are going to lose, you have the insanity that was those two games (on another note, Wolves? Craziest record in the league so far, yet they're at the bottom of the table). You're making me nervous about the Champions League, Gunners.

    I was SO SO SO happy that the Reds won. Great goal by Meireles. To be honest, I feel a bit bad that everyone is going on about how Torres was a 50 million pound flop (that's not to say that I wasn't secretly happy when he got an elbow in the face from Agger). He wasn't bad–he actually played very well, and Ancelloti still inexplicably decided to take him off as opposed to one the players who was actually not performing well (of which there were many). Liverpool's men were AWESOME (not to mention they had more to play for), but I think that Chelsea was also outcoached by King Kenny.

    • Crackers says:

      My sister is a Gooner girl and she was practically screeching at the TV by the time it was over- 4-4? That's just madness.

      (I feel a bit bad for Nando too, but hey, I don't want him scoring against us. Not that he could have, yesterday :) )

    • stephanie87 says:

      I was really upset when he got elbowed:(…he is a darling and LFC fans should be happy for what he gave to the club for the past 3 years, instead of wishing ill things on him. And I do agree with you, he really shouldn't have started but actually didn't do too bad considering he's only trained about 3 days with his new teammates and Liverpool defended unbelievably well! It was his first game and he will def. live up to his price tag. I

    • stephanie87 says:

      I remember when Ronaldo first came to Madrid, it took him and KAKA a while to adjust. Nando will be just fine. And I guess I'm the only one who thought he looked adorable in blue lol. Oh well atleast he can still wear red for Spain! I hope he scores many goals not just for Chelsea but also for Spain next summer when they defend their Eurocup!

  40. beri says:

    Torres, karma is a b!tch and she was in full b!tch mode on Sunday. I am United fan, but I wanted Liverpool to win that game because they deserved it after the week they had. Hmm…only time will tell if the grass is really greener at Chelsea. My gut tells me he made an out this time around.

  41. Wow says:

    The Liverpool Vs Chelsea game was a slowdown, However there was couple of highlights that made my weekend. Kickette how can you remove that Tummy from the F5? Just look at him doing his business how cute is that? pls return him and restore some balance back to the F5! As for the Marseille fans, I am a bit confuse does being a gay men Makes a Men less than a Men? Somebody get those fans the help they need!

  42. suzie says:

    Great result for Liverpool, a really great team performance from all the lads (with maybe the exception of Maxi,seriously, I think I could have scored from there!!!!) but especially from Carra. His dignity,respectfulnessand humility in his post match interviews made me feel like a proud mama. But I had to laugh when Torres got flattened by Danny. And now we are 6th!!!!!!! YNWA

  43. hereforthenando says:

    I was completely dreading yesterday's match against Chelsea. I thought that seeing Fernando in a Blues kit would break my heart and that he would score against us or something. Luckily, neither happened. Yes, seeing him in a Chelsea kit was hard at first (especially when he was hugging Meireles in the tunnel while Kuyt gave him side-eye), but then it got a lot better. Is it bad that I kind of loved it when Agger elbowed him in the face?

    Liverpool never cease to amaze me. Meireles is proving to be one of the greatest signings of the summer (one of the only things that Roy did right?) and King Kenny is definitely making a case for himself to stay on as manager. Man, I love this team.

    We had a really tough week, LFC ladies, but I can't be alone in thinking that we emerged stronger and more unified than before.

    • Crackers says:

      I won't deny that it tore at my heart to see the one who was once our boy in Blue, but Liverpool lifted my spirits beautifully by winning- Meireles and the defence did a great job, and I'm so pleased our record against Chelsea is 2 for 2 this season.

      Fernando can go score against another team, as long as it's not ours- but what really matters is that the Reds are ok without him, and did fine even without our new signings (Carroll might be a twat, but he has talent as does Suarez- the side can only be stronger with them). Getting King Kenny seems to have been one of the better decisions the club has made for a while now- I hope he stays and the team returns to greatness again.

      We've been great without Fernando before, and we can definitely be great without him again- I wish him well, but I'm only sad his departure happened the way it did.

      • hereforthenando says:

        Exactly this. To quote someone that posted on the Liverpool Offside blog, our "two man team" wasn't reduced to one. It was upped to eleven.

        • Leya_S says:

          That quote is brilliant.
          I was out of town for the weekend and my friend that I was visiting doesn't have cable so I dragged her to a pub Sunday morning to watch the game. When Danny elbowed Fern in the face, there was tremelous cheering all across the pub. And Kuyt side-eye was priceless. I'm still confused and heartbroken that Fern's left, but I only care that Liverpool continues their forward momentum, with or without him.

    • Kiara says:

      I know right. I kind of loved that moment too. Agger was like "You were my buddy. Now you're not my buddy anymore" *elbowes Torres in his face* … that's what you get when you leave Liverpool for Chelsea.
      I'm glad Liverpool won, they deserved it.

    • TheAmethyst007 says:

      I think any Liverpool fan would feel some kind gratitude for Agger when he elbowed Torres in the face. So it's not wrong at all. I adore my fernando and always will (as long as he's not playing against us) but yesterday was all deserved.

  44. Caitlin says:

    After what's been a very painful week, Liverpool prove their worth and come out on top!

  45. BarceLisa says:

    Other than United losing, my weekend was great. The Newcastle Arsenal match was a highlight, the Chelsea Liverpool match not so much. The only reliable team at the moment is Barca, congrats to the boys on breaking yet another record. Of course that wasn't nearly as important to the Spanish media who focused more on the fact Cristiano Ronaldo became the fastest Real Madrid player to reach 50 goals (in 51 matches). Congrats to him but sometimes I forget how unashamedly biased the Spanish media can be (even the Barcelona ones!). By the way shame on those Marseille fans. Phil Ball wrote that even in the Madrid Sociedad match, the Ultras unveiled a racist Anti-basque banner and that apparently this goes on all the time.

  46. Bri says:

    Leo Leo Leo goal. Leo Leo Leo goal. ;)

  47. meh says:

    I felt sorry for torres…FOR ABOUT HALF OF A MILLISECOND! great result for liverpool, they played with class and dignity and made chelsea look like a pack of 'old' dogs. Nando was shit, and got elbowed in the face, and started touching his nose like he'd drawn blood, puurlleaasee. Liverpool fc could not have desevered this win more, they've been practically raped this season by pig headed players who think they are bigger than the club, and showed torres up to be a fool for leaving, he now walks alone, and I am an arsenal fan so it shows how much fans from other teams respect liverpool for how they've dealt with all this…

    • Jen says:

      Thanks! We did deserve the win, and nando(who use to be my one and only boy) was tragic.

      • Caitlin says:

        It still hurts though! I wish it would stop… :-(

        • Crackers says:

          I know what you mean, it almost feels like a breakup :(

          But we'll feel better, promise.

          • Caitlin says:

            Thanks hun.

            It really does feel like a break-up; a break-up after cheating.

            I wish Fernando no harm, but you do have to wonder if he ever meant any of the things he said in his book and countless interviews. I hope he did and he just became disillusioned with the club over time.

            • @Lyandra says:

              I'm not sure whether he meant it. First I believed that how he felt about Liverpool changed over time. But then with his interviews about romance in football being dead and him just doing his job and how he never kissed the badge (HE DID), I'm now starting to feel that it was perhaps brand management at its best.

    • xoWinnie says:

      as a fellow Gunner
      (and also Chelsea lover,
      yes i know–blasphemy!)
      i must say i agree!

    • Leya_S says:

      I'm an Arsenal fan, too, and I agree with you: I have MUCH respect for Liverpool, and i didn't approve of the way Torres left. I hope that no one ever leaves the Gunners like that, I'd die. At least Cesc is gonna wait till the end of the season/his contract is up!

    • meh says:

      I just hope fabregas leaves on a good note with his dignity still intact, unlike torres and many others…

  48. Ms. Liverpool Lady says:

    Chelsea v. Liverpool=best game ever! I thought I only loved Fernando but as soon as I heard he was leaving AND making his debut against Liverpool I wanted them to wipe the floor with Chelsea, no hard feelings for Nando but it seems my true love is the Reds! Couldn't have asked for a better performance. EXCEPT, is is it just me or what the heck is up with Maxi Rodriguez?? He seems a little out of his depth. Also, I am considering asking Raul Meireles to marry me…that goal was beautiful!!

    • laligaforladies says:

      Liverpool became my favourite club way back when Michael Owen was just a youngster, but it seems I am more loyal to Liverpool than to either Owen or Torres. Even when they were sitting at the bottom of the league.

    • @DebStimson says:

      That was definitely not one of Maxi's best games. Can't believe he missed the "sitter"!

  49. Summer says:

    I was watching the first performance of Nando on tv, I was watching Chelsea against Liverpool, I said to my brother who is a United's fan "I'm sure that my Chelsea will win tonight"…Two minutes later Mereiles scored and my comment was "WTF?!?". At the end of the game my brother mocked me as I mocked him the day before. But I have also today this thought "NANDO in Blues this sound still strange…".

  50. @Lyandra says:

    The best moment of the Liverpool – Chelsea game for me? The LFC fans singing Torres, Torres, what's the score.

    And the banners of course. :)

    • hereforthenando says:

      I particularly liked the Chelsea "El Nino" banner, featuring Shankly Gates at the bottom. Well done!

    • Miki says:

      Not a fan of seeing the callous signs of hearing the songs sung by Liverpool fans for someone who did so much for the club in the last few years though. They could have been more respectful.

      • @Lyandra says:

        Actually, I don't think there were that many callous songs being sung about him. Worse songs have been sung about Steven Gerrard and his wife and kids And as far as being respectful goes, Torres wasn't very respectful with his comments when he left the club either and I don't particularly blame the Liverpool fans. They indulged him and supported him through woeful form and injury and the moment someone else came knocking, he ran. Again, I respect his decision to move, I and most other Liverpool fans just take umbrage at the moment and timing and as I said somewhere else, if we hate him so, it's because we loved him so.

        • bri_saldana says:

          well said Lyandra…..i still love him so! (guess i'll have to keep up with Chelsea games now); but I love LFC MORE!! I thought this whole situation was unfortunate b/c Raul w/4 goals in 5 games is hitting a hot streak, and I'm really excited about Suarez, and although I'm not particularly keen on Carrol….we have him now and we'll take it! I miss Fer…but life must go on.

  51. Tricia says:

    We were never going to go unbeaten this season and I don't know anyone who thought we were "Invincible". Just frickin' glad that it was to Wolves and not to City next Saturday.

    Rio, come back, we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you.

    THANKFULLY, Arsenal only gained a point (what the hell was that, Gunners!!??) and Liverpool did us a little favour.

    The Premier League is the most entertaining league on the face of the planet. True fax.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Seriously, I almost turned off the Arsenal game after they went up 4-0 but credit to Newcastle…they never gave up. It helped that Arsenal played with 9 men in the second half AND without Nasri but still…what a shocker. It was good for the Newcastle fans that their team played so well, even without Carroll. Maybe it will give them some hope that all is not lost without him.

    • Shamal says:

      DEFINITELY the most exciting league ever
      and on of the best weekends ever


  52. gin_in_teacups says:

    What a weekend! Real finally scoring goals the way they should, Manchester United actually lost a match and…hmmm…let me think, something else happened… oh yeah! LIVERPOOL! Even though the first half worked on my nerves like crazy, it was worth it for that beautiful goal from Raul and the immense satisfaction of winning the game on their turf and for Torres' debut. How does THAT taste Fernando? And I have to admit, I allowed myself to enjoy Agger pushing him and Carra's amazing defense. Incredible. And we did it without our fancy new acquisitions – can't wait to see what these boys can do once Suarez and Carroll get in.

    • SoccerrLoverrr says:

      Suarez + Caroll = UNSTOPPABLE.

    • Crackers says:

      Yes yes yes! We're on the up, and seriously, this is a good time to be a Liverpool fan. SO looking forward to Suarez's debut, too!

      (Torres can go score goals against other teams if he likes, no hard feelings, but I'm glad he didn't manage one last night. The sight of him in blue felt so wrong, it made me feel sick- might have actually gone ahead and BEEN sick if he'd scored.)

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Yeah, exactly. He can do as well as he likes against everybody else, but boy, don't you dare go thinking you can score against us! I'm still walking on air from yesterday.

      • @DebStimson says:

        Suarez played in the previous game and scored…well technically it was an own goal but it would have gone in anyway. ;)

    • @DebStimson says:

      I thought Real played so well this weekend. Kaka seemed to be much more effective and confident as a center mid. Even though the commentators were questioning how Ozil would do out on the wing, when he's been the center mid for the rest of the season, he actually had a really good game, imo. Glad to see Cris is back on track and that goal from Kaka was fantastic….and then there's Adeboyar. It seemed to me for the better part of the game, he wasn't seeing a whole lot of the ball. Lass got him more involved in the 2nd half. I'm sure it will take some time for the team and Adeboyar to get used to each other. I did feel bad for Karim…he looked so sad sitting on the bench. He was really starting to play with more confidence too. ={

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the game and had to rely on updates from Twitter and LiveScore. Sigh…they really only do incredibly when I don't get to watch. I've missed all the high scoring matches this season and seen only the 1-0's, draws and losses.

        Ozil seems like a very adaptable player to me. Maybe I feel like that because he's young, I don't know. It just seems he'll do well wherever he's needed. I was thrilled that Kaka and Adebayor scored – Kaka because I love him and want him to score in every game so I can rub it in the faces of all the people who kept telling me that his career is going downhill and Adebayor because it's always satisfying to see the newbs doing well.

  53. laz says:

    People are saying that as united got (quite rightly) beaten by the (at time of playing) bottom placed team out luck has finally run out but i'd still say we are still having the 'luck of 10 teams' (and mr own goal hasn't even made a comeback in doing so) with the arsenal and chelsea results as united weekend should of ended much worse than it did (we should still be kicking ourselves though, what an opportunity blown)

    Perhaps united are lucky but all teams need some degree of luck at some point to win the big things come the end of the season, and it may be that extra 'luck' united have that wins them the PL and perhaps even CL (though i doubt it as even our 'luck' at united is probably not that good) title come the end of the season.

  54. Jules says:

    I’m not a Liverpool supporter but Nando’s been coming off like a jerk in interviews lately, no? Some of that may be due to the Spanish to English mental translation (although he’s been in the UK for several years, he should know about false cognates) but to say that Liverpool didn’t deserve to win and that they took advantage of Chelsea by having 3 defenders? That’s just flat out rude and ungentlemanly. Maybe this week in Madrid, Xabi can teach Nando manners and sportsmanlike conduct.

  55. blake2108 says:

    Quiet week in the Premier League it seems…

  56. Leya_S says:

    I could barely watch Fernando Torres in blue bc it was painful, but MEIRELES!!!!!!!!!! Bigger club you say, Fernando Torres? Reds are 2 for 2 against Chelsea this season, so SUCK IT FT9. (Sorry for being completely juvenile, but I just needed to get that out of my system. I promise to be more civilized from now on ;p ).

    Manchester United will NOT be replicating the Gunners' Invincibles season. Really kids? Wolves? But let's give credit where credit is due and say good job to Wolves for that match.

    Gunners…the only words that come to mind are a string of profanities, unfortunately. Whilst not TOTALLY their fault (there were some dicey calls there), I just can't overlook the fact that they get careless and out of control once calls don't go their way and the score takes a turn for the worst. I will always love you, Gooners, but its gonna be hard for me to come to terms with the loss of a 4-0 lead.

    Business as usual for Barcelona. <3. I can always count on them.

    • chay says:

      oh yes, meireles! He's from porto! woo hoo! I wish he were still playing for FCP but as long as he is strutting around showing everyone that his portuguese self can kick some wonderful butt, i am happy!

      It was a bit of a shame that nando couldn't show off for this match–did anyone notice how quickly the camera panned/focused onto his face when meireles made that goal? Poor guy … but it's to be expected.

      But for what it's worth, fernando looked quite cute on the pitch, i was loving his hair :-)

      • Thea says:

        His hair is seriously bad – looked so much better when it was longer and blonder.

      • Crackers says:

        Blue is WRONG WRONG WRONG on him, but you're right about his hair.

        And we won! Who cares about anything else after that?

      • IrishBlue says:

        LOVE the hair!

      • Bri says:

        I wish he was still at Porto too. Grande Meireles <3

      • @DebStimson says:

        It was SO weird to see Fernando in blue!

        And Meireles…he's a beast! At least that takes some of the pressure of Stevie to score. I was hoping that Daglish would put Suarez in. I thought he played well in the other game.

        I kinda did want Fernando to do well but it looked like Chelsea was having problems getting the ball to their forwards. It reminded me of LP in the beginning of the season. I just bet Fernando was saying, "oh crap! What have I done?!" Idk…Chelsea just isn't playing that well…so out of sync.

    • Sheck says:

      Leya, what are going to do for the quarter-finals when the gunners play the blaugranas? Visca el barca!

      • Leya_S says:

        Um, cry….a lot.
        Haha, I've been dreading it since the draw, I can't believe its next week.
        Half of Arsenal is injured, and after their showing over the weekend, I'm worried.
        It's a match that I want Arsenal to win bc I know Cesc will be moving to Barca next year and I want him to win some silverware with the Gunners, but if Barca wins, I know they will have played well and deserved it, so its bittersweet.

  57. Thea says:

    Sooo happy with the results – think everyone got what they deserved. Not normally a Liverpool fan – but was quiet pleased that they won with their new boy – whilst Torres continued to look as clueless as ever!