January 10th, 2011

Weekend Results: Unleashing The Beasts Within

Will it be Real Madrid’s soft and gentle ‘inner cow’ or Barca’s vile, upsetting ‘leopard feet of doom’ approach that triumphs in La Liga this season? We can’t wait to find out! (Getty Images/Daylife)

With France and Germany still basking in the delights of their winter break, and the EPL paused in favour of the FA Cup, the Weekend Results have a bit of a different shape about them this week. In fact, it’s ruddy mayhem.

We suggest an espresso, two brownies and an emergency hipflask be obtained before you even think about entering the fray.

La Liga

It’s ‘as you were’ at the top of La Liga, with both Real Madrid and Barcelona winning by their now customary ridic margins and Ronaldo and Messi hammering home their share of goals. Cris managed three in Real’s 4-2 win over Villarreal, with Kaka scoring his first since returning from injury. Villareal remain in third, but are now a hefty eleven points behind second place Real.

Leo Messi, still in recovery from accusations that those shoes might be his, only managed the one in Barca’s 4-0 away win over Deportivo. The other goals came from Villa, Iniesta (left) and Pedrito and see Pep’s side remain atop the table by two points. (Reuters/Daylife)

Valencia were able to take advantage of Villarreal’s loss to Real; Mata’s goal in their 1-0 victory over Levante closing the gap between the sides to two points. Meanwhile, Espanyol’s 4-0 victory over Real Zaragoza ensured that sixth place Atletico Madrid would be unable to leap frog them, even if they win tonight’s away fixture against Hercules.

Zaragoza remain rooted to the bottom of the table on thirteen points, Almeria’s 4-1 drubbing at the hands of Mallorca sees them also on thirteen but above Zaragoza on goal difference.

Serie A 


Er… is that wild thing? Yeah, uh, we think we love you. (AP Photo/Daylife)

Madness abounded at the San Siro, where league leaders AC Milan were lucky to come away with a draw against eighth place Udinese. Antonio Di Natale scored first for Udinese, Alexandre Pato equalising just before half time.

Astonishingly, Udinese took a 3-1 lead after the break via Sanchez and Di Natale’s second, before Mehdi Benatia scored an own goal, bringing the score to 3-2. Pato equalised on 82 minutes, Udinese took the lead again through Denis but a 4-4 draw was snatched by wild thing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who then grabbed the ball (above) and ate it, presumably figuring it was the only way to prevent Udinese from scoring again.

The Rossoneri are still top, but their lead has been cut to a much more reasonable four points by Napoli, who beat a wobbly Juventus 3-0, with all three goals coming from Edinson Cavani (left). (AP Photo/Daylife)

Lazio also failed to take advantage of AC Milan’s slip up, a 2-1 defeat to Lecce leaving them third on thirty four points. Luckily for them, Roma also lost to Sampdoria (2-1) and stayed fourth on thirty-two points.

Inter Milan continued their resurgence under hot new manager Leonardo (yes, we failed to point out his hotness in our last Serie A post, no, you did not let us get away with it), their 2-1 away win at Catania putting them in seventh on twenty nine points. Here’s a picture of him to celebrate (left). (Getty Images/Daylife)

The English FA Cup

Joe Hart haz the sadz. Any volunteers to cheer him up? (Getty Images/Zimbio)

The FA Cup third round is a much anticipated weekend of the English football season; the competition being arranged in such a way that the first two rounds are fought out between all league clubs apart from those in the EPL. They enter the tourney at this point, allowing for all kinds of embarrassment to be inflicted. We were not disappointed.

Championship side Leeds United forced a replay at their home ground after holding the mighty Arsenal to a 1-1 draw, Cesc Fabregas’ 90th minute penalty (left) preventing total humiliation for Arsene Wengers adorkable boys. Unable to do the same were EPL sides Blackpool, Sunderland, Newcastle and West Brom, all of whom crashed out to lower league opposition. (Reuters/Daylife)

The Newcastle fixture will be of particular interest to the powers that be in English football; after League Two side Stevenage Borough beat the Magpies 3-1, fans invaded the pitch, one of who decided to celebrate by punching a Stevenage player to the ground. Asshat.

Sunday saw Chelsea pop their appalling league form aside to beat (recently relieved of the managerial services of Roy Keane) Ipswich Town 7-0, while Manchester City face a home replay against Sven Goran Eriksson’s Leicester City after a Joe Hart error led to a 2-2 draw. Steven Gerrard (left) was sent off in Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat to Manchester United, the newly acquired services of club legend Kenny Dalglish failing to inspire his team. (Reuters/Daylife)

Elsewhere, Spurs beat fellow Londoners Charlton Athletic 3-0, goals from debutant Andros Townsend and two from Jermain Defoe sealing the win.

How was your weekend, Kickettes? Share with the class…


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125 Responses to “Weekend Results: Unleashing The Beasts Within”

  1. Meeka says:

    The caption under Ronaldo's pic should read: "Ronaldo musing over the unexpected size of Alonso's junk". LMAO. Jokes.

  2. damnagore says:

    I know this is mainly for the style files area, but i gots a question :)

    how to wear a real madrid womens size 8 xabi alonso 2011 home shirt in the cold spring ..? i just wanted to try something other than wearing jeans/jeggings :(
    i went to my fortnightly shop spree in westfield and got shouted at from men…0_0 stuff like, 'barcelona are better' :(
    Im 16 and not v tall. i look 10 -_- maybe its cos im chinese and genetically short, but people thought i only wore the shirt cos i fancy the balls off mr sexbomb alonso :(
    Which is true actually. ^_^

  3. ArsenalFan says:

    Ronaldo has never failed to terrify me, but this is a different level!

  4. ArsenalFan says:

    I volunteer to cheer Joey up…… anyone else? ok!!

  5. mamaly says:

    There is only one sergio torres,
    Go Crawley

  6. Ellie says:

    I've waited so long to see the boys on here! Who'd have thought you'd use a pic of Kasper, hey Kickette?
    I was actually fuming after Theo's 'Little' dive, even more fuming when they got the penalty. IT WASNT A BLOOMING PENALTY! Neither was the first one, as Theo admitted so nicely a few hours later… *sigh*
    Dont get me wrong, I'm not a hating Leeds fan. As far as teams go, I quite like Arsenal.(That game is probably the only time in my life that I wasnt happy to see Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott).
    We played so damn well and we DID deserve a win.
    Ah well, we'll get 'em at Elland Road ;)

  7. Zahara says:

    The Barca Boys played some amazing football!
    damn, pedro has been on fire lately!
    congrats to barca for 3 ballon d'or finalists! love you xavi, leo and andres!

    ps YAY FOR KAKA!! im so happy for him! woohoo hes back and scoring!
    pps that was a great ac milan game!

  8. Megwah says:

    I was gutted with that late penalty, Theo Walcott, diving bastard! Sexy diving bastard but diving bastard never the less! I was very angry to say the least when I heard him admitting to it, and then saying ‘Oh well we got the penalty in the end’. But lets not dwell on the past, but look to the future (next week). I have a feeling that its probably going to end in tears for me, but at the same time Elland Road, home turf, all fans behind them. I think their definately in with a chance! Although Arsenal will probably play a stronger team from word go this time, as they seemed to underestimate us =0) Anyhoo enough jibber jabbrin, fingers crossed Super Super Leeds can pull it out the bag, especially seeing as their playing on my birthday! Though 90minutes of their bare legs it rather a nice gift! Marching on Together, we’re gonna see you win (hopefully) x

  9. Megwah says:

    Omg! Destinct lack of Leeds fans here! I've waited a long time for my beautiful boys to be mentioned and I have to say i was rather dissapointed with the amount of coverage, but I do have to give credit where credit is due, you've always been fans of lovely Schmeichel. As for the Snodgrass thing, I love his name, and Im gonna put it out there, I think he is a sexy scottish beast!

  10. chay says:

    what shirts are these?

  11. rainstarmcgee says:

    HAHA Ronaldo's face is priceless, if i was Xabi i would have been fearful of my life for a minute…And that pic of Iniesta and all his epicness is awesome! Zlatan gives Ronaldo a run for his money with his face.

    tell me why i picture Cesc going around the field pelvic thrusting everywhere after he scored the PK? anyone else picture that?

  12. xoWinnie says:

    on an separate note i just realized Cristiano is making this face because he just realized the size of the Alonso pistol.

    ya'll know what i'm talkin about.

  13. Winnie Mata says:

    i solemnly volunteer to the strenuous task of ridding Joe Hart of "the sadz".
    i will work hard Kickettes! i really will! and i'll do anything!
    yes, ANYTHING it takes to see an "O" face–i mean, smile.
    …an-y-thing…hear that Joe?

    call me.

  14. Pam says:


    Why in the "Weekend Results" article you almost always put up pic of Real Madrid? Clear that the Kickette staff are Real fans and dont try to hide it. And almost on a daily basis you're posting R.Madrid or Ronaldo articles..Try to even it up by posting more Barcelona articles you know…

    • @DebStimson says:

      A lot of Xabi & Ramos fans here. I am sure that has something to do with it.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      thye obvi post for the sex appeal–hullo! ;)

      but on a serious note, i'm a Madridista and i haven't really noticed that.
      its not like all weekend results and Champion's League posts have Real players
      and i've seen plenty of Barca-related posts in those categories…
      besides, even if you ARE right, everyone has their favourites and it's THEIR site
      there's always elsewhere that you can go in order to satisfy your Barca-lust.

    • Kai says:

      I don't think the Kickette staff have a preference toward Real Madrid or Barcelona. They're more for the EPL when it comes to actually cheering for a team, methinks. Furthermore, Ronaldo articles generate views. People love to hate him (or hate to love him). All sports journalists know this and employ this idea. I also think this is why Ronaldo gets a lot of further hate–journalists making up articles for the sake of getting viewers.

      It's funny because I quit going to Kickette (save for today's random moment) because of their Barca articles.

  15. xbabyshakesx says:

    UGH! ARSENAL!!!!
    Scared the wits out of me!!!!
    Dont ever do that again!!!!!
    and play like you always do! FLAWLESS!!!

  16. xbabyshakesx says:

    Real you are soo amazing! and Kaka you made my weekend such a good one!
    XOXO much love to REAL!

    • bri_saldana says:

      god! I feel as though Kaka was the missing piece of the puzzle…I can't wait til the clasico this spring!!!!

  17. Tish says:


    Why is that that the “Weekly Results” thread you always put a pic of Real Madrid? There is NO denying that the people at Kickette are Real fans, you dont even try to hide it. Try to post more Barcelona articles to try to even it out you know..

  18. FloraJane says:

    I felt sorry for Joe Hart, but it can happen to any of them I guess. And very sorry for Leeds. 90th minute. Ouch. And Liverpool were wronged. Stevie's red card was correct I thought, but not that penalty. Should have been 0-0. Thumbs up to Babel, I say.

  19. @mezz98 says:

    Oh Cris, you are trying to woo me with those goal celebrations, and it's not working. I'm telling you, it's not…working…

    In other news, the Milan-Udinese game was good for many things, like those lovely closeups of Gokhan Inler.

  20. @AgnesWonka says:

    this weekend was amazing!
    Red Devils did it!!…they kick Scousers bums!
    CR played brillantly!!!!

  21. simone says:


  22. Kristine says:

    I watched the The Real Madrid and AC Milan games, Both very exciting!

    I dont care what people say about CR7, he's a beast! He just gets it done!

    And Ibra..mmmm..I'm ashamed to admit, has been taking over my Ramos fantasies as of late. I'm sure it's just a passing phase..(hope)

    • chay says:

      it wouldn't be a bad thing if it were not passing phase … OMZ

    • JaneSpotting says:

      Yes, both matches were great. La Liga is where its at now isnt it?
      Me too…C Ron not a fav dream baller of mine but got to admit…can he ever play.

      Ibra…yes, there is something about him isnt there? He has been in my mind too..along with Iker, Benzema, Alvaro Arbiola..oh my.. oh my.

    • Tashinka says:

      Indeed. I dream of a GPK/Ibra sandwich where I'm the meat. I don't follow Serie but I watched the Milan game just to see Ibra. And he did not disappoint!

    • bri_saldana says:

      Ibra has arguably one of the best body's, if not THE BEST body, in football. No joke….Fer and Aitor are the only footballers that seems to be in his league. Side note: I'm strictly eluding the body only…of course Fer and Aitor have him beat in total fantasy hotness :D

  23. backoffmyNando says:

    Ehhh whatever. That penalty kick in the 2nd minute against Liverpool was bull……..but I guess I expected a lot worse………like that Liverpool would get beat by at least 2. So yeah I'm thankful for that and…………. that Roy Hodgson is gone.

    P.S. Fernando's hair on Sunday = LOVE :)

  24. Catie says:

    Dear CRon – You are not, in fact, a gladiator. Just sayin'.

    Also, this totally made me crack up (and is probably true, thanks Kickette!):

    "…a 4-4 draw was snatched by wild thing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who then grabbed the ball (above) and ate it, presumably figuring it was the only way to prevent Udinese from scoring again."

  25. DeeRoma says:

    Roma's loss was hard to swallow for me, but I know my team will forge on. I'm hoping the right moves will be made during the transfer period.

    • Pam says:

      For me too. It was something that could have been prevented. Roma has a good attack, but the problem with Roma is that it has a horrible defense, they allow goals to easily.

  26. KerryRed says:

    Ughhh can't beleive Stevie has to miss the derby :( Why Howard? WHY?!?!

  27. senora ramos says:

    SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO (i think you guys get it) SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for kaka!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done boys in white, very nice goals for cron as well.
    prayers for pipa for tomorrow :(

    • Thea says:

      Hey girl – not big news but Messi is the Ballon d'or again!

      • senora ramos says:

        i know. congrats to him b/c he's amazing, but i think it should've been sneijder's. just my 2 cents.

    • Leya_S says:

      Agree on all fronts.
      Kaka, my darling, what a way to return! Brilliant goal, new baby, and hopefully he is completely recovered with not an ounce of residual pain.
      If I'm honest, as much as I don't love him, and despite a sputtering start, Crispy has really been having a HELLUVA season!
      Pipita, we love you! I'm flying to Chicago to offer my comfort!!!

  28. diana says:

    Milan – Udinese, best game so far in Serie A.
    A win would have been much better but no complaints!Glad with the 1 pt we got.
    I really am impressed by Antonio Di Natale, at 33 he scores like a maniac….gotta love him.
    Also from now on i hope we don't lose ie anymore…unfortunately It seems like Inter's getting back on shape.

    + congrats to Barca!

    • Rossanera says:

      Hello biffle! I've missed you! I'm really mad I couldn't watch (die, law school, die). SO HAPPY TO SEE PATO BACK ON THE SCOREBOARD! Also happy to Cassano settling in so nicely.

      Yes. All I need is the Giallorossi to give us back my beloved Marco and I can go straight to Serie A heaven.

      • DeeRoma says:

        I don't think the Giallorossi will do that.

      • diana says:

        Well i missed you too!Shame you didn't get to watch the game…it was really breathtaking!
        Hell yea Pato's back <3 <3 Ibra saved us yet again at 94 mins!
        Emm there's no room in here for Marco…now that Cassano is here.BTW, i just LOVE Cassano..how cute are his goal celebrations(even if he didn't score any yet..)?

      • diana says:

        Well hello fellow milanista!I missed you too!Shame you didn't watch the game, it was really breathtaking.
        Hell yeahhh Pato's back <3 <3 and Ibra saved us yet again at the 94 min.
        Gotta say i just LOVEEE Cassano!Crazy dude needs to get back in shape and he'll do his magic

        • diana says:

          ha?what just happened?
          My first comment wasn't submitted so i rewrite it and all of a sudden both my comments are up :S

  29. blake2108 says:

    Gareth didn't play.:(
    My sub Marc Albrighton did, and scored a cracker. :)

    United won too. So overall I'm happy

  30. anfield_girl says:

    stupid howard webb, he sends Gerrard off, but Nigel de Jong's kick into Xabi Alonso's chest didn't bother him. btw, loved the tweet with the picture of howard webb with manc shirt on from Ryan Babel :)

  31. Jo_ says:

    Umm…they're not playing Ipswich. Might want to get the opponent right, at least. Or have you already thrown in the towel?

  32. Caitlin says:

    And thank you to the person who gave me the 'thumbs-down' – I can only imagine that it was a Man Utd fan! (see – I even have enough respect to use the proper team abbreviation instead of the hated ManU(as in manure)).

    Get over yourself and also get a life!

    • Caitlin says:

      Oh, I see I got two thumbs-down now.

      Some people really are pathetic! Was what I said so bad? I would never give people the thumbs-down just because they prefer a different club!

    • @DebStimson says:

      "I can only imagine that it was a Man Utd fan! "

      I think you're right. The other pro-Liverpool posts have been getting thumbs down too. smh

  33. SoccerLoverrr says:

    Fellow kickettes it's marouane chamakh's biiiiiiiirrrssdaaaaay!!!! :D :D :D juss felt lik sayin it looll! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAYYY CHAMAAAAKHH <3

    • Susana says:

      I saw that on facebook. Happy Birthday, Marouane!

    • Leya_S says:

      In honor of his birthday, I wore his jersey to the gym to work out yesterday……..yes, that's weird and prossibly lame but I'm okay with that!

      • SoccerLoverrr says:

        hahahaha ur awesome! :D in honour of his birthdaay i kept annoyin my friends by tellin them 'its marouane chamakh's bday!!' :D

  34. Tricia says:

    I cannot believe anyone would defend Gerrard's red card. An uncontrolled two footed lunge, studs showing. That's a red card. As for the penalty, it was soft, but we were denied one or possibly two later in the game. Get over it.

    I'm sorry for Keano but confident he will be back. The game is not as interesting without him around. He's young and he's learning his trade. I have faith, unlike some, that he will be a great manager. One thing's for sure, Ipswich would NOT have lost 7-0 if he had been at the Bridge on Sunday.

  35. Deanna says:

    My Gunners. I am going to bypass on my opinion on it, INSTEAD… Since I had to download the match, somehow mine lacked any sound, so I had to make my own commentary. Here are some of my completely irrelevant comments/ thoughts:

    -Still can't get over Song's beard. Everytime I see it I have the same thought : Da Fuq, man. Seriously?
    -Does it come out that color? Its BLONDE.
    -I will never stop loving the hott pink goal keeper jerseys. Kevin Bacon never looked so fly.
    -40th minute, Rosi Rosa… I saw that foul literally over a thousand miles away… but your new haircut!? Perfect, as usual.
    -Bendtner…. is that some kind of Mohawk? Please style it differently, the hawk is the thickness of your head.
    -Really? SNOD GRASS… I canNOT be the only one laughing.
    -57th minute, Cesc undressing, first thought : 'YEAH, pervin' on Cesc in his long undies. You know what I look for cameraman #3!' second thought: 'He kind of looks angelic.'
    -61st minute, Chamakh's look at Leeds player O'Brien after a very close header. If I could read his thoughts accurately, they said, "You ***HOLE, I had THAT." with a french accent.
    -Arshavin….. Can I have your skin cream? HOW. ARE. YOU. ALMOST. 30.
    - Damn that save from SCZ was good… I'm really tempted to listen to Footloose.
    - Why? oh WHY are they getting rid of you, Sexican? I almost forgot how fine you were. Pullin' off the Superman curl quite well today.
    – I really wish I knew why the LEEDS fans were dressed in toxic suits… I hope there's not an epidemic. On second thought…
    -Cesc 90th, singing ~UnF, Baby let me love you doooooown, There's so many ways to love yaAa.~
    -OMFG… that child has a Beiber haircut.

    Keep smiling my Gooners! we are still in it!

    • Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:


      Snodgrass ,me and my nephew laughed everytime we saw his name= i knw its juvenile lol
      Sexican hahaha loves it , girl u r too much =P

    • SoccerLoverrr says:

      hahah awesome commentary!! :D i knoo riteeee SNODGRASS!?!? srsly!? wat were they thinkin when comin up with that name loolll..yess chamakhh was soo hot durin da entireee match!! *swoons*

    • Catie says:

      This is precisely my argument or why soccer needs more female commentators. Or any female commentators, for that matter. Imagine how lively otherwise boring games would become? How much fashion advice our poor beleaguered players could come home with after a loss? And how much free advertising awesome online shoe sales would get? For reals.

      • Bri says:

        You are SO right.

      • Deanna says:

        I would love to do commentary…. There would definitely be more swearing, but also many comments, I think, the female population would like to hear. So much knowledge could be accessed during a game.

    • Leya_S says:

      I want to give this infinite thumbs up!!!

    • Zahara says:


    • Ellie says:

      SNODGRASS IS LEGEND! One of the best things about Super Super Leeds are the names! Becchio, Schmeichel, Snodgrass, Kilkenny, Grella, Gradel, Kisnorbo… The list could go on!

      Apart from the mocking of my mans name, I like your commentry. I have no idea why the fans were dressing in Toxic Suits… We do weird things for our boys/entertainment. And I SPOTTED THE BIEBER CUT TOO!

      • Deanna says:

        I meant no disrespect. With my last name being pronounced Breezy and living in a place called Stormy Court, well you can imagine. Somehow EVERY pizza boy thinks they're a comedian. Their attempts do make me laugh, though… It was just a bit of fun, I swear.

        I honestly have never seen a Beiber haircut on someone other than Justin Beiber…. I was just completely taken back by it. WHY? The world may never know.

    • Crackers says:

      Not a Gooner girl here though have a bit of a crush on Cescy and Chamakh, but still smiling anyway- your commentary deserves 1000 thumbs-up, but I can only give it one :(

      LOL at the comment about Arshavin, he does look like a little boy and it's adorable. Though I'd wonder if it's skin cream or virgin's blood (in which case I should hide, while cooing at his adorableness from a distance).

      And oh YES, female football commentators would be brilliant. Hopefully the players won't mind a bit of perving, either ;)

    • beebe says:

      is arshavin almost 30, you say whaaat?!
      oh god, it's a bit embarrassing to confess that i thought he was around 20…

  36. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    Thank the lord for the penaltyin the final minutes, props to leeds though what a battle.

    Theo bless his little cotton heart apologising for the first dive, i cant figure out if walcot has been incredibly honest and upstanding or inredibly stupid by admitting this.hmmmm. On one hand you could say it's naive and may even gain him a reputation as a cheat for all I know, but in a world where people cheat their way to victory, it's nice to see a young player at least TRYING to do the right thing. Hope we win our second leg though!
    Anywhooo i was really gutted liverpool lost but more so i wanted Torres to do well, Kickette army i think its time to march to anfield and give a massive group hug to Torres and Gerrard mr 'Liverpool' himself.

  37. canederli says:

    I felt so bad for Liverpool, but I was happy that they were able to hold the score to 1-0 with 10 men for the bulk of the game. That could have been a bloodbath.

    My Real boys were fantastic against Villareal in the second half. I really enjoyed that game. Cristiano was kicking ass and taking names. I was thrilled when Kaka scored. And I thought it was so sweet when the boys came out with t-shirts supporting Higuain as he prepares for his surgery ("Stay Strong, Pipa. Recover Quickly")

    The fan who punched the Stevenage player was a complete arsehole. I hope they can identify him and press charges.

    • Bri says:

      OMG the pipa shirts were SO cute. I watched the game late on replay and a friend of mine sent me a text about the shirts while I was at the grocery store. I may have squealed with glee at the deli counter.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Whaattt??! someone actually gave you a "thumbs down" for this post? smh

      great post…I agree :)

  38. Thea says:

    At last! Back to the old style comment layout!

  39. SoccerLoverrr says:

    I was about to cry cuz i thought arsenal was gona lose agaisnt leeds..buh when fabregas came to the rescue with that successful penalty goal..i screamed with joy (btw marouane chamakh looked flawless throughout the match as usual) better a draw then a loss!! I was realli upset about the man united vs. liverpool match though..dat red card towards stevie g was completely uneccessary and the referee was askin for a kick in the balls (from me of course)..buh with the spurs beating charlton 3-0 dat was just awesome sauce!!! sooo der were definitely sum ups and down this weekend..buh ARSENAL U BETTER KICK ASS AGAISNT IPSWICH!!!

  40. Isla says:

    Oh what sexy bottoms has got Xabi!!!

  41. Summer says:

    Happy, happy, happy for 1 reason: Chelsea finally is come back with a fantastic 7-0 against Ipswich!! I'm not so sure that they are come back because Chelsea has been strange in this season, but now I'm more confident and I hope in a better future.

    SAD, SAD, SAD for another 1 reason: Liverpool lost (AGAIN). The positive thing is that they were against MUFC and they lost against them (they are in fact a big top team) and not against a little team and Webb yesterday (although I think he's one of the best referee at the world) simply was joking. In truth I don't know where he was or what he was thinking yesterday!! The negative thing is that LFC lost, Stevie was sent off with a red card, and I didn't notice Nando again ( Where are you Nando? What are you scared of? What's the matter?…There are so many questions but he isn't the same Nando that I've seen so many months ago. I don't recognize you!) and I wonder if was right to sack Roy (I can't stand him of course, but I'm thinking more seriously about what Susana have said)…However our problems are not solved and this is so disappointing!

  42. Caitlin says:

    I had high hopes for Liverpool this Sunday, but unfortunately it wasn't to be (thanks, Howard!).
    But all things considered, I think the team still put in a good shift.

    On a different note; Joe Hart looks absolutely delish in that green kit. And why is it that a sad man always looks so sexy??!

  43. meh says:

    I give up with Arsenal, pathetic. And if we don't win against Ipswich I may aswell move to bloody barcelona to support a REAL team.

    • Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

      Real fans/supporters support there teams through thick and thin,fickle of the highest order #just saying

    • Rossanera says:

      Real fan, you are. Just pick up and move to support a "real" team? What defines a "real" team? A team that's winning? Hmmm, then I guess Liverpool and Juventus no longer constitute "real" teams either. Thanks for cluing me in.

      If you claim to SUPPORT a team, that's what you do – you don't abandon them when times get tough. You can critique them, you can cry, but if you call yourself a "fan" at all you are bound to love your team through thick and thin … like any proper marriage ;)

    • meh says:

      well I have to support Arsenal seeing as I live and was born in north london right next door to them. I am a real fan cause i am born into it and have stuck with them through the many losses against beatable teams, and yes i am fed up of Arsenal showing moments of quality, and then our creeky defence piisssing it ALL down the drain. So if you can't beat them (Barca) join them, seeing as the whole WORLD wants arsenal to fail and PRAISES barcelona. alll haill the REAL team!

      • Rossanera says:

        … you obviously completely missed the points of the arguments made above. "If you can't beat them, join them"? Then … why haven't you become a Chelsea fan? Or a Manc? Or (at least until this year) an Interista? All hail the real team? People praise Barca because they play beautiful football and because of what it represents to its faithful – resistance to Franco's fascism.

        … and your argument about "having" to support Arsenal completely negates the idea of free will. I was born in Montreal, but my parents were born in Napoli. Yet … I'm a Milanista … my sister is a Juventina … and my brother is an Interista (I can hear you Serie A girls shaking your heads. I know, every Saturday is Il derby d'Italia in our household.) You can support whatever team you choose … but don't claim to support them if you're going to abandon them in search of silverware!

        • meh says:

          Firstly all of you who sed I am not a real fan obviously didn't see that in my first comment I never claimed I was a die-hard fan ANYWAY. secondly, I don't support chelsea and man u because I don't like the way they play , and i obviously don't mean I will support every team who beats us, 'if you can't beat them join them' is simply a phrase, I like arsenal's style of play. and the reason I chose barca to support is because they play like us but better. Thirdly, yes as well as liking arsenal because of their style of play I also support them as I live there, and I have been taken to matches all my life so yes, I can't see myself being able to support any other team in ENGLAND, i haven't a choice. I am not completely stupid, I know barca are praised because of the way they play and how many trophies they've won, I am saying that because of this barcelona fc can do no wrong, and everyone 'hails' barca no matter what. I love arsenal, but our defence is letting us down, and you can't help but get frustrated when every time they play a commentator mentions that we haven't won anything in 6 years, and we haven't won anything because we lose 'easy' matches because of stupid mistakes. And chill out everyone! My comments aren't to be taken seriously I was simply frustrated, JHEEEZZ!!

        • meh says:

          ….and chill out about Franco man, I am not some barca hating fascist supporting bitch…

      • Kai says:

        Lol, nice. Personally, I don't get this whole "support a team till you die" behaviour. I can't believe it but this is what the sport has come to. It's like we're not even allowed to like another player/team even if we happen to like their play better. People have become fans of the business, not the sport. Go ahead, support Barca. Although, I hope you are really going to cheer them on for their playing style and not because you're bandwagon jumping a winning team, like so many people here and around the world have…

  44. blitzenTO says:

    My Barca boys were in fine form, so I'm happy! And today one of my three favourite players will get the Balon d'Or. Whatever happens, Barca wins!

    Too bad Villareal couldn't hang onto their lead against Real Madrid. The game was theirs to lose, and they did.

    I don't have much use for Inter as a rule, but dayum that Leonardo is fine! I think Kickette should start a Finest Five Managers list. Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho would be founding members, of course.

    And poor Joe Hart. I'm not a fan of Man City, but I sure am a fan of Joe in that green kit. Come here, baby, I'll make it all better. ;)

    • If you look on the kickette webpage on facebook, you'll see the signed photo my friend sent me from Xavi!

    • senora ramos says:

      the half was theirs to lose really. madrid played pretty poorly 1st half, but the 2nd half was brilliant for the whites.

      • @DebStimson says:

        Yes, the first have was giving me flashbacks of the Barca game. The defense was getting picked apart. Was glad that Mou made some drastically needed changes at half time. Khedira really stepped up the defense and moving Sergio to centerback and Albiol to right back helped things a lot.

        Deporto gave Barca some problems in the first half, I thought. But it seems that Barca tends to wear down their opponents in the first half and then turn on the offense in the second half. They just don't have the same finesse with Xavi & Puyol on the bench, imo.

  45. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Lol at Zlatan eating the football! I guess he would by the look on his face. Milan is a hurricane of pure will power right now. Perhaps it was a game they should have won, but the way they fought their way back… So great to see!

    Speaking of will power, the Sevilla boys has got their mojo back! So happy, so happy!

    Barca is great as usual. And darling Iniesta scored!

    But I must congratulate RM, for once, to a fierce game. Ronaldo is in the zone. Conclusion: a very fun football weekend!

    • @DebStimson says:

      yes to all of your post!

      I attribute Sevilla's improvement primarily to the return of Navas. They played well at the beginning of the season before he got hurt and now are playing well now that he's back. It's good to see him back on the pitch. What'd ya think of his new haircut?

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        I liked it very much! He needs to have it real short because he is so tiny. So happy for him that he's back and feeling fine. Plus he is soo beautiful!!

  46. Bri says:

    Best moment of the weekend, Kaka's goal. Hands down. I was screaming with glee and almost teared up…and tried to forget he is a madridista at the same time.

    • Leya_S says:

      Haha, same! It's good to see him playing again. I proably would rather see him w. Brazil than RM, but I've decided that I CAN like 90% of RM as individual players without actually supporting the team (on principle, of course).

      • Bri says:

        That is exactly what I do! As individuals I try not associate them with the evil empire, and that is how I justify watching games. Because come on, how can you ignore all of those foxy talented men. They say you should keep your enemies closest right?

      • Zahara says:

        i do that too! there are too many players i like in RM that i cant say ' you play for the opposition, so i dont like you anymore' to..id be lying to myself and that would suck!

  47. Jeez, Ronaldo looks as if he's about to crap a football!

  48. *Maylea* says:

    Great Cristiano and Real Madrid!! ♥
    Sorry for Liverpool, that Webb is… *insert words* ¬¬'

  49. Fareen says:

    I hate refs who are unfair and not impartial…! Urgh!

  50. this weekend ( january 8 2011) was David silva's birthday and nobody remembered im so sad

  51. Thea says:

    Great for Barca!