September 27th, 2010

Weekend Results: Upsets & Armpits

Parma’s Hernan Crespo demonstrates that ‘oldah’ does not necessarily mean ‘ovah’. Parma lost 2-0 to Fiorentina this weekend. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

While we in no way have an inflated sense of our own self-importance, we really are beginning to suspect that we at Kickette have an influence on cosmic events. Our basis for this theory?

Er… we wrote a post about how much vicarious pleasure we get from footie upsets, and we are supplied with a weekend of them. You buying that? Yep, we know it’s tenuous but we’re hungover, knackered and desperate for good news.

But we’d be derelict in our duty to you if we didn’t attempt to exploit this potentially advantageous cosmic event. So while you read our rockin’ results round up, we’ll spend the next three hours writing poetic tracts about footballers arriving at the Kickette office in various states of undress.

We’ll let you know what happens.


Madness abounds in the EPL, where Manchester City ended Chelsea’s unbeaten run with a 1-0 victory at Eastlands. Carlos Tevez scored the winner and all non-Chelsea fans breathed a collective sigh of relief that the title chase wasn’t going to be over by November. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Then Arsenal got beaten 3-2 by promoted West Bromwich Albion. Hmm. That wasn’t in the runes. Worse than that, the Gunners were actually 3-0 down after seventy three minutes, total embarrassment avoided by a late pair from Samir Nasri.

The tie between Liverpool and Sunderland last season was marred by the ‘beach ball of despair’. This time ‘the free kick of ass-hattery’ was responsible for the mayhem and confusion. After Fernando Torres’ early goal was disallowed, the Spaniard responded by pouncing onto Michael Turner’s short tap back to Sunderland keeper Simon Mignolet and passing to Dirk Kuyt who then scored. The game finished 2-2, but Liverpool are hovering perilously close to the relegation spots in sixteenth place.

Manchester United also failed to capitalise on Chelsea’s defeat, drawing 2-2 away at Bolton. Michael Owen continued his run of good form, saving his team’s blushes with a seventy fourth minute equaliser.

La Liga

Despite being in third position, Jose Mourinho has voiced his concerns over the lack of goals being scored by his Real Madrid side. Madrid only managed a 0-0 draw against promoted Levante, failing to add to their tally of six goals in five games.

Sevilla also surrendered their unbeaten record, Hercules once again the team to shock with a 2-0 defeat, David Trezuguet scoring both.

Previous Hercules victims Barcelona made sure of second position with a 3-1 away victory over Athletic Bilbao. David Villa was sent off in the 87th minute for slapping Carlos Gurpegui, but we’re prepared to forgive him as he looks sooooo hot in the rain. (Getty Images/Daylife)


Another team struggling to score this season are Bayern Munich, who slipped to a 2-1 home defeat against surprise league leaders Mainz. Bayern are missing Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery through injury and after giving the situation due consideration, the club’s sporting director Christian Nerlinger went with the soft approach, describing the performance as ‘pathetic’.

Elsewhere Schalke babes Raul & Huntelaar (left) combined hotness was insufficient to drag their team from the depths of the table –  both scored in their sides’ 2-2 home draw against Borussia Monchengladbach but remain second bottom. (AP Photo/Daylife)

Ligue 1
A massive result for St Etienne this weekend as they beat neighbours Lyon in a league tie for the first time in sixteen years. Admittedly beating Lyon is becoming something of a national pastime in France as only one victory this season sees Claude Puel’s men languishing in eighteenth position.

Rennes take second with a 2-1 victory over Nice, while Toulouse are in third after a 1-1 home draw with Lille.

Serie A
Roma finally had their first win of the season against top of the table Inter Milan. The shock 1-0 result, coming via a 92nd minute goal by Mirko Vucinic, saw the lovely Marco Borriello on the receiving end of some innovative tackling from Inter’s Lucio. But more on that later.

Meanwhile, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s strike gave AC Milan the win over Genoa, while Milos Krasic (he of the ‘living combover’ (left) scored a hat trick in Juve’s 4-2 victory over Cagliari.

Over to you, team!

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135 Responses to “Weekend Results: Upsets & Armpits”

  1. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    nooooooooooo david got sent off!
    but yay yay yay they won!
    messi is back!woohoo!
    hoo boy pique was on fire in that game (but isnt he always!)
    my boys looked so hot in the rain!
    good times

  2. fieryheart says:

    The only good news for me is the part where Chelsea's clean record got smeared by Carlos Tevez.
    Not that I'm a fan of Tevez or Manchester City.
    As for Real Madrid, it seems like more star players don't equal to more goals.
    I was wondering why David Villa got sent off. Apparently, he slapped a player. And I think this is not the first time, no?
    His feet are as quick as his temper.

  3. CrazyForNando says:

    The only good thing about the weekend for me was that INTER LOST…other than that :(

  4. SunnyK says:

    I'm pretty sure Lucio's angry that Marco left Milan without so much as calling and saying goodbye. I'd be angry, too. Though, I'd show my frustrations at Marco in other ways ;)

  5. annbug says:

    It was such a sad weekend for me.
    Arsenal lost.
    Bordeaux drew.
    Lyon (Gourcuff) lost.

  6. Emme says:

    I have to say I love Monday footy chit-chat with the Kickette army! So, I have got some 'snaps' to give out for this past weekend:
    snaps to St Etienne for being on top of the Ligue 1 table & also because I am hoping their success so far this season will be an incentive for Kickette to feature Carlos Bocanegra a little bit more
    snaps to Atletico Madrid coach Quique Sanchez Flores for being seriously hot when it comes to coaches (Pep who?)
    snaps to all the teams of La Liga for keeping it interesting with all the upsets and draws
    snaps to Marco & Roma for beating Inter!

    All in all, it's been an interesting season so far!

  7. Rusty (Mrs Fritz) says:

    I am completely mute right now from being sick, and I'm, like, the worst Juve fan ever because I've not paid attention to them since about 2004, but I know that RM tied, Werder won, and Chelsea lost.

    Werder need Oezil back, RM need defense, and I don't particularly like anyone on Chelsea right now so, umm.

    • DeeRoma says:

      Juve won 4-2 over Cagliari if that helps.

      You got sick this week too? My condolences. Robitussin Max turned me back into a human being. I'm much happier now.

    • Emme says:

      Over my dead body does Werder get Oezil back! :) He is amazing!

  8. xoWinnie says:

    worst. weekend. results. ever.

  9. @vinivia says:

    omg you can totally see all of david villa's abs in that wet shirt!!

  10. C16 says:

    Sh*tty weekend. That's all.

  11. Lucio, I never liked you but you're starting to get on my nerves.-

  12. @AgnesWonka says:

    I agree! EPL is a madness, but it's good, if not would be very boring!

  13. aps says:

    i just want to say that it was very good seeing my Barca boys play in the rain.

  14. LuvinBale says:

    Crap -Crap -Crap!!! That was my weekend. Tottenham lost to West Ham!!! WTF happened? We looked good and controlled the ball- there was 50-50 possession alas no goals from my boys! Of all days for Green to have a good game he had to have it with us!! Why Green?! Why?!
    Bale kind if looked none existent in his position and the back line is just a mess. Not a happy girl at the moment- I might have to do some retail therapy to make me feel better.
    We have a Champions League game on Wed- hopefully we win that. Let’s pray to the football Gods! If they need a sacrifice I think we should give them Corluka- he looks awful right now.

  15. Eebza says:

    madrid's poor performance has pastasauce and her comments on c-ron written all over it.
    just saying.

  16. Zinny says:

    ZOMG David Villa's slap! I can't condone it but the man non-chalantly BITCHFACED WHILE GIVING A LEFT HOOK! I practically had a heart attack. Gah, poor Pep. I'm a little worried that Messi and David are gone but Barca is a team that transcends just individual players so I hope we'll be okay.

    Also, wet Llorente and Pique anyone? Good weekend.

    Madrid's current status is pathetic. I'm a Barca supporter so I am really happythat we're ahead but the thought of poor Sergio, Iker, and Higuain…Also, is it just me or is Jose Mourinho the most entertaining coach ever? I feel like I watch every Real game in hopes that he'll throw another water bottle.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Mourinho's hilarious to watch. Although, I didn't realize that he actually got so frustrated that he went into the tunnel during the match for a bit.

      Oh, and he did come out and say that he wasn't yelling at Sergio in particular and that the bottle throwing incident had to do with his frustration at the team as a whole.

      Don't know if it's the teams efforts to cut back on spending or Mourinho's attempt to further his efforts toward team synergy but Arbeola commented on his FB wall that he has to share a room with this time and that his roommate is Xabi.

      • D0li says:

        hmm.. what is going on with Real!?! This i so sad to watch, if go below 3 I will have to switch teams!

        I'm starting to wonder how the teamwork approach is working as the team seems more distant than ever, especially since they have to compete for positions as starter on the field.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I saw wet Pique and wanted to thank you now I got to find me some video or pics of that, lol. Villa must of been at the end of his rope because he doesn't seem like the type of person to be disrespectful just because he is mad. I agree without Messi and Villa can be tough but the boys will make it work. They have Xavi, Alves and even BB Bojan and lets not forget Pique :)

  17. Eebza says:

    due to the craptastic nature of the football over the weekend
    the best thing about it?

    (and villa looking moody……i died)

  18. senora ramos says:

    don't. want. to. talk. about. IT!!!!

    • DeeRoma says:

      Sorry to hear that…I had a couple of weeks like that. Big hugs to you.

    • thea says:

      Ramos – You know I've been waiting for you in here since Saturday night! Baby, Barca are moving on up!

    • Emme says:

      Senora-turn that frown upside down! Things will turn around for Real soon. I just know that the acquisitions of Carvahlo, Ozil, and Khedira are going to pay off. They were all late acquisitions, so I think they all just need a little more time. Mourihno pretty much overhauled the entire squad and I think it will be for the best. I have made up my mind to be patient. On the bright side, the defense is playing quite well. Maybe Mourihno needs to give them a half day of retail therapy or something? I don't think I have seen the Ramos debut a new bag for quite some time and I don't think the newbies to the squad have gotten the chance to do some serious shopping yet in Madrid. As you know, bad fashion is essential to the RM boys :) Let's look forward to Champions League this week & chin up, chica! No frowns :)

      • Zhenya says:

        I agree with Emme! These new acqusitions will pay off. Iker was bored, so the defense did their job.

      • senora ramos says:

        thanks emma!! and deeroma!! unfortunately, or fortunately really, i missed the match. and with all the tests last week i missed tues as well (i feel like an unworthy madridista at this point :( ) i know things will turn around. it's stressful with the whole not scoring goals thing!!
        also, arsenal didn't relieve the stress :(
        just out and out bad weekend!!

        • senora ramos says:

          and yes, a new ramos fashion disaster is in need right now. let the boys shop, mou!!

          • thea says:

            I have to say that in your defence, MOUR has no rapour with either the player, fans or even the press yet. Personally think it may not be a great move for him. Even Fergie and Wenger have always said that they would never touch that job as it's too challenging, you've really lost before you start, due to the set up there.

    • D0li says:

      Atleast Real is undefeated! Although we are having trouble scoring I think the team is playing alot better as a TEAM which is why there might be problems since they aren't really used to it yet. I think it was a mistake putting Ronaldo in a different position as he's not playing his best (obviouly) which is causing a loss on Madrid's side.

      • Emme says:

        We madridistas must keep the faith – we have not lost yet & Pepe, Carvahlo, Marcelo and the Ramos are playing well together. As for Iker – a bored goalkeeper is a happy goalkeeper, I would think. I do agree that the Cristiano situ is alarming which is why I think that he should be moved to the wing where he is the most effective/dangerous & that Benzema w/ Higuian should be the front line. Perhaps Cristiano, Xabi, Khedira, Ozil from left to right or right to left would be the best midfield option right now. Benzema is starting against Auxerre tomorrow, but I don't know what the rest of the line-up will be. Hoping very much that Mourihno does not make the mistake of playing Lass instead of Khedira. Lass is not very accurate. Okay – enough with my analysis! I guess that is what Monday is for!
        btw- I think Real's troubles might be because Xabi Alonso shaved his beard. I am convinced this is the reason :)

        • senora ramos says:

          yes, emme, i agree with this assessment, esp the beardless xabi part!!
          i think part of our problem was, we knew we were going to need people to score goals (though who foresaw gonzo having such a slump?!) but we go out and buy too many midfielders…sigh. our back line (with the exception of ramos in the sociedad match) have looked great. and i certainly hope sami gets the start over lass. i have to say, i had a total wtf moment the last match when he STARTED lass.
          the only thing that makes me nervous with pipita and benzema playing together, is the nightmare of if one goes down. and as i'm not sold on karim atm, my nightmare involves higuain being injured.

          alright, enough bad vibes and worries. new day new match! lets go ksa and take some names!! lol!

          HALA MADRID!

          • Thea says:

            Ramos – good to see you in a better place than yesterday! It never harms to dream, I had to do that in 2007/8 season with Barca.

  19. anna says:

    Every week after reading the weekend results @ Kickette I am left with the feeling there's something missing…. Although I love having a heads up on the results in the biggest European leagues I think it's a shame the Dutch Eredivisie is left out. So let me try to add some Eredivisie results.

    This week we had our very own Super Saturday with Twente vs Ajax & PSV vs Groningen, the top 4 clubs in the league. Twente vs Ajax was VERY entertaining with a superb long distant shot by Enoh and a beautiful skilful goal from Theo Janssen. In the end both teams had to be content with a 2-2 draw. PSV-Groningen was a one-way match most of the time. PSV dominated for 85 minutes and Toivonen put them in the lead but they failed to translate their hard work into a decent lead so after one single outbreak from Groningen it ended in 1-1. AJAX tops the Eredivisie for now with PSV falling 2 points behind.

    In the upcoming week Ajax will take on AC Milan in the Champions league whilst Twente has to show their worth against the Spurs. I wonder what will happen! Can Twente surprise us again after their draw against Internazionale & how will the Milanese' defence line cope with Luis Suarez?

    So fellow Kickettes, am I all alone in this or are there more ladies interested in the Dutch Eredivisie? Tell me about your favourite teams & players and maybe we can spread some orange love at Kickette!

    • @DebStimson says:

      We don't seem to get any broadcasts of Dutch matches here in the US. GolTV covers mostly South American, La Liga and the Bundesliga matches. Even EPL matches are hit or miss on TV.

      Thanks for the updates on the Dutch leagues. :)

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      Well I get you because my league isn't cover at all either but that's why I have another website to go to. Though its nothing like this because they are men and I have to stick to talking football and prefer to keep my torso, wet men, and bitchface comments to myself. But I can share even if people don't care or know my team that America won and played there best yet which is to say a lot because they have been horrible in the past seasons. I hate short tournaments I wish they would go back.

  20. Malena says:

    I was so happy about Xavi's goal because that's a bit of a rare occasion

  21. Summer says:

    I'm a little sad because my favorite team, Chelsea has lost on Saturday against Manchester City… It's true that we are still first but I the thing that I hate more is that we have lost against the City. Personally I hate City and I can't stand it and all its players (except Joe Hart, Adam Johnson and Gareth Barry) and I have never met someone who like and is a fan of City… The result of RM is very disappointing and I don't want to add more…But I also have to say that this was a good week-end in Serie A because finally Inter had lost…I'm so happy, and I have to say like a Italian thank you Roma…I can't stan Inter more less like I can't stand City…I wasn't surprised on last Saturday to see the Inter lose at Olimpico because Inter has recently changed its manger and Rafa Benitez is a absolute idiot… I hope that they will lose again on Wednesday against Werder and make me laugh again! So compliments to Roma… Siete stati davvero grandi e soprattutto lo è stato Vucinic!!!

    Oh I also have to add a note. I'm so sorry for Blake, I see that she hasn't posted yet, but I'm so sorry for your Tottenham and for your Gareth Bale…I've seen the match on Saturday afternoon and he have played very well, like his team mates, but they were unlucky…I'm so sorry!!!

    • Rossanera says:

      I personally loved his 'let me run off the pitch and tear down everything in my path" celebration. Vucinic, I mean.

  22. Kc95 says:

    I really just want Mou to get rid of Higuain and Cris and find some new strikers that mesh better with the rest of the team. Fergie Ferg can have Ronaldo back.

    • Zinny says:

      I actually liked Ronaldo way better at ManU. As for Higuain, he's been a bit off lately but the man had a good last season and and scored plenty in the WC. I just think he needs to get out of this weird phase of his.

      • Kc95 says:

        Same here! I've never liked Man U, but I have issues with Cris messing with my team. And as for Higuain, I guess, but I'm still furious from that last goal oppurtunity in the game.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Higuian his having a rough start to the season. And Cris, I think he TRIES to let others score but then gets frustrated when they can't convert and tries to take matters into his own hands. The problem is that by this point, his frustration is getting he best of him and he takes shots that aren't the best option. Don't know but SOMEBODY has to score!

  23. peppy says:

    I dont know what to say except Arsenal lost. Make the lambs stop screaming.

  24. tanteAnna says:

    yeah for Trezeguet! More goals, Trezegol, I wanna see more from you!

  25. Hello Kitty says:

    Not pleased about United or Arsenal's weekend…but ManCity beating Chelsea certainly improved everything! :)

  26. It was a very entertaining weekend around the PL. I'm gnashing my teeth over United's failure to capitalise – once again – on a golden opportunity. However, at least we closed the gap with Chelsea by a point. We really need to sort out our defensive problems STAT.

    I think Michael Owen's goals the past two weeks merit a start for him against Sunderland. And Wayne needs a holiday to sort out his head.

    Ipswich Town got a good point at Scunthorpe, who really outplayed the Blues in the first half. Wee Canadian cutie Jaime Peters scored for Town though and spared Town blushes. And Roy Keane was frickin' hot, shouting and fuming on the touchline, so that's a plus. :)

  27. BarceLisa says:

    Barca won, Milan and Juve won, if only Manchester Utd won it would have been a perfect weekend. oh well… so good to see Zlatan is doing well, we could use him at Barca (just for peace of mind more than anything else, hate having Messi miss any match). Also happy for Roma, especially for our Dee. I see she hasn't posted yet, probably still partying it up.

    • DeeRoma says:

      Lisa, I love that you thought of me….

      I was actually out of town when the game happened…in a place with NO FSC. I did have brief internet access and my awesome friend Joy texted me the final result. So I was a very happy giallorossi girl. Even more so when I saw the amazing pass DDR made to Vucinic for the score. Nice work boys!!!

      On a related note, I wonder if the team read my Offside post where I said they needed to have a we will win attitude and then bring it….because that is so what they did.

  28. MadridistaJenn says:

    ¡ Ay, caramba, Real Madrid! This was frustrating on two levels: not only because of the (easy) missed goals, but the fact that those darn Barca boys got rained on and I couldn't enjoy. Mou needs to throw more bottles and be more insulting and snide and it needs to rain on the Real boys!

  29. LoseThatGirl says:

    Twas a very messy weekend but I must say, it certainly makes the EPL a more interesting place! Wishing Giggsy a speedy recovery… and am hoping that Roo's ankle is okay.

  30. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Mostly good and some bad. First, and foremost, Barca won!! It´s really all that matters. And Puyi taking his shirt off is just the icing on the cake.

    And my three love-to-hate teams all drew. Even Mou is perplexed. But i feel fine!!

    The bad is that Arsenal lost, and that Sevilla got a spanking. (But i kinda like the way Hercules just run over the big teams.)

    Lastly i feel conflicted over Zlatan this weekend. Thrilled that he scored and helped Milan get three points. But good God, he looks exhausted!! He threw up like a cat after the game. I think he needs a rest. I have followed him since his days in Sweden, and i have never seen him like that. Let the others take some of the load.

  31. Jo_ says:

    Can we have a do-over? Meh. Alright, roll on to the CL matches.

  32. gin_in_teacups says:

    Ugh. I just wanted to crawl into a hidey hole and never come out. Disappointing draws for both Liverpool and Real Madrid. What is happening??? Why is it happening??? Upset about Arsenal too. Though I was happy about Chelsea going down and Man United's draw – yay Bolton! I adore Stuart Holden so much. Oye, but Madrid. This is what we get for buying up all the available midfielders and no strikers. Higuain and CRon are both struggling and there's only Benzema left as back up (nothing against him, I just don't think we've covered our asses if something happens).

    Villa slapped someone? This is getting to be a bit of a habit. Is there video of this available? On YouTube I can only find him slapping the dude during the World Cup.

    Meanwhile, I have a German neighbor who was shocked that I knew who Poldi and Schweini were. I love being an American football fan abroad! You take everyone by such surprise.

    • Deanna says:

      Yeah I was devastated by Arsenal's loss. Never again will I go into a match so sure they would win. NEVER do that again. And then I got word that Liverpool drew and that didn't help my mood, so I then watched Real because I wanted good news, instead they lost their top stop by not scoring anything and I was like dammit…. And then I saw it was raining on Barca, and I watched and can't help but smile…. and then I think about Villa's bitchslap and I smile and frown… and now he won't play in the next match. Overall BAD weekend… Minus I hate Chelsea and I like Man City because of my lil Silva and Joe Hart. So YAY for Man City! Still frowning though.
      Oh and my sis loves the German NT. So yes I am an American who knows the German team members as well.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Seriously, I was like it's all going to be okay because Real is playing Levante and we're going to win by so much! Pffft! It was just a topsy turvey weekend. I'd even said that with all the wacky results I was nervous about the RM game, and see what happened :-(

        There seems to be a lot of Germans at my school, and I signed up for the German Students Club because I've been trying to learn it. So I think football is going to be a good way to make friends.

        • Deanna says:

          Yeah that will help. I only know certain german phrases. There were Spanish exchange students when I was in high school… they were so hott and I would just talk about football with them. I know Spanish though. But German I only know pick up lines and the such. which I guess is all you really need to know.

    • @DebStimson says:

      agreed on all points, except the German neighbor point :)

      David's slap seemed to come out of frustration at not being able to score. Frustrating night for him. Was glad to see Busquets score :) Not their best match, even tho they won. They're definitely missing Messi.

      RM, RM, RM would someone PLEASE step up and score?! Even the Ramos is trying to help. Defense is doing well but offense, not so much.

      Liverpool….brilliant of Torres to pounce on that. Everyone else was standing around. Torres is creating opportunities for scoring, even if he's not the one scoring. Gerrard was like a madman out there doing his best to lead by example. Unfortunately, not many of his teammates got the message. Seems to be they're losing the ball in the midfield quite a bit. : Had to laugh at the commentator on GolTV (Ray?) who thought Filipe on Athletico's team could be a double for The Ramos. Ummm…no. :D

      btw Kickette, been watching several of the other La Liga matches…there are some really hot guys on those teams too. ;)

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I finally found footage of it! It almost looked like a punch, but this sort of nonchalant punch, like he wasn't even looking at the guy when he hit him. Oh Villa. Crazy man. Why do I love you so?

        The Ramos is particularly adorbs when he's trying to score. Even more adorbs when he does. Wish he would this season already (and he looks nothing like Filipe except Filipe has long hair. But seriously – WTF? No.). Our offense… I don't know what is happening there. It's a mess. And then they get frustrated which makes it so much worse.

        Stevie has been top notch so far, in my opinion. Though I am of course extremely biased. And Nando is coming off a much shorter break than usual, and an injury, and I don't think it's surprising that he's not up to top form yet. He did very well at the weekend, with his assists. Wish people would give him a break. It's definitely trouble with the rest of the team as well as, if not more so, than Torres.

    • xoWinnie says:

      i agree with basically everything you've said.
      especially on the Villa note.
      he honestly annoy me so much.
      his attitude is the reason i was so unimpressed with him this world cup!
      i don't care how many goals he scores,
      he needs to stop acting like he's the be-all and end-all of fucking football! ugh!

  33. Leá says:

    I'm with JM. Very concerned about the way RM is playing. Lack of offense has pushed the panic button from a 2 to like a 4.5. We can't keep relying on Iker and the defense to keep us in the game. We NEED to score!

    • Thea says:

      well traditionally RM relied on throwing money at their problems with the hope that Barca imploaded! And that one tactic that no longer works for them!! And they haven't even played El Classico at the Nou Camp yet!

      • senora ramos says:

        stones at glass houses thea. remember, barca still has a loss. something rm hasn't managed.

    • Xabi-TQM says:

      I haven't words but I hope that things will not go bad… I also agree we NEED to score

  34. Rossanera says:

    MILAN WINS, Barca wins, Madrid gets schooled, and Inter LOSES. Fabulous weekend.

    Other thoughts: I'm really beginning to enjoy Zlatan. Has anyone seen this?…

    Also, someone needs to explain to David Villa that he really just can't go around slapping people whenever he feels like it. Not classy, Daveed. Xabi would so disapprove.

    • Leya_S says:


      Kickette, I think there needs to be a shirtless World Cup on here, where players battle it out for the best Torso.
      Think about it…

    • littlegirl says:

      and inter loses writte in capital letters…ah ah ah ah ah !

      • DeeRoma says:

        Inter loses. Oooh say it again :)

        • Rossanera says:

          INTER LOSES!

          For the non-Italian Kickettes: Inter is the most hated club in Italy. Thus, no matter who you support, you're united in taking pleasure in their misfortunes with other fans.

          It's the one thing that brings us together. Who's pumped for Inter-Juve on Sunday?

          • DeeRoma says:

            As a Yankees' fan, I've been getting that haterade for years. It's more fun being on the flip side. ;)

          • BarceLisa says:

            I'm so psyched about Inter-Juve. Thanks to Dee's Boys, Inter showed they are vulnerable. Although they did create quite a few chances in that game. I'm hoping Juve prove their last two matches weren't flukes. INTER LOSES! I missed saying that when TSO was in charge.

          • Summer says:

            I'm Italian and I completely agree with you…I've never met someone with a few brain that is an Inter fan…I can't stand Inter and his players, I also think that this year they will win nothing because before they had a good manager, but now they have Rafa Benitez who is complete idiot, and is more probable that they will lose, than they will win…I think that Milan will win Serie A, and a English team will win the Champions League!!! I hope…I can't stand a year like this with Inter on the Europe's roof… They haven't won nothing for 45 years, and now other 45 years!!!

            • Rossanera says:

              Sono anche io italiana! Di dove sei?

              I HOPE Milan will win another Scudetto, but the way things have been going, anything can happen.
              FYI if you'd like more calcio news feel free to check out my blog at It's my humble effort at filling the gap for us Italianas !!!

              • Summer says:

                Sono di Brescia e tu?

                I'm sure that Milan will win another Scudetto, because I think that this year they have got and incredible team… Surely this wan't a great star, but things can improve and must improve…They have a new mister, and new players, they only need time… Surely I will visit your blog soon!!!

                • Rossanera says:

                  I just realized I didn't answer your question. Sono cresciuto in Canada, pero i miei genitori sono da Teggiano, vicino a Salerno.

                • littlegirl says:

                  finalmante un'italiana sul serio!! complimenti per come scrivi in inglese, io ogni volta che devo mettere un commento ci metto una vita, per cercare di ricordarmi i termini, le regole di grammatica…mi sa che la gente ci si diverte con i commenti miei!
                  saluti dalle Marche…

                  • Summer says:

                    Beh se dici a me, nemmeno io ci metto poco a scrivere i commenti, per noi italiani è sempre difficile scrivere in inglese, o peggio ancora parlare in inglese, abbiamo sempre quella fastidiosa abitudine di pensare in italiano e poi tradurre in inglese per non parlare poi della nostra pronuncia!!! Comunque io sto ancora studiando inglese, sia la grammatica che la letteratura…Tu da dove vieni di preciso e che cosa fai di bello?

                    Ah comunque io li ho letti alcuni dei tuoi commenti e non mi sembrano poi così male…Sei brava insomma…:)

                    • littlegirl says:

                      allora se ancora studi è meglio per te con l'inglese, almeno fai un po di pratica…io ho finito il liceo ben 5 anni fa…e all'università non l'ho ripreso, ho fatto infermieristica e adesso lavoro…quindi per riprendermi dalle "belle" cose che vedo in ospedale cazzeggio un po su questo sito!
                      di preciso vengo da un paese a sud delle marche, sul mare…pero lavoro a 120km da casa.
                      e già che siamo qui giustamente devo dirti che sono juventina (meno male che non sei interista) e sono una "Torres-girl" !! ciao!

                    • Summer says:

                      No, no non sono interista (e devo dire che è la squadra che odio di più al mondo insieme al Manchester City) e in Italia anch'io tifo Juve, anzi speriamo di vincere qualcosa quest'anno, magari, perché no andare in finale di Europa League con il Liverpool di Torres…Beh comunque devo dire che anche io in fondo sono una Torres-girl anzi saranno sei anni che lo conosco e devo dire che lo trovo meraviglioso come l'ho trovato il primo giorno…Indimenticabile!!!

                      Comunque chi è quello che non cazzeggia su questo sito? Ciao, ciao!!

                • kissy says:


              • DeeRoma says:

                Thanks for the Roma love…I bookmarked both blogs. Now, I don't have a Tumblr account but I think you might be able to *guess* who would be on my sexy 7….

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Rossanera, thanks for the pic of the Man! But aren´t you just a little bit worried about the shape that Zlatan is in? He really looked worn out , womiting after the game. Plus he told the swedish press he was very tired. It´s a long season…

      • Rossanera says:

        I didn't see him vomit! That poor man! He needs to rest. Maybe with Pato back this weekend he'll get some?

  35. D.J says:

    LMAO! this week, im still not over it
    Just when chelsea dropped points and i was hoping my team would catch up they lost too :( oh arsenal, you break my heart, it didnt even look like anyone was trying, other than nasri (who was just AMAZING!) and we seriously need a new GK because almunia doesnt cut it. he's been ok, these past few games but he should have saved 2 of those 3 goals. and now that he's injured and flopianski is on for our CL clash, i cant even function. this is someone who let in 3 goals against legia warsaw. its better not to have a GK at all rather than him.

  36. blitzenTO says:

    Watching the Barcelona–Bilbao game was an absolute pleasure, right up until Villa got sent off for that silly bitchslap. Bad David! I consoled myself afterwards by looking at screenshots of drenched Barca players. Wet!Xavi is off-the-charts hot!

  37. Leya_S says:

    I was away in this weekend in Texas where I couldn't watch ANY games in the hotel (shocker) :( so I only caught the highlights, but the weekend was good and bad.

    First, I was devastated to find out that Arsenal lost!!! Epic fail! HOWEVER, I was stoked that Man.City won to end Chelsea's winning streak (I actually caught that game live on ESPN2) and that Man.U. only tied their game. And as per usual, Liverpool is breaking my heart with their lack of wins. The top spots in the EPL are really tight now, though, so its anyone's game.

    La Liga went well, with Atletico Madrid and Barcelona winning (whoo!). The highlights from the Barca game looked like the game was crazy intense with so many shots. I didn't think that what's-his-face from Atletico Bilbao deserved to be redcarded…David kind of did deserve his red card though. And thanks for the pic Kickette! Valencia!!!! They look so good! I'm happy for them, I hope they keep it up! As for Sevilla, Jesus Navas better get better soon, bc I miss him!

    Real Madrid tied…again. I'm not a RM fan, but I'm starting to really feel for them! They're having some real problems up top with no one being able to close, and it hurts me to see Gonzalo Higuain look so disappointed (not that he looks any less hot).

    • Zinny says:

      Yeah, I hate how ESPN or ESPN2 won't show EPL or La Liga but they show these obscure sports like college frisbee-golf.

      • DeeRoma says:

        Just wait until they start doing rodeo coverage and fishing….

      • LuvinBale says:

        ESPN2 will only play EPL games like Chelsea and Man United and they haven’t been playing anything recently. But they will sy the World Poker Tournament for 5 hours straight! Thanks ESPN! * said in a sarcastic tone*

      • @DebStimson says:

        and don't forget the World Series of Poker. *rolls eyes*

        I finally broke down and upgraded my cable to get GolTV and Fox Soccer Channel. I'm loving my TiVo too :)

  38. Emily says:

    Interestingly, Lucio’s tackle on Borriello was a mirror image of one Juan executed on Diego Milito at the other end of the pitch. Must have been something in the water …

  39. littlegirl says:

    week end results:are good for me!my Juventus won…i hope in a good year for us…

  40. arsenal results spoiled my weekend!

  41. Thea says:

    Well done Barcelona for closing in on Valencia (dramatic voiceover effect)…all of a sudden there is a cold chill going thru Real Madrid club and their fans! And it isn’t anything to do with the time of training sessions or where they spent the night before their home games. The Manager, Star Playmaker, Goal Keeper and the TV journalist are all left to contemplate their fate.

    In a bit a fiesty mood today! Just thought I'd warn you all

    • BarceLisa says:

      lol I just pictured what you just wrote like the Star Wars opening crawl. "A long time ago in a galactico far, far away…."

    • Kc95 says:

      I'll still hold by the theory that Pastasauce is actually a Barca fan at heart.

      • thea says:

        Thanks Dee and Lisa, KC do not insult Barca fans with that notion , she's no Catalan so she wouldn't even like Espanyol!- She looks more like an Athletico fan to me! At this rate she will no doubt start dating one of their players as she seems to want to do no one at RM any favours!

        • BarceLisa says:

          anyone from Toledo (or the Castilla La Mancha region in general) is more than likely a Real Madrid supporter. Madridistas can have her. I would much rather have down-to-earth WAGs like Ana Iniesta, Nuria Tomas and Antonella Roccuzzo than someone like Pastasauce.