April 19th, 2010

Weekend Results: Rather Volcanic

As half of Europe remains shut down due to a volcano taking inspiration from Jermain Defoe’s auto activities, let’s take a quick bulleted look over what we took notice of this weekend. Since we’re becoming obsessed with the Icelandic spouter and mother nature’s ability to mess up a continent, we’re also going to try and use the word Eyjafjallajökull at every possible moment.

- The news that Fernando Torres is out for the rest of the season hurt us like a broken nail after a new manicure. The possibility that he could miss the World Cup was much more traumatic: more like running into an ex whilst shoving a jam doughnut down your gob and wearing your “laundry day” house clothes. With a pimple the size of Eyjafjallajökull. And a pair of knickers falling out of the bottom of your laundry day trousers as you gallantly walk past.

- Luckily, there’s still hope Nando will make it to South Africa. Thank Eyjafjallajökull.

- It was a helluvan exciting weekend of footy.  Manchester United showed everyone they are not going down without a fight, with a win over City in the derby. (They also showed everyone they can take man love to heights bigger than… oh, you know where we’re going with this so let’s just stop.)

- With eyebrows raised and chins wagging we watched Chelsea and Arsenal lose games they should have won.

- Roma won big over Lazio and are now at the top of the Serie A table. FYI, Eyjafjallajökull-sized short tents were on offer. Also on offer, Luca Toni’s chest.

- Gerard Pique stripped off to make up for Barca’s lossdraw. We’re glad he knows how to touch fan’s hearts where it matters. Right in the Eyjafjallajökull.

- We said we’d stop, didn’t we? We lied.

- Iker Casillas and David Villa hugged it out with a little skin-to-skin action after Real Madrid defeated Valencia 2 – 0.

- And finally, the man love was out and proud this weekend: Everton’s Tim Cahill needed to be held and AC Milan striker Marco Borriello’s tender manbrace with Alessandro Mancini was reason enough to bring about his sex face.

- How did the weekend treat the rest of our Kickettes?

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41 Responses to “Weekend Results: Rather Volcanic”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I totally agree C'real teams aren’t going to roll over and die just because you’re in the top three and should always win.

  2. Ana;) says:

    Aww what a horrible week for the Gunners, as I fan I found myself wanting to throw something at the players. Come on guys! =[

    I have to give it to spurs though, they played a million times better and deserved their wins! =]

    Now I think I'm just going to crawl under a rock, preferabably with Cesc :P and hide until the next season starts. That's if he does not Eyjafjallajökull to spain! lol.

  3. aristeia says:


    I think I died watching that game. It didn't hurt that I was surrounded by a crap ton of hot Roman boys. Who, btw, tend to bear hug you after a goal. ;D

    Cannot think about what's going on w/ Nando's knee. It hurts my very soul.

  4. Venice says:

    Really saddened about the Nando news :-( what a nightmare of a season. Fingers crossed that everything goes well for him and we get to watch him at the WC… it just wouldn’t be the same.

    Niko is out too for a while, it really messed up the whole weekend for me :(

  5. Trista Jade says:

    This weekend was absolutely Eyjafjallajökull fabulous for football!! :D I couldn’t get the smile off my face after all the fantastic results.

    Oh, and Scholesy’s little foot pop when Gaz kissed him? Priceless. ;)

    Thank you, Kickette! Your weekend recaps are the highlight of my Mondays!!!

  6. carly says:

    Watched tons of footie this weekend!!

    Things have been (surprisingly) exciting all over the place, except here where Porto is officially out of the title race since this weekend. It hurts!!! < / 3

  7. Lotte says:

    Well the weekend did not really reach Eylafjallajökull heights for me, BUT i really enjoyed Man U vs Man C. And the kiss!! Bless you lads!

  8. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    This weekend was amazing! Roma’s back at the top and half the team stripped afterwards. I was completely floored that Ranieri took out Totti and DDR at the half, but it worked and we won the derby!

  9. gise says:

    - With eyebrows raised and chins wagging we watched Chelsea and Arsenal lose games they should have won.

    oh, believe me, I was JUST FINE with them losing. What a week to be a Spurs fan…

  10. Nastya says:

    i would like to add that this , now infamous , cloud did not come from a volcano . in fact , it came out of manchester city’s trophy cabinet , while it was being cleaned . go united .

  11. Ella says:

    The ManU game was soooo great! And then to see Chelsea LOSE and Terry to get the boot was just the icing on the cake. The cherry on top of the icing was that RM won and CR9 scored! The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Cris had ripped his clothes off. Hee. Oh well, a girl can dream!

  12. C'rel says:

    If Chelsea and Arsenal lost games they "should have won" then maybe they should have played like it. Teams aren't going to roll over and die just because you're in the top three and should always win.

  13. Jackie says:

    Barca didnt loose they drew

    And the score with Real and Valencia was 2-0

    But wish chels won their game

  14. LuvinBale says:

    This weekend was FANTASTIC!!! The Tottenham / Chelsea game was amazing! And yesther was a fight but it was started by Huddleston and someone else( I forgot who). Then everyone joined in- it was a mess. My opinion is that Chelsea was upset that they were losing- BooHoo. Cry me a river.

    Bales goal was beautiful!!! Just like the one he pulled off in the Arsenal game. He is a force to be reckoned with. And Daws definitely made up for the Portsmouth snafu. Yeah Daws!

    Tottenham played like their lives depended on it.

    It was a amazing!!! BTW- Bale is HOOOOT!!

    • LuvinBale says:

      Just remembered that it was Huddleston and Deco who got into a scuffle. Both received yellow cards.

      JT wad sent off (haha) after taking Bale out.

  15. running down the win says:

    wow, never thought i'd see Gary Neville and Paul Scholes kissing, but i have to admit that i like it! :D come on, we all would if we could! or is it just me?

    anyway, very satisfied by the result this weekend! Uniteds never die attitude is just fantastic! and i still can't believe arsenal threw away a two goal lead against wigan :o whats happened there?

  16. Nelly says:

    I thought RM won with 2-0 over VCF…

    • senora ramos says:

      they did nelly. i had to go back and look up top after reading your comment. kickette, 2-0 with goal by higuain and cron

    • Alessandra says:

      lol, i had the same thought and reaction…though, the 3-2 sounds much better to me.:P

      • senora ramos says:

        me too. lol! i was sad valencia couldn't score. and am sad at the way they've been playing as of late. i'm worried emery's on his way out :(

  17. Holy Eyjafjallajökull!!! What a weekend!!! Loved it! And Gaz planting one on Scholesy is just the best thing ever. After I laughed, I actually cried. Two old battle hardened warriors, with such a history, who know more than anyone what that win meant on Saturday. Even if it all comes to nought, it's a helluva ride. Love ya, boys.

    • bubbly_cheryl says:

      fourth, i second what you said about our season,to be fair i wanted to plant one on scholesy as well, but gaz beat me to it, but i loved that kiss!- it would have been better if they had thier shirts off…

      as for spurs hopefully they'll come of their high horses and be shit when we play them

  18. hoda says:

    i cant believe benitez why he didnt let fernando rest for benfica match?if nando arent ready for w.c ill kill benitez!

  19. Merel says:

    I'm really tempted to say that Nando either just has to quit football or that he and Olalla need to knock off on the sex.

    Christ, he's been injured his whole life for crying out loud.

  20. julia says:

    NANDO PLEASE GET WELL SOON! I miss u already… There won't be a World Cup without you. Buhuu :'( is not even close how I feel right now…

  21. Molly says:

    So glad Man U won and Chelsea lost!!!! Yayyyy!!! OMG and loved the kiss between Neville and Scholes!!!! But really wish I would have watched the Chelsea game…did JT get into a fight LOL LOL LOL?

  22. MrsNesta says:

    Thanks Kickette for the manlove, short tent, shirts off pics as my results weren't good (am not going to talk about it) :( And now apparently Marco not playing at the weekend cos he got too many yellow cards!!!!

    Eyjafjallajökull hope things can only get better!!!!

  23. Homeskillet17 says:

    the whole scholes-neville kiss is gross! eugh! urgh! ughhhh!!!! *shivers* so so so so so effing gross.

    • Nastya says:

      i believe giggsy is missing . . . . for a threesome . speaking of which , david is feeling cheated on . gary , oh , gary !

  24. Missy Manchester says:

    This weekend's football matches were as explosively awesome as…Eyjafjallajökull.

    So proud of Paul Scholes for his "it-ain't-til-I-say-it's over" attitude

    So shocked to see Chelsea's complete meltdown. (On-pitch fight? JT red carded. Eek.)

    So dumbstruck Arsenal let a 2-0 game against….Wigan?!? become 3-2 in just 10 minutes.

    After those results, I expected Portsmouth to pummel Aston Villa. But alas…the craziness ended with Arsenal.

  25. Einah says:

    I beg Nando to PLEASE get better in time for the WC! We need a Viya-Nando tandem FTW!!!

    Geez, just when i though nothing can go wrong between Canna hotness and Viya bubbas….

  26. Senorita Iniesta says:

    Time to step down, Alex, Coleen, Cheryl or whoever WAG you may be.


    That's the future.

  27. senora ramos says:

    ah, well, iker and david make up for no sergio :)

    great weekend for me, but tough as my 1 & 2 were playing. Thankfully Madrid is one and Valencia is 2 so the score worked out well, especially with other happenings this weekend. Sad Valencia couldn't score, though :(

    ventured over to the epl (which i don't normally do) for the city v united battle. awesomeness! and wth arsenal?!

  28. Helena says:


    http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/articles/kra… :( x