July 4th, 2012

Welcome To The Club: Amra Silajdzic

Image: AmraSilajdzic.com.

The course of love doth runneth so quickly around football’s inner circles, and again, the time has come to welcome a new WAG to the club.

Manchester City footballerWhat’s the skinny on Edin Dzeko’s current girlfriend, Amra Silajdzic? Hailing from the same Bosnian hometown of Sarajevo that Edin does, Amra’s a HOW OLD model/actress (bit parts) currently living in Los Angeles. We’re convinced she has a conditioner-applier at her beck and call out in Cali. Ms Silajdzic also has about 80 million fan club sites set up on the net – including this creepy wiki page dedicated to her feet – so if anyone speaks/reads Bosnian and can give us the inside from that angle, feel free to contact our uni-lingual selves asap.

Not a lot to go on, Kickettes, but oh well. It’s humpday and we’re barely coping. Putting Amra to the population here: do you approve of the newest WAG to arrive on Man City’s scene?

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16 Responses to “Welcome To The Club: Amra Silajdzic”

  1. halid says:


  2. Hmmm says:

    She is a s..t and a gold digger

  3. Amy says:

    I am not quite sure what to think of them as a couple, I am Bosnian and both of them are really popular here, I like them and this relationship is probably going to make them our most famous couple, but I just don't think it will last very long.

  4. AC_USA says:

    They are very cute together and even before any of this was confirmed I always kind of wanted them to be together :) They are perfect :) Love them :)

  5. mata says:

    Edin Dzeko and Yoann Gourcuff were both once on my list of footballers most likely to date a woman whose job had nothing to do with looking good. Just once I'd like to read about a footballer dating a classical musician or a human rights activist or a school teacher or a nurse, anything other than "model/actress". But that said she looks pretty and pleasant, and I like that both are low key and haven't been milking this for publicity, so for what it's worth I like and approve :)

  6. LaLa says:

    She also starred in Taio Cruz's video Dynamite, and in 1st episode of 7th season of CSI:NY…. She's one of the most successful models from Bosnia… And she speaks fluently English and French… And they look hot together. :)

    • DebS says:

      I saw that episode. I miss Stella though. Don't like her replacement at all.

  7. Jayy says:

    If Edin's mum is happy with her, then she must be okay.
    I remember reading an article earlier this year where Momma Dzeko was worried about her son being snapped up by some avid goldigga with no aspirations! Havent heard any complaints about Amra so far so it must be all good :)

    • Sarajka says:

      HAHAHA funny, Amra was married before with Vladimir Vicentijevic a serbian mob and she has a 8 year-old daughter with him… so she's a MILF, and she definitely is a gold digger, but I guess Dzeko doesn't give a fuck what mamma says :D

  8. amethyst says:

    Nice to see some more Bosnian Kickettes out there :D

  9. Ella says:

    They look really nice together, and she was famous before him so we can't blame her for using him :D I'm bosnian but there's no much interesting gossip about her :)

    • Sarajka says:

      shut up, she is famous but it doesn't mean that she has money and Dzeko is a millionaire, helloooo???
      uostalom žena je već jednom bila udata i ima dijete od 8 godina s onim mafijozom Vladom, saberite se ljudi al on ako je glup nek je jebe i nek je oženi kad ga odere za lovu ujedaće se za šupak…

  10. amethyst says:

    October 1st 1984 is her birthday, she was a press winner on Metropolitan Top Model in 2000, she was married to a Serbian bussinesman Vladimir Vićentijević, and has an 8 year old daughter from that marriage (got pregnant very young). Just randomly translated stuff from Bosnian media :)
    You're welcome :)

  11. Bree says:

    I think they look super cute together.She divorced 6 years ago (her ex husband was a business man),she has a 8 year old daughter.She starred in Enrique Iglesias video.If Edin makes a mess of this she can kick his ass considering she trained taekwondo.
    Some cute pictures of them+video of the song ;-) http://www.svet.rs/najnovije-vesti/tviter-promoci…