March 29th, 2011

Welcome To The Club: Shakira, Shakira

Barcelona defender dating pop singer

Thx for the lighting-fast spot and send, Emma!

As if we needed more ammo to ramble on about Barcelona’s Gerard Pique and Shakira, we can now tell you that the pop singer has easily paid her WAG Club entrance cover charge with a Twitpic of her Spanish sunshine via her Twitter Account.

Kickettes: are you jumping for joy over Shakira’s club admittance – and for our ability to get a private appointment with Neil Lane eight months from now – or silently stamping your stilettos in sadness? Not that it matters at this point, but we’re still obliged to let you have your say anyway.

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116 Responses to “Welcome To The Club: Shakira, Shakira”

  1. Zahara says:

    not having

  2. Zahara says:

    i kinda cant believe shakira, who is like a goddess, has more comments than..justin bieber..
    it is an abomination, i tell you.

  3. Raz says:

    ive finally gotten over my broken heart, they look good and happy together. Shak looks so different though, her age shows without all the makeup she has to wear out in public. In my opinion she is the luckiest lady in Spain

  4. Zahara says:


  5. TariGirl.x says:

    She deserves to be with him . I'm happy for her .

  6. Fml…
    I have nothing else to say, thanks.

  7. *WaKa WaKa* says:

    I love Shakira and Geri together… they make a beautiful couple … & I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks sooo… or is wondering . & imagining … how their babies might come out …. I like her 10x more the Nuria …. & i even read some where that she as already meet her family & that she has meet his family & that both families approve & like them…. soooo I think …. MORE POWER TO THEM!!!! & I rather see them post pictures then… the media … post pictures & say stuff that they " think " is happening …

  8. Zahara says:

    this makes me really happy!

  9. dita says:

    out of a sudden…i miss Nuria!!!

  10. hisgirl says:

    Aww I think this photo is really cute. I love how natural they look.

  11. Cat says:

    They are soooo cute!!! I love them as a couple! He's so sexy and she's beautiful! Can't wait to see their kids hahaha Shakira seems so genuine and in it for the relationship not for fame and money. Love it!

  12. pique'slover says:

    hahahaha!LOSERS! celebrities never last.

  13. Dominique says:

    Ugh if she's trying to make us jealous she's totally succeeding! But I'm kinda jealous of both of them coz they're both pretty hot!

  14. Mel says:

    I'm sorry but he is the Lucky one… Shak is not a wag at all! And she's hot freakin hot… I love that Pique is with her, they look amazing together!!! But I think they won't last forever!

  15. mrs wilshere says:

    i think they look totally cute 2gether and i wish that was me even though his like 1o years older than beautiful absoultly beutimous

  16. @vrock112 says:

    Is it me or does it look like Gerard has a pained (or tipsy) look on his face??? When this boy is just hanging out and/or modeling those pictures turn out HOT HOT HOT!

    Since i have stared at more than my fair share of Gerard pictures i have come to the conclusion that you should not tell Gerard to smile just capture his beauty by surprise!!

    They look adorably in love!

  17. Sarah, Madrid says:

    It is more believable to be the other way around, that he needs her for the fame, however it is not a PR thing because this relation has been going on for a while now and it is recently been out in the open. At top of that, Shakira is well-known for football fans already why would she seak fame from them and I dont have to mention the world-wide fame, utube speak about it. I actually know couple of girlfriends ( who don't follow football) who used to refer to Pique as the long blond cute spain footballer, after Shakira thing, they know his name by heart, I bet you Pique is now-well known name in US, before alot didn't know him.

    • LaraSergio&SaraIker says:

      "his relation has been going on for a while now and it is recently been out in the open"

      And why just recently?Maybe because she just started a tour?Dont be naive… every move of her's is very well thought :) I just dont like that she's milking this relationship to the fullest. Do not forget the non success of her recent albums/concerts.

      And you are mixing "publicity" and "fame". Shakira is without a doubt much more famous, but she still needs publicity, so people would talk about her more, see her in the magazines, etc…. and then buy her CD or go to the concert.

      Im not going to respond anymore… its nothing wrong, that you have your own opinion, mine is just different. Ahd only Shakira knows what her real intentions are…

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        One last thought, we football fans know Pique will be discussing this matter, however music fan wouldn't care much about her dating Pique. I dont live in US, but I bet you people overthere wont be interested in reading Shakira dating Pique in magazine because they dont know the guy, if he was Cristano or even Messi I would understand the publicity or even Nadal ( he is well-known globally) I would have understood the PR aspect.

        Anyway as you said, you have your opinion and I have mine, wish them luck in their relation.

  18. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Well, anyone read the news about Real Madrid banning Shakira songs in Bernabeu, I think it is hilarious and definitely a good april's fool day joke haha!

  19. Ms.Podolski says:

    I hope they get married and have little shakpique babies…lol

  20. ArHar says:

    THANK YOU!!! Too, I mean, way too many JEALOUS haters posting! You hit the nail EXACTLY. If you don't follow football/soccer, chances are you have no clue who Pique is but if you DON'T live under a rock, you know who Shakira is! She's world famous and has been for years! Compare how many followers she has on Facebook (25 million +) with how many Pique has (1 million +) and also how many hundreds of millions of people have viewed her "Waka Waka" video on YouTube. Face it, you jealous wannabe-Pique's-girlfriend haters: Shakira doesn't need Pique for the fame 'cause she's already got it, way more than he does!

    Anyway, I'm very happy for these two and I hope it lasts! They're so beautiful together!

    • LaraSergio&SaraIker says:

      Its not fame we're talking about, but FREE PUBLICITY, which every singer, even shakira, NEEDS!!

      And Im not some wannabe-Pique's-girlfriend, because I was more than happy for him, when he was with Nuria. Its true that I dont know him nor do I know Shakira, but from the impression that I got, Pique is still very childish (and there's notnihng wrong with it). And Shakira is desperate to have a family soon. I just cant see a long term relationship. Not to mention they will be apart a lot… But of course thats their problem.

      I just cant understand why else would Shakira post this photo and sell all those photos from their birthday party. Its ok to relase 1 photo, just to stop all the crazines. But a whole bunch of them and then more?I think thats a lot of extra preasure for Pique since he was always very private.

  21. C16 says:

    This makes me laugh a lot for some reason.. Not gonna lie. They do look cute together.

  22. suri says:

    I was TV surfing and came upon Spanish speaking program. They showed this pic, but also showed an older pic of Shakira with her ex. Funny thing was that she was wearing the same exact shirt. Maybe that previous photo was PhotoShopped by some jokester. And I'm not completely fluent in Spanish so I can't confirm what the hosts were talking about. I got nothing against Shakira. She seems like an intelligent person who keeps it real. My mother thinks this will relationship will end soon since she always has bad impressions of all soccer players (regardless of age).

  23. kiki says:

    Oh my Lord, can you imagine their babies?

    Love PIQUIRA!

  24. canadiansoccerfan says:

    omg they are sooooooooo cute together,
    ive always loved shakira, so im happy for her(:

  25. miss kris says:

    Love it! They look great together!

  26. Zinny says:

    Who's luckier? Shakira or Pique? Definitely Shakira.
    I hope she writes some songs about him. I've always thought she wrote wonderful songs.
    How about another, "Underneath Your Clothes", Shakira? Except you can call it "Underneath your Kit".

    • ArHar says:

      Ummm, no. Pique is FAR, FAR, FAR luckier to have the gorgeous, talented Shakira than the other way around – don't get it twisted! It's ridiculous that you don't see that.

  27. Isabella says:

    They look so good together… ♥

  28. Missy. C says:

    Jealous :(

  29. BlackRose says:

    this pic was taken last summer, apparently. Not that it matters lol.

    Needless to say, this is such a beautiful couple. And probably full of genuine passion. Which is more than can be said about, well, we all know the gold-digging, fame-seeking names.

    • Annie says:

      Wait, what? Last summer? He was still with his ex-girlfriend last summer! That better not be true…

      • BlackRose says:

        Oh I'm afraid it may be true. I don't think they were together anymore, anyway. I presuppose that it was merely staged so as to confuse paparazzi, who were on his and Shakira's heels. Or it might have been "the last goodbye", known to both of them. Last summer, Nuria was already sort-of-seeing Marc, the guy she's in a relationship with now.

  30. @mai4geri says:

    they look so damn cute and happy together that it's hard feel resentment. i do hope that they stay happy together for a long time. anyway, i love the smoldering gaze of my pique. he is just too adorable.

  31. Marjorie says:

    She is gorgeous and they look very much in love

  32. Mrs.Neymar says:

    Beautiful couple! & they are happy! which is all that matters! <3

  33. Sheck says:

    Don't you dare call Shakira a WAG, Gerri is the lucky HABOS*!

    *Husbands and boyfriends of superstars! For truly, Shakira is a mega superstar!

  34. Gen says:

    Way to go Shakira… see… us ladies over 30 can have lots of fun… Hope it lasts but if not… hope they have the time of their lives until then…

  35. Sheck says:

    As much as I should sob like I'm grieving due to the fact that my Gerri is no longer single, there isn't the slightest jealousy or resentment in my heart. Everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of their wealth, looks or lack of, and they look the epitome of happiness on that picture. It might be early days too call it love, but their facial expression sure as hell radiate one of a pair very much inlove. Some people really do have it all!
    Beautiful location, beautiful couple, beautiful picture!

  36. Federica, Milan says:

    she's so hot and talented. I hope we'll be happy all life long.

  37. Crackers says:

    Awwwwww! They look so happy and sunshiney, haters must have hearts of stone to continue hating. Looks like they really have gone properly public, then!

    Also: she's frakking SHAKIRA, i.e. a superstar, and way more gold-standard than your classic WAG.

  38. trololo says:

    Love, love, love them. And it's nice to see a newbie WAG that is actually successful, talented and beautiful by her own after all the fakeness, PR and unbearable stupidness of some others.

    No matter how long they last and how serious they are/will be, it's obvious that atm theyre truly happy. Piquera FTW!

  39. Yao says:

    Seriously, why all the hateration for Shakira, Kickette and fellow commenters? If it's just jealousy, then that's kinda sad. After all, Shakira, when compared to the likes of Irina Shayk or ANY of the English WAGs, is classy beyond measure. Also, the age difference isn't that big of a deal. Finally, she's fucking SHAKIRA. Pique should count himself damned lucky that he managed to get her; calling her a WAG actually demeans *her*.

    • Sheck says:

      Took the words out of my mouth! Atta girl!

    • ArHar says:

      It's straight-up jealousy and these sad chicks don't want to just come out and admit it, so they go around making up stuff to bash Shakira about!

    • Jenn says:

      MTE. She has so much more class than Irina Shayk or all these other wannabe-models. She's famous, she's talented and beautiful and seems really nice. I don't see a reason to hate her.

  40. Leya_S says:

    I love them together. It's cute. Still breaks my heart a little, but that's more the minor jealousy talking.
    Would I call them a power couple? Probably not. They're no "Posh and Becks", but its working.
    On an unrelated note, when are we gonna see more Lara and Sergio?! I love them!

  41. noisily stomping my stilettos with displeasure, which is a double-whammy because now my shoes are ruined! >.<

  42. Ashlee says:

    I legitimately gasped. I need to pull myself together.

  43. [...] Shakira now tweeting pictures of her and Pique. [Kickette] [...]

  44. DaaaangGina says:

    I dont know whether I am more upset that Gerrard is in a relationship or that shakira is in a relationship. But I cant hate they make a bangin couple. Im thinking threesome;) haha

  45. Sally says:

    i love them together!!! she seems to so sweet and she's a pretty classy WAG. she scored!!! i guess i could lost pique to her…

  46. Winnie Mata says:

    they are actually incredibly good looking together! :O
    i hope they last!

  47. bri_saldana says:

    Shakira….in the WAG's club??? At this point might as well call her "the preacher's wife"….*sigh*

  48. SarahT says:

    pleaseeee stop I can't take it anymore *choking sob*

  49. bel says:

    lovely picture Shakira, I love seeing how happy you are in a beautiful tropical location with your sexy Spanish boyfriend. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go eat my weight's worth of mac and cheese and sob into my pique jersey. have fun in barcelona you lucky lucky girl. *wail*

  50. Pamela Marie says:

    I cant say I'm happy for them cause I'm really not. Although I will say that I think that whatever they have wont last long. She is a full 10 yrs older than him, it makes a difference. You could say that she's already lived her life, lived a full 10 yrs more than him. I mean, she's been saying since like 3 yrs ago that she desperately wants to get married and have babies. I really dont think young Pique is willing and wanting to get married right now, settle down right now, and have kids right NOW. Yeah he might be having a slamming time with the cougar(which guy wouldnt?) but its not like they're getting married or it being long term. When he doesnt put on a ring on it she'll be moving on.

    • aurrie says:

      but you never know…most footballers his age are already either married or are in a commited relationship with kids involved so you never know….. i mean look at zlatan….his wife is much older than him

      • Tish says:

        Big difference between Zlatan's wife and Shakira. Shakira is world famous singing superstar, Helena NOT.. And when Z married his older wife he was just starting out his career in Sweden, he was not famous. While Pique is a superstar too just like Shakira. Besides the age difference, also their huge celebrity status influences a lot. Being in a high profile relationship where both people are already hugely famous plays a big role. I too just dont see it lasting.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Pique is not a superstar, he might be for Barcelona, but all over the world the guy is not a superstar, not even in Europe, we can't call any very good footballer a superstar. Right now there is only 2 superstars: CR and Messi.

    • DaaaangGina says:

      Its SHAKIRA and her hips dont lie. I dont think age is a problem look at ashton kutcher and demi moore. Just sayin.
      p.s. Its SHAKIRA
      p.s.s. and her hips dont lie

    • ArHar says:

      How sad and pathetic of you to not wish these two the best! Jealous much? Disgusting! Oh and how come no one ever says anything poo-pooing the relationship between a woman and a man many years older than her, huh, yet any time a woman gets with a younger man everyone rushes to say "It'll never last"! Keep the negativity to yourself and just be happy for them!

      • Adriana says:

        Actually, people do say things "poo-pooing" relationships between a woman and a man who is many years older than her.
        Look at all the things people said when Carles Puyol started dating Malena Costa.

      • Tish says:

        ArHar–Not everyone that posts here has to agree with that relationship. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinions. Just cause someone may not agree with it doesnt make them a "hater" or "jealous" or whatever you wanna call it. Your critizicing attitude is disgusting that you're insulting peope who dont agree wth your views. In life you have to learn be tolerant and respectful to other people's opinions as not everyone will agree with you.

  51. almariya says:

    I'm so happy that Shakira is with Pique. They are so cute together. Thank God she found someone perfect for her. I didn't like her ex- Argentinian BF

  52. Jane says:

    I would've found their romance nice had she not posted a picture herself. It is sad really, not like the media don't have enough, she's just milking it; all of it comes off a little tacky, honestly.

    • LaraSergio&SaraIker says:

      My thoughts exactly :S This whole "realtionship" seems like a very good PR move… i mean why else would she do that?After all the crazines just chilled a little…

      And stop thinking that she is some everyday person, who likes to show off her BF, because she is not!!

      p.s. I like Shakira's songs but I never went to her concert. Guess what, after all the free PR that she got Im actually thinking about going this year…

  53. rubyqueen says:

    they remaind me of a modern day romeo&juliet with this beautiful setting.:) really romantic photo.

  54. Lily says:

    Nice cheesy 90's pose. I can't believe these are the same people that kept denying it over and over again, now they're milking it for all it's worth. This looks like publicity, not love.

    • el8 says:

      does shakira need publicity??
      no way!!!

      • Lily says:

        She does actually. Very few celebrities don't need publicity, Lady Gaga is an example of that. Shakira isn't exactly a household name and if she wasn't dating Pique the only time that her name would show up on magazines and newspapers is in album reviews.

        • ArHar says:

          You're out of your mind! She's WAYYYYY more famous around the world than Pique! Jeez, are you out of touch with reality! It's hilarious!

  55. Stefania says:

    AW! that is like the cutest picture ever! i LOVE them, and both so good looking! I wish them all the happiness!

  56. Lotte says:

    I still kind of cannot believe it. I have never really liked her music, and I know almost nothing about her, but she looks sweet in this picture and I hope that they are as happy as they seem. BUT it's not very thoughtful of her to present pictures like that one. I hold that against her …*mumbles not very nice things*…

    • ArHar says:

      What? She can't express happiness just because some women want the man she's with? Please!

  57. mochara says:

    Oh my lord this picture is beautiful in every way, I love Shakira even though she's stolen my Pique…..

  58. eeraaa says:

    Stamping my stiletto in sadness, but can't hate her at all. She's amazing and one of my fav artists. Although, I don't appreciate waking up to pictures like this on my news feed.

  59. Jenn says:

    I just love them together, they're cute, they look happy. And we all know she's finally a girl who's not dating a footballer for the fame/money like so many others.

  60. MsMe says:

    This picture would be perfect without that blonde woman in it. I´m like: awwww, Gerard! Oh, there´s a blonde. Whatever.

    • Eleanor says:

      Aw, she's so much more than a just blonde woman. She's Shakira!

      • MsMe says:

        I just don´t have much respect for her. I was disgusted when I read that she flew to Berlin for just one day with her private plane. She is not a great friend of the enviroment is she?
        I also think that she, just like many other stars, is not a good example for young girls. One should get ahead in life using your intellect and not display your sexuality in such a tacky way (for example the She Wolf video). We need more people like Alicia Keys, not Shakiras.
        Yup, just another blonde.

  61. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    Love this couple. She is seriously hot. He is sex on legs. Sometimes I feel people like that should get with "normals" like us just to make us feel better!

  62. Céline says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, but they really look good together.

  63. Leá says:

    They're such a pretty couple! I can't hate them, because they seem to be genuinely in love with each other, and they're just so attractive! Plus, she's a great singer. I wonder what it's like for PQ to date someone who's more famous than him worldwide??

  64. nandosfreckles says:

    I cannot take this anymore. Yes, I'm happy for them but all those pictures of them kissing and holding hands were too much for me. Then comes this
    I mean, look at that gorgeous view behind them. Then look at the other gorgeous view in front; Piquira. They probably went swimming in the sea together and then you know….

    Why wasn't I blessed with a life like this?

  65. IrishBlue says:

    Who can blame her for showing him off? If I had some Gerard Pique of my own I'm sure I would be like 'Oh yea this is all mine bishes!'

  66. Shakira, You give me hope that I too can be fly enough to snag a baller who is ten years younger and then manage to make him fall madly in love enough to tweet about it! I love this couple!

  67. Eleanor says:

    She's far too good to be called a WAG.

  68. Alexandria Samuel says:

    Awwww I can't say anything bad about this, it's too lush! I'd kill to be in the Spanish sunshine atm…

  69. SweetVito says:

    Beautiful photo, beautiful couple. People will continue to question them, of course, but they don’t look too bothered about it. Can’t decide which one I’m more jealous of.