May 17th, 2010

Welcome To The Guest List: Sara Pastasauce and Christine Bleakley

Real Madrid WAG

Images via Hola! magazine, Getty Images Europe, GQ Sport magazine

Some sloppy WAGabee soiled our red velvet ropes over the weekend, allowing two ladies we’re not-so-thrilled about to bypass the “WAG Club” bouncers.

First, Iker Casillas and Sara “Pastasauce™” Carbonero played tonsil hockey in plain sight of the public, much to the disdain of our telly screens. Then, they were spotted at the Alejandro Sanz concert.

While carbs are banned in our South Beach Diet-loving flats, and even though we formerly refused to accept her as one of our own, Pastasauce’s ability to withstand Iker’s dating ADD enabled her to swindle our clipboard gal into WAG Club main bar entrance.

Don’t worry, we’ve fired our internal failure. In the meantime, this no cover charge/no queues access bears no resemblance to an unrestricted Kickette WAG Club membership. Rather, Sara is on a probationary, VIP-exclusions basis, of course.

Chelsea FC WAGOf all the world’s injustices, knowing that Christine Bleakley gets to ring this GQ mofo up each evening before she hits the hay really gives us the stampies.

Following Chelsea’s FA Cup victory, Christine hung back in the team’s second bus during the club’s official victory parade. If you don’t agree that this inclusive gesture has cemented Bleakley’s WAG spot, then try to recall the amount of times Elen Rivas rode the Chelsea FC friends & family bus?

Our guest list is slightly more accommodating for a woman of Bleakley’s pay packet; therefore, she may only enter the club on weekdays and must be accompanied by Frank at all times. Also, Frank must always lie on our members-only lounge sofas as such.


Like it or not, their time has come, Kickettes. Don’t blame us – blame the men they’re dating.

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52 Responses to “Welcome To The Guest List: Sara Pastasauce and Christine Bleakley”

  1. *Naylea* says:

    Dammit, ok… I have to admit… Uff… Sara and Iker are cute/hot together! *_* (Is she a lucky girl? DEFFO! *sigh*)
    Oh, Ikerito… Sarita will distract you! Pictures before the WC? (just focus yourself in the game, damn! xD)

  2. sana says:

    hot couple i go for iker and sara

    i love iker but this girrl is just perfect for him she is stunning.

  3. Susana says:

    I’m not a fan of Iker or Frank so it really doesn’t matter to me. But Christine looks so out of place when she is with him.
    As for Pastasauce…can’t stand her. It’s easy to see she thinks she’s really something.
    The person who said she looks like a horse with its mouth open, hit the nail on the head *whinny* From her oompa-loompa spray-tan, to the Shirley Temple ringlets, to the cheapo WalMart watch….she’s nothing special.

  4. chloe says:

    oh i love Sara's gray cropped ladylike jacket!!! i've been trying to find one like that

  5. D0li says:

    Does this mean she's officially a WAG?

  6. yelena says:

    yeah kickettes, i think iker is overdiscussed here already… why not talk bout the barca boys instead.. they just won the league…

  7. Ana;) says:

    Oohhh pastsauce! She seems pretty but yh a little bit orange. I agree with you girls about christine she does seem a little fame hungry, and I do think at times she seems out of place- like in pics of Chelsea out clubbing after they won the title. I just don’t think she suits frank, sorry she just seems a little… Off! I know i’m judging when I shouldn’t but she seems like an intelligent girl and she’s probably the last person I’d picture with him. That said if they make eachother happy then that’s good, lol all I know is I’m go glad it’s not yoann lol! I feel for you iker and frank lovers!

  8. MissB says:

    Pastasauce! LMAO!

    She is pretty though!

  9. yumi says:

    i don’t like Miss Bleakley. i think she’s a fame hunger woman. who would care about her before she started dating with Frank Lampard? since she started dating with him, there has her rubbish news everyday and seems she enjoys that. how miserable!

  10. Emily says:

    Here's a thought about the 'Sauce- have you ever seen those horses who hang their lower lips down when they are just standing around, half asleep? You know what I mean… now, look at 'sauce when her mouth is open… mmhhhmm…

  11. Ines del Sol says:


    Lady B. again. It's ridiculous recently coz anywhere I type "Lampard" to find Frankie's pics, she is THERE. *rolls eyes* And I got strongly feeling that she's using him to become more famous. Being on CFC bus during parade?! TOO.MUCH.

  12. kaya says:

    I'm not really sure what's wrong with either of these ladies. They seem fine to me…. and as someone else noted, Sara's may already be having a positive effect on Iker as he appears to have managed to match his clothes.

  13. Einah says:

    I hope whatever Iker does in the next coming weeks will help him be at his best for the WC. I grudgingly nod to Pastasauce as long as she doesn't ruin Iker's game

  14. carly says:

    Double yuck, can’t stand neither of them.
    Cool Frank pics though :)

  15. Evelyn says:

    Sara is exactly the type of woman i hate shes gorgous skinny and has possibly one of the fittest men in football, nay the world on her arm urg why were woman like her created

  16. Kel says:

    I imagine body language experts wouldn’t see much hope in the half kiss and limp hand holding of Iker and Pastasauce.
    Besides, he doesn’t date anyone for very long

  17. Dexter says:


    anyone else agree with me??

  18. Ella says:

    GROSS. I don’t like either of these girls…but atleast Pastasauce is attactive. What is up with Frank’s taste in women?? And he needs to wax his chest. Hmph!

  19. Blair says:

    Denial isn’t just a river in egypt.

  20. Molly says:

    OH GOSH NOOOO……:(!

    • MrsNesta says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA – thats in response to your reply but tough for you as its Iker and your Lampsy. Although have to say Iker looks bored (well thats what I’m going with) and Christine can not carry off the baseball cap look hahaha If I see any Pasta in SA I’ll do my nut!!!!!!!! And she’s looking very orange in the photo!!!!!

      • Molly says:

        I know!! My Iker bunny and my Lampsy!!! My night is ruined!! I almost spit up my dinner when I saw this :( ! I am turning my mobile off so that I can stop looking at it and depressing myself :( !
        Lol I thought my reply was funny too. I started to laugh when I thought it and the people in the table next to me looked at me like I was crazy lol!

        • MrsNesta says:

          OMG you're still out having your meal, yeh they probably are thinking you're crazy, not sure explaining to them that Pasta and Christine have limited entry to the wag club will prove you're not LOLOLOLOL :) Try to enjoy the rest of your meal :)

          • Molly says:

            Yeah i don’t think they would quite understand if I said “well I laughed because you know Frank Lampard of Chelsea FC and Iker Casillas of Real Madrid well they are the loves of my life (LOL with Kiernan sitting right across from me LOL) and they have these girl friends that I don’t like so thats why I laughed because I thought of something to post on this site called kickette” LOL :) !!

  21. SweetVito says:

    The worst thing about the Iker/Sara romance is the way the Spanish press are handling it. Anyone seen the video of him kissing her in the street, and holding her like in a movie pose? It's just a regular guy and girl saying goodbye to each other (with quite a lot of kissing) but the TV station cut it to look like they were proper going at it in the street.

    Iker is happy. Therefore, his fans should be happy. (But I agree on the restricted access, nice call Kickette ;D)

  22. Anya says:

    Don't get me wrong, I love Sara – she has an actual job, but since when Iker is the fan of PDA?

    You could barely see him touching Eva Gonzalez in public, let alone kissing her.

    • Yeah, and he’s always been very zealous regarding his private life, there’s something fishy in all this Pastasauce story

      • Thea says:

        Get that impression too – notice he kisses her with his eyes open??!!! All I can say on the matter is that if Spain does not do as well in the WC as expexted, i.e. reach the final – watch out for the back lash. WAG's are not popular when the team crashes out early, as anyone connected with England in 2006 can tell you! They won't make exceptions because she's a journalist.

  23. suzie says:

    I don't really either of them that much.They seem to be enjoying the attention a bit too much for my liking ( I'd prefer them to be a bit more discreet) but until they allow us to pick who they date then we'll just have to put up with it.

  24. C16 says:

    Ugh! Pastasauce… She has something I don't like (besides she's dating Iker), I don't know how to explain it, I just can't stand her…

    The look kind of awkward together.

    Maybe is just me in my denial. lol

  25. laura-8 says:

    Please Elen … I plea to you .. do something for the love of your life frank and get this fame hungry manly woman away from the father of your kids

  26. liv says:

    Sara eat carbs, got a job, and graduilly begun to improve Iker sense of style slowly, so go ahead sara date him or better yet marry him, but please get him to shave that horrible think he got growing on his face! Frank new Wag good for him!

  27. Merel says:

    Christine always looks so manly. Not that she doesn't look like a woman, more so that she looks like she will punch the daylight out of you just for fun.

  28. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    OMG……. I feel sick!!! Kickette i must commend you on the WAG club thing. Im going to puke now…. :(

    • MrsNesta says:

      *passes bucket* not a nice picture to see :( I'm thinking one off entry to WAG club and then no more!)

  29. senora ramos says:

    oh iker. sigh. please go on a no carb diet in time for next season. please and thank you.

  30. Homeskillet17 says:

    i don't get it…why is everyone so mean about the two women? it makes no sense whatsoever…like honestly. it boggles my mind. Sara is a really pretty woman, and Casillas seems happy. Bleakley as well and the same for Lampard. it's unnecessary and not fair considering no one actually knows the women.

  31. AlianzaLima says:

    anyone notice Iker is actually dressed nice?

    • tammyv says:

      I did… they are matched without being matchy-matchy which is a very good thing

  32. tammyv says:

    it is official – Lamps is an Idiot. He really is one of those book smart, life idiot kids. That girl is straight-up using him

    On the other hand, I quiet like Pastasauce

  33. Inés says:

    I think Sara is beautiful, but Christine Bleakley…nay nay, don't ask me why!

    why do you call Sara Pastasauce? I didn't get the joke yet :(

  34. Homeskillet17 says:


  35. Homeskillet17 says:

    minus the lampard part :P