August 6th, 2009

Welcome to the Club: Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen

imageWesley and Yolanthe sitting in a tree…er…car park. K-I-S-S-I-N-….

That rhythm clearly doesn’t work when you’re caught swapping spit by CCTV in a car park. Not to worry.

Yesterday Wesley (finally) publicly professed his feelings for his new lady.

Thus, we are ready to more formally acknowledge and accept this new, fully-fledged WAG into the club. See if you can remember her name: Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen.

Now look away and repeat. Might take some practice.
To recap: Sneijder and his wifey Ramona married in 05; birthed an adorable son Jessey in ’06 and promptly divorced in ’09. Pics of the non-discreet Wesley and Yolanthe were treated like an all-you-can-eat buffet by the Dutch press, forcing the still-attached “other woman” and her main man Jan to issue a joint press release announcing their split. Most recently Wes and Yolanthe were spotted vacationing in Spain, and so forth.

Yolanthe and Bruno

We’re truly astonished at the lack of time it takes to develop a girl crush. In fact, we blame her hair. It looks ready to throw down and challenge Leo Messi’s gal for the most lust-worthy locks title. We’re waiting in the wings if they need judges. Or conditioner-applier assistants.

To cope with her parents’ ineptitude at baby-naming we’re opting for a swift upgrade to supercouple status a la Brangelina. Help, us out here, Kickettes. Wesanthe? Sneijdabau? That’s catchy. Share your faves below.

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17 Responses to “Welcome to the Club: Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen”

  1. striker says:

    Is anyone else creeped out by the bald guy putting bronzer on her thigh? Back off!! Was she in Bruno!??!

  2. Julia says:

    She's pretty.

  3. winnieramos says:

    taking a tip from Lolinha's suggestion: Wolanthe Snabou?

  4. Lolinha says:

    My suggestion: Wolanthe (volante: spanish/portuguese for defensive midfielder), plus it only has the W from Wesley, which in my opinion is all the cheating Sneijder deserves. I love her. Her hair's made me refrain from straightening my own.

  5. Max Power says:

    Shit…. Anyone else wish they were Wesley Sneijder all of a sudden??? Should call her Sneijdenboobies

  6. winnieramos says:

    she's pretty. <img src="; alt="ok" title="ok" width="24" height="16"><span class="wbr"></span> but<span class="wbr"></span> in<span class="wbr"></span> that<span class="wbr"></span> shot<span class="wbr"></span> she<span class="wbr"></span> looks<span class="wbr"></span> like<span class="wbr"></span> she<span class="wbr"></span> might<span class="wbr"></span> be<span class="wbr"></span> a<span class="wbr"></span> little<span class="wbr"></span> taller<span class="wbr"></span> than<span class="wbr"></span> Wesley,<span class="wbr"></span> hehe.<span class="wbr"></span> poor<span class="wbr"></span> little<span class="wbr"></span> munchkin,<span class="wbr"></span> he's<span class="wbr"></span> so<span class="wbr"></span> cute.

  7. Merel says:

    Good job both to Yolanthe and Wesley.

    Yo's ex Jan is the biggest wanker and mamma's boy in the world anyway. It's good he's out of her life. No one deserves to be cheated on by her bf. (With different women)

  8. Winnie says:

    new nickname: Yesley.

  9. kelly says:

    good job wesley, if only you can keep it right this time around.

  10. Max Power says:

    yes. im wondering what he took at college to end up in that position at this stage of his career

  11. violet-strawberri says:

    I thought Wesley Snjeijder was married with a son? Whoa I'm well out of date! Love him to bits though..So hot..So talented…Even if he is tiny…She is pretty I agree!

  12. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Wow she is stunning… nice one Wesley!

  13. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Totally won't remember her name, though it is fun to say. Welcome to the WAG World!

  14. MissChelsea says:

    Nickname; YCVK? Maby not…..*pondering*

  15. Lolinha says:

    Somehow Sneijbergen doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way Brangelina does. Cabesley? Yolley?

  16. Fer_Lahm says:

    Her name is hard to pronounce but, Welcome to the WAG world!

  17. Dani.Mrs Jos? Manuel Reina (PLQ) says:

    Welcome to the WAG world but i will have forgotten her name by tomorrow so a nickname is in order