May 6th, 2010

Well-Suited: Arsenal’s Charity Ball

The Gunners’ World Ball in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and the Arsenal Charitable Trust. Emirates Stadium, Thursday 6 May. Photo courtesy Stuart Macfarlane/Arsenal Football Club

Could it be true, ladies? Is Arsenal’s midfielder and all round mad geezer, Andrey Arshavin, pinning the Kickette Award for total and utter wuvvley to the chest of Cescy Fabregas?

Well, in our dreams, yes he is. But you don’t want to venture in there as it’s too horrifying. Think: if LOST met Gossip Girl with a side of Harrods sale.

Back in the real world, tonight was the night of Arsenal’s Charity Ball at the Emirates Stadium, an event held in aid of UK charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital. The club is hoping to raise £300,000 towards a Lung Function Unit to help kids with cystic fibrosis, cancer and other conditions.

Hosted by Dermot O’Leary (presenter of ITV’s X Factor) the evening commenced with an Arsenal Legends reception followed by dinner with the players cooked by world renowned chef, Raymond Blanc.

Items on the auction block included dinner with Orlando Bloom (private hotel room for the night sold separately) and a free kick lesson with Cesc Fabregas. Gulp.

Yes. We did think about going. But free champagne followed by dinner with Robin Van Persie & Cescy Fabregas? We feared the worst. You can’t have fighting at a charity gig. You just can’t.

To donate, visit

All photos: Stuart Macfarlane/Arsenal Football Club

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53 Responses to “Well-Suited: Arsenal’s Charity Ball”

  1. cr9 lover says:

    I most definitely do not like the gunners, but SEX fabregas keeps me glued to the TV, and i agree with libby he gets sexier as he gets older, dammn why are the Sapnish so hot. The rest rsenal not so much but Thomas Vermaelen wow.

  2. Sylvia says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! :'( :'(

    omg!!! i saw the previous arsenal games where cesc wasn't wearing the ring his girlfriend gave him, so i thought they weren't together.

    Now i see he is wearing it.

    Now im gonna cry.. :'(

    So jealous of carla…:'(….

  3. Libby says:

    They all look very well :) and I agree with the poster who said Cesc gets sexier as he gets older. What a fine attribute to have.

    Need more RvP though! ;)

  4. nermina says:

    cesc no puedo imajinar que tienes una hija sabes me rrumpise el corazon pero des de hoy te voja olvidar …..ya no exsiste para mi …….adios

  5. Ines del Sol says:

    Cesc.. .Verma.. Cesc.. .sex.. .ohgod.


  6. Ali says:

    Cesc bought the Orlando Bloom dinner as a birthday gift for his sister. Aw <3

  7. Laurelle says:

    How gorgeous is Cesc! I seriously fancy the pants right now.

  8. Ana;) says:

    Ohhh Kickette Im soo happy you've done a special on my gunners boys! Is it just me or does sex i mean cesc look quite tanned? Love the look, yummy as usual!

  9. Inés says:

    hot charity! thx a lot!

  10. [...] You can view a bunch of pictures of the event over at Kickette here. [...]

  11. HJ says:

    lol, can i donate myself to Fabregas?

  12. clb says:

    is it just me or cesc’s hairline receding?

  13. Killa07 says:

    YUMMMY :) <3 btw where can i find more photos about this event :O? i mean i've checked it on the offical website of Arsenal as well…but there are only a few about Ramsey ( yes he was there :D <3 ) and those don't really show his face :( and i just need a "Ramsey in suit with a cute face photo" :D any idea :D ? btw omg!?! I love these losers <3 :D

  14. freddiegirl says:

    Sandra, I agree, our captain does get hotter as he ages…you kinda tell he would. I remember the days when he was 17 and had a huge old mullet! He looks so handsome and grown-up in his suit..:)

  15. Maria says:

    ahh the hotness that is Cesc… swoon

  16. sandra says:

    Longtime lurker here (and gooner): thanks for these wonderful photos. Our captain gets better and getter as he gets older.

  17. ladytee says:

    am i the only one who thinks that andrei looks gay in the first pic?

  18. sounderslove says:

    ok how do i get invited to this?

    free-kick lessons with sex…er, cesc? yes please.

    • Yasmin Marisa says:

      We should've just gatecrashed it. Especially since I read Cesc and RVP hosted the champagne reception. ;)

  19. nina_s_ says:

    Yep, I'd beagiver.

  20. Merel says:

    I want Robin.

  21. FootieCutie says:

    LOVE IT ,, but R these all the players who were there ?? i Doubt it >_<

  22. cescOBcescD says:

    and andrey said to cesc,"oh bhut ze fabriic iz jhust soo goood!"

  23. hoda says:

    ohhhhhhhh cesc you deserve to be in finest five,you deserve to be sexiest man alive!!

    (teo i love you so much my little)

  24. GoonerGal says:

    I must say, and I believe all my fellow Gooner Girls agree, out team has some style, on pitch and off. :D <3

    now if only someone could dig up them illusive RvP picture, from what I can see, he's looking finer than ever.

    Oh to be a Gooonerrrr!

    • Yasmin Marisa says:

      This Gooner Girl definitely agrees with you! And I can’t seem to find any pictures of RVP. Arghhhhh! Will definitely share if I find any.

  25. dziko says:

    P.S I'm a bit sick in the head

  26. dziko says:

    And so does Robin…

    Got it BITCHES….

  27. dziko says:

    MMMMMMM CESCY ….."swoon"

    Lay off BITCHES he belongs 2 me!!!!!!


  28. [...] Kickette has a host of lovely photos of the event but I’ve included my favourite photo – of Cesc and Arshavin playing the fool – below: [...]

  29. gina says:


    • Yasmin Marisa says:

      My thoughts exactly. Tried to find more pics of him to share but couldn't get any. And is that an orange shirt he's wearing?

  30. Kel says:

    Is it just me or do Arsenal do more charity work than any other team?

  31. Ella says:

    Something strange is happening to me: my crush on Cesc is growing! I’m not sure how I feel about this at all…

  32. Yasmin Marisa says:

    Oh my god Cesc in a suit! I can't breathe I think I've fallen in love. Would complain about there being hardly any pics of Van Persie but it's probably just as well cos then I really would faint!

  33. Miss_Nana says:

    Great pictures. They do look very well in suits. Plus: this is the first time I see Arshavin’s “beard” (just look at the bigger pictures)…

  34. Nick says:

    It’s unreal how much Dermot looks like Ryan Seacrest.

  35. carly says:

    Ooh nice suits! Very nice! This looks like a team that has fun. Duh for stating the obvious.

    After seeing Vermaelen smiling there, I ceased seeing the hotness. It was there once but in that photo he just looks like the devil.

  36. oneniltothearsenal says:





    Kickette plays favorites… A whole lotta Cesc! I luv it!

    Everyone looks good. I wonder where Rambo is.

  37. MrsNesta says:

    Love, love, love the Arsenal boys <3 :) They ALL look fantastic in their suits, but Cesc has just got something else! :) Andrey is hilarious, I want to adopt him!!

  38. Sara says:

    Also anyone notice how bored everyone aside from Cesc and Arshavin look on that stage? Massive lol

  39. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    3 words – OH. MY. GOD. <3

  40. Sara says:

    Cesc in a suit! *swoon*

  41. Baileigh says:

    Thomas Vermaelen, yes please.

  42. acanarinha says:

    This just made my week! My arsenal boys are gorgeous in suits. SWOON!

  43. Mariam says:

    cescy is looking sexy! gotta love men in suits!!!!

  44. SB says:

    omg dude chill! jeez..
    i don’t think that question was meant to be taken literally..
    it’s no wonder i don’t visit here as often as i used to..