September 2nd, 2009

Well Suited: Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Check out the Bayern boys and their new Hugo Boss threads. Very posh.

Who do you think is rocking the suit best? We gotta give it to our favourite goof-ball Luca Toni, but think Mario Gomez is looking rather dapper too.

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27 Responses to “Well Suited: Bayern Munich”

  1. Alone- Brazil says:

    are things that really make it worth the internet! I love! Super Mario!

  2. Ba G says:

    The only thing that i was interested is Luca Toni. The rest is….i dont know…maybe a crap

  3. Su├čLahm says:

    Lahmmm ;************

    I love you ! :) :*

  4. Julia says:

    This is so sick. Ok, it's partly sick… why the hell does Van Bommel look that scrawny?

  5. Dee13 says:


    pfft, my comment was too short to post.. sometimes less is more yeah..? ;D

  6. Lolinha says:

    5 bucks to whoever finds a bad picture of Luca. I love how Mario is doing his best to cas up the situation.

  7. Madame Rudy says:

    Awww! They are all so adorable!! I must say though that Mario is looking AMAZING!

  8. Fer_Lahm says:

    I go for Luca and Lahmy, really hot both

    I think Ribery should be in the middle instead that guy who nobody knows

    • VR2BW-KASH says:

      yes i know van bommel is ugly but he's captain so in retrospect he Should be there, still ugly tho

      • Merel says:

        Mark is not ugly. Ribery is ugly, not Mark.

        Everybody knows who Mark is Especially when he punches you in the face when he's mad.

  9. goalkeeperette says:

    I'm going with Mario. Love how he's casually leaning on Schweini's shoulder. ;) Still mad at him for going to Bayern though. Ugh, Bayern.

  10. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Toni looks amazing… but I have to rep for my German boys and say either Gomez or Lahm.

  11. Anna(Frau Manuel Neuer) says:

    LAHMY LAHMY LAHMY! I think there is some photoshopping or perspective thing involved. he’s waay to short to be this size next to the other guys. love him anyway.

    • goalkeeperette says:

      LOL now that you mention it….Lahm is 1,70m, Luca Toni 1,94m…the height difference is definitely wrong in this picture!

  12. justlikexabi says:

    RM players also did this, but Metze was NOT there. as long as I remember there were CRon, Raul, Guti, Benzema and….can't remember. anyway no Metze no Gago no Xabi, I didn't bother to save it.

  13. Kate says:

    Toni always looks good wearing a suit so he’s out of competition, I think Lahm and Schweinsteiger :D

  14. HiL says:

    Handsome boys. Toni id definitely working it the best

  15. Merel says:

    Quite obviously Mark!

    • Hanna says:

      well at least the guys from madrid know how to stand..
      except of toni and maybe lahm they all look as if they do this kind of shooting for the first time!! especially van bommel seems as if he wants to say sth and schweini’s got to go somewhere.
      I don’t know.. I think they’re not that adorable in this pic!

  16. Blair says:

    Chelsea in their Armani suits is sooooooooooooooooo much hotter.

  17. Sasha says:

    Real Madrid did the exact same pose, same brand, same suits. Hmmm I blame Hugo Boss


  18. Erin says:

    I think my husband has that suit! LOL! Very dapper–love the look.

  19. DaniMrsPepeReina says:

    I like them all im not going to be picky they all look great ;)

  20. Maristela says:

    None of them appeal me. But I have to say that Luca Toni is quite good on the pic. Not quite, but acceptable.

    *waiting for the pics of Werder Bremen players for Roy Robson – Torsten, Clemens and his friends, hopefully *

  21. imhereforthenando says:

    It makes me feel sad to say this, but I'm glad that they opted not to include Franck Ribery in the photo.

  22. Ess-Jay says:

    definitely toni! :)